After ethics backlash over Ivanka Trump's posts about Goya beans, her father posts, too

Experts call senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump's posts showing her holding a can of Goya black beans a clear violation of federal rules. Then, her father did, too.

7/16/2020 7:54:00 AM

Ivanka Trump faced backlash after posting a photograph of herself posing with a can of Goya beans -- something experts say was a clear violation of federal ethics rules.

Experts call senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump's posts showing her holding a can of Goya black beans a clear violation of federal rules. Then, her father did, too.

"There's a particularly unseemly aspect to this violation: it creates the appearance that the government's endorsement is for sale," Shaub said."Endorse the president and the administration will endorse your product."Robert Unanue, CEO of Goya Foods, speaks at the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative in Washington, July 9, 2020.

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Robert Unanue, CEO of Goya Foods, speaks at the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative in Washington, July 9, 2020.Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, FILEA spokeswoman for the White House said in a statement that Trump had been expressing her"personal support" for Goya.

“Only the media and the cancel culture movement" -- a reference to online calls online to boycott certain figures --"would criticize Ivanka for showing her personal support for a company that has been unfairly mocked, boycotted and ridiculed for supporting this administration -- one that has consistently fought for and delivered for the Hispanic community," the spokeswoman, Carolina Hurley, said."Ivanka is proud of this strong, Hispanic-owned business with deep roots in the U.S. and has every right to express her personal support."

MORE: Latinos shoulder disproportionate coronavirus cases: CDC dataNorm Eisen, who from 2009 to 2011 served under President Barack Obama as a White House special counsel and a special assistant for ethics and government reform, noted that even though Trump posted on her personal social media accounts, those accounts still listed her as an"Advisor to POTUS" and the posts would still qualify as"a serious ethics violation."

Eisen, who more recently served as a special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during President Trump's impeachment and Senate trial, told ABC News"this would’ve been treated as a serious matter in any other administration." Read more: ABC News »

Experts 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ivanka, it won't be long before youand your criminal father Goyaway - now that Mary Trump has SPILLED THE BEANS ON ALL OF YOU. Oh you mean like when Obama let the ambassador and four other soldiers be slaughtered or when he sold guns to the Mexican cartels They are all for the money !!!.

When in time that this f-bitch ever even looked at a can of mex beans? Faced backlash, she should get her backside lashed with a wet slipper Get that bitch 😂😂😂😂 You have the same ethics problem as your father! Boycott Goya products! LawAndOrder KAG2020 - is there anyone left from the Trump 2016 campaign who's not doing time

She faced backlash from you liberals who 'backlash' constantly about everything. You don't like other people living in your country. We get it. But she didn't get backlash from people who don't constantly 'backlash'. They are using product placement campaigns! In few words they get paid by Goya (sponsoring) to endorse their products.

They’re lies Like this pos family gives a rat's ass on anything that has to do with ethics. Oh, gee, ethics. I think the Trumps are really worried about that... Please. Any family that can defraud a children's cancer charity & have no remorse, can put children in cages, turn its back on its allies, & turn a blind eye to dictators isn't worried a hill of Goya beans.

Also don’t forget Pelosi did it too. Remember this? I've never heard of Goya before. Thanks to the Demonicrats attack dogs I have learned Goya has some good products. I'll definitely be adding them to my pantry. DefundTheDemonicRats Because she thought she could get away with it. Like father, like daughter.

And there will be nooooo consequences 'How day they try to undermine our attempt to intimidate a dissenting business owner into silence! This is unethical!' - a bunch of psychotic bullies who encourage vandalism, rioting, and looting. Just their idea of a public service announcement. Unfortunately they are also a major source of SWAMP Methane.

IvankaTrump and you already knew, not to do this. Shame on you. I am available to be your protector, a shield for a price Stupid blonde She wasn't paid tho so it's not. Fkin Media is comical Like her father, does she care? beanposter beanimposter She looks so natural The left should face backlash for going after a minority owned business

Pathetic! Expert = liberal with an agenda. All the Hispanics are behind the fence and she is trying to make money!!!Are the kids behind the fence going to stay forever in there?Trump's family is a disgrace, shame on you!!!!! Good job IvankaTrump we should all support Goya TrumpFamily doesnt care about ethics

garbage. As usual. Yummm! Love black beans! I have some good simple recipes that the kids would 💓postwhatyoulove thesumbocratswillcomplainaboutanything Why she’s free and over 21 distraction So somebody should do something about that, right? Maybe she will choke on them Ivanka Trump americas first woman president 2024

Love Ivanka!! Why are all of you against Goya? Because their company backs our President and country? No other reason? Are you unable to make your own decisions? ACLU you on this? Her face looks like she had a little too much of those beans... LOCKHERUP It was wrong for people to boycott Goya because the CEO supports Trump!

