Church, Chicago

Church, Chicago

After Trump orders churches to reopen, some Chicago Faith leaders say no, it's too soon

After Trump orders churches to reopen, some Chicago Faith leaders say no, it's too soon

5/24/2020 5:20:00 AM

After Trump orders churches to reopen, some Chicago Faith leaders say no, it's too soon

'People are dying,' Rev. Jesse Jackson said. 'We're inclined to follow these doctors advice.'

Trump on Fridayordered the immediate reopening or churchesacross the country that have been closed for several weeks to stop people gathering and worsening the coronavirus outbreak."If they don't do it, I will override the governors," the president said at the White House."In America we need more prayer, not less."

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Rev. Jesse Jackson was joined by roughly a dozen pastors and faith leaders in the state to call for local churches to stay closed, despite Trump's orders, according toChicago Tribune. They say in-person services should only resume when scientists and medical experts confirm church attendees will be safe from COVID-19 if they gather in large groups.

"People are dying," Jackson reportedly said during a webinar."We're inclined to follow these doctors advice.""The most dangerous thing we can do is open our churches too fast, slow and steady wins the race," he added.

U.S. President Trump speaks to the press after meeting with Republican Senators in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, May 19, 2020 in Washington, DC.Drew Angerer/GettyThe coalition of pastors touted the success of virtual church services and urged others to continue services remotely to avoid in-person crowds."There is victory in the virtual service," Covenant United Church of Christ in South Holland Senior Pastor Ozzie Smith said.

We've been"opened this whole time," United Methodist Church Bishop Sally Dyck added.America's recent battle over in-person church services marks the latest public opinion divide amid the ongoing pandemic. On May 23, Illinois reported a total of more than 107,700 coronavirus cases, with roughly 4,790 deaths. Overall, the U.S. now has a total of over 1,666,800 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with around 98,600 deaths and 446,900 recoveries.

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I am not religious, but if I was stuck in a crowded US church right now I would definitely be praying. Its each church choice The largest outbreak in South Korea came from a church. The largest outbreak in France came from a church. The latest outbreak in Germany came from a church. The latest CDC investigation traces a rural Arkansas outbreak—from a church.

Look Ppl--If Ur dumb enuf 2 pay some 'Steve Martin type' minister, 2 tell U that U have been a naughty sinner & then promise U that he's going 2 make U feel clean about it all--then I say, Y not. A kook is going 2 B a kook, and there's Zip U can say 2 change their minds. He doesn't d not order churches to open. He ordered that that be allowed to open. Crap news recording is big issue in this world today. And no, I sure don't agree with the President on a whole bunch of issues.

That’s their personal choice not to be deemed to be others choice Shame on Chicago! Faith is asleep Turns out that religious leaders have way more courage than the Reeps in Congress. They're standing up for their parishioners and saying 'No' to the self-proclaimed God-King, realDonaldTrump. Thank God, for some common sense. WearAMask😷

Do you think you could ATEMPT to print the facts? The Pres did NOT 'order churches to open'. FakeNewsMedia Wrong. He said they were essential and that they could open. States will lose on this 100% in court. The constitution is clear, and states have ZERO authority to usurp our constitutional rights “even in times of crisis.” 10A doesn’t allow states to usurp exec branch role, either.

He didnt order them open. He told governors to allow them to open. Apparently Newsweek still employs Garbage People which is why they have Garbage News Stories. That’s really, truly, not what he said at all. No wonder the media are cheering for the ending of act/sat requirements Because they are blackmailed and compromised beyond comprehension OBAMACHICAGO

1993TruthTeller No presidents can order churches to reopen. Book of revelation... temples do not open until plague is over. fakenews When I was a kid, people employed by Newsweek could read and understand English. GOOD! It's too bad ALL churches don't tell trump NO! He has NO right to put their lives in danger! He gets his orders from his donors or the wealthy religious organizations losing money bc of the virus. They don't care if ppl get sick or die. It's all abt 💰!

PuestoLoco Trump does not care. After all he despises the 'little people'.That's why he pays no taxes 'After Trump orders churches BE ALLOWED to reopen...' There, I fixed it for you. Newsweek used to employ people who had enough brain power to know the difference between “order to re-open” and “consider as essential”....apparently that criteria has been eliminated.

I think Trump should lead by example and go to his church and take pics. You know, since he’s a big Christian. He didn't order churches to reopen, he gave them the option to reopen. - Big difference. He ordered that they are ESSENTIAL & wanted them opened by Sunday! What a cheap shot lying to WTP! U r the enemy of the people!

Trump can’t order churches to open!! Lol 😂 Why do you instinctively mislead your readers? He didn’t order churches to reopen, he classified them as essential. They have the option to reopen with appropriate safety guidelines. The states can’t stop them. It's called freedom, something you obviously hate

That’s their choice he didn’t ORDER them open, more fake news🙄🙄 Trump is the Herod of America. Stupid headline. Assuming the article is just as wrong. Trump didn't *order* churches to open. He demanded that states *allow* them to open. And? Free country. It's not an order, it's a restoration of equality. Churches are now equal with liquor stores and abortion clinics.

trump wants to open churches to fool people that he cares about the faith in God. If he cared then nearly 100k people wouldn’t be dead because of his incompetence, he wants to look good. I’m listening to my Catholic bishop & he says NOT YET. That’s their option God complex. newsweak I remember a long time ago when Newsweek was a respected news outlet. What the hell happened?

realDonaldTrump didn't 'order' churches to open. He ordered that they should be allowed to open. The decision refugees with church leaders. ⚖ ⚖ ⚖ People don't have to attend. At least now people have an option to attend and their constitutional rights aren't being violated. Um, Trump didn’t “order” churches to open. Just declared them essential. You know the infringement of the 1st amendment is kind of a f’ckn huge deal. fakenews

NewsWEAK is weak on REAL NEWS. Is this the narrative your handlers told you to tell? He didn’t order them open! He deemed them essential so they can open if they wish. And not be forced closed by the governors. Hey, newsweek, maybe you should reconsider pushing this blatantly false narrative. Nowhere in Trump's announcement did he order churches to reopen.

