Airstrikes kill 70 people and knock out internet in Yemen

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Middleeast, Yemen: Airstrikes Kill 70 People And Knock Out İnternet - Cnn

1/21/2022 7:33:00 PM

At least 70 people were killed and more than 130 injured when an airstrike hit a detention center in Yemen on Friday, Doctors Without Borders said, as the Saudi-led coalition continued to ramp up its deadly offensive on rebels in the war-torn nation.

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Disgusting. Where were those weapons manufactured? Or did we pay for them I can’t keep up with Americas war crimes “Rebels.” Yeah think I’d be “rebelling” against this genicide too This has to stop.💔🙏 Fucking crickets from POTUS Made in the USA 🇺🇸 👁This is the ancient enmity between Sunni and Shia Moslems. Iran will never quit until their sect conquers the Moslem world. They sponsor terrorism and insurrection in Arab countries thru Hesbola & Hamas.👀

Bidens harm reduction WE’RE FUNDING THIS PEOPLE!! That’s bc Biden lied and he’s still making tons of arms deals w/ SaudiArabia and UAE! YemenCantWait Saudi Led, US backed and funded.

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Wonder where the armaments were made that were sold to KSA *Saudi led and American coordinated and funded. StateDept patriayvida MarioDB MaElviraSalazar If superheroes were real they wouldn't allow this stuff The Internet is cut off from almost the whole of Yemen, let us be their voice. I stand in solidarity with the innocent Yemeni people. YemenUnderAttack YemenBlackout Yemen we_are_yemen

In case you don't get the update on the genocide YOU dragged Canada into JustinTrudeau AmericanSycophant Remind me who gave them the weapons... CNN satellite airpower and weapon provided by the Biden administration. Get your facts straight, plus the bomb that was dropped is/was American Made. Where did the saudis get the weapons again?

Well, Somalia & its people are doing their best to give access & receive Yemeni refugees in the country.

Yemen Suffers Internet Outage Nationwide After Saudi AirstrikeYemen Suffers Internet Outage Nationwide After Saudi Airstrike on Telecom

Saudi and Emarati (zionist backed) Bloodthirsty Animals WeAreYemen Stopping this war can be done only by the stand of the international community against Houthis! The coalition is not targeting civilians and such allegations are totally groundless Then try to convince security council who show us their sympathy with those criminals.

But.. the weapons were sold by an administration with the first woman of color ever!! Isn’t that empowering From PHILIPPINES AND ACCROSS THE WORLD NoVoteForKikoIn2022 NoVoteForLeniIn2022 NoVoteForLiberalPartyIn2022 Your tax dollars at work, America, pulverizing innocent men, women, and children in a country that 2/3 of Americans couldn’t find on a map given five tries.

UN POTUS UNICEF UNHumanRights Hope you guys can see these innocent civilians being killed in Yemen, and take serious and immediate action to end this aggressive war against Yemeni people Yemen YemenBlackout POTUS Hope he can see these innocent civilians being killed in Yemen, and take serious and immediate action to end this aggressive war against Yemeni people. Yemen YemenBlackout YemenUnderAttack نحن_صوت_اليمن التحالف_يقتل_المدنيين_في_اليمن

Update: cnn

Yemen loses internet connection after Saudi-led airstrikeDUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Yemen lost its connection to the internet nationwide early Friday after Saudi-led airstrikes targeted a site in the contested city of Hodeida, an advocacy group said, plunging the war-torn nation offline. Yemen is cut off from the world while Saudis commit war crimes with American bombs katalin_pota When are you going to report about the famine, and the indiscriminate mass killing of civilians as well? Saudis and NATO-US coalition is out of control. YemenCantWait 'Saudi Arabia-led airstrikes has bomb Yemen's telecommunications building leading to connection lost' free and more descriptive headlines for you.

