After delays, Trump on track to build more than 450 miles of border wall

The White House says the border wall will ‘substantially be done’ within the year — just in time for a reelection race.


After years of setbacks, President Trump is on track to build more than 450 miles of a wall along the southern border within the year, the White House says, making good on a campaign pledge as he seeks reelection

The White House says the border wall will ‘substantially be done’ within the year — just in time for a reelection race.

WhatsApp After years of setbacks, President Donald Trump is on track to build more than 450 miles of a wall along the southern border within the year, the White House says, making good on a campaign pledge as he seeks reelection. “The project will substantially be done by the end of the year or early next year,” Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, said in an interview Friday with POLITICO. “That was a promise, and it’s important that it’s now being accomplished.” Advertisement Since invoking an emergency declaration, the Trump administration has diverted enough money in 2019 and 2020 to build the wall in four locations along the Mexican border where most immigrants from Latin America cross into the United States, a White House official said. The White House will soon publicly announce how many miles it expects to be able to build before Trump‘s term ends. In recent weeks, even some members of the administration had expressed skepticism that the president would meet his goal of 450 miles by the end of 2020. Kushner said construction had been completed on 122 miles of wall as of Friday. “The project will substantially be done by the end of the year or early next year,” Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, said in an interview Friday with POLITICO. | Alex Brandon/AP Photo Speaking Friday at the White House, Trump touted the reductions in border crossings. In a meeting with members of the Border Patrol Council, the labor union for agents, he said areas where the wall has been erected are “virtually 100 percent effective.” “Illegal border crossings have dropped eight straight months in a row — that’s a big number,” he said. “Illegal crossings are down over 75 percent since last spring. And this is despite the fact that we have the strongest economy in the history of the country.” In November, acting Customs and Border Protection commissioner Mark Morgan told reporters that 78 miles of wall had been constructed — but that the U.S. had only replaced old, broken-down barriers. He said the next portion to be built would be in a place that had not had an existing structure, in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Trump made cracking down on immigration the centerpiece of his 2016 campaign, calling for a series of changes, including a border wall — a promise that had led to chants of “build that wall!” at his boisterous campaign rallies. But key pieces of his agenda have stalled and the wall promise remains largely unfulfilled. He continues to focus on immigration as he campaigns for reelection. “As we speak, a long, tall, and very powerful wall is being built,” Trump said in his State of the Union address this month. Trump tasked Kusher with taking on the border wall, as well as immigration legislation, at the start of 2019 after he became frustrated with the lack of success in the first two years. Trump asked Kushner at a meeting, “‘Why aren’t you working on immigration? That’s my most important topic. We don’t have a wall. We don’t have a fleshed-out policy‘ and the people who had been running it just hadn’t delivered,” the White House official said. Kushner met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan and Stephen Miller, a senior adviser who has an outsize role on immigration, to devise a plan, the official said. The four came up with 20 actions that involve regulations, diplomacy and technology to push the wall construction. “The wall is being built,” Kushner said. “We figured out funding. We figured out design. We figured out operationally how to get it done.“ Trump has gone through four DHS secretaries in less than three years as he struggled to find leadership he thought was tough enough on immigration. “The numbers were spiking like crazy and the people who were running it were saying basically saying there’s nothing we can do,” the White House official said. Morning Shift Get the latest on employment and immigration, every weekday morning — in your inbox. Sign Up Loading By signing up you agree to receive email newsletters or alerts from POLITICO. You can unsubscribe at any time. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Read more: POLITICO

BULL SHIT!!! Tax Payers didn't need a wall.. They need an honest President.. whyfund Alternative headline: 'Mexico To Pay For 450 Miles of Ladders'. And Mexico is paying for it? Correct? With money taken away from our Military. What a waste of money All the more reason to vote AGAINST him. Have they put in the mine fields yet? TrumpNotFitForOffice

Imagine where all that money could have gone. Look at the sun beaming BEHIND that wall! Why do you lie about this? Government papers say their has been 99 miles of replacement wall and only 1 mile of new wall built. Look it up! AMERICAN TAXPAYERS AREN'T ONLY PAYING FOR A BORDER WALL, TRUMP IS SEVERELY DIMINISHING OUR NAT'L SECURITY & COMPROMISING OUR NAT'L SECURITY INTERESTS BY DIVERTING DEPT OF DEFENSE $$ TO BUILD THE WALL TO USE AS A ELECTION PLOY TO GET ELECTED TO A 2ND TERM!

