Alaska's rare COVID breakthrough cases are far less worrisome than stalled vaccination rate, experts say

State officials have released a new report of hundreds of cases of COVID-19 in vaccinated people. But those numbers represent a tiny fraction of the 15,000 cases in the similarly-sized unvaccinated population.

7/24/2021 11:42:00 PM

Vaccinated Alaskans are reporting 1/25th the COVID-19 cases of the unvaccinated. That reinforces that convincing more people to get their shots is much more critical than worrying about breakthrough cases. AKpublicnews

State officials have released a new report of hundreds of cases of COVID-19 in vaccinated people. But those numbers represent a tiny fraction of the 15,000 cases in the similarly-sized unvaccinated population.

for vaccinated people to spread the virus even if they test positive.Those are all reasons Alaska public health experts say for the vast majority of residents, the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks.They say the vaccines were never advertised as being 100% effective — Pfizer’s shots were said to be 95% effective, Moderna’s 94% and Johnson & Johnson’s 66%. And they say their new report on breakthrough cases shows that they’re not happening at a rate that’s surprising or worrisome.

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Alaska state epidemiologist Joe McLaughlin.“The vaccine effectiveness is exceptionally high. But it’s not perfect,” said Dr. Joe McLaughlin, Alaska’s top epidemiologist.Officials say it’s imperative Alaskans digest the new report on vaccine breakthrough cases with the context of case, hospitalization and death rates among unvaccinated people.

While Alaska’s vaccinated population is nearly the same size as the unvaccinated population — 43% of residents are fully vaccinated — COVID-19 cases are happening far more often among people who haven’t gotten the shots.[Sign up for Alaska Public Media’s daily newsletter to get our top stories delivered to your inbox.]

The new bulletin documents 656 cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated people between February and June, which included 17 people who were hospitalized and two who died — though those two people had “substantial” pre-existing conditions, the report said. The report also noted that of those 656 cases, 38% were in people with no symptoms, who could have been tested for work or travel.

Over the same period, the state recorded 14,906 cases among unvaccinated people, along with 391 hospitalizations and 58 deaths.The 656 breakthrough cases of COVID-19 represent 0.2% of the 300,000 Alaskans who were vaccinated during the period covered by the report. But that tiny fraction of cases may be looming larger in the minds of Alaskans because of the way vaccine breakthroughs can often be announced on social media or elsewhere, according to Jennifer Meyer, an assistant professor of health science at University of Alaska Anchorage.

“It’s kind of an illusion that’s created that somehow these breakthrough cases are common, when they’re not,” said Meyer,who’s worked on public health communication efforts during the pandemic.Officials say they’re continuing to stress the importance of vaccinations as fewer Alaskans have been getting the shots.

Early in the country’s vaccination campaign, Alaska had one of the top rates among the 50 states. But it’s now fallen into the bottom half, with vaccination rates for eligible residents still sitting below 50% in several pockets of the state — including Fairbanks, the Mat-Su, and the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

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Recently, about 325 residents have been getting vaccinated each day, state officials say, compared to as many as 10,000 early in the vaccination campaign. At that pace, it could take years to vaccinate the rest of Alaska’s eligible population.Alaskans involved with the vaccination effort say demand hasn’t fallen off completely, even in areas where enthusiasm has been tepid. In the Mat-Su, there’s still a “steady stream” of people getting the shots, said Rene Dillow, a public health nurse there.

And on the Kenai Peninsula, “we’re chipping away at it,” said Justin Ruffridge, a pharmacist running a clinic in Soldotna dispensing some 10 vaccines a day.“I really, legitimately thought our walk-in clinic would be a boring operation for the folks running it,” he said. “But it really has not been — they consistently are doing shots every day.”

But McLaughlin, the epidemiologist, said the state’s vaccination progress has “really plateaued.” Officials would like to see the numbers much higher, particularly as the delta variant gets a strong foothold in Alaska, he added. Read more: NPR »


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