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After Trump’s Attacks on Justice Dept., Barr Says He Will Not ‘Be Bullied’

Breaking News: Attorney General William Barr said he wouldn’t be “bullied” and that President Trump’s tweets on Roger Stone “make it impossible for me to do my job”


Breaking News: Attorney General William Barr said he wouldn’t be “bullied” and that President Trump’s tweets on Roger Stone “make it impossible for me to do my job”

The attorney general said that the president’s attacks on prosecutors’ handling of his friend Roger Stone ’s sentencing undermine the legal system and the Justice Department.

convicted of seven felonies in a bid to obstruct a congressional investigation that threatened the president. Mr. Trump’s criticisms “make it impossible for me to do my job and to assure the courts and the prosecutors in the department that we’re doing our work with integrity,” Mr. Barr said. He added, “It’s time to stop the tweeting about Department of Justice criminal cases.” People close to the president said they were caught off guard by the interview. Hours after prosecutors recommended on Monday that a judge sentence Mr. Stone to seven to nine years in prison, Mr. Trump attacked their request as “horrible and very unfair” and as a “miscarriage of justice.” The next day, Mr. Barr and other senior department officials intervened to lower the recommendation . The episode ignited a firestorm among rank-and-file lawyers at the Justice Department. While the officials blamed the original filing on a miscommunication and said they had intended to correct it even before Mr. Trump assailed it, four of the prosecutors working on the case withdrew. Career prosecutors began to express worry that their work could be used to settle political scores . The optics only worsened when Mr. Trump congratulated Mr. Barr for his decision to step in and ease the sentencing recommendation for Mr. Stone. “ Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought,” Mr. Trump said on Twitter. The president also accused the prosecutors who had secured a conviction against Mr. Stone of engaging in an “illegal” investigation. He incorrectly accused Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is presiding over the Stone trial, of placing his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, in solitary confinement. Mr. Manafort, who was convicted of monetary fraud in a case that grew out of the special counsel’s investigation, at one point had a jail cell to himself but was not in solitary confinement, and Judge Jackson was not involved in his placement. And Mr. Trump compared the Stone case to the Russia investigation led by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. “Even Bob Mueller lied to Congress,” Mr. Trump said, without evidence. Mr. Trump reiterated his complaints on Thursday morning, claiming Read more: The New York Times

What a liar. Trump and Barr need to resign. Like Barr said, he is old and close to dead anyway, so he does not care what happens to our country or the world anymore. Good for Mr. Barr. It's so sad to see how Mr Tramp is causing so much discomfort & disrespect in & for this country Q Sent Me!! 'Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them, But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.' I love you all..INSURGARD MAGA

Oh PLEASE! What BS! He IS a bully! Cheap. Party. Trick. 🎈 Mere yesmanship. from Barr. Trumpites know no other way. He isn’t being bullied. That’s his cover for going along with the lawless president. he should be impeach. Lying dog.

Barr: Trump tweets on cases make it 'impossible' to do jobWASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General William Barr took a public swipe at President Donald Trump on Thursday, saying that the president’s tweets about Justice Department prosecutors and cases “make... the media is so easily mislead It is not possible for Barr to defend his 'integrity'. He lost that a long time ago. This is just smoke so that he doesn't see what is in the mirror and how he has disgraced the position of Attorney General. I call BS on this report....He was the AG under George H.W. Bush and didn't have to come back he had a nice life....and Trump has said numerous times he has not interfered with Justice....this is FakeNews

We 'suggest' that you're a tool to Trump. Happy to learn that Mr.Barr refuses to be bullied by lead bully. That’s even worse with regard to Barr’s past behavior, as it means he willingly helped POTUS coverup traitorous misdeeds. If justice ever is leveled, Mr. Barr can’t claim he was bullied into lying to us;he chose to!

bill barr is full of sh*t He lied then. So glad she can drill his sloppy tail in March! Such a fake Shame on you Bill Barr! Then get to work and fix the doj and fbis reputation Also you need to charge comey Brennan and clapper yes McCabe will be fired forever he doesn’t deserve his pension and lucky he made a deal to testify against the bigger fish or he would be in jail he needs to thank his lucky st

Because of William Barr, I hate Fred Flintstone now! 😤

Barr says Trump's tweets about DOJ cases make it 'impossible to do my job'Attorney General William Barr on Thursday criticized President Donald Trump for tweeting about Justice Department cases in an extraordinary defense of rank-and-file prosecutors in an interview with ABC News. I'll believe it when he resigns. Otherwise, I have to believe this is an attempt to save some sort of independent face. Sad attempt to stop the mass exodus in response to their boss clearly being Trumps puppy dog. If the justice dept is independent , doing its job based on law and not politics, no, its not impossible.

News flash!!!!!! You have been bullied by a banana head🤣😂🤣😂🤣 YOU HAVENT BEEN DOING YOUR JOB FOR A LONG TIME BILL. This was a set up by R and Barr Oh myfjcking god what just What?.? DEEP STATE CRIMINALS LIVE!!! 2 sets of justice in this country... How stupid does AJ Barr think we (The People) are? He is just the new Roy Cohen.

Barr is mobster Trump's attorney period. If he really wants Trump to stop bullying him, he should give Roger Stone 90 years instead of 9, maybe that will make Drumph shut up. Drumph will still pardon Stone after the fact, so the sentence itself doesn't really matter. Nice, coming from the position of a bully.

Attorney General Bill Barr says Trump's tweets 'make it impossible for me to do my job'Attorney General William Barr said President Donald Trump’s tweets and public comments about the Justice Department and ongoing cases make his job “impossible.” So, resign. Whatever man. 😡Cry me a river. No one believes this. By 'do my job' he means be a snake and keep a low profile, increasing the power of the executive dept from the shadows.

if they made it impossible then he wouldn't be guilty of all these abortions of justice he will no doubt carry out Don’t have to be bullied if you’re complicit. After causing prosecutors to quit the Stone case (by changing their recommendation for sentencing to an absurd ridiculous low), based on Trump's tweet of preference, he clearly cooperated freely for favour. The only thing being bullied is the English language in his 'bull' claim.

Do you believe this? 'A leopard does not changed it spots' no matter what. Something is coming up. Must be about winning the Presidential election. They’re teaming up to make sure Americans get the message that they aren’t in one another’s pockets. I’m not buying it. Barr’s the worst. And just the other day liberal propagandists at the NYT were calling for Barrs resignation. Goebbels would be proud of you guys

What a joke...clearly their plan DO NOT TRUST THIS CLONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Meanwhile he is quietly opening investigations into career DOJ attorneys who have merely done their jobs. He won't be bullied because he won't be doing anything! Just a bunch of grandstanding, talk, and no action. It's pathetic.

Elizabeth Warren on her call to end Trump corruptionSen. Warren comments on AG Barr's conduct related to Roger Stone 's case, saying, 'We are watching a descent into authoritarianism.' Warren then adds, 'Remember, the attorney general can be impeached.' Crazy Carvel who screams against bernie.. Supports Warren for president.. I love Warren but I trust Bernie. It is War. We can’t play their game or maybe even defeat them at their game. But, because the stakes are so high, unusual tactics must be considered. Lol, slow learners those Dems

Do better, NYT. Yeah, yeah didn't he say the exact things during his 'confirmation' hearings.? He means that it makes it very difficult to break the law in the clear light of day. Where are the outraged citizens of the U.S.? Watching your soap operas? Does anyone know the going odds of Barr keeping his job? I want to take bets that he will be gone by memorial day. 😊

Lol Twisty twisty. They play . I think he said bullied by media and others as well! It wasn’t just the president as you’re making it out to be! Does anyone truly believe that Barr finally grew a backbone regarding Trump? Me neither. BarrLies TrumpLies McConnellLies fascist

Justice Department roiled by resignations in Roger Stone caseAfter four prosecutors quit the Roger Stone case, the Justice Department batted back allegations it bent to Trump's will under Atty. Gen. William Barr. Wait until the Spygate arrests start. There are a few still left from that failed coup. No the dems and the media are the hysterical ones

Con artist. Could see right through that bull. 🤣🤣🤣 BarrResign BarrIsCorrupt We do need to keep private matters private. The President needs to ease up on these tweets. May he recognize what is sensitive and what is not. We need to be careful with government matters. In other words Barr wants to continue commiting crimes on the low. 🙄

Valentines Day offer check out my Gig on Fiverr: customize any wordpress website or wordpress customization WordPress wordpressWebsite fiverr ValentinesDay2020 Blah blah blah. He's a puppet Ridiculous. Barr is engaged in subterfuge. He and trip are in cahoots - fake outrage!!