Besieged AG Barr knocks Trump but still backs plot to help convicted Trump aideIn a rare rebuke, Attorney General Bill Barr admits Trump makes his job harder by tweeting, but still stands by helping convicted Trump aide, Roger Stone. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on why Barr is trying to quell the bipartisan firestorm over stepping in to “take charge” of the Stone case by reducing his sentence and why Barr is essentially saying he backs the plan but just don’t admit it on Twitter. lovetogive2 AriMelber You should let the BBCNews know this, as their reporting is channelling Lou Dobbs. AriMelber Why did bill Barr's father hire Jeffrey Epstein to teach children when Epstein didn't have a degree? Could Epstein have blackmailed the Barrs (father and son) into it back in the 80's? Does Trump now hold that blackmail? Is that why Epstein was 'suicided'? Hmmmm AriMelber This is a bit more like it. Earlier it was Barr v Trump. These crooks are all in the loop.

At a great cost to our Military. The southern border stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the pacific - and they say 450 miles is “substantially done”? Lol Lies Lies and More Lies I want to know what companies are building this wall and how are they financially tied to trump, inc. When was Mexico going to be getting out their checkbook? 🤔🤡

The fact that it's only 8 months until November makes this headline a joke. I guess we will keep pretending after 3 and a half years of this lie. The White House does a lot of lying, obfuscating, obstructing, and fantasizing. We are still waiting for a lot of the events and developments announced by the White House to actually take place. Infrastructure week? Part 2 of a physical? Intelligent life in the Oval Office?

It’s a fence Not if wind has its way It's a fence.

Trump tweets about Barr interview after AG complains about Trump tweetingThe president asserts that he has a “legal right” to ask the attorney general to intervene in a federal criminal case. Demonstrating who's boss Hot doggie! now we aren't getting anything outta barr today. They both need to RESIGN!

😡no matter how many scared lands they have to blow up or how stupid the idea How much is it going to cost to tear it down? Tear it down Waste It looks like a picket fence. How much did this thing cost the military? We should never forget the 'Mexican will pay for the wall' why taxpayers dollars being wasted in this manner?

But no healthcare or gun control Just another thing to add to the list to be dismantled after November. VoteBlue2020 Good. So if the wall solves all immigration problems, why does Trump need a second term HOPEFULLY ALONG WITH THIS GREAT BEAUTIFUL WALL, WE WILL UPDATE OR PORT OF ENTRY WITH NEW DETECTION SYSTEMS LIKE FACE RECOGNITION & E-VERIFY. DRUG DETECTION IS A MUST ALONG WITH TRAINED OFFICERS FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING AT THESE PORTS OF ENTRY.

Barr tells Trump to stop tweeting about Stone case; juror calls it 'appalling'Attorney General Barr tells Trump to stop tweeting about Roger Stone case, saying in an ABC interview that the tweets 'make it impossible to do my job' The Banana Republicans Like he was doing it to begin with, smh

In time to please his fearful nervous base. 🤦🏻‍♀️😑 Sure, with the American taxpayer footing the bill with money siphoned off from the national defense budget. ...assume there will be a mass over the wall event from Mexico...ladders, these newfangled camo-ladders, with full press cover to demonstrate, you know, the epic waste and lunacy of this boondoggle....just before say November 2020...

I wonder how much it will cost to take down the wall once this nightmare is over? How about putting the guy who's causing all the problems in government on the other side of the wall. Will it fall down? Barring any strong winds. Follow the money. Who is making the cash for construction? Just in time to FALL DOWN AGAIN... WASTING MONEY... ACTUALLY, THE PROMISE WAS THAT MEXICO WOULD PAY FOR HIS WALL...NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE... SO, THE PROMISE WAS NOT KEPT...PERIOD realDonaldTrump POTUS you failed on your promise!

