Guatemala, Sandra Torres, Jimmy Morales, Corruption

Guatemala, Sandra Torres

Alejandro Giammattei, a Conservative, Wins Guatemala’s Presidency

The former prisons director got nearly three-fifths of the vote, but few voters expect relief from poverty and graft.


A conservative former prisons director was elected Guatemala ’s president on Sunday. The election took place against the backdrop of a migration crisis in which thousands of Guatemala ns leave the country each month.

The former prisons director got nearly three-fifths of the vote, but few voters expect relief from poverty and graft.

Neither candidate inspired much confidence and just over 42 percent of eligible voters cast ballots.

Not long ago, Guatemala seemed poised for a transformation.

As Mr. Giammattei declared victory, he made no mention of corruption, promising instead that Guatemalans “will find a president close to the people.”

Campaign posters in Guatemala City promoting the presidential candidates: Mr. Giammattei, left, and Ms. Torres.

“Guatemala is the most feudal, the most colonial country in Latin America,” with economic power in the hands of just a few families, said Daniel Zovatto, the director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

, a former comedian who is the current president, came to office in 2015, he promised to rid the country of its corruption. At the time, an international panel of prosecutors, allied with a tough-minded attorney general, was uncovering vast networks of graft.

Although the commission of prosecutors enjoys widespread approval, Mr. Giammattei has said that he will not bring it back.

Mr. Giammettei was himself accused by Cicig, charged in a case involving extrajudicial killings while he led Guatemala’s prison system. The case against him was dismissed.

Jared de León, 23, a Guatemala City student in San Lucas Sacatepéquez, said that he voted for Mr. Giammettei but he still worried that “it will be another difficult four years for us.”

“Giammattei looks a lot like Jimmy Morales,” he said.

In the 10 months since last October, 250,000 Guatemalans have been caught or turned themselves in at the border with the United States, more than twice the number who arrived in the 12 months before that. Mexico is also apprehending an increasing number of Guatemalan migrants.

Human rights violations are increasing. In the countryside, communities opposing mining and hydroelectric projects have faced violence. Last year, 16 environmental and land defenders were killed in Guatemala,

“We will have four years of war between the government and the communities who will give their life before ceding their few natural resources,” wrote Irma A. Velásquez Nimatuj, an anthropologist and journalist, in an interview conducted by text. “And if it’s done with blood and arms, migration and violence will increase.”

After Mr. Trump threatened to tax Guatemalan migrants’ remittances home, impose tariffs and ban travel to the United States, Mr. Morales’s government

Mr. Giammattei has opposed the deal, which is widely unpopular, but the pressure from Mr. Trump is unlikely to relent after Mr. Morales, who is limited by law to one term, leaves office in January.

Read more: The New York Times

How interesting since Hillary was over there a few days ago..I guess she failed at this election interference too Same shit happened in Australian Elections. The LEFT ran on Climate Change and RIGHT ran on Immigration and Australia first.... Guess who won?!? DEMS don't worry, we can do way better than 3/5 in 2020

Russia!! The Guatemala's Outlook doesn't looking good. We are been constantly threatened by Trump's administration. Guatemalans only want better life conditions access to fair jobs and good education. Neither candidate inspired much confidence and just over 42 percent of eligible voters cast ballots Nothing would change as they use d presidency to enrich themselves so migration would keep going Build new schools&hosp Order is no1

A conservative former prisons director was elected Guatemala’s president on Sunday. The eating contest took place against the backdrop of a migration crisis in which thousands of Guatemalans leave the country each month. we want freedom kashmir

Guatemalan conservative heads for big presidential election winConservative Alejandro Giammattei was poised for a decisive victory in Guatemala ... banana country Crap. Make Guatemala Great.

Guatemalan conservative Giammattei leads presidency race: early results Guatemala n conservative Alejandro Giammattei took an early lead in Sunday's...

Guatemalan conservative claims victory in presidential election Guatemala n conservative Alejandro Giammattei claimed victory in Sunday's pr...

Polls open in Guatemala vote shadowed by US migration dealOver eight million Guatemala ns head to the polls as former first lady Torres and opinion poll frontrunner Giammattei bid to succeed the corruption-tainted Morales as president

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Factbox: Guatemalan former first lady, surgeon in run-off for presidency Guatemala ns on Sunday vote in a second round run-off election for a new presiden... Either one gonna lift them out of third world status? spygate The only way, in that Guatemala can change is achieving economic development, and allowing people to be educated. Ignorance is the greatest and social inequality Are the sources of violence & people’s exodus to the US.

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