They only said that because it is true. And also amazingly distasteful. Everyone already knew that she was for sale. I guess someone bought her. Shameful Even if it is a clear violation, they’ll just change the rules to justify the actions. So what happens next ? The traitor in chief has multiple products on his desk in the Oval office and still nothing happens senatemajldr

WhydYaSpillYourBeans, Ivanka? Jail her ass So what. Are the people giving her grief racists? GOYA is a Hispanic owned company. The democrats truly are racist. OMG 😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄 Oh Boya Everything the trumps do is unethical. The whole family belongs in prison. So you're saying that doing a little free advertising for the company of a campaign supporter is unethical?

Ethics hasn’t ever been a Trump thing. Most unethical people in history. We all know daddy’s stuff but IvankaTrump and jr and his adulterous relationship with current gf in a Conservative party. Then eric is a freaky little troll no telling what all he does. TrumpCrimeFamily Is IvankaTrump or her father POTUS for that matter being paid by GoyaFoods ...? Some conflict of interest...?!

Since when does a Trump family member obey rules. While she has summarily failed at her job as a senior advisor, at least she has the gesturing of a The Price Is Right hostess down pat. IvankaBeans YourTaxDollarsAtWork Ethics for the unethical. Good for her. Just because of her I might start stocking up on goya

Well that’s not the first time they violate federal ethics rules and they are still in the White House!! ABC news finally fighting true, deep corruption. This is the last straw, holding a can of beans? What has this world come to? And I thought the far left push for communism was bad... Great 👍 Ivanka ‼️ Eat it 😜Leftist ‼️

Does the “Hatch act” apply to this “Senior advisor”to POTUS bean seller? IvankaGOYA promotes 'Canned Son of Spam.' It's what trashy sociopaths love to eat! Goyaway GOYABOYCOTT GoyaCancelled IvankaBeans IvankaFindAJobOnYourOwn She’s equally nuts. It gets exhausting reading and think how the current administration is using public office for private gain. All politicians hedge the decisions on future benefits, but this family thinks they are untouchable, November can’t get here soon enough. I encourage everyone to vote.

Lock her up Instead of facing backlash, she should face charges And...nothing is going to happen. Oh, she can get a job on the price is right. That is if Drew Carey want her. All beans matter! AllBeansMatter No everybody knows this woman does not eat those damn beans Not an honest one among them, except Tiffany

How awful. I mean really it's not like she is looting or burning down anything When has she ever used Goya beans I thought this was a joke. WTF is she thinking? So what will be the punishment? Has Nepotism Barbie EVER cooked a meal using Goya products? Isn’t it primarily for making Hispanic/Latino dishes. Doesn’t the trump crime syndicate discriminate against Hispanics?

The Trumps don't do ethics....this is a well known fact forever. Her pop is trump.she dont give a damn just like pop Lock her up! Poster girl for White Privilege Add this to her list. These so called exports are obviously radical left who would be happy to see American businesses being destroyed if they dare to disagree with them.

You think! Between her and her dad, talk about ethics! Why nothing is done regarding that matter? Either he tries to destroy a company by bashing it publicly or he advertises one if the CEO praised him! If he could have the same passion to defend our troops that would be great! Dems don't need to buy beans, they make their own.

Free publicity is not free She is full of beans! And twice as stinky 🤢 Lock her up along with her crooked father! But neither her or daddy will be held accountable for desecrating the Oval Office. But promoting looting and the murder of police is “OK”. The priorities of the lame street media is unbelievable realDonaldTrump dbongino Get a life and report real concerns. Such as the dismantling of our constitution.

The perfect metaphor for this administration...hawking beans. She doesn’t care nor does our government anymore . NO boundaries anymore . Nothing will be done Still an idiot Trump has no ethics! Seems like the Trump family is very corrupt, they brake the law every day He loves Stepien today hate him tomorrow.

“The woman never ate a can of Goya in her life!” And then daddy posed doing the SAME THING. Why will no one call them out and make them actually face consequences? Closer to what they love. DUMP tRUMP!! VOTE BLUE!!💙🗳 GoyaBeansHaveRoachesInThem truestory found 2x over the past 1.5 yrs Oh for Gods sake. And yet Biden blackmailing Ukraine is just fine. Shut the hell up. Who cares. The company is great with or without her. The photo has been photoshopped so many times how do you know it’s real

Silly rule. Get rid of that one too! Of course the mega rich help the uber rich - no surprise that Trumps are promoting the family who owns GOYA : the Unanue family is worth US$1.1 billion. Stop giving your money to make greedy NY billionaires even more wealthy. Vote with your 💰 Quite a backlash, Goya foods are sold out all over the country. is fake news.

