Alec Baldwin Not in the Clear on 'Rust' Investigation, D.A. Reacts to Interview

Alec Baldwin Not in the Clear on 'Rust' Investigation, D.A. Reacts to Interview

12/4/2021 12:24:00 AM

Alec Baldwin Not in the Clear on 'Rust' Investigation, D.A. Reacts to Interview

Alec Baldwin's claim he's not responsible for Halyna Hutchins' death is not echoed by the woman leading the 'Rust' shooting investigation -- instead, she says Baldwin, and several others, could still be charged for their roles in the tragedy.

Halyna Hutchins' death is not echoed by the woman leading the"Rust" shooting investigation -- instead, she says Baldwin, and several others, could still be charged for their roles in the tragedy.During his sit-down with, Baldwin said he didn't feel guilt over what went down. As he put it,"Someone is responsible for what happened and I can't say who that is, but I know it's not me."

Well, Santa Fe County District AttorneyMary Carmack-Altwiesisn't ready to clear his name, criminally, just yet. She tells TMZ ..."Everyone involved in the handling and use of firearms on the set had a duty to behave in a manner such that the safety of others was protected, and it appears that certain actions and inactions contributed to this outcome."

Her Office, along with the Sheriff's Dept., hasn't completed their probe yet ... and she's making it clear no decisions have been made about exactly who could be charged. She says,"Once I have had the opportunity to review the complete investigation, certain individuals may be criminally culpable for his/her actions and/or inactions on the set of Rust."

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Play video contentDOESN'T MAKE SENSETMZ.comAnd there's this ... Baldwin's explanation for how he fired the fatal shot isn't holding water with weapons expertSteve Wolf, who says the"no trigger" theory IS possible -- but there were several other mistakes made on the set.

Steve's been working with munitions and props for TV and film for decades, so he was particularly interested in Baldwin's claim the replica antique revolver he was holding fired without him pulling the trigger.Play video contentI AIMED AS DIRECTED

ABC NewsSteve was on Friday's"TMZ Live" when he held up a similar handgun and demonstrated exactly what Baldwin described. He pulled back the hammer on the weapon, but unlike Alec claimed ... Steve says it's just not possible for the hammer to strike and fire a bullet without the trigger getting engaged. Not normally, anyway.

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He admitted there are 2 possible exceptions -- first, there could have been a mechanical flaw ... and the other possibility has to do with how the weapon was manufactured.Play video contentIT'S POSSIBLE ...TMZ.comThe Colt .45 Baldwin was using is a replica of an 1873 revolver, and it could have been made without a safety feature that is standard on such weapons now, but wasn't back in the 19th century.

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He is 100% Responsible!!!!! Spoken like a true Narcissist, nothing is ever their fault! And of course he says he feels no guilt, because in his mind he is the injured party, he didn’t pull the trigger, the gun shot it’s self. He even blames the victim saying he was just doing what she told him to do!!! 🤨

Plot twist, he knew it was loaded and intentionally shot her. No he's brushing up on his acting performance AlecBaldwln____ should be held responsible criminally say WD-40 3 times! He’s just the actor. He’s not responsible for props and managing the set. It’s his job to just show up and act. I hate how the cops try and drag people through the mud to make a big fucking spectacle instead of just focusing on the bigger picture.

The man looks mentally exhausted, imagine this happened to you, it’s a sad situation/accident all around, and someone out there knows exactly what happened. There is a special place just waiting for them. I am not a lunatic. I asked her, can you see this. Can you see this. She kept saying yeah. So I dropped the hammer. To my knowledge there was no bullet in the gun. It was home made. It broke. There wasn't even a bullet in it. The hammer did it.

ITT VWAZ FYRE’D FRUM DA PRAWP GUWN DAT BAWLDVWYN VWAZ HOWLDYNG EM Y MYZSS-N INEE THYNG 🔫😳 I don't think he helped his case with his interview on ABC

Attorney for 'Rust' assistant director says Alec Baldwin 'did not pull that trigger'EXCLUSIVE: An attorney for 'Rust' assistant director Dave Halls says she was told by her client that actor Alec Baldwin did not pull the trigger on the prop gun that discharged on the film's set, killing one crew member and injuring another. I've heard about these 'ghost guns' before. Basic rule of gun safety: Treat every gun as if it’s loaded. If he’d taken an NRA basic gun safety class, instead of bashing them; no one would have died. It was clearly not a 'prop gun' inasmuch as it was capable of firing live rounds.

I mean, he shouldn’t be cleared - he killed a human being. 1. Did not check gun prior 2. Hammer drawn back 3 Gun was ' pointed ' at the victims . 4 . Casper pulled the trigger not ' feasible ' defense . of course he has to spin it like he didnt pull the trigger. cause if he admits that he pulled the trigger whilst pointed at another person then thats a hole he knows he cant dig himself out of. Or ever ease his conscience about.

Involuntary manslaughter

Alec Baldwin 'did not pull that trigger,' lawyer for 'Rust' assistant director saysThe movie's assistant director backs the actor's recent comments about not pulling the trigger during the fatal on-set shooting incident. I wasn’t aware guns fire all by themselves when in someone’s hands

Alec Baldwin on 'Rust' shooting: 'Someone is ​responsible ... but I know it's not me'.GStephanopoulos presses Alec Baldwin on fatal 'Rust' accident: 'Why did you choose, in your 40 years [in the industry], not to check the gun yourself?' BaldwinABC GStephanopoulos Someone trying to make their point about lax safety measures, and it went terribly wrong ! GStephanopoulos I believe that he really really wants fbi got the person who put the real bullets in the gun that made troubles for this film production company and Baldwin. GStephanopoulos He is a murderer! Don't try to normalize his murderous behavior!

Alec Baldwin on Who’s to Blame in ‘Rust’ Shooting: ‘I Know It’s Not Me’Alec Baldwin gave a detailed interview on the “Rust” shooting on ABC Thursday night, answering detailed questions about why he pointed a gun at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and sayin… Un-edited High Definition live raw footage will conclude that. you literally shot her, dude! man up and admit it! What a psycho

Alec Baldwin does not believe sabotage led to 'Rust' shootingActor Alec Baldwin does not believe the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie “Rust” was caused by sabotage.

Alec Baldwin 'Rust' Ass't Director Backs Up Claim He Didn't Pull TriggerThe lawyer for the assistant director on 'Rust' is backing Alec Baldwin's claim he did not pull the trigger on the gun that caused the death of Halyna Hutchins. Because he’s paying them off Cap If he didn't pull the trigger, why would he wait so long, to tell the truth?