Alex Azar resigns as Health and Human Services Secretary, citing Capitol mob

JUST IN: HHS Sec. Azar resigns, effective Jan. 20, citing the violent Capitol riot inflamed by President Trump.

1/16/2021 6:21:00 AM

JUST IN: HHS Sec. Azar resigns, effective Jan. 20, citing the violent Capitol riot inflamed by President Trump.

Azar said his resignation would become effective on Jan. 20th, which is the same date he would have been leaving office once President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in.

inflamed by President Donald Trump in his resignation letter obtained by NBC News.Azar said his resignation would become effective on Jan. 20th — the same date he would have been leaving office once President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in. The letter was dated Jan. 12, almost a week after the riot.

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He said that the attack — which left five people dead and many injured — and the president's slow response to condemn it, threaten to"tarnish" the achievements the administration has made over the past four years. In particular, Operation Warp Speed, which led to the creation of two vaccines to combat the raging coronavirus pandemic.

"The attacks on the Capitol were an assault on our Democracy and the tradition of peaceful transitions of power that the United States of America first brought to the world," he said."I Implore you to continue to condemn unequivocally any form of violence, to demand that no one attempt to disrupt the inaugural activities in Washington or elsewhere and to continue to support unreservedly the peaceful and orderly transition of power on January 20, 2021."

"With the pandemic raging, the continued need to deliver vaccines and therapeutics to the American people, and the imperative of ensuring a smooth transition to the Biden Administration, I have determined that it is in the best interest of the people we serve to remain as Secretary until the end of the term," he added.

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Another Trumpist is kidding us.. Maybe push it to the next day just in case. Don't want to jump the gun or anything. You can’t fire me, I quit And I’m so angry about what’s happened I’m staying until the day I get fired Really, not his complete and utter failure of the US COVID response and mismanagement of the vaccine roll out? 400,000 dead & SecAzar draws the line at the coup attempt, but waited until over a week later to resign? BS

Oh! And by the way, I’ll be leaving at lunchtime. Wait......isn't that his last day anyway.... ...also leading to his resignation was his abject failure to honestly address COVID. Too little. Too late. Just another Profile In Spinelessness That is stupid. He knew he screwed up and would be fired. Are you SURE it isn’t because he screwed up the Covid-19 vaccine distribution and lied about the vaccine stockpile?

You really showed them. Way to take a stand. So, he’s on terminal leave. WRALLena Good riddance! Talk about worthless. AlexAzar should be prosecuted for the lies he told about the vaccine and caging kids! Why not immediately or not at all. He’s done anyway. He must have a vacation planned. Totally incompetent-even in resigning.

All GOP members suffers from, Selective Amnesia! This headline is wrong Exhibit 496 in Trump trial He wasn't doing his job anyway. Always sleazy- right up till the end. Would love for karma to catch him soon. I always resign from jobs in a self-righteous huff when I'm going to be released in last than a week!

Jumping ship while the place is on fire. COVID response and vaccine distribution has been a disaster. 😡 Love that Azar’s resignation is effective the date he will be out of a job anyway. Glad they could work to strip more lbgt rights before they left though. Real brave SecAzar Could it be instead because he’s completely botched the vaccine rollout and lied about the reserves.

Who cares Does that mean the motherfucker doesn’t have to show his face around HHS for the next four days? SecAzar is just a total disgrace to the job. Man yells “I Quit!” after being fired 3 months ago You're way too late bucko you can't resign on what would have been your last day anyway. nice try I'm sure it's totally unrelated to being caught lying about missing vaccines. Did you never have them? Or did you secretly sell them to the highest bidder?

What a dick. Changing the subject from his dismal failure and incompetence. How absurd. Resigning on the day your contract ends. 😒 STUPID people .....MSNBC is making it look 👀 like he is leaving because of trump ..... He is out of work anyway on the 20th This is a repugnant joke. An attempted cleansing of the soul as he leaves with a catastrophic mess on vaccine distribution, wearing masks, etc. He was a diaster few experience in their lifetime. SteveSchmidtSES AliVelshi Lawrence

'the slow response to condemn the insurrection, threatens to 'tarnish' the achievements the administration has made over the past four years...' WHAT, exactly, ARE those achievements? What is this? As if he could stay on past Jan 20. gotta keep that narritive about Some Of Them Are Good Ones going, huh?

That MF is a murderer. Trying to get ahead of getting fired 🤨 Guy resigns on his last day is not a headline. Oh please He was worthless Resign my ass. He was sent packing just like don trump. All kinds of people on an ethics journey of self-discovery at the eleventh hour. Lol You mean it wasn’t because they promised a stockpile of vaccine that they didn’t have? 🙄

lol That's kind of like going AWOL the day your enlistment is up... Lied so many times. Good riddance. He wouldn’t have been there after Jan 20 noon, so what’s the big deal? First time I'm breaking this one out this year. GTFOH These people are just awful. Don't let the door hit you. We'll finally get to get an actual COVID19 policy to help save lives!!!

Coward Yes, a week & a half later - 2 days AFTER another impeachment - he suddenly got a conscience 🙄 I'm sure it's completely unrelated to the fact that there are no vaccines when there were supposed to be.... What? he should resign immediately because he's lied about covid 19 vaccines How is that resigning? It’s the last day of Trumps term.

empowergracewi No. He quit because they lied about the vaccine reserves they don't actually have. GhostOfLuv3 So he is resigning, and leaving on the day he was going to leave anyway. Did I get that right? Hmmm didn’t I see him on Abc GM America saying he is no a politician and wouldn’t comment on the violence? So what changed? Or do you really have another issue?

What a brave move to leave the administration..... (checks notes). at the same time as everybody else. Or because he struggles to be honest. I’m sure it had nothing to do with this. 🙄🙄🙄 Something is brewing 😬 I can feel it (black spidey sense) Ah huh. 🤦‍♂️ Should be investigated and held accountable. These lies after lies have cost way to many lives for these people to just resign!! They should be prosecuted!!!!

Pfff. What a joke. RedStateBlues_ What's the point? Jan 20 he's out anyway. He is an epic failure DemNevada Except that was days ago He lied about the vaccine. He is a mass murderer. Effective Jan 20th 😆, what a joke. 2nd time Azar told states they were getting new vaccine supplies shipped to them that don’t exist. Azar & Trump cooking up their latest lies.

For the love of Pete..what's the damn point Is he this ignorant? Or does he think we are stupid? Really? Not because he lied to the Country about the non existent vaccine reserves to cover up the incompetence? Citing incompetence Azar may leave the government but the memory of how his HHS leadership failed this country and killed so many American will always stay with me. May he rot in hell.

maurmadden The futility of all these Trump loyalists resigning and pretending to have morals is hilarious. January 20th?😒😒 Buddy, I don’t think the new boss planned to keep you on. You did a really bad job. On the day he would lose his job anyhow? Real backbone you loser Couldn't be the fact that he was only a few days away from being kicked out anyway and he wanted to do it before the lies about the surplus of vaccines became public?

Is that resigning?