'He's not going to bully me': Bloomberg focuses on Trump in his return to NashvilleThroughout his roughly 12-minute speech, Bloomberg peppered in several local references while making his pitch to an audience of an estimated 1,100 people. MikeBloomberg psst: he (realDonaldTrump) doesn’t care about you. You’d actually have to win something (not buy it) first. As you won’t win TheDemocrats party’s nomination for President, the actual POTUS just could not care less about your antics.

Want to know who a person really is, look at their actions not their words. Not buying yours and Trumps spin game. You are an embarrassment to the rule of law😢 Hahaha. What a show. He wants RBG job at Suprene Court so he kneels to trump. Stand on your own feet and get fired ! Oh fucking Please!! Isn’t it obvious that this is just more Barr/Admin BS? How can anyone buy this crap

If he was doing his job, Comey, McCabe,Lisa Page, Strzok, Clapper, would have all been indicted by now. Barr’s statements are all smoking mirrors. NEWS Flash NYT THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME A MEMBER OF A CABINET OR PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION CLASHED WITH HIS SEATED PRESIDENT Barr is right to speak up if that’s the case however I’m sure there’s someone in the wings

Broken News: New York Times falls for Barr's con, like usual, reprints it in full, celebrates it, normalizes it, as if Barr could ever, would ever tell the truth. NYT, you're chumps sometimes. Too often in fact. Stop being chumps. This is a clear stunt made for the cameras and for career professionals in the DOJ. It’s not real. Barr is not independent. The DOJ has no integrity under Barr.

Why does the media continue to allow themselves to be led by this bs? I know trump is good for the bottom line by my gosh this is such bs.

He won’t be “bullied” but he will do whatever the Orange Cheeto wants. Resign Barr. Resign. No you were not bullied. Just a B*T*H to Trump. Is all good we understand. Those people with pride most of them already resigned or were fired. Just blink 100 times per second during a conference call if you need help.

escuchen gringos ustedes pelean por el problema de Ucrania para votar a Donald Trump Qué es eso eso no es nada Por qué no investigan las clonaciones humanas en masa está pasando en el mundo y quiero que se le fusile aquellos malditos que están involucrados Your missing a lot of context but the NYT likes drama

AG Barr cannot be trusted. Never mind what he says, watch what he does. I have seen what he has done so far, not good, but a good indicator of what he will do. Fake protest. Barr has proven he is Trump’s sycophant too many times. maybe FLOTUS could help barr here after all BeBest is her anti-bulling initiative

That Unitary Executive Cult needs to be shut down. Why now? Will he still investigate debunked conspiracy theories? Will he investigate own bias & reject findings of own appointee Atkinson? Will he investigate Fox News as no more than propaganda tool? LindseyGrahamSC Now concerned about “rule of law,” but trashed during trial?

This is 'mob' talk. Donald Trump and William Barr have to try in the public eye to 'justify' Barr's blatant implementation of everything and anything Trump's wants under the guise of The Dept. of Justice. Barr should be disbarred. No more Barr. Wrong that is not what Bill Barr said. Stop misquoting the AG. Stop your fake news.

You are bullied ❗he bought your soul and you became a deciple of his ❗how frightened can you be of him if that were'nt true ❓❗ You all should report the truth to us subscribers. And that is that Barr is complaining he can’t do the president’s illegal bidding if he tells everyone about it. mcm_ct Disappointed in you for promoting this rag. They cherry picked the headline. Thought you were more wiser then that...

Only if he feels he has to do what POTUS45 directs - he can choose instead to do his job properly “It’s so hard to crime on his behalf when he just tweets it out” The irony here is when did he ever 'do his job?' Wow Russia KNOWS THAT FEELING WELL CANT HELP US PEOPLE BECAUSE IT IMPOSSIBE TO GET PASSED TRASH SITTING HATING TRYING TO MAKE A SPLASH BLEACHING SMASHING NOW PREACHING

Can’t knife democracy in the dark without creating his own cover.

Because Barr wants what he does to be kept secret so the American people don't notice he is facilitating corrupt Trump activities. Don't think for a second Barr is suddenly ethical. Mofo pls you don’t believe what your saying trumps puppet he has his hand up your $$ Shoulda stopped him instead of plunge your head up his A88

Talk is cheap...what are his actions...follow what he does... never forget WilliamBarr WilliamBarrAbuseOfPower followthemoney What made him so brave so quickly? 😢 CRYBABY BARR'S PREPPING UP FOR HIS UPCOMING HEARING. DON'T BE FOOLED ! Resign Barr is playing you all! Can’t you see it? Call it for what is is for!

Which job is that-acting as the AG for America which means following the law or acting as a shill for Trump? Your own people resigned in protest. AG Barr confess he been unable to do his job since his appointment, as we suspected, Barr is too weak to do his job and protect our contry when bullied by powerful men.

There should be a physical guideline to be US AG. Like the fact this fatass cant do a pushup means he shouldn't be in this position. BARR IS CORRUPT!!! That's rich...BarrLies BS excuse 1,473,953 The most important thing he said is that Trump never pressured him to do anything. Did you miss that or just choose not to report it?

Stone must have pics and or video of Trump having sex with underage girls! Williams Barr he tried of media & the left Democratics continue requesting him for answer why! the President tweet this and that about the Justice Department This hindering his job also. Why the media ask president later him. Why don't ask Sanders/ Dems about​ their bad doing.

Girl please.

Why are you magnifying their play acting? Barr is lying. Put up the whole quote. This is cherry picking I think he realized the press would salivate over this (after calling hit hitler for weeks), and once they turn on him tomorrow they’ll look like fools Doesn’t need to be bullied this was THEIR plan together.

This is “spin.” Since when does Barr give interviews? Notice how quiet Trump is? He’s in on the plan. I really feel (no compassion) for him Staged Pure reality television. Barr you already showed us how you are in you writings, and the MuellerReport fraud kneecap attempt. So this streak of independence is nothing but a performance. You have no independence.

If it sounds like BS, reads like BS then I have to say it’s BS. Sounds more like an example of CYA Fake News FakeNews

Bullied by media and Dems and Presidents tweet making it impossible by that he is saying media & corrupt crazy trigger Dems act literally like chicken with no heads running to mic & media in a frenzy on this dumb narrative can we get real news instead of a circus show😡😤 I don’t believe this. It’s an act. He’s been up trump’s butt since he got the job.

Well this was taken out of context! 2 totally different conversations. You make it seem like he was telling the President he wont be bullied, which he was not! Liars and fake news! Watch what he does, not what he says. Does he mean he can’t do his job quietly without the whole world knowing about it because of Trump’s tweets & ego?

Oh please, the whole thing was staged. Impossible to do your job? Then resign! BarrResign His job as a henchman- that is what is impeded - he was saying - trump - don’t be stupid and expose me!! 🙄 Hahahaa...guess what Barr, tRump likes Stone more than youuuuuuuuu....nyah nyah, what are ya gonna do about it I swear this is like friggin grade school all over again...

🤭😅😂🤦‍♀️ Good grief, where's the popcorn, what time does the show start! tRump and Barr, drama Queens! Reporting bs again. This was a coordinated interview to give Barr shade. Wake up, people. That is a talking point just like he learned his lesson. It’s a spin He wasn’t being bullied by Trump. They’ve been brothers throughout all the months Barr has been working with him. They had to get a story out to the public that would quell the coming storm.

Believe only what he does not what he says. When you’re lying you have to give the appearance of honesty, I guess? Lol political theater he still kisses trump butt Lolololol. And this from a bully himself.

