Vol 54 Issue 36

Vol 54 Issue 36

Alabama Begins Offering Tax Credit To Attract More YouTube Fail Compilations To Be Filmed In State

Alabama Begins Offering Tax Credit To Attract More YouTube Fail Compilations To Be Filmed In State

6/30/2020 3:58:00 PM

Alabama Begins Offering Tax Credit To Attract More YouTube Fail Compilations To Be Filmed In State

MONTGOMERY, AL—In an effort to boost the economy and produce more accurate on-screen depictions of the state known as the Heart of Dixie, Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed off on a new creative arts tax credit bill Monday designed and structured to attract film crews creating YouTube “fail compilations” to the state. “We’re offering to cover up to 20 percent of production costs for any filmmaker who wants to make use of Alabama’s distinct cultural advantages in an online video where someone, say, jumps their ATV off their garage roof into an inflatable swimming pool filled with empty beer cans, or perhaps attempts to wakeboard on an old refrigerator pulled behind a mudder truck in Guntersville Lake,” Ivey told reporters at a press conference, clarifying that the tax credit could be applied to any part of the film process, from lighting and sound equipment to trampolines, fireworks, and diesel-truck-engined bass boats. “Talent-wise, we are more than ready to compete on Florida’s level in the fail compilation market, and we’re confident YouTubers will truly embrace Alabama’s unique mix of shoeless alligator confrontation, unsupported driveway basketball hoops, and blatant disregard for hoverboard recalls.” Ivey concluded her press conference by addressing a recent video of an Alabama man discharging a shotgun into a styrofoam cooler filled with Tannerite explosives held by his twin 5-year-old daughters, calling the incident “precisely the kind of sick, viral content our state needs.”

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I just tripped over a couch someone left on the front porch and fell into a refrigerator in the front ysrd. I’m there ‘Bamisms LoL Oh. No I know where that is..... That choice of photos. Lol. Born in 'bama but that's funny No way , I'm not filming in that crapper of a state Smart Sweet broken home Alabama Frankly my dear..

RyHutchFilm 😂😂 I liked this for a second. But depicting poverty as a means of judgement and ridicule, solid no. Stop punishing and ridiculing the poor. Everyone. Stop using it as a tool. Stop using it as a means of demoralization. Poverty is the single largest transgression against humanity. From this picture, Alabama is a compilation house building fails

Get ready for some B-roll of boats abandoned in the woods along the highway, many many miles from a body of water Omg it’s unbelievable how much funnier TheBabylonBee is. The left should realize that there are 63 million Trump supporters, most of whom own guns and you can't rule over them. The right needs to realize that the constitution is dead and the 1950s are never coming back.The only solution is secession. SilenceIsViolence

it Failed and it's not filmed.. double fail.. darn.. i need to film this tripple fail.. oh gosh that makes it a fourth.. four failures in a row.. full house but no bets made.. Darn.. five failures in a very short time.. a Murphy Set.. but nobody with a gopro ! Somebody is mowing that lawn... POTUS Dav_Bew

Hello, this is thinly veiled classism. Delete it please. your turn Florida! RonDeSantisFL

California Unveils 12 Upcoming Films Planning to Shoot in the StateA total of 54 film projects applied for tax credits during the March 9 to 13 application period that’s a lot and it’s very cool too😎😂❤️ Why don't the studios pay their fair share instead of taking advantage of tax loopholes that deprive funding to necessary tax-funded programs that benefit disadvantaged and disproportionately minority communities?

‘I Like Jeff, But He Messed Up’Here's why Alabama voters are turning on Jeff Sessions in favor of a carpetbagging football coach Alabama REPUBLICANS, not Alabama VOTERS. Please be clear. Debasing themselves, that's what the party of realDonaldTrump is really good at. ETTD I can’t complain when the Trump cult gets rid of one of their own! CAN I GET AN AMEN

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YouTube Bans White Supremacists Richard Spencer, David Duke And Stefan MolyneuxTheir YouTube channels and several others were terminated for violating policies prohibiting hate speech. suppressing free speech! SMH these lefties will do anything to fight Trump! What took so long I love how any account that copies Trump word for word gets banned within days for the same reasons, yet his official account is still up for some reason