After Jacqueline Avant was killed, this teen found the suspected gunman in her backyard

After Jacqueline Avant was killed, this teen found the suspected gunman in her backyard


12/4/2021 4:04:00 PM

After Jacqueline Avant was killed, this teen found the suspected gunman in her backyard

A 17-year-old girl called police after she heard a gunshot and a man yelling outside her bedroom door. Police say he killed a Los Angeles philanthropist an hour earlier.

from her injuries.Multiple surveillance cameras showed a vehicle heading east out of Beverly Hills after Avant’s shooting, authorities said. The same car, described by Grace as a gold Lexus sedan, was found parked near the Campbell home — about seven miles away — that morning.

Police are still investigating the Hollywood Hills burglary, but Campbell and his daughter say their house, which is currently under renovation, is hardly the sort that would be targeted. The front yard is littered with building materials.“It’s not the house that screams, ‘There’s valuable things in here,’ ” said Campbell, 52, who owns several restaurants.

“It’s super way into the hills,” Grace added.The family says Maynor broke in through a window that does not sit flush with its frame. He grabbed a passport, a handful of gift cards and the keys to Campbell’s car while inside, they said.When police found him, he had three bags filled with underwear, socks and charging cords for various electronic devices that authorities showed them, Grace said.

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Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook said Maynor has an extensive criminal record involving burglary and robbery, and according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, he has served multiple prison sentences over the last decade.

After LAPD officers took Maynor into custody, an “astute watch commander” in Hollywood connected the dots to the Avant case and alerted Beverly Hills, LAPD Deputy Chief Blake Chow said. Maynor has been in custody since, and Beverly Hills authorities announced his arrest Thursday.

After police left their hillside residence, Campbell and Grace got to work cleaning up. As her dad sprayed down the blood outside with a hose, Grace noticed something.“I remember I saw something shiny. The water pushed it into a crack in the pavement,” she said. “I debated leaving it there, but then I thought, no, I should get it out. And sure enough, it was a bullet fragment that still had hair on it.”

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Detectives picked up the evidence from the Campbell home Thursday, and less than an hour later, police announced that the man who had broken into their home was the prime suspect in the Avant homicide.

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I wouldn't mind hearing what restaurants the man owns. 'Help me, I'm a Christian' lol lol. What an incredible story. Much respect to this brave young woman and her father. Thank you for the reporting! Why are parolees going around LA at night with assault rifles. Is there no supervision?

Suspect Arrested in Clarence Avant's Wife Jacqueline's Shooting DeathA suspect has been detained in the shooting death of music legend Clarence Avant's wife Jacqueline ... TMZ has learned. Definitely not what it seems...Her husband and their security guard are also in the house yet she gets hit.Hmmm😳😳😳 May she rest in peace🌹🙏🏽🌹 29?!?

Jacqueline Avant Shooting Suspect Caught on Video Hour After MurderHe was caught in the backyard of another home just an hour after Avant's murder. Still waiting for BLM to condone his actions!!!! The face of TheDemocrats criminal justice reform. Another violent felon out of prison early and on the streets victimizing law abiding citizens. This loser's actions resulted in a person getting killed! That is intentional homicide! Why aren't people upset about this?

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices“Maynor is a parolee with an extensive criminal history.” This is so sad. They are the nicest people.

Jackie Avant Killing Suspect Arrested, Police Say, After Shooting Himself In FootThis story is developing… A suspect in yesterday’s shooting death of Jackie Avant is in police custody, Beverly Hills police announced this afternoon. Police identified the suspect as 2…

The killing of Jacqueline Avant: What we know about the investigationCommunity leaders are calling for Los Angeles County and Beverly Hills to offer a reward in the case, hoping that can help detectives solve it.

Man Arrested In Death Of Jacqueline Avant, Music Icon’s Wife, In Beverly HillsA 29-year-old man has been arrested after the fatal shooting of philanthropist Jacqueline Avant, the wife of legendary music executive Clarence Avant. Free Palustine They should have ZERO mercy on the murderer if convicted,she lived 81 years until this animal ended her life.🤬 but unfortunately it does not bring her back