ChrisMurphyCT Imagine if trump was President Cnn would be going nuts seanmcarroll Uma das maiores crises humanitárias, agravada com a pandemia. Causada pelos cortes de financiamento externo, reduzindo a entrega de bens alimentares, através das Nações Unidas, a inúmeras pessoas. Interesses, politica.... E, crianças, civis, continuam a morrer.

i bet jaketapper is stoked! “On rebels” yeah! Rot this is unfortunate it is very saddening Poor people in war for ever, and that is very sad. 🙏🏻 Do you mean these?😂

Houthis Accuse Saudi-Led Coalition of Killing Dozens in Yemen AirstrikeA Saudi-led coalition airstrike on Friday on Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen hit a prison, the rebel group said, killing dozens and injuring scores of others Am i to he happy or sad about this? This is paid for by US !! Endwar on Yemen!! We are really worried in Latin America about the Global Situation! Thanks WSJ for this information. Please consider this Latin American debate. Thanks for your S&C!! :)

So? Ask Red Crescent for help Doctors Without Borders! The people who most understand conflict and who live in area all speak same language and are members of same religion Islam. Plus Trillions of dollars are made in region! Thank you for mentioning this. May God help them Where they terrorist or just testing bombs to make sure it kills people?

Red Cross: Yemen prison airstrike killed, injured over 100DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Yemen says there are “over 100 detainees killed and injured” in a Saudi-led airstrike on a prison in the country's rebel-held north. America is quetly supporting the Saudis on this genocide 🧐 قُتل أو جرح أكثر من 100 محتجز في غارة جوية شنتها قوات التحالف بقيادة السعودية على سجن في شمال اليمن الذي يسيطر عليه المتمردون الحوثيون ، وفقًا لمتحدث باسم اللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر.

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(CNN)At least 70 people were killed and more than 130 injured when an airstrike hit a detention center in Yemen on Friday, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said, as the Saudi-led coalition continued to ramp up its deadly offensive on rebels in the war-torn nation. Another airstrike early Friday hit a telecommunications building in the strategic port city of Hodeidah, causing a nationwide internet blackout, according to NetBlocks, an organization that tracks network disruptions. At least three children were killed in that attack, Save the Children said. The Norwegian Refugee Council said the internet blackout, which was still ongoing as of Friday evening, would affect aid delivery.The Iran-back Houthi rebels, who control much of Yemen, blamed the Saudi-led coalition for the strikes. CNN has reached out to the coalition for comment. A coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates launched an offensive in 2015 to restore Yemen's internationally recognized government, after it was ousted by the Houthis. The coalition has intensified its attacks in the wake of a Houthi missile and drone strike in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi earlier this week. A drone attack in Abu Dhabi could mark a dangerous turning point for the Middle East. Here's what to knowRead MoreThe Houthi-run media outlet Al Masirah showed graphic video of people under rubble in the aftermath of Friday's detention center strike in the northern Yemeni city of Sa'ada. The Red Cross said it had sent emergency medical supplies to two hospitals that had received a"very high" number of casualties."From what I hear from my colleague in Sa'ada there are many bodies still at the scene of the airstrike, many missing people," said Ahmad Mahat, head of the MSF mission in Yemen."It is impossible to know how many people have been killed. It seems to have been a horrific act of violence." An MSF-supported hospital in Sa'ada has been overwhelmed by an influx of wounded people and cannot receive more, Mahat said. Two other hospitals in the city have also received large numbers of casualties, according to MSF. International aid groups have been struggling to gather details about the strike because of the internet blackout, multiple aid workers told CNN. The Saudi-led coalition did not comment on the the strikes on the telecommunications building or the detention center, but said Friday that it had hit the port of Hodeidah, taking down"one of the [Houthis'] dens of maritime piracy and organized crime."The coalition also said it attacked"military targets" in the capital Sanaa on Friday, claiming to have conducted the operation"in response to the threat of hostile attacks," Saudi state-owned SPA said. "The ICRC is deeply concerned about the intensification of hostilities over recent days, including attacks against cities across Yemen, in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates, and deplores the human toll this escalation has caused," the International Committee of the Red Cross said Friday.