Dizzy What experts? We’re so used to your fake news we need to know what “experts” Ivanka now endorsed the firing of Pascale BuyGoya Does anyone care what's right or wrong nowadays? It's a free for all. Anything goes. What a shame what this country has become in 3 years. Presidential beans, hilarious. Nepotism. Start there then work your way to the other ethics violations. The entire family is an ethics nightmare.

She’s not the brightest crayon in the box So? I love the fact that all GOYA products are gone from the shelves of my Portland grocery store, replaced by numerous other, much better and not Trump-endorsed products. I hope the store donated them to a food bank. too bad--everybody buy Goya “Trump… HAS TAKEN CONTROL OF COVID-19 DATA… ‘HEALTH EXPERTS GRAVELY CONCERNED’ .”

They just want the votes of Latinos bullshit 😡 So sick of that family’s faces 🤮 Which means absolutely nothing, no recourse and nothing could nor would be done about it since they keep breaching all laws with nothing being done about it , way to go USA , showing your true colours Black beans matter Winning!

JSavoly IT'S GOYABEANSORDOGFOOD GOYABEANSORDOGFOOD GOYABEANSORDOGFOOD GOYABEANSORDOGFOOD GOYABEANSORDOGFOOD Just shows this family is a bunch of low class hustlers. Ha farcical Ivankie the face of Goya! 😂 she is a twit She’s never, I mean “ever” eaten frijoles negros let alone out of a can - te conozco bacalao

She’s doesn’t fall far from that tree!!! It’s truly amazing to watch the ppl that trash our POTUS, asthey seem to be panicking about now. Going to need a lot of popcorn to watch the show. Can’t wait! 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ But, the rules and laws don’t apply to Trumps! She’s as bad as her father That is sad and that Donald would allow or convince his daughter to do that

Who cares they let the trumps get away with anything. Ivanka no longer on Twitter? Why is nobody considering the fact that this basically turns this picture into a viral advertisement, exactly what they want? If the person holding the can has no ethics, is it still a violation of ethics rules. FART, darling, fart

5 CFR § 2635.702 - Use of public office for private gain. Now do Ilhan funneling money into her husband's company. When did Trump and his daughter and sons care about ethics rules? As long as there are no consequences and resistance from his supporters and Republicans, they will keep enjoying unethical things including illegal and criminal activities (except murder?).

Why is she getting backlash for supporting a minority business? They have broken so many ethics rules so many times. to be honest, she's too good looking to be that nuts' daughter She doesn’t care, she knows exaftly what she is doing Fire her ASS. It would seem that the trumps have no morals Save America and our democracy fire Trump in November make it one to remember

True to her family's reputation of grifters and shills Lmfao. Y’all make me laugh. How could she be so stupid so reckless she had to know: 1. It was wrong 2: inappropriate 3. Illegal. It’s deliberate any controversy any chaos she can create gets her front and center. So posing with a pics of beans is wrong? What the eff is this world? Y’all are stupid!

Different strokes for different folks. askyourselfwhy . How is holding a can of beans a violation of ethics rules? Go ahead fake news spin a story There, fixed it! Arrest her Just as empty headed as daddy. What is her point here. Does she believe that because Goya gave her daddy money and support, she can lure the Hispanic vote. I can’t be lured or brainwashed. We’re not for sale.

Go after her. Enough is enough. Now thats the dumbest thing ABC has said or did she get a public position? Tell the truth about covid 19. The numbers are lies and we are gathering evidence since non of the press are telling the truth about all the lies to shut down our strong and hard earned economy. SAD

The BS never stops! Is the because the CEO praised her father days before? Where has the free willing gone? Ironically Who is going to slap her hands? Amazing how posing with a can of beans violates ethics rules but a VP's son getting millions from foreign governments in exchange for favors doesn't. Someone please explain it to me?

NO ! “ a clear violation of federal ethics rules “ by a trump family member ! Shocking ! I don’t believe it ! FAKE NEWS ! I want to see pictures ! Oh ! OK. Do you think he gives a shit ? They are a crime family who just happen to live in the White House. Thanks republican senate Guaranteed a short search will prove this to be a political hit..

But it’s OK if you’re a Democrat? How is this clear? What they selling beans now ?! IvankaTrump = Deplorable Endorsing a can of beans that’s she’s never opened in her life. She has no idea what it’s like to live off of beans. No wonder the whole world is laughing at us. People dying by the thousands and this is what we are dealing with.

