All 12 'Halloween' Movies Ranked By Critic Consensus

While the first movie is considered a classic, critics haven't been as kind to many of the sequels.

10/17/2021 9:40:00 AM

While the first movie is considered a classic, critics haven't been as kind to many of the sequels.

While the first movie is considered a classic, critics haven't been as kind to many of the sequels.

12."Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers"Rating: 9%Not even Paul Rudd could save this one! In the sixth installment of the"Halloween" franchise,"Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers," the masked killer is back six years after being presumed dead in a fire. The flick took a deeper dive into Michael's origin story and unveiled his supernatural abilities, a storyline which earned overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics. The"convoluted" and"outlandish" plotline was panned compared to previous films, with the New York Times even professing that the franchise had"obviously run out of steam."

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The so-called"Producer's Cut" was later released officially in 2014 and, while an improvement, still makes for a messy movie.11."Halloween: Resurrection"Rating: 12%In 2002,"Halloween: Resurrection" took the franchise into the digital age. When a group of teens win a contest to spend a night in Michael Myers' childhood home, it gets live streamed on the Internet – and things take a disastrous turn. While critics from the LA Times admitted it wasn't the"worst film in the series," others couldn’t help but criticize the"low-effort" knockoff compared to previous films and disapproved of it’s"kitschy" internet plotline.

"Like its parade of predecessors, this 'Halloween' is a gory slash-fest. It can't escape its past, and it doesn't want to," The Chicago Tribune wrote.It also didn't help that the movie starts by killing off Laurie Strode, as Jamie Lee Curtis was contractually obligated to appear in it as part of her deal to get"H20" made.

10."Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers"Rating: 12%In"Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers," the unrelenting villain awakes from a year-long coma and finds his way to his small hometown, intent on killing his mental institution-confined niece (Danielle Harris, returning from Part 4).

Some critics called the film"the beginning of the end" for the franchise while condemning its"aimless" plotline. TV Guide even called the movie"Frustrating, confusing, loud, and offensive."9."Halloween II" (2009)

Rating: 22%As the second film in"Halloween" reboot series, Laurie has reached a breaking point after discovering that she's Michael's sister — a year after he attempted to murder her. While some critics praised director Rob Zombie for finally"reinventing" the franchise, other reviewers condemned it for being"devoid of wit" and for its violent"routine slasher scenes."

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Why they have to kill her daughter like that 😮‍💨😮‍💨😪😪😪 That’s what happens when you have 37 sequels I think you fellas would disagree cinemassacre Mike_Matei I saw this one last night. It was terrible….. Allegedly, the next installment (Halloween: The End..) Will put an end to MM for good. 🙄 Halloween III: Season of the Witch is a classic.

They are cheesy and bad acting to the point I laugh 😂 the only other remakes I liked are made by Rob Zombie. Jason would kick Mikes Ass!. My whole issue is with when Jamie Lee Curtis had a son then in the latest remakes she has a daughter….pissed me off they didn’t stay consistent

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Moral of the story: Sequels suck!

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