Entertainment, Live Updates: Alec Baldwin Prop Gun Shooting On Rust Movie

Entertainment, Live Updates: Alec Baldwin Prop Gun Shooting On Rust Movie

Alec Baldwin makes first statement on New Mexico shooting

Alec Baldwin has broken his silence in the wake of a fatal shooting on the set of his new film.

10/22/2021 7:06:00 PM

Alec Baldwin has broken his silence in the wake of a fatal shooting on the set of his new film.

A film crew member has died and another was injured after actor Alec Baldwin discharged a prop firearm on the set of the movie 'Rust' in New Mexico on Thursday. Follow here for the latest news updates.

Alec Baldwin has made his first public statement sincea fatal shootingon the set of his new film on Thursday."There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours," Baldwin tweeted on Friday."I'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred and I am in touch with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved Halyna."

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The actor was in New Mexico filming his western film"Rust," which he's starring in and producing. He discharged a prop firearm on the set, which resulted in the death of Halyna Hutchins, 42, the film's director of photography.The film’s director Joel Souza, 48, was also injured in the incident.

The incident happened at about 1:50 p.m. local time Thursday, investigators said. The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office said the investigation"remains open and active" and no charges have been filed."According to investigators, it appears that the scene being filmed involved the use of a prop firearm when it was discharged, a statement from law enforcement said."Detectives are investigating how and what type of projectile was discharged." headtopics.com

This type of incident has happened before on sets. While filming the movie"The Crow" in 1993, actor Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, was killed when struck by a bullet from a gun that was supposed to have just blanks, but had a bullet lodged in the barrel.

Even blanks can be deadly if fired at very close range. In 1984, actor John-Erik Hexum was playing around with a gun on the set of"Cover Up: Golden Opportunity" and died after putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger. Read more: CNN Breaking News »


If he were black, he would be in jail. White privileged I hope they never re-visit shooting this movie. 'Rust' is a terrible name, I don't know who thought of that. Cut your losses which are going to escalate with a lawsuit I'm sure. He needs to go seek counseling while concurrently be investigated for murder. There no reason he should have pointed a gun at he crew and pulled the trigger, twice!

Let's go brandon I would love to examine the lives and deeds in exhaustive detail of every person casting stones here. Stand with alec Baldwin no matter what, not his fault I’m drawing a blank on this. Did he? What exactly was the projectile if the prop guns are made to not use actual live ammunition? Alex Baldwin ant-gunner.....let that sink in.

Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Film “Misfire” Accident Sends Two Crew Members To Hospital In New MexicoDEVELOPING: Refresh for updates A potentially deadly accident involving a prop gun on the set of the Alec Baldwin star Rust at the Bonanza Creek Ranch outside of Sante Fe, NM has seen two crew memb… beesarecute02 I hope Jensen is okay I hope they are alright Terrible what happened on the set, a thought for the families of injured victims. JensenAckles Are you OK? Let us know that everything is fine.

Saying prayers for all involved in this situation and sending love and peace 2 people ultimately responsible for this terrible tragedy: AD Dave Halls and 24 year old armourer Hannah Gutierrez. A FUCKING PERSON IS DEAD WHETHER ITS ACCIDENTAL OR NOT...HER PARENTS IS HAVING A BURIAL...OH CAUSE ITS AN ACCIDENT NOBODY IS HELD RESPONSIBLE...MY DAWG KILLED HIS BROTHER WHEN HE 11 N HAD 2GO 2JAIL...WHAT WORLD DO WE STAY N

So heartbreaking. I think its clear that it was not a deliberate act on Alex Baldwins part, this woman's family must be searching for answers, so let the police do their job before we jump to conclusions. My thoughts go out to Alex Baldwin, someone on that movie set has answers The guns shouldn’t have anything in them. They can add the effects later

She probably refused to have sex with him so he murdered her!! NO LIVE GUNS should ever be on a Movie Set!! EVER!! NO EXCUSES!! ARREST BALDWIN!!! He is a murderer!!! Something more than an accident. Let not forget Alec is a narcissist womanizer and is in the same business as the great POS Weinstein. Pure Evil Holywood.