Where is all this money really going to? trump keeps ripping off diff departments. He gives contracts to buddies or ppl who will give him kickbacks.

Donald Trump loosens America’s restrictions on landminesThe Pentagon says it will only produce and use landmines which can self-destruct, but experts are sceptical only produce and use landmines which can self-destruct Is that not what a fucking landmine already is? Land mines are unethical. Kills and maims the innocent long after the wars have ended. Disgusting to even consider it. Self-destruction is not guaranteed. Dead kids in the future are with land mines. Once upon a time we developed weapons to win wars, not avoid offending the sensibilities of the Whole Foods crowd. You have to kill people to win wars.

And said wall will collapse w the wind again because someone claims he's a great builder And it'll be destroyed and taken down within the first year of any legitimate democratic president. 'Democrats tear down the wall.' How's the wall in Colorado going? 🤣 Only 1,500 more miles to go loser Building a wall & securing our borders is necessary to prevent the invasion of illegals from entering America . America has troop's all around the world to prevent instability from occuring at a cost of $Billions$. When it comes to securing it's own borders complain complain.

Just in time to fall down before November. Just in time for all the hook and latch ladders going up to get people across this garaguatan waste of money. Let’s not forget all the homeless veterans. And this madman wants a wall to please his base. We have so many more important issues to address. If we have so much extra money in the military budget, why aren’t we using these funds on Americans at risk? Why aren’t we using this for

No escaping:🎺🤡 666 moving forward cashless days ahead, path leading to armageddon 👊 Aside from the fact that it's hugely expensive (Mexico's not paying), national security funds are being diverted, it's ugly & pointless, and has ONLY political purpose...

Fact-checking the false claims Trump made in defending Roger StonePresident Trump made a series of false and misleading claims in tweets and public remarks Tuesday and Wednesday related to the government's handling of the legal case involving Roger Stone, his longtime adviser. Here's a fact check. CNN “fact checking” Is like a prostitute preaching morality He lies all the time! Lies. He lied. He bullshitted. Call it what it is, dammit!

I hope the wind blows them all down. First and foremost, our national security has been comprised by the actions of a madman. He kills a general without approval from Congress, now he wants to steal money from the military to build a wall only he wants. Our highways,bridges, schools,and climate change...

BuildTheWall But Mexico isn't paying for it. US navy ship building is paying for it. Billions transferred from military budget for the wall, at Trumps authority to get it done in time for election. So when he claims he kept his promise, he will still be lying. Secure As Ever!🤣 TrumpNotFitForOffice building it with tax dollars meant for the military........because of course the soldiers in Iraq with brain trauma don't need anything but a couple of aspirins

Sure. 🙄 The military, not Mexico, is paying for it. I thought Trump liked the military, I guess not. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ 🙄 ::rolls eyes all the way to the back of my neck:: And Mexico is going to pay for it? Right. There is only 1 mile of new wall built. The rest is just replacing what was already there but fell down..... and wasn’t a massive tunnel with an elevator just discovered? Why are we worried about people going over and not under?

After Stone Case, Prosecutors Say They Fear Pressure From TrumpPressure from President Trump in the case of Roger Stone has rattled prosecutors around the U.S. and raised worries about the Justice Department's future Everything is illuminated!!! obamaSpyRing looks too shaken!! obamaLegacy DrainTheObamaSwamp Another misleading and sleazy headline from fake news

That's laughable on its face As well as the production of long rubber ladders lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 propaganda wall. I hope hispanics tear the wall down for scrap as fast as trump steals the taxdollars to build it. This is a nation of immigrants, that built america. And hispanics are a large part of our hemisphere neighbors. Trump hires marries foreigners has anchor baby kids. Abuses latinos

And stole every dime out of seniors and military pockets to do it 3.8 billion could do alot for fix homelessness. But no trumps budget cuts a trillion dollars from social security, healthcare, and housing to feed trumps corporate welfare donors, then 3.8 billion from military4wal wall is a waste of time & $$. put that $$ to good use here in this country & Trump will be seen as a great president, not the guttersnipe he really is. $$ should be used for health services, food services like CHIP, education to lift people up out of poverty, etc.

