Alec Baldwin on 'Rust' shooting: 'Someone is responsible ... but it’s not me'

“Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who that is, but it’s not me,” Alec Baldwin said.

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12/4/2021 12:59:00 AM

“Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who that is, but it’s not me,” Alec Baldwin said.

Alec Baldwin said he feels incredible sadness and regret over the shooting that killed a cinematographer on a New Mexico film set, but not guilt.

“Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who that is, but it’s not me,” Baldwin said in an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos that aired Thursday night, the first time the actor has spoken in depth on screen about the Oct. 21 shooting on the set of the Western “Rust.” “Honest to god, if I felt I was responsible, I might have killed myself.”

Baldwin said it is essential for investigators to find out who put the bullet in the gun he fired, that was supposed to be empty, that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.“There’s only one question to be resolved, and that’s where did the live round come from?” Baldwin said.

Baldwin said in a clip from the interview released a day earlier that “I didn’t pull the trigger. I would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger at them. Never.”He said it was Hutchins herself who asked him to point the gun just off camera and toward her armpit before it went off.

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Baldwin said at Hutchins’ direction he pulled the hammer back.“I let go of the hammer and ‘bang’ the gun goes off,” he said.When Stephanopoulos told Baldwin that many say you should never point a gun directly at someone on a set, he responded, “unless the person is the cinematographer who was directing me where to point the gun for her camera angle.”

Baldwin said it was 45 minutes to an hour before he began to understand that a live round had been in the gun, and didn’t know it for sure until he was being interviewed hours later. He thought Hutchins might have been hurt by a blank at close range or had a heart attack.

“The idea that somebody put a live bullet in the gun was not even in reality.”He had one of several tearful moments when he described Hutchins, saying she was “somebody who was loved by everybody and admired by everybody who worked with her.”Baldwin said he was doing the interview to counter public misconceptions about the shooting and to make it clear that “I would go to any lengths to undo what happened.”

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But Baldwin said “I want to make sure that I don’t come across like I’m the victim because we have two victims here.”Investigators have described “some complacency” in how weapons were handled on the “Rust” set. They have said it is too soon to determine whether charges will be filed, amid independent civil lawsuits concerning liability in the fatal shooting.

Baldwin said he met with the film’s armorer Hanna Gutierrez Reed for a gun training session before the shoot, and she appeared capable and responsible.“I assumed because she was there and she was hired that she was up to the job,” he said.Gutierrez Reed has been the subject of much of the scrutiny in the case. Her attorney has said she did not put the round in the gun, and believes she was the victim of sabotage. Authorities say they’ve found no evidence of that.

Baldwin, who was also a producer on the film, said there was no indication to him that crew members were unhappy with safety conditions on the set, though some resigned over the issue.“I never heard one word about that, none,” Baldwin said.Baldwin said complaints about cost-cutting on the film have been misguided.

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“Everybody who makes movies has the responsibility not to be reckless and careless with the money that you’re given,” he said.Asked by Stephanopoulos whether the cost-cutting compromised safety, Baldwin said “In my opinion no.”“I personally did not observe any safety or security issues at all in the time I was there,” he said.

Baldwin said he does not believe he will be criminally charged in the shooting.“I’ve spoken to the sheriff’s department multiple times,” he said. I don’t have anything to hide.”He said the incident left him emotionally ravaged.“I have dreams about this constantly,” he said, ” wake up constantly where guns are going off. These images have come into my mind and kept me awake at night and I haven’t slept for weeks and I’ve really been struggling physically.”

Asked by Stephanopoulos if his career is over, Baldwin said, “It could be.”

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Alec Baldwin on 'Rust' shooting: 'Someone is ​responsible ... but I know it's not me'.GStephanopoulos presses Alec Baldwin on fatal 'Rust' accident: 'Why did you choose, in your 40 years [in the industry], not to check the gun yourself?' BaldwinABC GStephanopoulos Someone trying to make their point about lax safety measures, and it went terribly wrong ! GStephanopoulos I believe that he really really wants fbi got the person who put the real bullets in the gun that made troubles for this film production company and Baldwin. GStephanopoulos He is a murderer! Don't try to normalize his murderous behavior!

Alec Baldwin says he feels no guilt about ‘Rust’ shootingAlec Baldwin said he has only one unresolved question about the fatal shooting on the “Rust” film set: “Where did the live round come from?” Baldwin detailed Alec 'The Killer' Baldwin feels no guilt? Hmm, interesting... Doesn't surprise me

Alec Baldwin Speaks In Depth About Halyna Hutchins Being Shot On 'Rust' Set“As far as I’m concerned, someone put a live bullet in a gun,” the actor said. “A bullet that wasn’t even supposed to be on the property.” This reminds me of the Juicy Smoulliet interview. Who would want to ruin Alec Baldwin more than anyone? He was brilliant in SNL. He is a murderer! Don't try to normalize his murderous behavior!

Alec Baldwin Says Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting Occurred After He Let Go of Gun’s HammerAlec Baldwin said the gunshot that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust” occurred after he pulled back the gun’s hammer and let it go, and said he didn’t know there was a live round in the gun Don’t let the fact that Baldwin shot the director & DP distract you from the fact that he also was a producer and accountable for what happened on set. Why where you pointing the gun at her and pulling the trigger? Safty first for a reason, ignorance is not gonna excuse to from manslaughter.

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Alec Baldwin on Who’s to Blame in ‘Rust’ Shooting: ‘I Know It’s Not Me’Alec Baldwin gave a detailed interview on the “Rust” shooting on ABC Thursday night, answering detailed questions about why he pointed a gun at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and sayin… Un-edited High Definition live raw footage will conclude that. you literally shot her, dude! man up and admit it! What a psycho