Ali Velshi: 'The United States is the richest country in the world, yet millions are food insecure'

“We need emergency aid from Congress.” With the holidays approaching, @AliVelshi examines the food insecurity millions of Americans face in the United States.

11/22/2020 10:32:00 AM

“We need emergency aid from Congress.” With the holidays approaching, AliVelshi examines the food insecurity millions of Americans face in the United States.

As the holidays approach, millions of Americans are classified as “food insecure” because they can’t afford to feed themselves and their families. “We have seen the best of America during these dark days but rarely has it come from the nation’s capital,” Ali Velshi says. “It’s time for Congress to pass a second round of relief for those most in need.”

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AliVelshi We are actually in debt. That’s the opposite of rich lol. AliVelshi Thank you for bringing this sad state of affairs to the public. I find it incomprehensible that republicans can just up and leave for Thanksgiving with no consideration for hungry people. They are out more than they “work”? What do they do?

AliVelshi It is not going to happen; Trumplicans do not care enough to let Democrats win, and Democrats are acting like mules! AliVelshi As long as trump can get his mcburgers, nothing will change. AliVelshi TY US Senate for USA being the only cheapskate country... AliVelshi Where was the urgency when nancy was offered 1.8 trillion and she said no

AliVelshi Trump is Jim Jones MK 11, like Jonestown he is leading thousands of innocent people to their deaths, this is very serious and he should be held to account, his inability and inaction has really serious ramifications for the country, he is derelict in his duties, 25th Amendment!!! AliVelshi And forThatMatter, what wasTheJudgement for Bathsheba for ENTICING THE KING TO SIN? King David would've NEVER HAVE LAID WITH BATHSHEBA if she didn't cleansed herself RIGHT WHERE KING DAVID WOULD'VE LAID EYES ON HER NAKEDNESS! I say sometimes to myself DON'T BE TOO QUICK TO JUDGE!

AliVelshi Too bad Congress could give a rats a$$ They're sitting good & comfy with plenty of food on the table!!🤔 AliVelshi $ENZC is the cure. Monoclonal antibody is what Donald Trump used when he had covid. Also, 95%-98% success rate against HIV. AliVelshi Most citizens would prefer to go back to work than accept government handouts!

AliVelshi Economy is damaged to that extent and not just in America. AliVelshi Communists who don’t give a rats behind about the people AliVelshi I love Ali's in depth reporting. Very informative and eye opening. AliVelshi We are desperate!! Please AliVelshi Wait.. we have to bail out the big corporations first.. they are too big to fail ...

AliVelshi Just because you're labeled 'rich' does not mean 'smart'. Look who is now occupying POTUS. Need I say more?! AliVelshi And to think I grew up hearing about how this is the greatest country in the world relentlessly from my family, school and church. What a disgrace. No medicine and no food. It’s almost like this is one of those shithole countries that cretin talks about. Thanks gop

AliVelshi Pretty clear The rich live The rich eat The poor die The poor starve 250kDeadAmericans AliVelshi I sat in a mile long food line yesterday for two hours. Don’t kid yourself either, it’s not what monied people get to bring home from the grocery store. But we’re always excited to get it. AliVelshi When people get hungry, they get desperate. The survival instinct kicks in. They need help now!

AliVelshi Where is the stimulus package & unemployment extension? We need help NOW!!!! AliVelshi Pelosi and the democrats care more about politics than the people .... AliVelshi coward AliVelshi The republicans are trying to F up Biden's presidency. Mitch already said let them declare bankruptcy blue states. The message is lets meet the R's half way. Are you kidding me they won't even call Biden president-elect. Mitch and the GOP hurt America they don't help anyone.

AliVelshi Winter is here! There are no White Walker's. Just low stocks, food shortages & MAGA s that llook to their own & none else. Yup! AliVelshi Good luck with that! AliVelshi Maybe senatemajldr will share some of the food from his Thanksgiving celebrations with his fellow Americans & then donate some of his time to serve in a shelter or help at a food bank. OR he could just DO HIS JOB!!! 🤬

AliVelshi food, rent and bills insecurities. my kids wont be getting christmas this year. schools shut down, cases rising, im laid off from work, single mom. Ill be lucky if i can scrap up a deposit and first months rent after i get evicted in january. Christmas wont be spoke of this year AliVelshi This is squarely on senatemajldr and POTUS. They pushed through judges, but don’t give a damn about Americans suffering. HouseDemocrats sent you a bill in the spring & you did nothing. Soulless. Evil.

AliVelshi Where was that help 3 wks ago? AliVelshi We are up your eyeballs in debt n deficits. Spending is out if control. We need to return to limited government n limited spending. We need to balance the federal budget. We need to stop taxing the rich as punishment. We need a flat tax then people will be treated equally.

AliVelshi AliVelshi 90% of news about covid and trump AliVelshi Trump is not going to give the American people anything when we just fired him. AliVelshi COM BOLSONARO OS BRASILEIROS VIVEM ISSO TEMPO TODO. AliVelshi Reading this while stuffing my face. I better check on my neighbors tomorrow . . . AliVelshi Food insecurity was a reality for millions of Americans before the pandemic.