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All 11 Star Wars movies, ranked -- including 'Solo'

All 11 Star Wars movies, ranked -- including 'Solo'

7/16/2020 4:36:00 AM

All 11 Star Wars movies, ranked -- including 'Solo'

How does Lucasfilm's latest compare to the quality of the rest of the canon?

Revenge of the Sithhas the essence of a great story. If we were purely talking movie novelizations,Sithwould rank #1; the Matthew Stover book is spellbindingly written.Unfortunately, Lucas kept futzing with his own version of the story at the last minute. He changed Anakin's motivation for turning to the Dark Side in post-production, leaving the essential pivot point of the entire prequels a confusing mess; the Jedi came off looking like even greater fools than intended.

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If you think this movie deserves a higher ranking, you're probably remembering a lot more of that epic Anakin-Obi Wan lava duel finale — and rather less of those interminable Coruscant corridor conversations — than actually exist in the film.7. Solo (2018)

Don't be fooled by the middling ranking:Solois a solid story, a neat little heist flick and an origin tale that earns its right to be told.The only reason it isn't ranked higher is that it's up against some stiff competition — but as a palate cleanser between mythology-heavy epics, it's damn near perfect.

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All these shit does not count. Last jedi deserves to be last at best and not listed at all at worst. Atleast Disney knows its bad and is wiping the last 3 movies from the record. including the christmas special? Don’t tweet articles from 2017, especially a list missing one entry to a storied film series. Secondly, The Last Jedi 3rd ... lol

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