Liars!!! 💯 Huh? The president declared places of worship as essential. How did Newsweek twist that to say Trump ordered churches to open? You people are pathetic. Try again here's a copy of the letter hand delivered to churches. Can you crackerjack reporters show us a copy of that 'order,' please? (Hint: He deemed churches, etc. essential. That means they MAY open, not that they MUST.) Try some honest reporting, you might actually like it....

Trump did not order churches to reopen. Newsweek is the poor man's CNN Well yeah, it’s Chicago... Cesspool He didn’t order churches to open. He said they were essential which means it is their choice to open and not the governments. Democrat Governors are giving unconstitutional orders, not President Trump. Fascists.

WTF.... Saying you have the right to open is not an order! Maybe it’s time for Trump to order everyone to breath oxygen, drink water and eat three meals a day. See what happens 🤔 Trump didn't ORDER churches to open. He hasn’t opened any churches stop spreading misinformation FakeNews No such order was given

As always, you can trust the MSM to leave out words to promote their objectives! It's their truth, not the truth. What church will (2 Corinthians) realDonaldTrump be attending tomorrow? It's not about 'places of worship', it's about large, crowded gatherings. albertan48 Nobody is listening to him 🤣😂

matthewshirts via Pat Bagley Patbagley God is everywhere. Protect your health and that of others. Stay home! Trump never cared about churches until they became his propaganda machines. Trump's only pandering to his base. They’re right Orange clown thinks he’s high priest too. African-American denominations will listen to science, while white churches will listen to Trumpism.

He’s not ordering churches to open. He’s declaring them essential so they can gather to worship if they want to. Wish I could spit on him God: I will send down a virus. Keep people at home for a short time and allow the planet to recover a little. It also means they can spend time with those they love. Evangelicals & Trump: F*ck you god

He didn’t order churches to reopen. Details details. He ordered STATES to allow churches to reopen that wish to reopen (which is most of them). Big difference. Oh puleeze. Trump has some of the best medical and scientific minds at his disposal. He ignored them and the reality of what is actually involved in attending places of worship when making his purely political announcement Friday, but let us not stand on technicalities.

It’s not like Trump has to worry about going to church. He’d never step foot into one. He’s the Anti-Christ. He’s not allowed in. Charles Bronson: 'You believe in Jesus? Cause now ur meet him.' It's his propaganda, that's all. Nothing to do with the reality. Oh just stfu already and look into Obamagate instead.

If Cheeto wants them open...Get his ass in one first! That's okay, they need to do what their congregation needs. I’ve seen a lot of stupid stuff on the internet in 22 years but nothing as bad as a trump supporter rambling about COVID-19. Damn.

Ford asked Trump to wear mask during visit, Pres. Trump removed mask while in publicFord asked Pres. Trump to wear a mask while touring production plant Shaq Brewster says, “They [Ford] said, ‘Bill Ford encouraged Pres. Trump to wear a mask when he arrived. He wore a mask during a private viewing of three Ford GTs … the president later removed the mask.'” shaqbrewster The mask was tied to a Ukrainian national with whom Trump had a phone conversation mentioned in the dossier that implicated Russian collusion that ...... Wait, what? He just didn't wear a mask, after he already tested negative the same day? You're running out of good stories here shaqbrewster Glad he wore a mask 😷 2 protect the 🚗 shaqbrewster Ford should be selling lots of those GTs Trump looked at. To all Trump's rich buddies who grabbed the Trillions in PPP money. Everyone else will be riding a Bike.

Trump Says Mailing In Your Ballot Is Corrupt, Unless You're TrumpThe president repeated his baseless conspiracy theory that voting by mail leads to election fraud.

Trump to order US flags lowered to honor coronavirus victims as death toll approaches 100,000President Donald Trump said Thursday he will order U.S. flags to be lowered over federal buildings to honor those who have died from the coronavirus. Trump is in the manufacturing of untruth business. He’ll come up with anything that serves his interest. Question is what are GOP operatives going to do about it? Trump alone can’t execute his deceptions alone. Go after GOP accessories to Trump. Trump is a lost cause. He didnt order that. No way.

Trump deems places of worship ‘essential,’ claims he can order their reopeningNEW: President Trump declares his view that houses of worship should now be “essential,” and calls on governors to open them “right now.” Did he stomp his foot like the little brat that he is when he said “right now?” 🙄 His views are shit though so there’s that. Trump: I cannot enforce a national lockdown because I don’t have the power to do so. That’s up to the governors. Also Trump: I have the power to lift states’ lockdowns. What

Mosques in U.S. to remain closed despite order by Trump who 'launched the Muslim ban'The Council on American–Islamic Relations has advised mosques to remain shuttered despite instructions by president for places of worship to reopen. There was never a 'Muslim ban' during Trump's presidency. He did not 'launch a Muslim ban'. This is a false statement. If it had been a Muslim ban, it sure was a poor attempt. Just Fake News from the Liberal Media and their fellow democrats.

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