AJ Odudu's health and fitness secrets will seriously impress Strictly fans - wait 'til you see her six-pack

AJ Odudu's health and fitness secrets 🤫

Fitness, Aj Odudu

12/4/2021 7:15:00 PM

AJ Odudu's health and fitness secrets 🤫

Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Odudu's six-pack is so impressive, see the star's health and fitness secrets

SEE: AJ Odudu's magical garden is a city sanctuary – exclusive interview and photosIn an unearthed snap from her Instagram, the 33-year-old presenter looks incredible in sporty underwear from Sloggi. Glowing in the 'Basic Briefs' and 'ZERO Feel Bralette', AJ's sleek figure looks sensational in the matching set."No room for uncomfortable underwear in this wardrobe darlings!" penned AJ - but what are her secrets to looking so healthy?

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The demands of endless Strictly rehearsals no doubt keep both the celebrities and professionals active and healthy. Yet when AJ's not waltzing her way around the Strictly ballroom, the glamorous TV presenter keeps fit with a series of home workouts and gym classes. headtopics.com

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The star previously told New magazine that she loves to get her sweat on with HIIT [high-intensisity interval training] and keeps her muscles toned with yoga classes.HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods, which is great for losing fat, gaining muscle and keeping the heart as healthy as possible.

AJ and Kai are firm favourites for the Strictly GlitterballBalance is important for the star's active lifestyle, who also ensures she takes a mindful approach to exercise and health."This means not overdoing it one day and feeling stiff the next. Also, making sure you enjoy exercise is key," she said.

AJ reportedly prefers to compliment her active lifestyle with intermittent fasting, a popular lifestyle choice with known benefits for both the body and brain. The star also insists:"I think it’s especially important to listen to your body." headtopics.com

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However AJ is looking after her body, there's no denying her phenomenal body and glowing skin is thankful for it.

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