Trump crime family goes on and on and on.....When will they be called to account? Most of what he does is a violation of something, & yet he is allowed to continue making a laughingstock of our country. I saw my church giving away canned Goya products to poor individuals and essential workers ..... but yea, Goya is evil cause it likes Trump 😒😒😒

ABC-another left wing propaganda “news” spitting agency.. with a major agenda Wow, how many times has she faced backlashes and nothing happens! This is against the ethics rule and again, nothing! Delusional houseofcards Despicable!! Goya food, best choice. What a stupid thing to report. I make awesome black beans and rice all the time I use Goya black beans. She is holding my favorite can of black beans and in your mean never ending bashing of what is a simple and good You find a way to bash Trumps daughter What is wrong with you.

Charge her! Seriously, what is the punishment for an ethics violation? A tongue lashing? Yeah that's going to stop them. Shameless crook like Daddy. Bendita RefineríaDosBocas = 20 millones de empleos robados por el KKs (¡a comer frijoles!) Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!! And this apple is rotten!!

Prepping for her next job... ABC is pathetic. If only she advocated this publicly for US TROOPS. Russia placed a bounty on American soldiers. To date, this administration has done nothing about it, and in the meantime we get these games of distraction and these idiots standing around holding cans of beans. No more TRE45ON

She looks like she has bad gas She cant have her favorite beans? If it is illegal. Sue. Because MSM went ballistic. You should be ashamed. It’s always something isn’t it... They are a crime family. Like they care about ethics! Backlash, she must be shaking in her shoes....BS nothing will be done about this. Nothing

What is wrong with these people. Lmao at people going mental over this!😂😂😂😂😂 One of many ethical infringements by the Trumpets that will go unchecked. 🙄 Who cares? Who is in charge of holding ivanka accountable,,, other than American people. Time we let the trumps know their are rules, regulations that they, like everyone else need to follow. Trumps are not special people!

It’s cute how Dems are suddenly concerned about ethics. Idk what in her head told her this would be a good idea. Will there be any fallout? Charges? No, they will continue to ruin this country. Cassand29017794 Well, when you have no moral compass 🤷🏻‍♀️ ¡Comprar colombiano! estos son mejores frijoles, Zenú Frijoles Antioqueños o Doña Paula Frijoles Antioqueños ¡Los frijoles gringos son basura!

Nepotism Barbie the sweatshop queen Ethics Since when has violating ethics and impropriety ever bothered Ivanka? Some experts? What crap EnemyOfThePeople Fake rage! ABC=propaganda But Trump said it was okay so laws and rules are merely interesting 🤷‍♂️ We have been programmed to not care at all when ABC and your minions offer “backlash” into any post.

Lock her up Penalties. ​The penalty structure for violations of the Hatch Act by federal employees includes removal from federal service, reduction in grade, debarment from federal employment for a period not to exceed 5 years, suspension, reprimand, or a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000. The Trump family see themselves above our law and order. They don't have to comply while daddy in King of America.

So we can get rid of Pelosi then? I mean she promoted her favorite ice cream company on a TV show. BuyGoya She is unpaid, clearly not an ethics violation. Another one of those OXYMORON moments. ABC talking about ethics violations. Ethics? The white house has no idea what it means! Dang Ivanka, someone in the family has to have some common sense smh 🙄🙄🙄

The Justice department is owned by trump But it's ok for elected officials to tell people to boycott a company? One of many Ivanka's trademarks since they've been in Washington and jared access to classified business documents worldwide. How many with China in the first few months. Found this floating in our Outer Limits world....

I wonder what the alien looks like without its skin. If posts something and no one reads it, it’s still fake news She never opened a can in her life and wouldn’t know how Goya products have been selling. Huh. Their worried with Ivanka and Goya beans while the fed rapes and Pillages the US giving forgivable Loans and bail outs in the trillions to their fat cat mates 😂🤣😂🤪🤪 The US is seriously screwed , I mean skewed. No actually,thinking about it, I mean both. 🤑🤑🤪🤪🤪🤯🤯

Federal ethics are non existent. Ok, so we’ve established that she is in violation. What are they gonna do about it? DrainTrumpSwamp Well done Ivanka! I did my Goya shopping already. Tired of the radicals trying to shut down this country at every turn. But it's not a coup attempt, so move on to a pet cat story or something.

If it's a violation why in the hell isn't something being done about it. Once again it shows that trumps,are above the law! WHAT FRIGGIN LAW! THEY HAVE BROKEN SO MANY AND JUST CONTINUE! WHO WILL STOP THIS SHIT ALREADY! TrumpIsKillingAmericans Trumps have no eithics What is bullsheet. Media just politicized this issue. Black means don’t use anything related to black color. Please stop creating propaganda. Let’s human should be as a human and stop dividing on color nationalism.