If you announce I’m a shill I can’t be one effectively DontBuyIt Shill TrumpCrimeFamily Fake fight for plausible deniability. You should say nothing fake news you should be in jail for your lies ever day but you aren't don't talk about anyone when you are so much worse BreakingBullShit Hmm! CorruptBillBarr CorruptTrump CorruptAndComplicitGOP CorruptDOJ

The Headline should read. Donald I'm undermining the DOJ and interfering in Stones, Flynn and McCabes cases. Stop exposing my corruption with Tweets, I can't effectively be corrupt when you tell the word I'm doing personal favors for you. ~ Corrupt AG William Barr. To late. bebestbarr Barr’s performance art for Individual1 worked. It made him seem independent while still driving to the pin; a pardon.

He said it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to do his JOB he should definitely RESIGN asap In the “No-Bombs-Yet” War with Russia over our Democracy, William Barr stands as the No. 1 Traitor. ( One can no longer blame the obsessive orange fruitcake for his demented actions. ) It’s we the peoples backlash that you don’t like, we did not elect you, you were appointed by your useless friend which doesn’t say much about you!

Yeah sure what is your job anyway ? Please the president ? Big fat liar! Just a beard for trump! public sector point of view the court case in of its self was a lie an half truths if you say yes you lie ---if you say no you lie,,its about hurting friends of president and supporters of president nothing dems wont do,,,joe & son where is that justice-in time

Correction: He doesn’t NEED to be bullied because he’s on board with using DOJ for criming and cover up and it’s impossible to do that on the DL if Trump tells everyone on Twitter. All part of the game. Don’t believe for a second that he isn’t worth Trump on this. Stop amplifying disinformation by reporting it as if there was a grain of truth in it. “Lies” not “Said” should be your hed

It’s a charade. They’re playing the American people. 🤦‍♀️ Hahahaha. Tell us another one. What Barr really means is that he doesn’t want Trump making public statements that he’s working on Trump’s behalf and not on the behalf of the American people and the rule of law. Barr must be REMOVED immediately The bully won't be bullied by the bully he's doing the bullying for?

Really is that the claim?😂😂😂 He’s just mad Trump’s tweets are laying it all bare so he can’t continue to work quietly behind the scenes. Trump makes it much more visible and obvious. Barr covers up for DerangedDonald ; he is complicit in all criminal activity. BarrResign Trump never fails to hit back. Where it’s his take down off Barr? Has Barr been fired yet? No? Then that shows what this statement actually is - Bull...

In other words it means he can’t get to reduce the sentence of his criminal friends because it’s more open to the public because of his bullying boss

Spin..... BULLSHIT BARR TheJusticeDept WE SEE YOUR CORRUPTION AND WILL NEVER FORGET. It's time to stand up and Impeach and Investigate Barr and his Corrupt Minions in the JD. “I’m not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody….whether it’s Congress, newspaper editorial boards, or the president,' Bill Barr tells ABC News. 'I cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me.”

In a related story, all major US outlets report WH/Barr coordinated spin as news without challenging the smoke screen with the facts. The Justice Department is now neutered. BillBarr BarrResign BarrIsCorrupt Treason USA Breaking- it’s totally an orchestrated thing that makes BOTH of them look good 🙄 It’s not real!!!

Resign. Then maybe the POTUS should stop harassing the entire nation and actually do his God damn job like everyone else. A ruse to cover up his complete obedience to Trump’s every wish. So get out if his back pocket and tell the truth for once!! In the movie of this giant bullshit sandwich Bill Barr will be played by Fred Flintstone.

People need to quit being so sensitive LIAR, LIAR, LIAR! Fake News !!! Too late, he's already been bullied, and is ruining the DOJ. Ridiculous! Of course he’ll be bullied. You support trump, you get bullied. There’s no partway support for trump; it’s total or you suffer the consequences. Barr’s running scared because he is looking at the crash and burn of his career.

Barr, said the PRESIDENT has never ASKED him to anything...he is right, TRUMP 'TELLS' him what to say. EPSTEIN 'IS' the 'COMMON DENOMINATOR', that links TRUMP to IMPORTANT men that holds the fate of his PRESIDENCY meaning, TRUMP knows what BARR did LAST SUMMER and will TELL IT. Smoke screen for the coming elections. I don’t believe one word this man utters!

DeceptiveDonald did not attack SneakyBarr, it was an ApprenticeReRun episode He is a liar, just like his boss, disgusting Donald. Shame on them both. Barr do you think we believe you? Since when have you done the right thing? You surmounted on the corruption plaguing the DOJ 🧐🙈🙉🙊

If he’s not doing his job, is he still getting paid? AG Barr should constrain himself. He has lost sight of fact many injustices committed by his department inpast 3-4 years. Mr Barr, it’s not just about you! You should not think too highly of yourself as to admonish POTUS! HAY QUE TENERLOS CUADRADOS. ResignBarr

No, it isn't impossible to do your job. Just give Stone the original sentence. Not hard at all. Breaking news, amends headline to read: “Trump’s Attorney General Changes Conversation While DOJ Runs President’s Errands” GOPBetrayedAmerica BarrCorruption Bravo 👏👏 Attorney General 👍👍👏👏 .Crazy. It’s so funny to see how they play on the intelligence of Americans. This is simply a way to trick y’all and you all will fall for it. 😀

Did you forget to include the white houses statement shortly after. Sorry you guys keep dropping the ball?

Barr lost his credibility when he accepted a job from trump. He has disgraced himself, his family, & worse Barr has totally betrayed the American People, and spit right in our faces. But in November the American People will spit back, & we want REAL INVESTIGATIONS on them all! This was theater. Barr is up to his jowls in all of this.

LockUpBarr VoteOutGOP MoscowMitch ForeverImpeached 🏆 No. Just. No. More. Since when is bill barr' bullshit lies, 'Breaking news'? Maybe he is fed up with bending over for the Donald Hahahahahahahaha Hi Friends Today Valentines day My Girlfriend gifted me the awsome Laptop Wanna see ,,please check it out

RamliRizal My God, be a man dont cry like a snowflake. He lies again and we cannot believe one word he says. He's obviously doing the WH bidding. It’s a little late for that AG Barr

Because he didn’t coordinate this message with the WH. Riiiiight... ✌... every unbrainwashed and upright fellow would've just told you the same, 'the StableGenius makes it impossible to make America a place worth living in !' Barr knows better. He knows no Judge would accept a plea saying he couldn't do his job because someone, no matter who, was tweeting on Twitter! Barr isn't thinking too straight. He didn't put much thought into the plausibility of his lie, nor any thought into the fact he's wrong.

THE TWEETS ONLY MAKE IT HARDER FOR HIM TO CHEAT WITHOUT BEING DISCOVERED!!! HE'S LYING JUST LIKE HIS MASTER!!!!! I thought this was a photo of Elton John. I need my eyes testing? Grow some balls big boy billbarr ... he has demonstrated that any bullying is entirely redundant he has embraced the program residing comfortably & eagerly in trump's fetid and overcrowded lower digestive tract ...

Barr talking is to distract from the Stone case and discontent in DOJ. We have to understand that Barr is not going to do the right thing. He is in so deep. William Barr isn't Attorney General but a vulgar coward. He should be disbarred from bars . Odrobinę miłości dla siebie i społeczności...

When will all these people get it? You must be loyal to Trump, do all his illegal acts for him, then take the fall for those acts when Trump claims to have no idea & had nothing to do with it and basically throws you under the bus. On to the next idiot. He also included the press, individuals and president was last on list!

HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Farewell...... Yeh right. Someone should tell this treacherous wretch of a man that the Academy Awards were last week! I think Barr is finally starting to realize that history will not be kind in its judgment of an Attorney General who has acted as the President's lapdog!