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Alec Baldwin fired prop gun that killed one person on set of new movieAlec Baldwin named as the person who fired the prop gun that killed one person and critically wounded a second in New Mexico

This is such a sad day. I feel for the victims families. I am little curious about how cimetogrpaher got shot. Doesn’t she do other things on the set? Why was he firing a prop gun at her? North American culture is so connected to guns and the verb 'to kill', that it kills until they want to represent it... Regrettable...

It would be idiotic to assume Alex would remain silent and ignore this tragedy when he is as much a victim of circumstance as anyone on these sets where obviously safety is second priority. One of the worker who left because of unsafe conditions and handling of guns put a bullet in that gun to prove their not doing safety checks. They proved it and got her killed.gotta find out who💐

What is an anti gun dude doing using live ammo? Wow...the Twitter court, judge, and jury apparently is a real thing...I never would have believed it With today's advanced CGI why are they still using real guns? This was a set up Alec was cocky and they wanted to teach him a lesson like god father movie eth the horse head that is how they teach you to behave

Not easy to see this happening to his crew at work

Alec Baldwin 'didn't know gun had live rounds' when woman shot and killedThe prop gun that Alec Baldwin accidentally shot two people with was reportedly filled with live rounds instead of blanks Oh my goodness.! DailyMirror First rule of guns... ALL GUNS ARE LOADED... DailyMirror IDIOT

Why was there real bullets in a PROP gun Who’s in charge of that Department? So many questions 🙄 Were both of the victims acting in the film as well as directing? If not, why was Alec Baldwin pointing a weapon at them? Isn’t the real question why is he pointing a prop gun at the director I just don’t understand, why there real bullets on a movie set?

🙏🏿🙏🏿 Can we please retire the trite 'broken his/her/their silence,' please? It's beyond lazy to use it at this point. This movie has a tragic ending This article just scrolls on and on, musta been written by a politician, cuz it tells us nothing of what actually happened during the incident. Typical Hollywood. Let's see if they try to 'bury' the Prop Master. Cuz you just know, where there's deep pockets there's lawsuits.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins Dies at 42 After Prop Gun Incident on Alec Baldwin FilmThe Ukrainian-born, Los Angeles-based director of photography's credits include the indie films 'Archenemy,' 'Blindfire' and 'The Mad Hatter.' Many in the industry are saying the gun was not a prop by definition.. and that it was a real gun with planks 👀 This should have been avoided and could have been which is very frustrating. My prayers go out to her friends and family. No more realistic guns with real looking gunfire shots from blanks on set. It doesn't have to look 100% real, just make it look real enough with a dummy airsoft gun with vfx for the gunfire, safety is far more important than absolute realism. Rest In Peace

This situation seems insane in the first place, why is there a projectile in a prop gun to my understanding it should be all blanks and don't shoot anything and now alec is scarred for life and a woman is dead really sad seems like a really sad accident hopefully no foul play. Maybe, given the fact that he is visibly feeling horrible, give him a day to “break the news” seriously what is this caption.

The wrath of Trump and I’m here for every second of it! Heard he did it cuz they were Trump supporters So called religion of peace 😒 How the F did a live round get loaded, he managed to shoot two people, he pointed it at someone not in the scene? I’m still struggling to understand why they have real firearms as “props.”

Alex Baldwin caught up in a very unfortunate turn of events That’s awful. I feel bad for him! 🙏🏾 Again, this is not a Greta Garbo situation, 'breaking silence.'

Tributes pour in for Halyna Hutchins after crew member is killed by Alec BaldwinCinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot dead by Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust on Thursday when the actor fired a prop gun he reportedly didn't know had live rounds in

Now tell us why it's OK. 'breaking his silence' is such a lazy way to report the news. learn more words. Regardless of what you think about him it's got to be one of the shittiest situations to be in. I feel guilty about not holding doors open for people if I'm in a rush. Imagine accidentally killing someone and having to live with that :/

So heartbroken for the lady who lost her life, but also for Alec Baldwin himself. This is life changing for him. I hope in such an unintended tragedy he receives upmost support and I hope he finds forgiveness for himself too. A tragic accident. 😒

Director of photography killed, movie director injured after Alec Baldwin discharged prop firearm on movie setOn the set of the movie 'Rust' in New Mexico, its director of photography was killed and movie director injured after actor Alec Baldwin discharged a prop firearm on Thursday, according to a law enforcement statement provided to CNN. 🙏😢💔 Man... That is horrible Couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow