After Trump suggests 'second thoughts,' White House says he regrets not escalating China trade war further

While Trump sought to play up unity between the leaders at the G-7 summit, some cracks emerged Sunday.


After President Trump suggests 'second thoughts,' White House says president regrets not escalating China trade war further.

While Trump sought to play up unity between the leaders at the G-7 summit, some cracks emerged Sunday.

“We are having very good meetings,” Trump tweeted early Sunday.

The president told reporters that the leaders had a “lively discussion” on whether Russia should be allowed back into the group and said it was “certainly possible” they will invite Russia next year when the U.S. is the host.

Some daylight did emerge between Abe and Trump on the issue of North Korea.

In his first meeting with Johnson as British prime minister, Trump said his new counterpart was the “right man for the job” and that he thinks he can get a trade deal done with the U.K. quickly.

"Just to register a faint sheep-like note of our view on the trade war," he said."We're in favor of trade peace."

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Crazy talk =realDonaldTrump RudyGiuliani propagandist Looking like old habits are hard to break Trump doesn’t fit in with these leaders from other countries because he is a moron and not intelligent. To suggest this man has any thoughts at all is ridiculous, let alone second ones. 'Third thoughts', with fourth, fifth and sixth out by the end of the day.....

'I'll have the salmon. No, on second thought I'll have the burger. No, I'll have the salmon burger. On second thought...' Says the Decider in Chief. Does the right hand know what the left is doing in this admin? Woe...we are doomed...expect a speedy downhill stock market ride tomorrow...curses on the stupids who voted him in

Are you really that obtuse? It is clear, what realDonaldTrump was really saying is, 'what a stupid question'. The question is like asking the winning Masters Champion, 'did you know that putt on 18 was going in'. Of course. They are politicians and world leaders. They measure their words against the consequences. Can play nicely in the sandbox even when they disagree.


President Trump meeting with trade team at White House amid tweetstorm that rocked marketsStocks dropped after Donald Trump ordered that U.S. companies find alternatives to their operations in China. 50% tariffs on everything China... let's see it! 👀👀👀👀📉📉📉 Another 50% haircut for the markets? Coming soon? How about they just forcefully remove his ass already? 25thAmendmentNow

He is a coward when meeting face to face. Watching Kudlow trying to walk it back on CNNSotu Looks like Trump is just the puppet Everyone is getting along except not when he's around. Trump ha put the 'I' in Trade ; Tirade TradeWar G7Summit China TrumpTradeWar TrumpRecession What do the world leaders say?

the G-7 club, is a club of fools. just imagine these idiots in one room Reasonable explanation for the wiffle-waffling of our highly esteemed president: Putin changed his mind. Of course they want to do business with you right now. You are having a rummage sale with all excess American farm goods, and other stockpiled products. Are you going to compensate American producers for selling goods for Pennys on the Dollar?

The less you talk the happier they are. That’s ok. I wanted to retire with $2 left in my 401K.

White House says Trump regrets not raising tariffs higherBIARRITZ, France (AP) — President Donald Trump's only regret in hiking tariffs on China is that he didn't raise them higher, his press secretary said Sunday after the president had earlier... I hope that this goes well. But! It can turn into a real disaster for the country. Again, where do they find these people? Dementia

Practically each and every time realDonaldTrump says anything, I’m compelled to say; WTF!!!! What if this works? China is en route to be the global leader and they will force their brand of capitalism: slavery! Instead of speaking to the people at the table he spends more time talking over his shoulder to reporters but they so called fake enemies

So out of his element! Did you tell them about? Trump Magazine Trump Vodka Trump Airlines Trump Steaks Trump Water Trump Mortgage Trump Travel Trump The Game Trump Casinos Trump University Trump Foundation So then isn't the story and headline that Trump is contradicting his own WH. Shouldn't the headline literally read: 'Trump Immediately Contradicts Own White House.' This headline is NBCPolitics saying: 'Today, Trump said this, then these people said that.'

Sounds like trump is finally figuring out he’s a loser. When it comes to running anything that requires having intelligence I don't even believe he had first thoughts. idiot News reporter Trump

White House Says Trump Regrets Not Raising Tariffs HigherThe White House doubled down on President Trump’s commitment to the U.S. trade war with China after the president appeared to show a glimmer of regret about escalating trade tensions at the Group of Seven summit. This chain of events was predicted by slickenteur months ago and this Kashmir situation also unfolded as she predicted. Must follow her, she does brilliant political and analysis. To me it looks like we are back at the cold war brinkmanship game played this time with customs tariffs. good thing they are not playing it with nuclear arsenals. at least not for now.

ScherieMurray Long overdue. Idiot. Another Gaffe DumpTheOrange He’s such a buffoon. We regret not escalating impeachment proceedings. No evidence provided of first thoughts, let alone second thoughts. The WH is in scrambling mode 24-7. yes he said that, and I believe he meant it, but his WH handlers scrambled to say that he actually meant that he should have taxed China at a HIGHER rate.

White House says Trump regrets not raising tariffs on China higherHours after President Trump said Sunday he had 'second thoughts' about escalating the trade war with China, the White House sought to explain his remark because it was 'greatly misinterpreted.' The founder of McDonald's in Japan was donating to the Japanese Communist Party. It seems that North Korea ’s arms were also expanded. Hey, nobody is stopping them. Do it! Guess that chicken little shit Trump too scare to open his mouth now, the Stock melt down was too much to handle. He needs to contact Wharton and ask for his money back on his degree because obviously he doesn’t know anything about Global Trade.

White House reverses Trump on China 'second thoughts'President Donald Trump on Sunday acknowledged having second thoughts about escalating a trade war with China, but the White House later reversed, saying the president was misinterpreted and that his only regret in hiking tariffs is that he didn&39;t raise them higher. Trump faced a tense reception from Covfefe Third thoughts? Is that a record? Yahoo News - Fake News!

White House says Trump regrets not raising tariffs higherPresident Donald Trump&39;s only regret in hiking tariffs on China is that he didn&39;t raise them higher, his press secretary said Sunday after the president had earlier signaled some remorse for an escalating trade war with China. Trump faced a tense reception from world leaders meeting amid mounting Liar liar pants on fire

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