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News, Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin Told Prop Gun Was Safe & Didn't Know It Was Loaded

The actor was told the weapon was safe to use, according to an affidavit.

10/23/2021 6:26:00 AM

Alec Baldwin was told the prop gun he was using while filming the Western Rust was safe.

The actor was told the weapon was safe to use, according to an affidavit.

,an assistant director unintentionally handed the actor the weapon and told him it was safe to use. On Thursday,  on the set of his movie,Rust, which led to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza, who has since been released from the hospital. 

Per the search warrant, the assistant director did not know the prop gun was loaded with live rounds. It also notes that the weapon that was fired and Baldwin's wardrobe, which was blood-stained, were taken as evidence. Other prop guns and ammunition and any footage that might exist were also confiscated, AP reports. It was unclear how many rounds were fired.

Rustreportedly had a series of problems before Hutchins' tragic death and Souza's injury.Multiple reports noted that prior to the fatal shooting, many union crew members walked off set in protest of"poor" working conditions. There had also been at least one incident of a prop gun misfiring on the

RustDeadlinereported."The safety of our cast and crew is the top priority of Rust Productions and everyone associated with the company. Though we were not made aware of any official complaints concerning weapon or prop safety on set, we will be conducting an internal review of our procedures while production is shut down," Rust Movie Productions, LLC said in a statement to ET on Friday."We will continue to cooperate with the Santa Fe authorities in their investigation and offer mental health services to the cast and crew during this tragic time."

The Sheriff’s Department in Sante Fe, New Mexico, confirmed to ET on Thursday evening that Alec Baldwin was the one who fired the prop gun which led to the fatal accident. "This investigation remains open and active. No charges have been filed in regard to this incident. Witnesses continue to be interviewed by detectives."

On Friday, Baldwin took to Instagram toaddress the on-set incident, expressing that"there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours."

He noted that he's"fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred and I am in touch with her husband, offering my support to him and his family." Master Armorer Mike Tristano told ET,"It's unheard of to have something like this happen."

"To have a director of photography killed by an actor using a firearm on set, it's unheard of. And I've done over 600 films and TV shows, you can look me up, and we've never had anything like this happen on set, not even remotely," he expressed."A gun should never have been loaded and given to an actor during rehearsal, loaded with anything, never mind a real, I don't know how a live round, if it was a live round."

For more on the tragic incident, see below. Read more: Entertainment Tonight »

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Didn't I read that several ppl left the set because of safety concerns because the gun backfired before? Were they actually planning on using blanks? Why was that gun loaded in the first place? Why wasn't there anyone there that would have had the brains to check and make sure it was empty first before they gave it to someone to use?

AlecForPrison The point I don't understand you have to pull the trigger and why would you point any weapon of any kind at any human being are animal you was taught that as a child not saying that he intentionally try to hurt anyone or kill So sad Since when are Guns, Safe? And what’s weird is when this movie comes out, everybody is going to flock to go see it as if this tragic accident will be in it smh. 🙄

This accident didn’t need to happen. You take a movie like a John wick movie were hundreds of people get shot close range with muzzle flash. Surely they aren’t shooting guns with blanks but rather adding effects after production.

Alec Baldwin was told prop gun was safe before fatal shooting, affidavit saysThe assistant director yelled 'cold gun' before the shooting that killed Halyna Hutchins, 42, and wounded director Joel Souza on the set, a search warrant document says. nice cover for his negligence We're they part of the movie scene! They weren't actors were they? Don't understand why they were shot Whoever checked the gun before it was used made a Terrible Mistake.

Stupidest thing I’ve ever herd so if they told him it wasn’t safe he’d still use it man some of the media is stupid as hell Is Alex Baldwins P.R. team paying you guys to run this story?

Alec Baldwin Was Told Prop Gun Was Safe Before Fatal Shooting, Affidavit SaysThe gun handed to Alec Baldwin on the set of Western film “Rust” was declared safe by the production’s assistant director, according to an affidavit filed by the Santa Fe County’s Sheriff’s Office. Who said it FAUCI? U kno his word is golden soiled Those elite morons on film sets should abide by the same rules that the rest of us safe gun owners abide by. AlecBaldwin is an idiot and accountable for not checking. Never take someone else’s word that a gun is not loaded. dolt He should have checked the gun!

Officials: Alec Baldwin fired prop gun that killed woman on set of 'Rust'It happened Thursday afternoon at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe. One of the best things I love about investing with Lisahawthorrne is that you only see positive results and see good winnings at all times from the team. Just hard work, passion and maximize the profits as it should be. Involuntary manslaughter? 😱

Alec Baldwin Fired Prop Gun That Killed Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Injured Director Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a set in New Mexico on Thursday, accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. The incident occurred on the set of “R… Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed in an incident involving a prop gun on the set of “Rust,” an Alec Baldwin film that was shooting in New Mexico on Thursday. the irony remains, the guy used to call Trump a murderer, but he became a This is so sad — poor woman lost her light. Poor Alec has to live with this 😌😌😌😌😌😌🥺

Prop Gun Misfire On Alec Baldwin Movie Set Kills 1, Injures AnotherThe shooting took place while filming the Western feature 'Rust.' this is terrible news That almost happened in the making of the film 'Sweet back.' Someone mistakenly put a confiscated loaded pistol in the prop box.

One Dead, One Injured on Alec Baldwin Movie, Loaded Gun Incorrectly Fired Alec Baldwin was filming a scene for a movie that required someone to fire a gun loaded with blanks ... but when the gun discharged either shrapnel or a bullet hit 2 people on set ... one of whom had to be airlifted to a hospital. I hope everybody is okay dats crazy TMZ did him dirty with that picture of him! 😂😂 we thought that was the cool hairdo in like 2001. why would there be a loaded gun? don't they use blanks for that type of stuff?