Was this statement made *after* talk of impeaching Barr started getting louder? Is that what it takes for Barr to start looking for his spine & moral compass? BarrLies BarrResign Resign then Does AG Barr think the American people are stupid? CorruptGOP AGBarrIsDangerous

TheDemocrats and the minority party, gop. I cry foul. Nobody believes billie barr is any thing but a political hack for trump. Why is the ABAesq not investigating this bad boy for ethics and morals violations and pulling his barrCard? FlushTheCesspool WashTheRedOut Join our telegram community for FREE - Signals - Analysis - Education - Trading Tools - News & much more Get instant access at forex forexsignals

Protect the president at all cost! realDonaldTrump President for life! ImpossibleThenResign He will. Whining lies now! I I HEARD BARR SPEAKING and he said he won't be BULLIED BY DEMOCRATS or influenced by Dem threats or Trump's opinion. He did NOT say Trump was the bully as the FakeNewsMedia tells you to think. 9 years IS EXCESSIVE for a lie especially compared to 4.2 yrs for violent rapists

Then resign! AG Wm Barr TheJusticeDept Barr is complaining of being bullied!! Ha! That’s laughable. Impossiblethenresign

How does the attorney general defy a congressional subpoena and remain...remind me 🤔🤨 Taken Barr long enough to realise that dozy Donald is always up to stirring things up via his twitter feeds... The foreperson IS NOT INNOCENT like your lying propaganda TV is telling you! She swore under oath to have no real knowledge of Russian hoax or bias, but her Twitter account is Trump hate & the Russian hoax w/Obama appt judge. Barry's not corrupt, sentence WAY excessive FakeNews

Impossibleresign Mr Barr, I heard your interview on how you want the nation to stop sharing their thoughts with you, their thoughts that you're the president's toby! You are stepping in on Stone's case to bow down to Trump! And I will never change my thoughts on this subject! Barr has done a stellar job & hasn't done a single corrupt thing as AT. This is yet another 'created conflict' (Google Rules for Radicals) made to keep dem haters hating & miserable on purpose, for votes. DemocratsAreTheEnemyOfThePeople

ifitsimpossibleresign I’ll take anything the cover up artist says with a 1,000 lb pound grain of salt But you know it was utter hogwash. Barr wasn't in the least suncere Wink wink

lol, no thinking person believes this bullsh*t. It's so hard to obstruct justice when you put a spotlight on me, Donald. PLEASE STOP LYING...do the job you were appointed to do. Did u really write letter to doj...STATING ONLY YOU decide who in trump adm. would get prosecuted or brought up on charges? PLEASE ANSWER!

You dragging your feet ,not prosecuting anyone ,makes it hard for him to do his job. It's a BS smokescreen and it doesn't fool anyone. He's the boss's boy and everyone knows it. Oh but Nancy Pelosi.. God She infuriates me. Here is the wealthy media executives trying to help out Bill Barr by pushing out false Republican P.R.

This is a fake try by Trump and Barr to try and deceive citizens. Barr should be disbarred. USAGBarr means “he will not be bullied to to what’s right and will bow down to POTUS”

Please, don't insult our intelligence. SMH.. I don’t have time to backtrack but I know that’s not what I heard? Barr's face symbolizes corruption. Too late. You've been barebacking him for a minute & he's gotten a taste for it. You're conjoined now & he doesn't need consent anymore. This is some staged crap. I'm not buying anybody this theatrics.

Yawwwwwwwwwn This is a typical case of state capture, when he says 'wouldn't be bullied' he means you guys, not the President. When he says ' President Trump's tweets on Roger Stone make it impossible to do my job', he means the justice department cannot uphold it's seperation of powers. I call bullshit! Barr and Trump set up this script. Come on media, don’t fall for this. BSBarr TheFixIsOn

When the fuk are some democrat heads going to roll? I’m sick of them getting away with murder. It’s about time AG Barr goes on the offensive. Boofckinghoo.... give me a break! BarrLies BarrIsCorrupt FckBarr

CorruptTrump ImpeachTrumpAgain CorruptBarr DisbarBarr CorruptAndComplicitGOP VoteThemAllOut2020 Lies Barr it looks like you will be bullied by Trump and it looks like you love it. Another republican pervert. DisbarBarrNow TrumpIsACarnivalBarkingClown What was it that Lev said- something along the line of ‘it all changed when Barr took over’ I don’t believe a single word of this trash. Floating it now to see if it will fly when he testifies in a few weeks. hoping the judge sticks it to all of them BarrIsCorrupt Gaslight

Also admitting Trump’s a bully! Jesus... Is too easy for these bastards to float their propaganda and gaslight millions, why aide them in this -WHY? ABCPolitics see how fast this fire spreads. Its all staged If he finds Barr finds it so difficult to do his job, he should do the honorable thing and resign.

'If he were to say, go investigate somebody, and you sense it’s because they’re a political opponent, then an attorney general shouldn’t carry that out, wouldn’t carry that out.” Oh the irony. Oh man does he think anyone believes this total bull$hit ? Honestly Barr is LYING! He and Trump coordinated his TV response to provide some cover for the backlash Barr's receiving from many quarters! Don't buy the LIES!! BarrLies ImpeachAndRemoveBarr

Impeach Barr Ahhhhhh The long week of the short swords. Story for the gods... Nice move Barr, but not very believable and disingenuous. It is a ploy folks. All planned to put some water on the fire. Stop being taken in by these lies. Breaking News: Attorney General William Barr continues the shell game of lies and deceit to manipulate the American public via headlines...it’s fake people! Stay woke!

He doesn't seem to understand. He was selected because he could be bullied. Damage control You, grey lady. Carry his water. We can only hope.

Gosh, you'd swear this guy ain't got a will to do anything. If he does not like Trump's Tweets nothing stops him from unfollowing the guy. I mean really! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Barr is the bully That’s correct-he isn’t bullied. HE IS COMPLICIT! He is involved. He is part of the Crime! CYA Barr attorneygeneral So he should resign.

Breaking News: AG Barr is gaslighting America again. There, I fixed it for you. AG you already been bullied by Trump and you showed no character or valor to stand up and defend the Constitution and the honest American people. You already failed. Bull 💩. He ain’t fooling no one Pure bullshit and you promote it.

He helped further the madness.

Bar is not being bullied... Diversionary tactic. Barr's job under President Trump is to undermine the rule of law. He's doing his job for Trump to the point he may be disbarred an impeached himself. FFS, you never did your job. End of story. Boo hoo. His days are numbered. Hhaaaa yeah they planned it good cop bad cop

ImpeachBarr Resign! It’s too late bro. Sounds like a collusion to me. NYT, you do realize this is just a theatrical performance, right? Barr's faux outrage is just another part of the con being played on the American people. Call them out!

Staged Barr is lying and the NYT is a sucker. he should resign. barr trying to save himself, and nyt helps him shame on nytimes Don’t fall for his lies. Great. Some can stand up for their rights. Does YNT have the pride? Liar, liar, pants on fire, Barr. Choreographed with approval from your ‘leader’. 🤨😏

This is a coordinated response from Barr to brainwash people to believe he is independent. And all the idiots will swallow it with baited breath until they can't breathe any more No but he will bully the people who work under him to do Trumps bidding. He will interfere in the prosecution of Trump allies and pursue prosecution of Trumps enemies. This is what the DOJPH has become, a political arm of the President.

I can’t believe William Barr said this out in the open for people to hear! He must be trying to lose his job on purpose. He isn’t being bullied, he is being TOLD. That’s why Trump appointed him. They all crooks !!!!! Wow! Don’t believe William Barr he is playing a Mafioso game, you get the ir there from 2nd or 3rd word of mouth then you deny there was an order given if caught. In reality you can pass a lie detector test since the order did not come directly from the Boss. ABC CNN MSNBC CBSNews

Barr sits and watches as a coup unfolds & is confirmed. He does absolutely nothing. Nobody is prosecuted. Nobody is held accountable. Followed by 4 Obama AUSA’s taking a shit on his head. Wonder why Trump tweets? Oh bullshit Trying to be clean? Your credibility is in question so why believe any word you said.

Uh, huh, sure....🤨 AG Barr takes his marching orders by shaping his actions in keeping with president Trump's tweets. This is how he avoids the implication that the White House or the president ordered or contacted him. Good cop, bad cop. He has either been threatened with prison or is about to release a book.

Scripted. Trump would have reviled Barr with a million mean tweets by now, if not for a prearranged scripted move. Trump quiet/Barr returns to his mission as Trumps odious personal fixer. Finally, Barr’s breaking point w/ Trump malignant narcissism BarrLies & has no credibility. Hey Bill Barr, we see right thru this. You and realDonaldTrump look like fools.

Sounds good but still looks like trump is pulling a fast one BARR should be BARRED for POLLUTING the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.

