Alaska governor to give State of State speech Tuesday

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy is set to give his fourth State of the State address on Tuesday.

Alaska, Juneau

1/24/2022 12:30:00 AM

The evening speech is set to be delivered before a joint session of the Legislature in Juneau , as is custom. The Senate earlier this week accepted the House’s invitation to gather for the speech, which will be held in the House chambers.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy is set to give his fourth State of the State address on Tuesday.

Dunleavy’s speech last year was delivered by video, which his office attributed to issues related to the pandemic. That speech also was given before the House had organized a majority. That didn’t happen until later.Dunleavy made his first State of the State speech in 2019.

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Let me guess, it’s going to be prerecorded and posted on YouTube? State of the State is definitely not great.

Chinook winds turn up heat across Southcentral AlaskaChinook winds brought unseasonable warmth to Southcentral Alaska on Saturday (along with slush, ice and lots of melting). People in one East Anchorage neighborhood adapted with ice skates in the street. Unseasonable? Every. frickin. Year!! Awesome picture!

Alaska regulators maintain they lacked enforcement power over 2017 Hilcorp gas leakThe hearing and subsequent order came nearly five years after the leak because former AOGCC Chair and state Sen. Hollis French had to take the case to the Alaska Supreme Court to get his day in front of the commission. AlaskaJournal I’m sorry – are they really saying that because money was involved there’s no problem? AlaskaJournal GretaThunberg ;)

Trial begins over challenges to Alaska legislative redistricting planTrial began Friday in a consolidated case that challenges Alaska ’s newly redrawn political boundaries.

Kenai Peninsula Mayor Charlie Pierce joins race for Alaska governorKenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce has thrown his hat in the ring to run in Alaska ’s gubernatorial election, as a Republican challenger to incumbent Gov. Mike Dunleavy .

Alaska shatters single-day COVID record with more than 6,000 cases over the last 2 days Alaska has once again shattered its previous record for the highest number of COVID-19 cases reported in a single day, with the state health department reporting more than 6,500 additional infections over the last two days. Common sense could've prevented this. If we actually had someone in office who cared about us, not his corporate dollars. and Dunleavy is calling all state employees back to the office!

Alaska will try something completely new in the fall election Alaska ’s Supreme Court ruled this week that a new election system can go forward, clearing the way for ranked-choice voting to get its highest-profile test yet in a contested U.S. Senate race there.