All About “Biles and Chiles”: Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles’s Sweet Friendship

All About Biles and Chiles: Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles’s Sweet Friendship

8/3/2021 8:18:00 AM

All About Biles and Chiles: Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles’s Sweet Friendship

. Here, everything you should know about these two Olympic athletes, the way they support each other, and a mentorship story for the ages.

As Chiles’s mom, Gina Chiles,The New York TimesinJune, by 2018, Chiles had checked out from the sport.” When she finished 11th in the all-around at nationals that year, the athlete began to question whether she should stick with her sport.“I guess this sport is coming to an end for me because things just aren’t working out for me at all whatsoever,” Chiles told the the

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Times.“I just wanted to finish high school and go off to college. But then I had a talk with Simone.”Biles proposed an idea to Chiles: She should come to Biles’s gym, World Champions Centre in Texas, to train with her and her coaches, Cecile and Laurent Landi. That’s exactly what Chiles did. Through spending time with and observing Biles, Chiles began to find the joy in gymnastics again.

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MyKayla Skinner Fills in For Simone Biles, Claims Silver in the Olympic Gymnastics Vault FinalMyKayla Skinner received silver in the Tokyo Olympics women's artistic gymnastics vault final. Brazil's Rebeca Andrade claimed gold.

Simone Biles Withdraws From Floor Final – UpdateUPDATED, 8:16 PM: Elite gymnast Simone Biles has pulled out another Olympic event: the individual floor exercise, scheduled for Monday. Whether she’ll compete in the balance beam event taking… Wishing her the best, hate it that she is unable to compete... I think there may be a larger backstory. It’s a shame regardless.

Simone Biles Will Compete One More Time in TokyoNearly a week after withdrawing from the Olympics team finals to prioritize her mental health, Simone Biles will compete in the balance-beam finals

Simone Biles Says She's Working on 'Mindfulness' After Exiting Women's Gymnastics Team EventThe Olympic gymnast told reporters 'there is more to gymnastics' after leaving the women's gymnastics team final early Tuesday night for a 'medical issue.'

Simone Biles withdraws from floor exercise final in TokyoShe will decide on the beam final, her last chance to compete, later on. Love you Simone! Bc she’s a quitter 🐐 Never Quit she did bc she couldn’t land any of her moves right and they was losing so what does Gen Z ppl do these days ? Cry & Quit Let her go.. let’s move on and talk about the actual athletes who are competing. This is not a story…

Simone Biles Will Participate in Tokyo Olympics Balance Beam FinalAfter pulling out of three individual event finals, champion Team USA gymnast Simone Biles will compete in the Balance Beam final at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics. “We are so excited to confirm … 😂🤡👈