'experts say' Lol fuck you And Daddy did it, too. So what are they going to do? Answer nothing. What experts? Name some names ABC. You just hate her because she's a Trump. She's countering your cancel culture orders to ruin a business because the CEO happened to have visited with Trump and told the truth. If we wanted to Boycott a wrong-doer we'd boycott ABC! NotABadIdea

No do the ethics violations on Ilhan. Boycott Amway A friggin endorsement for beans... Another moron in the White House continuing to show their disregard for Americans and their pain and suffering Ethics mean absolutely nothing to a Trump. Hilarious What exactly is the violation and who are the experts? Still waiting.

Watch Ivanka unhinge her jaw and eat that can of Goya Black Beans. Make her eat them that will teach her ugg The MSM is in cancel couture mode. Anything that is negative will thrown on Trump, his family and supporters. We are not backing down anymore. The red wave is coming to blow your ass to Pakistan.WWG1WWA

DEM propaganda ... here they go again ! Prosecute her She should be reprimanded Lack of judgment like her father 👎 Who cares that TheRascal2010 CBSNews NBCNews NicolleDWallace NorahODonnell DavidMuir LesterHoltNBC It’s looking like Ivanka’s ego is growing; could be hereditary. Shameful endorsement by a government employee and/or daughter of sitting potus. Blurred lines between Trump business & Trump administration

She probably never have tasted a Goya product in her life! Get real! I just said it is stupid to publish president's tax returns to public because it exposes the presidency to attack. Presidency should be protected. Facebook banned me. All Mark Zuk cares about is stock price & has total disregard for free speech. FB is far worse than Nazi gestapo

If a democrat violated the Hatch Act the GOP would be all over it like flies on 💩 Still not a peep about the police officer in NYC getting hit on the head with a baseball bat , this issue didn’t ABC news narrative, pathetic news outlet Fuk off ABC You people are weak. GOYA MODEL. I’m buying some Goya. Democrats suck 🖕🏿

Not so! If she has this on a regular basis and not promoting such for favour or fiscal gain personally, then it's not her fault this young lady who is constantly filmed, was seen with this can!! Fake news and troublemaking written all over this story!!! '... clear violation of federal ethics rules' Quick someone tell the LAW AND ORDER president. Oh wait... 🙄

What are the consequences for violating the rules? Just an academic question. What about IlhanMN embezzlement of $1 million of campaign funds that her husband has received? Very quiet on that front. 🤢 Like Daddy like daughter. Donnie must want to go to the same prison as his daughter so he copies her crimes.

Can she be still held accountable even when she’s out of wh? She doesn’t care, and who believes she eats frijoles on a regular basis. She just wants to get in the news. She’s as whacky, and corrupt, as her father. The Beans won’t harm anyone unless animated ..,, There's no violation! Only 'some' wonder what else ivanka can promote. the possibilities are endless? she could model cars, jewelry, furs? trips to moscow, plastic surgery, a dude ranch.

Look. You keep trying to do them over. What are you gonna about? You can’t impeach him. So this is gonna what? What are you wanting? Esta mujer es admirable 👏👏👏💪💪💪👏👏👏 Stay focused on the Russian bounties places on the heads of our military! Are they Has Beans? 😂😂😂 Potus PotusOffspring Simple gesture of a person without ethics

IvankaTrump realDonaldTrump 🤡🤡🤡 IvankaTrump Karen Do regulations prohibit an employee from trying to destroy a company? Like the freshman congressman from NY calling for a boycott targeting Goya? Fake news Hard to believe you could once again be so irate over something so innocent. Obviously you pick whatever narrative you want but the normal people of America can’t stand you ABC and Ivanka is a very good inspiration.

Adverts!!! Adverts!!! Adverts!!! I hv confidence in you!!! Hussainkc22 Hussainkc22 Hussainkc22 Hussainkc22 Hussainkc22 Hussainkc22 Follow back and Retweets🙏 Ivanka is NOT an Employee. Where's the personal gain? The article itself POINTS OUT 'Trump shared the image amid calls to boycott company Goya' His motive was to 'stand up to' partisan bullies/MSM - NOT FOR PERSONAL GAIN... We are not taking your shit, then or now

Yeah BUT since when has that stopped her entire family? Lol LOL...What did she say about those beans? Idiots... FIRST OF ALL it applies to FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. She is NOT a federal 'employee' or a paid SES - nor acting in an official capacity when holding a can of beans IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PRESIDENT- you moron

She just duped ABC into free product placement advertising for Goya!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 IvankaTramp BrainlessBarbie If it's her personal account nothing wrong Haven't the Trump name been breaking rules from life began🤔😁😂nothing new folks🤣 Backlash? Oooooh I bet that taught her a lesson. Trump and Ethics used together equal an oxymoron.

