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'AGT': BTS Delivers Fun Performance During Semifinals Results Show

The K-pop supergroup stole the spotlight during Wednesday's 'AGT' live results show.

9/17/2020 4:10:00 AM

Talk about talent! BTS _twt stunned on AGT with a performance of 'Dynamite.' BTS on AGT

The K-pop supergroup stole the spotlight during Wednesday's ' AGT ' live results show.

, only five were able to move on to next week's season 15 finals.The three acts in jeopardy -- and thus eligible for the Dunkin' Save and Judges' Save -- included country singer Kenadi Dodds, magician Max Major and salsa dancing duo BAD Salsa. Viewers then got a chance to vote during the episode for who should have a shot in the finals.

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Before those results were announced, Crews revealed the three acts who would be chasing theirAGTdream into the next round.This select group included theinspiring, powerhouse vocalist Cristina Rae, the acrobatic dance trio The Bello Sisters, and 14-year-old songstress Daneliya Tuleshova -- who was brought to tears of joy by the results.

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BTS_twt No thank you. NSYNC and backstreetboys are the true Boy Band Legends. BTS_twt BTS حبايبي بدعوا كالعادة 💜💜💜💜 BTS_twt 지민이만보여😍😍😍😍😍 JIMIN ParkJimin jimin jiminie 지민 박지민 BTS_twt They did!. Jungkook was so perfect 😭 BTS_twt PARK JIMIN 🔥 BTS_twt Best performance ever ☺️💜 Legends

BTS_twt BTS_ARMYCLM BTS_twt We need a re-release of Dynamite, it would stimulate the streaming and solds, and attract the attention of GP again USBTSARMY BTS_twt Please let me know if you have any U.S. ARMY group chats that I could join, (me must really increase so many streams) and we must start informing the maximum amount of people and start searching working and efficient solutions BTS_Dynamite BTSonAGT BTSARMY stream 방탄소년단

BTS_twt KINGS KCAMexico OnBTS ARMY BTS_twt BTS_twt BTS, GLOBAL POP SUPERSTARS* BTSonAGT BTS_Dynamite BTS_twt Check out the BTS introduction (reference guide) for anyone who wants to know more 💜 Docs: PDF: bts btsarmy BTSonAGT BTS_twt Just legendary USBTSARMY BTS_twt PERFECT💜 GLOBAL POP SUPERSTAR BTS_Dynamite BTS BTS_twt BTSonAGT

BTS_twt yes talk about talent! only talent! BTS_twt BigHitEnt BTS_twt They killed it! Dynamite BTS_twt PARK JIMIN's closeup is best part 😍 eastertannies BTS_twt No one does it like BTS. Absolutely superb performance. BTSonAGT AGT BTS_twt Army keep streaming Dynamite!!!! Dynamite BTSonAGT BTS_Dynamite BTS_twt

USBTSARMY BTS_twt BTS_twt estuvieron icónicos BTS_Dynamite es una canción difícil de dejar de escuchar. BTSonAGT maryjzkie BTS_twt BTS is BEST 💜💜 BTS_twt AGT BTSonAGT BTS BTSARMY BTS_Dynamite _jimintoday_ BTS_twt Sooo amaizing it was soo perfect they nailed it our legends. BTSonAGT BTS_DYNAMITE BTS_twt

bbyskth BTS_twt Perfect🌟🌟💜💜 BTS_twt Yas, Jimin disco king🥵🔥 King og performance as usual 👑 JIMIN BTS_twt THANKS TO Zach Seemayer for calling BTS_twt “Beloved supergroup”!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for knowing that not all Korean music is the same!! BTS is in a league of their own! I loved this performance so much I’m cry/laughing. BTSonAGT AGT

BTS_twt Definitely left me speechless BTS_twt Ahhhhhhh I absolutely LOVED BTS_twt 's performance on AGT ! The best one for dynamite so far imo. BTSonAGT BTSonShazam BTS_twt Wow.. That was amazing! 💜 BTS_twt Jimin yay KINGS!! GLOBAL POP SUPERSTAR!! BTSonAGT BTS_twt BTS_twt perfect 👍 BTS BTSonAGT BTS_Dynamite BTS_twt

BTS_twt If you enjoyed this performance please consider using the link to stream or purchase Dynamite by BTS! _jimintoday_ BTS_twt It was PERFECT, Dynamite always surprises ... CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved ... _jimintoday_ BTS_twt BTSonShazam BTS_twt They are the best💜 BTSonAGT BTS BTS_twt BTS_Dynamite

BTS_twt Never a question that they would! Thanks for posting! Legends. 💜BTS_twt BTS RM JIN SUGA JHOPE PARKJIMIN V JUNGKOOK for_ARMYs BTS_twt I definitely enjoyed the performance! BTS_twt BTS BTSonAGT BTS_Dynamite BTS_twt Incredible performance! BTS_twt BTSonAGT BTS_Dynamite Elfa43940639 BTS_twt KINGS!!!!! BTS_twt

BTSonShazam BTS_twt BTS_twt They didn't have to go that hard but they always do. They never give us half-assed performances. BTSonShazam BTS_twt I am speechless! Pure talent! BTS_Dynamite BTS_twt Cathe71384297 BTS_twt BTS WORLD DOMINATION BTS_twt I love it here -...'Beloved supergroup BTS' brought their effortless charisma to the episode for a fun, wild performance of 'Dynamite' 🤗💜 BTSonAGT

BTS_twt 💜 BTS_twt Goosebumps and nonstop smiling 💜 ahhhh they just make us so proud more and more as each day passes. That’s why we are in this fandom for life MicheBangtan BTS_twt Gosh, it was such a great performance. It left me wanting an encore. 'LIFE IS DYNAMITE', we really need to be reminded of this message now more than ever. Let's keep going. Life IS Dynamite so hold on, we will smile and laugh again.

modooborahae BTS_twt Guys make sure you check the vid out on youtube BTSonAGT BTS_twt They are perfect 🥺💜🔥 BTS_twt THEY NAILED IT👑👑 BTSonAGT modooborahae BTS_twt 🎡🎢🎠 bts BTSARMY BTSonAGT 💜🧨🙌🏻🥰 방탄소년단 BTS_Dynamite 빌보드핫100 1등가수 인터내셔널팝케이센세이션썬샤인레인보우트레디셔널트랜스퍼USB허브쉬림프BTS BTS_twt omg its so good full of happiness

modooborahae BTS_twt BTS KINGS 👑 Agus7_0613 BTS_twt BTSonAGT BTSonAGT BTSonAGT BTSonAGT BTS_twt YEAH NAILED IT BTSChartDaily BTS_twt Kings👑 BTS_twt On another L E V E L 😱🔥😱🔥😱🔥 BTS_twt Grandessss!!! 💜💜💜💜 BTS_twt Humble talented hardworking legends BTS_twt Perfection!!!! BTS_twt BTSonAGT

BTS_twt ESTOY EN EL PISO ME ENTIENDES BTSonAGT BTS_twt BTSChartDaily BTS_twt perfect omg BTSChartDaily BTS_twt Kings 👑 BTSonAGT BTS_twt Is it a music vedio? BTSChartDaily BTS_twt Yeah talking about talent and that is BTS period modooborahae BTS_twt Yassss BTS_twt kings

BTS Premiere 10-Minute Trailer for Mobile Game 'BTS Universe Story'Game will be released on September 24th Their marketing team is wild. Honestly the marketing behind the entire Kpop industry... they know how to rake it in 💰 frick bts. stan harry styles

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