Yeah, right. Like we’re going to believe anything either one of them says. No one can trust what AG Barr says. He belongs to the Trump Coward Brigade. Why would AG Barr review the Roger Stone case in the first place? No one should compromise their integrity and violate their oath for a job or this so-called president.

'...impossible to do my job [of shielding Trump, his family and other partners in crime without anyone making a fuss]' As If Barr gives a damn about what the real job of the USAG is. My child, growing up during this tumultuous time saw this for what it is, a lie so Barr can act like he’s not running interference for tRump

You know I'd me ROTFLMAO IF I didn't know you're playing the role as donnie's minion. BarrCoverUp BarrResign But he had his tongue stuck in his cheek so bad he almost wasn’t able to talk! If this wasn't preplanned as a pr stunt, and Trump was blindsided by Barr's comments, Twitter would have been blown apart by Trumps tweets immediately, threatening Barr like he does EVERY other person whom Trump perceives as disrespecting him or is a threat to his bloated ego.

And he said with a grin as he wiped off his chin! Except you KNOW this isn't the truth . You KNOW, everybody knows they worked together to interfere and Barr is simply trying to distance himself from implication. MAYBE ask some hard questions and report the truth instead of spreading their false narratives for them!!

Smokescreen by a liar. Lier. This isn't a movie. This isn't a play. The MAJORITY of us see the asinine minion game you're playing. BarrResign His nose growing and keeps growing Barr knows exactly what DJT wants him to do. I don't believe a word he said. Actions speak louder than words. Willing to wait to see some real courage to up hold the TRUTH.

Americans are not stupid, we know those two are in it together, if Barr feels he won’t be bullied he should resign! He hasnt minded it so far.... GASLIGHTING. ImpeachBarr DisbarBarr

And of course the MSM buys it..... What Barr is really saying is. Stop the tweets and comments, just talk to me in private and I'll take care of it! ' No Ivestigation Bill' is as dirty as donald. Barr is lying!!! More like instruct you how to do your job. But I get it, words are hard. With his posture....it is hard to guess he has a spine. All just words Barr.... Actions speak much louder. And....yip....you fell short again. Future job prospect....ZERO Skim the pot while you can.

Too bad billy .. Trump no longer feels any constrains and is just warming up .. he’s gonna do and say whatever he wants and doesn’t care what any one thinks, the GOP turned him into a “made man” you ain’t seen nothing yet How stupid do they think we are not to see it’s all a skim. Barr reminds me of Cheney. When is this nightmare gonna b over

This is al a roleplay from Trump and Barr... barr already carried out 45's wishes...so he can say whatever he wants, as long as he does what he's told. Sounds like a racket... Not feeling sorry 😐 Get the President to stop tweeting if you can

Did Barr locate some scrap of his vestigial spine while his head was up his crack ? Truly here for the comments Why bully when just a little sweet talk and a pat in the head will do? .LindseyGrahamSC says Barr is “the right man at the right time to reform the department and stand up for the rule of law.” Cool gaslighting! 🙄 He's the GOP's crony to corrupt the department and destroy the rule of law. The Times Pick comments in this article are spot-on.

Bullshit. He’s in trump’s pocket. Just because he said it does not make it true. He lies! Him and trump are in this together to continue covering trump’s corruption Then Bar should get off of his knees and resign. Yeah, and the sky is green. Total bullshit!

Trust me, nobody believes that This whole Toxic Trump/Bad Barr thing is as scripted as professional wrestling Where is the precedent Bad Barr? Why did you get involved? What is the basis for lower sentence? Toxic Trump's tweets just make your con too obvious. This is just a scam. A story they hope we will fall for.

Just like what Ari said👇👇 Mr. Attorney General Barr, we the American people are waiting and demanding for you to do your job and prosecute the people that have violated the law, like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and Barack Obama has left office and should be prosecuted! staged. It’s hard to commit crimes when your boss tells the whole country what your doing. Grow some balls and resign. Or, go to jail with the rest of them.

Umm. Didnt he know what happened to Trump's last AG? 🙄 He wants Trump to stop tweeting the quiet part. Good luck with that, Billy.

Don’t fall for it😡 Trump is making it harder for me to be corrupt. Hahaha pathological liar. I hate to burst bubbles but I don’t think he’s complaining about Trump. He never mentions him by name. He’s complaining about all of us trying to get him to do his job. Final proof: Trump supported Barr’s statements. Trump owned justice continues.

Riiiiight. Translation: icks-ney on the eets-twey; they’re an ead-dey iveaway-gey. Update: No one believed him. It's so clear...Barr is performing for an academy award! Acting only..no truth! Will this be a world order for our Democracy?The Chief Justice is the personal lawyer of the POTUS instead of the people? Shame on both of them and corruption is threaten when the rule of law is undermined by the high office of our government.Hail to King?

Is this for real or is it a ruse What a crock.

jtoloo Please stop exporting US democracy . Remember Democracy always starts at home ☮️ Make NO MISTAKE, DISHONORABLE BARR was gonna DO IT ANYWAY. He just DON'T WANT TRUMP TALKING ABOUT IT! Trump is EXPOSING HIM This is a cover up. This is a lie! BARR is not believable! Trump and Barr are the SWAMP

Barr gives resignation speech but forgets to resign. L. I. A. R. Blah blah blah Those two really think WE are the idiots. ImpeachTheMFAgain and get Barr out too! Tainted jury ! Fake news king do your homework!! Bullshit! This stunt was orchestrated by Barr and Trump to make Barr appear not to be Trump’s lapdog. You in the media should immediately call bullshit on Barr’s statement. By now you should know that no Trump minion can criticize Trump and get away with it. Call it out.

Coordinated w WH

Sorry, Barr, you have enabled this HYPERBULLY. staged bs MariaVargasPion 😂😂😂😂 what a joke. AGWilliamBarr is the most corrupt Attorney General in the history of the United States. DisbarBarr ImpeachBillBarr All smoke and mirrors! Is this a joke or we are suppose to believe him? I will know when he RESIGNS.

I guess Barr thinks that we are stupid out here in blue land, or maybe he’s talking to someone else. Don't do things that you know are wrong & you won't be chastised!! Too late! You have denied thinga i the Mueller report everyone knows about, you have acceptes documents from political associates, you have catered to the corrupt and we don’t trust you.

Since trump has yet to retaliate... Barr most likely planned this with trump.

Sorry Barr, you cave every time Trump whispers in your ear. You have no courage, no sense of right from wrong, and you are disgracing the position of Attorney General. He’s a disgrace and needs to be removed . Then he needs to explain to all why Prosecutors of Roger Stone case quit & why the Justice Department interfered with the sentencing? So far he acted like a personal attorney to the Client who appointed him as US Attorney General! Quid pro Quo?

Ok. This is the PR lap. Don't pay attention to what they say, pay attention to what they do! Criming is hard OK, so now the left can't impeach him again ... right ? Anyone else not buying this nonsense at all? Feels very calculated. So resign. Mr Barr, you can easily do your job! Simply follow the rules of law and disregard influences from third parties. The law stands above everything, not mobster Trump

Barr is blowing smoke. Don’t fall for it. Lol. BOOOOOLSHEEEEET. 'it's impossible to act like we are not corruptly influencing DOJ investigations while the president keeps tweeting about it!' That isn’t what he said!! WHYBARE YOU LYING ABOUT IT!!! Yeah, sure. That’s exactly what he meant. Way to fall for it, NYTimes. Will you ever stop failing?

President Trump shouldn't 'Bully' his most loyal legal minion. Bull to the str8 up shit The president clearly applied enormous pressure to the DOJ in favor of a personal friend of his.. Creating plausible deniability Nice attempt at running PR for Trump and his lap dog but we're not buying it. It's bogus...a ruse...Barr;s just trying to do damage control because blovius can't keep his trap shut and keeps exposing all their obstructing!

Ok I call bullshit on that. Makes it impossible because it makes the public aware of their corruption. He wants to do it in secret. realDonaldTrump is the snitching weak link telling on 'The First 48' wah 😩 wah 😩 wah 😩 Uhh it’s hard to assure attorneys and the public you’re doing your job WHEN YOU’RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB

IT'S CALLED 'GASLIGHTING'. That headline would've sounded much different if that stooge of an ABC reporter wasn't complicit and asked why Barr intervened in the first place and whether Trump directed him to do so. Wouldn't it be nice if Barr were out of government for good? Let's have that please? thank you!