Just add another count Shut the hell up she has good tast in food boring people who don’t know quality multi cutural food Evanka has good taste classy lady If it's a clear ethics violation, why is the backlash from the public instead of regulating authorities? They will give you gas and you will have to fart. A lot

10 gold star for ivanka star Against ethics to hold a can of beans? We'd better change the rules then. That's silly. The Trumps are complete trash Headline: Butthurt liberals cry as Brand survives their threats Trump2020 'I like them black and in the can. Jared likes to watch me eat them.' I see the problem, you’ve tried to put the word ‘ethics’ with Ivanka.

Black Beans Matter you bastards! What is the issue here? Goya Beans are nutritious! This is so important isn't it ? Nothing more pressing or important to our nation than Ivanka sticking up for a Hispanic company being trashed for not hating the President. Does National Geographic natgeophotos_ have a category for Ivanka's Goya photo?

Ethics? No one in that family knows what ethics are! Or dignity, respectability, class, honor, all those things that money can't buy! Didn't use video footage from a KY shooting range and said it was Syria? Whats with Goya that Invanka want to endorse? Is she the new Goya Ambassador 🙏 Portland is burning by the hands of communist thugs and this is what you post?

Ivanks posed with Goya beans? WHO DOES THIS BI^CH THINK SHE IS? BEANS😠 BEANS!?!?!😡 I am an enraged left winger and I was JUSTICE!! I AM SO MAD! 🤬 OMG!!🤬 This will be the LAST can of BEANS she touches!🤬 -typical leftist Where was your ethics violation outcry back in 2014... Hypocrites Lock Her Up! On her personal, not work acct. She is still a citizen with rights. 🤔

Experts, Experts, damn experts. Calm down people, it's only a can of beans. When someone is making a fool of themselves why complain. Enjoy the train wreck. Lol. 🤔 New FEC filing: Trump Victory paid ~$400,000 to Trump Hotel in Q2 alone—steering over $3 MILLION in donations from presidential campaign donors to Trump family, properties & businesses with his 2020 re-election campaign & Trump MAGA joint fundraising cmte—$17.4M+ counting

Goya IvankaTrump If she's Trump's daughter, she must be corrupt, stupid and evil. Si es un hija de Trump, tiene que corrupta, idiota y malvada. How much is Ivanka and daddy Trump getting from GOYA to peddle their products. Is anybody going to charge these two for using the Presidency for self profit. This is a disgrace.


😂😄🤣 talking about ethics...didn't you kill & cover up stories for H. Weinstein? You are becoming more and more IRRELEVANT each day... Ethics? Rules? Clearly you have the wrong administration Yes and so man Conservatives saying other wise. Why is it Conservatives don't want justice on their own people but a Liberal/Dem they attack in seconds and demand the person is charged. Two faced fools. Deal with your people and we will deal with ours. Sadly one sided isn't Just.

You should see what Justin Trudeau is doing with taxpayer money. That is a real scandal God forbid she support this company. But elected democrats are free to attack and call for boycotts? Seems backwards to me Hasn't she done this before and nothing happened? Wonder why she keeps doing it? You know these people ask for forgiveness (if that) NOT permission to do shit right?

Why? It's unbelievable for Americans not to realize her despicable father caused the death of 100s of 1000s of Americans while he boasts saving 1000s. Even if it's true, do the math. No it wasn’t. She is an unpaid advisor to the President. Find some other flypoop to pick out of the pepper. wow!!!! Black Beans Matter!!!!

Wow!!!! Black Beans Matter!!!! Are GOYA beans “Kosher”. Just asking. Heifer. Throw her ass in prison ruth_wishart Let’s she her actually eat some🤢 Are Goya beans “Kosher”. Just asking. Good for her, plus they taste great! teamtrump2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 HEINOUS!! She used her own personal Twitter account so there was absolutely nothing wrong with what she did.

They may be right & I am sure it's being looked into. Hi boys and girls i eat goya beans and fart my ass off all day. YOU CAN TOO. Practising for January It would be horrible-if it was not so hilarious, What about Nancy Pelosi and her Jeni’s ice cream? Wouldn't that mean you would have to have ethics in first place for them to be violated? Just sayin'...

What about the BOUNTY on American soldiers? clear violation She loves to eat bean dog food. SHE CAN CHOOSE TO LIKE A PRODUCT, ESPECIALLY ONE THAT WAS HATED FOR POLITICAL REASONS. ALL SMART PEOPLE SHOULD BACK PRODUCTS THAT ARE PRO AMERICAN. FakeNews FakeExperts Goya's smaller competition, w/out whole sections of supermarkets devoted to them, w/out multimillion dollar ad campaigns, appreciates the Trump family's robust capitalist appreciation of the little guy. Goya so righteously deserves Presidential pimping on the public's dime.

