John Bolton, Vol 55 Issue 20, Politics

John Bolton, Vol 55 Issue 20

Aides Request John Bolton Please Stop Setting Fire To Middle East Tactical Map

Aides Request John Bolton Please Stop Setting Fire To Middle East Tactical Map


Aides Request John Bolton Please Stop Setting Fire To Middle East Tactical Map

WASHINGTON—Saying his outbursts have hindered their ability to hold constructive military strategy sessions, top Pentagon aides have repeatedly asked National Security Advisor John Bolton to stop setting fire to their Middle East tactical map, sources confirmed Wednesday. “We keep trying to lay out troop deployment options for Mr. Bolton, but it’s difficult when he just barges in, pours lighter fluid all over the map, and flicks a lit match on top,” said Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, who acknowledged this was hardly the first time Bolton had destroyed a tabletop display of the region while screaming, “Burn, motherfuckers, burn!” “He’s the one who requested a more robust military plan, but it’s hard to brief him when you’re looking at a bunch of melted blotches and you can’t tell what’s Syria and what’s Iran. He even burned up the components on the map representing our own troops. Honestly, it’s hard enough getting through meetings with a guy who stops up his ears and screams anytime the word ‘Iraq’ is mentioned.” At press time, President Trump had reportedly viewed the remnants of the map and signed off on Bolton’s plan.

Read more: The Onion

Bolton is a very sick man. Sending young American husbands and sons to die in the African desert seems a pleasure and addiction to him. This man has a very sick mind. He himself is a draft dodger. American wifes and mothers should stop him. This joke is a perfect reflection of democracy in usa.. How weak peole are actually in sole superpower nation.. How little their opinions matter..

caitoz OCD caitoz I must commend The Onion. As the lines between parody and reality have blurred, their job has gotten harder. This cartoon character is in charge of incredibly dangerous toys. ELINTNews Somebody badly needs to set fire to AmbJohnBolton before the world as we know it disappears. He is the epitome of an anachronism...

Sheldon's little nino. It’s funny cause he’s trying to launch a war with Iran Bolton: I don’t care if they ring he bells. When satire is plausible, WH admin is full of monsters. And stop jizzing on the Israel map

John Bolton holds 'highly unusual' meeting at CIAIn a highly unusual move, National Security Adviser Bolton convened a meeting at CIA headquarters last week with the Trump admin.'s top intel, diplomatic and military advisers, according to 6 current US officials. Watch Morning_Joe with analysis. Morning_Joe so Morning_Joe Morning_Joe Okay, something’s up. First is Sec. State’s canceled trip, then we reinforce our naval power in Iran, then we seemingly randomly take a North Korean cargo ship and now this? Something’s off.

Ever since The Onion became an unregistered Political Action Committee the funny has just been sucked right out. Bonanza ☃️🔥 nminkmar Dr Strangelove ... How is this Onion headline any different from a plausible WaPo or NYT one? Hair lip Bolton. The greatest flaw with this image is that Bolton is wearing a spread collar shirt, which is basically unheard of in DC for anyone older than 45, or 'not ambassador to France'

Wars never go as planned! Lol elbryn_canticle 'Burn Them All', the Mad Secretary of State. He's the best case yet for Andrew Yangs idea to have a psychiatrist on staff at the Whitehouse, not a rational actor Moreso that he doesn't burn his mustache off and be fired by Trump. Self preservation really.

John Bolton and the Monroe DoctrineMany Latin American voters have abandoned moderates in favour of populists such as Jair Bolsonaro and AMLO Maybe it's a race thing. Mexico in next!! 😲🤔

It's all pantomime for Putin. Iran is a Russian vassal state, there is no universe that Trump fires on it without express permission from Moscow, which they aren't going to give. Trump needs the smokescreen of a fight going into 2020, and North Korea farce has run it's course. Haha it's funny because he belongs in The Hague but instead he gets part of my paycheck

The best way to avert war with Iran? Fire John Bolton | OpinionWar could become a fait accompli if Trump keeps Bolton in the White House. Better yet, fire Trump! The best way to avert a war with Iran is to put John Bolton out in front yelling 'Charge!' with no one behind him.

Trump: I 'temper' Bolton's hawkish instinctsTrump said he is satisfied with advice he's been receiving from John Bolton on international affairs, denying recent reports that he's losing faith in his national security adviser. well one idiot deserves another one. So Bolton’s out. So Bolton's gone in a month then?

Democrats are raising alarms about Trump 'inching' toward war with Iran, but experts are torn over what happens nextSome experts say fears Trump wants a war with Iran are overblown, but others worry he doesn't understand the risks of the situation escalating. Trump wants war... there is no other reason to hire CRETINS like Pompeo, Bolton, Abrams, Haspel etc etc etc.. otherwise! Trump Loves Israel Too Much Than US Trump is not dragging us into was,he preventing war. A show of force has the ability to calm down Iran. It would be political suicide for the Iranians to provoke a war with the US.

Iranian president's adviser to Donald Trump: “You are going to get a war,”not a “better deal”'That’s what happens when you listen to the mustache,' Iranian presidential adviser Hesameddin Ashena tweeted to Trump in an apparent reference to national security adviser John Bolton . DOOM and GLOOM Media proved wrong about North Korea. Who profits from war That’s what he wants. The military industrial complex has squandered all the moolah they got in the last one. Now they need another war. Don's do stupid

Trump says U.S. underestimated Venezuela's 'tough cookie' Maduro: ReportPresident Donald Trump is reportedly frustrated by the likes of national security adviser John Bolton for overconfidence about the toppling of Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro. The Administration that can't shoot straight. Book by Jimmy Brezlin The trump administration are nothing but a bunch of clueless clusterfuks. They’re now contemplating the mother of all clusterfuks... a war with Iran 😂😂😂

John Oliver's deep dive on the Green New Deal is an eye-openerBill Nye helps out, too. Very funny, and he does bring some important perspective. Although, I did learn, cows don't fart, they belch!

“Uphold tradition” of John Adams: Lawyer association opposes Harvard ousting Harvey Weinstein lawyer as dean“A defense lawyer should never face adverse consequences for representing a person accused of a crime, no matter how reprehensible the crime or repugnant the person may be.” From segregated graduation ceremonies, rejection of Asian students, to virtue signaling hypocrisy .AlanDersh is right, all defendants deserve representation w/o consequence to the lawyer. David McCollough (in John Adams book) quoted King George III 'I have heard of one Mr Adams but who is the other?' What of Atticus Finch for fiction readers? From the linked article...

John Daly allowed to use golf cart at PGA ChampionshipCNN News, delivered. Select from our newsletters below and enter your email to subscribe. Now he’ll win.... Wouldn't mind caddying for you John if there's a spot going, I'll take the wheel as well Casey Martin should be thrilled to hear that

The Exchange: John TaylorThe economist and leading proponent of a rules-based strategy for monetary policy recently convened a powwow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution at which top policymakers brought diverse views on the

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