So now Barr says he’s doing his job? That’s rich.

He doesn't need to be bullied. He's doing what trumps wants without asking. And the tweets make it impossible to bend the law without scrutiny. You guys are so easily fooled. Won’t be bullied.... Completely orchestrated. No news here. Move on. The Bully says. Lying SOS. Why print this. Foolish Whatever. This is another scam

He was referring to Trump, Congress and the media when he talked about not being bullied. Don’t make it all about Trump. Wrestling is more believable than this charade. Do they really think Americans are that dumb? UpholdTheirOath GOPCorruptionOverCountry This is performative on Barr’s part. His actions have cost TheJusticeDept all of its credibility.

Oh come on - He kisses Trump's ass We got a little close to the trump barr bed...and you tried to save face.nice try barr, don't believe you for a second Barr has already proven he’s in Donald Trump‘s pocket. Fake outrage in his interview. No credibility. Independent - I don’t think so. He’s just upset that Donald Trump tweeted about their underhanded dealings.

Barr trying to appear to be impartial and separate from trump when he's already publicly doing his bidding... bit fucking late.. dsmart His ‘job’ being quiet criming... when your boss announces it on Twitter it makes it real hard Barr isn't going to be bullied because he is also a big bully. What exact job is that? The one where he does Trump’s biding and pretends he is in charge.

Oh, please.🙄 Barr is just annoyed that trump is drawing attention to his corruption. He also needs to make it appear that he is autonomous.

What a load of garbage. If only Donald would have just not tweeted about it, then his bidding would have been done totally by the book. Implicitly Too Late Mr. Barr... You have already ruined your reputation. Ba-Bye Barr is a patsy. His staff has lost all respect for him. Fake reality show ‘drama’ for chat show chatter...

Come on man - this is simply Crocodile tears by Barr. He was embarrassed by the DOJ attorneys resigning from the case and puts this out as cover. He’s still Trump’s water boy Lying to cover his backside No he just rolled right over. Bullied Hey Barr... Old saying... You sleep with dogs you get fleas Oddly, I am not remotely empathetic. Is BullyBarr learning from his mistakes? No. Not a chance. I suspect he's coordinating his exit to make way for Attorney General Hope Hicks.

Distraction. Bullshit Barr’s a notch below trained chimp when it comes to doing whatever dishonest deeds Trump puts him up to. He should save his breath trying to convince the country otherwise. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! WAA WAA WAA... I don’t trust anything he says i don’t know if i believe him. could be a stunt to get us off his back DisbarBarr

HAAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! Whatever man! Barr should just Resign! Midwesterner196 He has to go. DOJ officials who won’t walk out are complicit in this Has he quit sucking Is this part of the reaity show? If he is really having such a hard time...that he makes this so explanatory, then lets see him resign. Rosie CNN MSNBC

If bb thinks that we believe this bull.. he’s got another thing coming He’s pissed off cuz Trump revealed his illegal dirty work behind the scene. The man is a corrupt Criminal always has been & always will be . He is replacement of Roy Cohn If he has the time to go on ABC and whine and lie, why doesn’t he have time for Congress until March 31?

He’s tired of being around the “bullied” by Americans who see his dirty work 🤨 What this country needs is a FRENCH REVOLUTION trump tweeting the cover up make it impossible for BillBarr to cover it up. ResignBarr BillBarrIsCorrupt Impossible? Cry about it I don’t anything Bill Barr says. Barr needs to go. He always says one thing but does another. His actions speak louder than his words.

It’s not bullying if you are complicit. Yeah, we all believe that How can he talk from so deep in Trump's pocket? Can he even breathe down there? DisbarBarr GOPCorruptionOverCountry Please don't repeat people's lies, and call that 'breaking news.' Please do your job. He’s not resigning, or even saving face. This is a stunt, the story is a plant, and you should be reporting it as such.

Then resign. Forever stained billy boy, you own your stink Lol I got no time for Barr's stunt. Keep your eyes open, a lot's happened recently that's been swept aside by calls for attention like this. No, what he is saying that he can't do IMPOTUS's bidding, because IMPOTUS made his request public, and Barr doesn't want to take the heat.

All bread & circus

Truckenmuller Staged Theater LowBarr Well then do something Barr! Instead of standing there with your thumb up your A*** Live by the whim of the corrupt fascist, die by the whim of the corrupt fascist. 😂😂😂 This is horse poop America calls BULLSHIT! 🤨lying coward Sure Billy Boy. ResignBarr

Such BS. Funny because he’s trying to head off the shit storm that is coming. No one is buying what he’s trying to sell Oh! Bwahahahahahahaha Y’all... who knew Barr is a comedian? Uh, no. If the NYT’s is falling for this clearly staged photo op we are all in trouble!! Bullshit Hahahahaha! Like anyone believes a word out of his mouth.

He’s a punk and a puppet! I’ll say that to his face! He won't be bullied? He also won't be AG for long.

JoshMankiewicz Liar liar. TheJusticeDept trump toady barr needs to resign BarrMustGo Narrator to camera: He got bullied Welcome to Jeff sessions world. He at least recused himself knowing trump did have Russian contacts Barr trying not to sound like a candy ass as he no doubt has been reamed by colleagues for his actions regarding the Roger Stone case. Also, the New York Bar has asked Congress to investigate him following his actions re the Stone case.

He’s redirecting bring up something minor like tweets while behind the scenes he does trumps corrupt bidding CORRUPTION in the USA? WTF? Come on man! Tuff shit you signed on fat boy The path is clear. If it is impossible to do his job, he must resign. agbarr Yes, Trump leaks everything, doesn’t he.

Barr is simply putting on an appearance of distancing himself. Sorry not buying his fake outrage.. He isn't being bullied. Trump called him and Barr said, 'It shall be as you command, Lord Vader.' Or Barr thought of it himself and gleefully called Trump and said, 'Now you will experience the full power of the dark side.' Of course, the good guys actually win in the end.

This only confirms Barr and Trump are in cahoots. We are not stupid Americans. Trump already knew what Barr was going to say. Bullshit So Barr is growing some balls He is required to answer to Congress......if he considers that bullying then he is his own brand of snowflake. But we all know this comment is just a smoke screen answer.

Too late! Fire Trump. Because you don't TRUST him equally as little as he trusts you. Thank Goodness! Trumps tweets make it impossible for me to act on my concerns as well!

'Yeah, this idiot president totally spoiled my great job of obstructing justice in a couple cases. Fortunately, he hasn't tweeted about most of the investigations that I have squashed for him. Otherwise, I'd REALLY be mad.' Bulllshit What a load of crap totally staged Then do us all a favor and quit. Please that’s part of the game their playing. Basically it’s some more con artist bull 💩

Careful Bill. You risk being either publicly denigrated, fired, deported, or all three. JimLaPorta Bullshit headline, my dudes. Yeah Like anyone believes him Barr 🐂💩 Breaking News: The New York Times still shockingly easy to gaslight!

I thought it was Sir Elton John He is just a Trump minion. They probably planned how to make this look better then it is. So Barr is resigning? 😅😂🤣 Day late & $100 short, Billy. OMG... No tweets Barr? I call bullsh!t. Firstly, he’s already acted against what he’s saying. Secondly, these swamp people are so disingenuous—bouncing from one gaslighting to another. F off. And you should be ashamed of calling it an “extraordinary rebuke” when you must know this.

He said won’t be bullied by the LEFT ! I don't believe this fucker Barr for one microsecond. His comments seem to be a strategy to deflect heat on the Roger Stone case. Barr has mind control over Debo..... William Barr has already been bullied and has gotten Stone's sentence reduced as requested by Trump!

No, he won't be bullied, instead, he will just get on his knees, and start burping Baloney! He is owned by Trump as demonstrated during the impeachment, Diversion tactics 101 Lack of trust and consistency, Barr could always follow sentencing guidelines like he follow the OLC guidelines. This is a PR stunt, don’t fall for it

This is so staged. Give me a break. Way to give them the headline they wanted. I don't believe a word Barr says. Quit Fake news Aw. He should prolly resign, then.