Violation of ethics rules WTH all these Tyrant Governors & Mayors letting their cities be destroyed extending lockdowns for there political agendas when we know what the h*** is going on everybody needs to wake up & people are worried about a can of flippin beans 🤬 Ok but is anyone going to do anything about it

I’m sorry, but why do people think she’s pretty? She’s really not at all. What ethics ? She had sex with her father !!! Jail time Barbie thinks she's SO funny. Dolt And what the rep Ocasio is legal? GoyaFoods Congratulations you POS FvckGoya BoycottGoya BoycottGoyaFoods ByeGoya ByeIvanka BS that all nothing but hate and bull shit.👎

They’re probably only expert’s protected know, FREEDOM MOTHER FUCKERS! Look into it! Clearly they don’t care. They break they law all time doesn’t stop them. Seriously, no one cares. She is holding a can of food. But for some reason when a Congresswoman from NY, RepAOC, goes on Twitter and calls for a boycott of the same company major media outlets like have no problem with that.

Only one left! What a boycott!!! Can we stop pretending her and her husband aren't walking ethics violations .. and can she not pretend to have ever eaten food from a can They break the law all the time, why this? I call BS! Just more media divisive shit! You do know not long ago Pelosi posed in her kitchen with brand name ice you seemed NOT to notice that was similar? Try being truthful...

Hahaha haha let me get this right. picture with a can to promote (I understand) BUT her imbecile father literally killing 🇺🇸 no one bats a freaking eye!!!! Haha haha wake me up lol Fcking unbelievable!!! Beans?! At least Marie Antoinette let them eat cake! “Hi, I’m Ivanka Trump, a member of the President’s staff, and just like my father realDonaldTrump, I’m for sale to the highest bidder! “Please make me an offer we can’t refuse. (“I’m talking to YOU, Vladimir Putin...”)

The best thing we have ever seen. Is there a word for a Boycott that generates more sales? THAMMBNAS or the Hatch Act makes me be neutral and silent. The amount of stupidity on this tweet and comments of crimes is hilarious. TDS is strong in this thread. Illegal Servers, Spying, Framing people dont seem to bother these IDIOTS but a picture of Goya the many are just misled SHEEPLE.

Dumb as BITCH Get your Goya on! Baloney! GOYA! Charge her and then lock her up!! Skank do you think this was her stupid idea or daddy's stupid idea? Parscale blamed regardless. 🤮 Her chipmunk cheeks are stuffed with beans. That’s ok. There are bigger problems out there. Let’s move on. How about ‘faces the law’. I’m sick of this criminal con family!

Prosecute trump family doesn't give rats ass to the rule so don't expect anything coming out of this. violation of federal ethics rules? they will just laugh their ass off since they think they are above the law and the constitution 🤣 Who’s Iwanker Trump? So, was she fined? She above the law? What experts - Fake News ABC - what a bunch of maroons!

Earned praises for this Experts everywhere. When you don’t think you can be more embarrassed to be an America. realDonaldTrump VoteTrumpOut2020 VoteForOurLives BoycottGoya VoteJoeBidenToSaveAmerica beautiful and talented alex_markides Trump promoting books has been a clear violation of ethics rules. But this is what gets people to look now?

She should face prison time for such corruption! Pathetic , address the pandemic! Stop 🛑 with all this other nonsense address the pandemic IStandWithFauchi Wire less phone charger Dude,Stop baggering the lady,She likes that good fart sound. Lock her up; Trumps know no boundary and it’s clear none of them learned a damn thing in college. They lack common sense of right / wrong. Brazenly promoting beans while southern USA is inflamed w/ sickening, deadly virus is beyond comprehension. New President please!!!

😂😂😭😭😭 She just gon do what tf she wanna do huh? Does ivanka bite her nails? SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, NANCY PELOSI, PROMOS ‘JENI’S’ ICE CREAM ON THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN. anybody remember AOC telling everybody to boycott this brand? How in the fucking world is that not the same thing Next thing she’ll be showcasing is her voting machine!

The whole group doesn't have to live by the rule of law like all citizens of the US. They think they are above the law like royalty. Same genius that thought her father holding a bible up in front of a church would work. Her dad has not had Goya beans on his face but he has had chickpeas on his face You folks are such fools, msm

Would you be crying about it if she tweeted an image of herself and a Ford truck while visiting the assembly plant in Wayne, IN? Curious where the left's outrage begins and ends. She probably never heard of Goya. It's another money making scheme. That obscene family could pose naked and their supporters will love it.

