Alabama governor says 'unvaccinated folks' letting the state down

Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued forceful remarks Thursday that the 'unvaccinated folks' of her state were 'letting us down'.

7/23/2021 3:13:00 PM

Republican Alabama Governor Ivey issued forceful remarks Thursday that the 'unvaccinated folks' of her state were 'letting us down.'

Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued forceful remarks Thursday that the 'unvaccinated folks' of her state were 'letting us down'.

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I blame unvaccinated people for deaths. Blame China and Fauci . It is their fault that the virus came to the U.S. Some people can't take vaccines and shots. Should have done something from the start. You need to do a tour of these communities SPIKE. Get a clue . Why are we allowing the minority unvaccinated control the majority vaccinated? My doctor can ask me all kinds of questions about my health, but he can't ask me if I've been vaccinated. Why do the u nvaccinated not want anyone to know they haven't been vaccinated?

In a pandemic the law can pick an unvaccinated person up and make them get vaccinated if they give a problem they lock them in their house until the pandemic is over its in the constitution since the last pandemic in the early 1900s or late 1800s Ivey how about you start blaming yourself and your party's misinformation campaign. Because your political seats are more important, and your loyalty to the HOAX trump is your main objective.

Let’s blame it on the Karen’s n Steve’s out there !!! YES IT IS!!! GET THE F’ing VACCINE!!!!! For the 1st time in my life I find myself agreeing with the Governor.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAnd what of the people that have had COVID? Several studies including one recently by the Cleveland Clinic have equated antibodies to protection with the vaccine. As usual, Fauci has his own political narrative. science

Aka her voting base THE VIDEO DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE!! Threaten to shutdown Bama football and they will run to get their vaccine! Great idea! Government demands citizens get vaccine while flooding the entire country with 100s of thousands of illegal immigrants from unknown countries that havent even been tested much less vaccinated. You can assume the delta virus is flooding into this country unchecked. Bidendoesntcare

The Republican Party: Pomp and NOW circumstance. Why is she a republican supporting the abject person that is passed 45. Why do people that in appearance look civilised . But are not WHY.? Man, and I thought dems were bad at messaging Has any manufacturer of a vaccine said it will provide the recipient w/ immunity: - to contracting or carrying the virus? - to hospital visits due to the virus or vaccine? - death from the virus or the vaccine? If not, then how have the unvaccinated let us down?

Oh now she’s mad⁉️ The anti-vaxxers are your party, Gov Ivey.

Biden says CDC will advise unvaccinated kids to mask up in school this fallU.S. President Joe Biden said Wednesday the Centers for Disease Control is likely to advise that kids who haven't been vaccinated against COVID-19 should wear masks when they return from summer holidays to school in the fall. That won’t work. Unvaccinated kids, esp. teenagers, are not going to stand out by wearing masks. Instead, they will continue to spread the virus, causing break through cases and harming those who could not get vaxxed due to immune issues or allergies issues. Mandate them.

This woman is crazy! Stop dividing the nation. Take your stance to abortions. 62 million aborted since Roe v Wade. Innocent babies who were given no choice but to die. If you get vaccinated you can still get COVID so there’s no point She helped create this problem. No shit Sherlock! Lol 😂 this is terrible news

And I'm sure she'll continue to do nothing. Ivey usually is pro-Republican and not pro-citizen. This time she is right. Morning_Joe This is a good thing! Now that's Funny. Last I heard it was the Republican Party and Fox News telling them to stop wearing mask and don't trust the science. Republicans really do play on the followers mental ability to decipher the truth.

The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

Hospitalized Covid-19 patients are asking for the vaccine -- when it's too late, two health care workers sayAs the Delta variant helps fuel a surge in Covid-19 hospitalizations in the US, unvaccinated patients are regretting their inoculation status, two health care workers say. Good let them die Tell that to those in SC who refuse to be vaccinated.

Once the SEC said they will make Alabama forfeit games because of covid it became a problem. Now,will the next honest governor please step up. every time I listened to her she wasn't so interested in pushing the vaccine GovIvey you harvest what you sow. Now she decides to care…?🙄 So where was she months ago? Under trumps thumb?

Better late than never. 🙄 She let them down. Clowning for a buffoon doesn’t end well Probably MSNBC lying again. But if she said that, I'm not letting anybody down. If I get sick, that's on me and has NOTHING to do with her or anybody else.

Why breakthrough COVID-19 infections don't mean the vaccine isn't workingBreakthrough COVID-19 cases aren't proof the vaccines aren't working, experts say, but are normal and expected. Wut I’m old enough to remember when they were 94% effective at preventing the disease and 100% effective against hospitalization and death. 99.5% of people being *hospitalized for COVID* right now are 🌟👉🌩⚡️💥 U N V A C C I N A T E D 🌟👉🌩⚡️💥

Morning_Joe She nixed Vaccine Passports back in May. A little late to the party, Governor Ivey. Maybe you mandate masks and vaccines then? Wringing your hands in a press conference has not worked so far and you appear to be all out of ideas. Kay tweeted more than 2X as much about the economy as Covid 19 over the last year. She doesn't get to just pass the blame.

Anyone not getting vaccinated is harming humanity. There needs to be a vaccine mandate. As a child you could not go to school without being inoculated against measles smallpox polio. And guess what. NO ONE COMPLAINED! NO ONE!! Too little too late. We are heading for another shutdown because of this stupidity. All encouraged by Republican leadership grounded in partisan politics. There is no moral limits in the use of partisan politics. Your healthcare or a pandemic all good issues to take a stand on!

Kind of late Glad to have them onboard. Over 600,000 dead before they got religion? 🤔 could it be that they’re base is dying? They finaly realised that if this goes on there won't be many gop voters left over next year. Well, Gov, maybe you could institute vaccine mandates for entering any public building. That would at least set an example.


DeAndre Hopkins, Jalen Ramsey Question NFL COVID vaccine plansThe NFL said on Thursday it wouldn't postpone games because of coronavirus outbreaks among unvaccinated players.

This is a virus that will find you if you're unvaccinated, says doctorDr. Michael Osterholm joins Morning Joe to discuss the rise in virus infections and hospitalizations as a result of the delta variant and why he says the country has a chance to move 'vaccine hesitant' individuals to getting the vaccine. I retweeted this, but I have a bad feeling the people who need to hear it won't even see the tweet and if they do see it, it'll be FUBAR as far as they are concerned. The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading and earning from home. With the help of lisaFx090 I've been earning $7500 weekly I've never regretted this decision. Their chose to live or die!!!