Alabama Is Trying to Raise the Legal Driving Age for Trans People to 19

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“I couldn't go where I wanted to go, when I wanted to go. I feel like I was guilty of a crime I didn't commit, like I’m being punished by the state for being who I am,' Darcy Corbitt told The Daily Beast

in the House, the legislation would make treatments like hormones and puberty blockers a class C felony in Alabama. Medical providers could face up to 10 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

Under the policies that Alabama is fighting to defend in court, Arkles says there’s a difference between how they are written and how they are actually implemented. Although the DMV only stipulates a requirement that trans drivers receive gender-affirming surgery prior to correcting their licenses, that language is vague and can be inconsistently interpreted.

While trans people are legally allowed to drive in Alabama with an uncorrected license, it can be extremely dangerous to do so. A 2015 survey from the Clark says it’s “really sad” to know that countless trans youth across Alabama could be subjected to the same mistreatment she was, but it also motivates her to keep lobbying to overturn the state’s policies. Along with Corbitt and a third anonymous defendant, she is a co-plaintiff in the TLDEF lawsuit currently being heard by the 11th Circuit. The plaintiffs are also being represented in the case by the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Alabama.


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Nico_Lang glaad

TheRaDR Nico_Lang glaad Alabama’s efforts imply to me that they believe trans people to be mentally unstable (or something along those lines) - enough that they believe that we need a whole extra three years between learners permit and full license to be able to drive freely. Or they just want us caged

Tree4justice Nico_Lang glaad I can’t wait until we have all electric autonomous cars and nobody is allowed to “drive” because it’s one of the most dangerous activities we do every day and I hate having to leave my house everyday and hope OTHER people don’t make a mistake that kills me

skohayes Nico_Lang glaad I think the legal driving age should be raised for everyone. Wait until they graduate from high-school *and* are at least 18.

Nico_Lang glaad Comment on this pedophile ring?


Is that a human?

Hurray make them feel more like unwanted second or third class members of society. The fuck is wrong with people?

here are my naked photos


stupid, dishonest headline to fool stupid people. You shouldn't be able to change your sex any legal document, because humans cannot change their sex. It's a lie on a legal document, when else is anyone allowed to lie on a legal document?

I think a female politician needs to introduce a bill raising the age for male drivers to 25, since its a proven fact that males mature slower than females. At least there’s science to prove that. What evidence do lawmakers have to support THEIR claims?

I don’t see what gender identification has to do with a drivers license! It’s the mind set of these old white Men that just feel they have the right to do and say what they do and say!

Disgusting, ALGOP

This is a fuckkkkking story ? Pathetic

Perhaps white men in Alabama could be restricted when undergoing testosterone boosting therapy, or white suburban teenagers should have to wait, too. This is the kind of legislation that is rooted in christian nationalist philosophical sewage.


People need to get over this ridiculousness. Stop legislating people’s bodies period. Uterus and otherwise. Maybe start fixing real problems people face. Jeez.

Until laws are created to restrict your rights based on your sex, sexual identity, skin color, you are living in privilege.

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