And not one Republican will say anything about it. Where’s the outrage of Gym Jordan & Lyndsey Graham) Leftists trying to destroy a Hispanic-owned business because the CEO doesn’t abide by their leftist politics is a clear violation of the tenets of a free society. The Trumps are on the right side of this. You leftist FakeNews tyrants are not.

Imagine supporting this being the hill ur dying on. I’m not a supporter of the Left, but holy shit, I still think 4 myself & is Trump & his family nothing short of discount dictators. Their supporters say whatever they’re told 2, blindly repeating the same talking points. So sad! I support Goya now the left being racist towards latinos. But wait didnt the left say that Trump was racist towards latinos? Now I see the real truth and it's not Trump.

Clear violation. So do something about it FFS. Pfft, who gives a fluck? *It was a political statement. EatinBeansToOwnTheLibs Honestly I'm Mexican and I didn't see why this was offensive or anything. I doubt they eat those beans but they probably made a deal or took over that company. The Unanue family of New York City is the second-wealthiest Spanish American family in the United States, having a net worth of US$1.1 billion in 2014. In July 2020, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue said 'Americans are truly blessed to have a leader like Donald Trump.'

🤬 ABC News why the *F* don't you post something that really matters, like the poor children being murder with all the GD Violence going on in these Democratic Run Cities. Who gives a flying *F* about a her holding a GD can of beans for God sake... But AOC can tell people to boycott it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Nothing is ever done when ever the trumps break any kind of laws.... ridiculous

Im gonna buy some of their beans now, I honestly never had any. Fuck your ethics, neither party has any. Ethics rule was not written for someone above the law like her! What a mockery this family has made of the highest office. The US is such an embarrassment. I bet these kids don't eat Goya beans. GOYABOYCOTT IvankaBeans

I like it! This was a good can of backlash... Wtf who fucking cares Yet another illegal thing a Trump has done. But with them and their sycophants in power, who will prevent them from continuing to break laws? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? How is that violation going for Nervous Nancy “Experts” It is so what's the punishment?

Buy Goya. I’m glad *this* is not who I’ve chosen as my hill 2 die on. I don’t support Biden/Obama/Clinton so there goes 100% of MAGA’s counter-argument. The TrumpSheep are truly pathetic. They’d fit in better w/ N, Korea than as Americans. Nothing but blind devotion 2 Great Leader! Explain to me how a non verbal image is an ethics violation but a member of the house can push to boycott a company?

DaeKathleen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She is so low rent And... Trained from birth They couldn’t get their wall, so now they promote Goya 😂

Ivanka Trump Wades Into Goya Foods Row, Faces Accusation Of Ethics BreachI am a breaking news reporter for Forbes in London, covering Europe and the U.S. Previously I was a news reporter for HuffPost UK, the Press Association and a night reporter at the Guardian. I studied Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics, where I was a writer and editor for one of the university’s global affairs magazines, the London Globalist. That led me to Goldsmiths, University of London, where I completed my M.A. in Journalism. Got a story? Get in touch at, or follow me on Twitter bissieness. I look forward to hearing from you. Does she realize that when her father leaves office she will be irrelevant. The princess just stepped in another pile of poo with her Louie vittones IvankaTrump

Critics Want Ivanka Trump Canned After She Tweets Bizarre Goya PromoThe president's daughter may have violated federal code with the product plug. Yawn Add it to the list. We can only hope

Donald Trump Poses With Goya Products One Day After Ivanka Tweets SupportBoth pics may violate federal regulations that forbid government employees to use their positions, titles or authority to endorse products. Be that as it may, not one of those who have the power, have the b*lls to stop him either. Can you even begin to imagine the absolute BS that would have flown had this been Obama American politics is now the super power of utter hypocrisy and falsehoods. 😡👎🏻 'Managers and supervisors may take actions against employees, up to and including removal from Federal employment, for job performance deficiencies and/or misconduct.' So.. what.... We're all waiting. Lock them up

Ivanka Trump posts photo of herself presenting can of Goya black beans, critics explodeThey taste great ! ♥️ President Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, who serves as Advisor to the President, and her husband, Jared Kushner, who serves as Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor, each forgo their White House salaries. Goya Black Bean Soup is 'da bomb'

Ivanka Trump Promotes Can of Goya Beans, Violates Ethics StandardsIn her effort to make a can of beans the latest totem of the culture war, Ivana Trump appears to have violated the ethical standards for executive branch employees Cry more And we all know the Trump response! ZeroFucksGiven Again

Ivanka Trump backs Goya: By endorsing black beans she possibly violates ethics ruleCNN News, delivered. Select from our newsletters below and enter your email to subscribe. Might have? “Hispanic leaders” you are a joke cnn! Trump 2020 more than ever!!!! Ethics rule? Hahahaha, like they care or even know that they exist.