JimLaPorta Bullsh*t. No he won’t be bullied, but he will actively participate in the destruction of our country. That is something he will do. Trumps fixer Why doesnt he ignore them? Well he could try proving he has integrity and ethics by not being a political lackey and partnering with the increasingly sleazy Rudy. A real AG would be opening and pursuing an investigation of the formerly respected former now disgraced Mayor of the world’s greatest City.

The proof is in the pudding. People can say they think for themselves, but what they do is the measure. Barr has proved he believes a president is above the law. 'If the president does it, it is not a crime.' Boo hoo Really!? Won't be bullied, huh? You are a mob lawyer

I'm pretty sure a person could bribe AG Barr with a cheeseburger. Sure. BillBarrIsCorrupt AF. Barr has already damage the DOJ. It to late to try to sound tough. Again yeh damage has already been done...😁😂😂🤣🤣 By 'do my job,' he means investigate the corrupt prosecutors who framed Roger Stone! They all deserve prison! FreeRogerStone RogerStone RogerStoneDidNothingWrong

Jali_Cat Fake news Too late. What crap STOP GASLIGHTING AMERICA!!! Barr wants to work in the dark--he wants Drumpf to stop tweeting--that is all! Is this a joke? Are we being punked Barr is the bully alongside his mob boss Trump. He could...let's see.....RESIGN!

Yeah... the rule of law is what ought to constrain you. Not how much cover the criminal in the White House is going to provide you, via Twitter. GOP is straight garbage. I’m one of the Bullies Toadies. I help do the bullying damnit. He can resign I agree. And Epstein committed suicide. Right. HAHAHA! Nice cover-up, but we know Barr is Trumps personal attack dog. This is not the first nor the last time either. The Repub's gave him a green light to break any law to get re-elected and Barr topped it off by BANNING ALL investigations into criminal behavior if he does!

Bruh! This means nothing. Media stop blowing things out of proportion absolutely and are one more action on the road towards a DICTATORSHIP. Stand firm, mate realDonaldTrump By your tweets, you are crafting problems and bTtles you do not need to create! Be smart! Impossible to do your job? Trump gives you an A+ as his personal lawyer. He has rode you wet and is not about ready to be put away--he has used you, and you will be goin like Cohen. Too late to distance yourself; he has already branded you horse. sssstoast

You’re continuing your normalization of this dangerous administration. Barr is a liar. You don’t seem up to the task of of talking about how one of our political parties is detached from reality. You have access to the WH & I guess that’s what you care about. You’re complicit. 'battling blame,not justice'-M.Wiley NOTHING CHANGED in the case. ImpeachBarrNow

Riiight. BULLSHIT Bullshit - Barr is on the take and these statements were calculated and delivered so that when the shit hits the fan he can say; “look what I said on record.” Barr vs Trump, when best friends turn enemies Especially when all the crazy ridiculous corrupt mouthpieces media belonging to the bafoom DemocRATS who go after any little stupid thing it’s out of hand already this needs to stop & Barr needs to flex his intigrity muscles ASAP!!🇺🇸🙏🏻😡

Oink oink, said Porky the Pig. ImpeachAndRemoveBarr ImpeachAndRemoveBarr ImpeachAndRemoveBarr ImpeachAndRemoveBarr ImpeachAndRemoveBarr Boo Hoo! Barr sold his soul to Trump, & he has to live with that bad decision. I’m shocked

Yeah sure Roy! Gaslighting!! Barr doesn’t do his job and acts on Trump’s requests. Bull! Yeah - other than Trump supporters, I doubt anyone believes this. Barr's too busy kissing Trump's butt to be bullied. Like he hasn't been already. Translation: “Hey, boss, I’m a cop, I can’t get away with stealing for you, when you ask me to steal for you on Twitter.”

It’s orchestrated. White House knows it’s for show I say, to quote realDonaldTrump /IMPOTUS BULLSHIT Ouchy!

realDonaldTrump Your AG is full of S... BarrMustGo Nonsense, this is a pathetic attempt to cover the fact that he does trump's bidding. Too late. He's a submissive. Barr has been bullied, is bullied & will continue to be bullied-it’s Trump’s MO Barr is just playing the scripts Wow Mr Barr, it does appear that you might have a “backbone”. Don’t let Dirty Don bully you!!

He will still bow to Donnie

Respect BarrWontBeBullied Cool story ResignBarr AGWilliamBarr BillBarr carnivalbarkingclown AmericaRIP Bill Barr, do us a favor... Yeah right ..... when pigs fly. 🤥 Can’t believe anything he says. He is rotten to the core. He's right realDonaldTrump LooseLipsSinkShips Bullshit! Barr needs to be impeached, removed from office and thrown in jail.

Too late, ass kisser.

realDonaldTrump How long is it going to take you now to turn on your AG? Seat belt in, this is about to get nasty. Trump will throw Barr under the bus within 72 hours. Ridiculous statement that the Pres has never asked him to do anything: Trump merely tweets and then Barr knows his marching orders. All done in the open, public, freedom of speech, etc. AND exactly what the Pres wants! Convenient!

OH Pa Leeeezzzz He’s so far up Trump’s ass he surely can’t expect sympathy? He’s caused the issue of being Trump’s attorney and not the country’s. Only Bill Barr can fix this. Stand up, Bill Barr, and do your job as you took an oath to do! As if we would believe anything coming out of this administration. Barr is so eager to please trump he doesn’t need to be bullied into anything

...and he has Trump’s permission to say so. Like we believe that, after everything Barr has done for trump. RESIGN Sure, he won’t be bullied he does it willingly 😁 Barr is another Trumper crybaby- joining Jared and Ivanka, Don Jr Lindsey Mitch Jordan and the other republican chickenshits who unfortunately are in our midst

vwheato I think he means impossible to do the coverups with the 🍊🤡 tweeting about it Bill Barr, subverting justice since 1973 (his stint in the Nixon CIA) Bvllshit. BS! HE IS FOS! Forget Bullying Barr ARREST HIM 🔒 Him Up! Oh, so that's why you're not doing your job. Sure. Ah, poor boy, thrown under the bus, are you?

I thought his job was to do whatever Trump tells him to. Here's an idea.... Stop reading the press and the presidents twitter, just do the job independent of the media pressure or the presidents wishes. Ya know like an independent law enforcement agency, I know that's a crazy concept.

Key word: said.. Fuck him Ya right!! Riiigghht... DAndreAz He’s there to do trumps bidding. He just doesn’t want trump tweeting and bragging about how he is taking out his enemies and saving his corrupt friends Then stay off twitter and grow a spine, Barr. Other Attorney Generals have managed to be waaaaay less in the president's pocket. You should give it a shot. DisbarBarr

vwheato “I will not be bullied by the President,” he said right after doing exactly what the president bullied him into doing. It’s all just dumb AF!! Quit NotBillBarr so resign, you disingenuous slug Yikes did someone just grow a pair Barr is fucked up. He knows he has bo way out to get out of this mess. He might end up hanging himself in a prison cell

LOL!!! Yes of course if it wasn’t for the tweets, barr could have taken care of it w/o anyone knowing abt it so now he is complaining that he is unable to do what realDonaldTrump actually wants him to do but for president’s tweets Everyone is replaceable. No it doesn’t... just grow a pair and do it I don’t believe Barr he is deep with Trump. This is the game that they play

pure PR b.s. Well, finally finding his 'boys' is he. Even he knows Trump is a trouble maker. KingTrump is about to lose all his pawns and jesters.. he's coming apart at the Fascist seams! Only the Russian rubles will be left to sustain him.. until Putin pulls that plug, too. ChristianISIS AmericanTaliban TrumpCult Cult45 BlueNoMatterWho

Barr following Trump! vwheato he's bullshitting

Feel free to quit if it is so hard now before your legacy is destroyed more than it is I trust him as far as I can throw him Prove it - RESIGN!!! I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. vwheato Yeah sure, Bill. So he should resign then. This may be coordinated with the White House...what “job” is Barr talking about — being AG or doing Trump’s bidding. thedailybeast

Well then Mr Barr I would suggest recommend giving Roger more time then? Let’s say 18 years ? Your move !!!! Poor baby 👶 A. G. Barr. You are a huge disappointment!! Feeling bullied. Sad! People don't usually pay much attention to AGs, much less bully them. Likely because they generally represent the US and not the president.

Pity party. Not very manly or powerful. As the sayings goes, if you lie down with the devil, you will wake up in hell. Seriously as if you didn't know what kind of person you signed up to work for. 🤷‍♂️ Narrator: He was continually bullied from then on. Whatever. William Barr is as much of a Trump lackey as the Republican Senators. lapdog

I call bs That’s treason! Bonkers BillBarr better shut his big fat pie hole and stop criticizing are President! We didn’t vote for YOU, Bonkers Bill! We voted for realDonaldTrump, and he can tweet about whatever he wants! Criticizing Trump is TREASON! It's hard to do secret illegal stuff when someone keeps blathering it all over the internet.

Is Matt Whittaker on deck Is that true he won’t be bullied dancindoti

Barr thinks we are stupid & continues to gaslight us. His dysfunction is mind numbing. Swinging from branch A to Z to E to R to B to W. He's crszy-making. He's a corrupt addict for power & greed. One more rat gets ready to jump the sinking ship. And go after a big bucks book deal. During which he will try to rehab his image to look like a principled, loyal public servant, constantly blindsided by Trump, yet doing all he could for his country... This rerun is sickening.

“. . . in secret.” He’s as corrupt as Trump! Nothing he says can be trusted! More Immediate Breaking News: AG Bill Barr is a proven liar. Gross If that were true, Barr would resign. Instead, this is faux push back cover so he can do exactly what Trump wants and falsely claim that he was doing it before Trump requested it. We are not fooled.

Is this the beginning of the end for the bromance? Its amazing how openly crooked things are now

I thought he made it clear that his job was to be Trump's toady. Suck it up, Billy-boy. Or help us reimpeach. Wait what Barr Bullied By Backlash! So then he should resign. Puh-leez!! He WILLINGLY does everything the TraitorInChief asks and tells him to do. HELL! He even does stuff he doesn't tell him to do to PROTECT that EvilMonster! Cry me a river and boohoo! YOU are lying just like all everyone else on his side along with the TraitorGOP

Just how dumb does he think we are? If you let ur prosecutors and their supervisors do their job, without ur meddling, perhaps Americans would think that the DOJ isn’t biased! Impossible to do his job? You mean if he tells you to do something, don’t tweet about it? Just keep it on the DL ? Barr is Donald Trumps lawyer, not the country’s! Barr put a cohort in charge to have the guidelines the prosecution recommended changed? RuleOfLaw ImpeachBarr


DevinCow maddow Go directly to jail.. failing that, go directly to Congress and testify under oath, now, not in six weeks.. too f'ing late Barr. you just want us to think you're suddenly ethical. Hmm...excellent point, Rachel. Lol this is Barr trying to stay out of prison next year. FFS how dumb do these criminals think we are.

its your corruption that makes it impossible, Bill . . nothing or no one else. 😂😂😂😂😭 Too clever by half. Another high level official that acts on belief that most Americans too dumb to “get” it! They never ever learn! Egos too big. This isn’t news, but keep failing Hahahaha! What a joke. Then recuse yourself from anything trump, trump campaign and/or trump family. But he won’t...

You make it sound like he's saying Trump is bullying him. Like he's standing up for the independence of the office from the executive. Which is false. Hard to believe that isn't deliberate. Umm hmmm sure Hmmm - your job huh? To protect the American people from injustice? Or to inflict injustice on the American people by blindly following orders from your corrupt, criminal and immoral President.

DONNIE YOUR TWEETS ARE MAKING IT OBVIOUS WE PLANNED THIS AND THAT MIGHT CAUSE PROBLEMS FOR US Yeah Yeah. Barr and Trump probably planned this interview and everything that was said. Don't be fooled or distracted by this propaganda Chump. Did he wink bigly when he said it? Lol... he just wants Donald to keep it on the down low.

This is ridiculous. Barr is by far the most guilty for Trump believing he can do what he wants. Look at the outrageous Mueller report treatment!!! Time to wake the fuck up people. The GOP created this Frankenstein and Barr is the doc ...and then while taking Trump's hand and kissing each tiny finger one by one he uttered , 'by your command, my Emperor.'

Be Best! Quit. But he did do what the president wanted. Another time of “Don’t believe what your seeing.”. Authoritarianism can & is happening in America. Witnessing in real time. I always wondered why the Germans rise against Hitler. What could they have done to stop him? Hey William, you’ve got some Trump on your chin.

“sir, I don’t have a twitter account.” End of story DJT Twitter in chief. Dude needs to get a life sometimes because he's turning off some of his base by constantly defending himself with a sledgehammer. Really? 😂 Bullshitting Barr is bullshitting

la deuda externa podria ser un asunto del pueblo ? y sus deciciones? A little late for him to start 'acting' like there's separation between him and Trump. These two clowns....'I think they're on to us, Mr President...How about I do an interview and make them all think I don't sit on your lap every day, and snapchat you all night?'

Means about as much as Susan Collins concern. More action, less words. seria mejor que los mexicanos vivan sin dignidad ? William Barr is a cuck How is it impossible?...trumpos tweets should have no effect on you and your ability to do your job..u r an adult..supposedly educated...I'm sure u took an oath somewhere...by u saying that says alot

No one should belive Barr! Why is the news repeating this BS as gospel? Ok boomer. No one from the radical crazy side is being prosecuted for lying destroying subpoenaed servers but everybody from Trump's side is being prosecuted maximum penalty for minor coerced infringements! I thought do nothing Jeff Sessions was replaced?

Why’s anybody interviewing him? Just replay his testimony where he lied to get through Congress. Puffing his chest like when he said he’d get to the bottom of the Epstein “Suicide”. All smoke to cover his complicity. Guess what BillBarr - you ARE being bullied and the president of the US wants you to block the law rather than execute the law! This is pure damage control on YOUR PART and nothing else! No one feels anything but disgust for what you are doing to this Country.

oh FFS! He had permission to do this! Note it wasn’t on Fox. He has to sit before Congress. Now can say, “I’m not his Roy Cohen.” Barr is not being bullied as he is only to happy to help the president, something he has repeatedly shown. el pueblo de estados unidos puede exigirle amable mente al pueblo de mexico que pague su deuda externa ?

Soon to be out of a job after that statement. Cardinal Wolsey’s doj ( Willy Barr)complain that the boss is an idiot I smell a rat. Barr supports Trump 💯

Good for him. He shouldn't be bullied. Breaking news, we at the Times will cover comments to try and make Barr look good and cover up what's been going on. It's not what people say, it's what they do!!! So he’s resigning? Great. I mean, once you’ve publicly admitted you can’t do your job, a job that Americans pay you to do, you have to resign or it’s like stealing from Americans.

This is bs Barr is a master gas lighter! He's a Trump Toady acting like he has independence. Please. Stop. Sure sure sure Believe what people do, not what they say. Then quit. ConstitutionalCrisis ConstitutionalCrisis ConstitutionalCrisis ConstitutionalCrisis ConstitutionalCrisis covering crimes is hard when co conspirator just admits to them on tweeter.

Bill Barr might be looking for a new job soon .. The entire realDonaldTrump administration is so full of corruption it's getting harder and harder to keep up ImpeachTrumpAgainAndRemove TheJusticeDept WhiteHouse GOP SenatorCollins senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC Your move, Trumpy. He immediately turned toward Trump, standing just off screen, and gave him the world’s biggest wink. 😉😉😉

Don't fall for this BS... Barr's already done the job Trump wanted. He's free to resign in disgrace at any time now. Sorry, Barr isn't triggered. He is just hungry; he hasn't eaten in 15 minutes. Does anybody believe a word that Barr says ? Oh please! Really Sorry Billy, we don't believe you. You are an A-1 SYCHOPHANT.

so quit

is Barr dividing by zero The Mucinex man goes rogue even more. You have already been bullied and you will go down in history as a yes man for Trump

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