Oh really? Who’s paying for that wall? This is an obsession. He did not make good on a his campaign pledge. Mexico isn’t paying for it. Our military families are. He didn’t promise that did he ?!?

Media. We need the back story here: who got the contract? How awarded? How much? And more... He also promised that Mexico 🇲🇽 would pay for it. It's national defense. Let the military build it. It's green now. 👇 Funny how progress on the expensive, unnecessary, useless wall only happens when DJT needs attention.

Article doesn't mention miles of new walls blown down by recent high winds. The wall is a 14th century solution to a 21th century America. 👎 Yep, after 3.8 billion in military funding being allocated, yes we can build a wall. Unlike Mexicos' paying for it with 'redemption'. A wall easily defeated with off the shelf tools provides guaranteed slush funds to CONtractor$.

Trump's big beautiful Mexico-financed 30' concrete wall is a taxpayer-financed fence that falls over into Mexico when sparrows land on it during a spring breeze. The White House says 🙄 I’m in Australia and I smell the bullshit from here.... By taking the money from the Military that has professed his Love ❤️ of military and veterans.

Except he said Mexico would pay for it! How much is this costing the taxpayers? Not the rich people who got tax breaks. So Mexico is paying for the wall? sure, uhuh, okay, thanks. Our Troops , and their housing be DAMNED! good Obama made good on his which was NOTHING Bet this is a bold lie... The border is much more than 450 miles, and the wall blows over in a strong wind. So WTF

Did Mexico send the US a check we don't know about? and Mexico isn't paying for it in any way, shape or form, despite what the liar in chief says. Ah HAHAHA! anyone calling this flimsy FENCE a wall is a moron. It can he cut with a $29.00 Harbor Freight cordless Chinese disk grinder in about 1.9 minutes.

Wall is more a prority than healthcare? Disgusting, Shame on him. We have more homeless in the streets, no healthcare, and they spend money on a worthless wall! Many Texas ranchers are opposed to losing their land. What about the tunnels? IDIOT I hope when a Democrat comes they bulldoze that entire f—-ing Wall!

RacistInChief realDonaldTrump & WhiteSupremacist WhiteHouse waging war on brown people! “Illegals” are awesome for trump hotels as he loves his cheap labor but needs to throw his racist base some bones! It’s not about “border security” it’s about scapegoating/ racebaiting!

Destroying the beauty of our country along the way. This is not who we are. HES the first person elected to any office anywhere, that actually did everything he promised to do during the campaign. Even tho he had to fight the entire media/dem machine, willing to destroy him to thwart the will of the people, he soldiered on. Glad I'm around to c the GOAT!

'...the White House says, making good on a campaign pledge as he seeks reelection...' If Mexico hasn't paid for it then that's not making good on any campaign promise, it's a lie. One of over 16,000 So sad and disgusting! MEXICO WAS GOING TO PAY FOR THE WALL! He DID NOT MAKE GOOD ON HIS PROMISE. Mexico did not pay for it. Revise the erroneous headline.

AaaachBullshitchooo 🤧 He’s not making good on a campaign pledge unless Mexico is paying for it Yeah...except MEXICO DID NOT PAY FOR IT! It is coming from Defense spending time. Taxpayers are paying Key words here are “the White House says.” He pledged Mexico would pay for it. He lied. He is stealing money from our military families to pay for it.

Wait, you know Trump and the WH lie. As of December 2019 they had built 3 miles of new wall and 90 miles of replacement wall. And one burst of wind will knock it all over. Making good on a campaign pledge? Is Mexico paying for the wall? Horrible. Let's hope Mother Nature gets rid of it. But taxpayers are paying for it so it’s not exactly making good on a campaign pledge.

Just gonna leave this right here By stealing from the military budget 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 The wall is to keep people in!! The wall is to keep people in!! We have crossed into authoritarianism Ha ha, RealDonaldTrump , you might want to start with that beautiful fabulous section you already built that blew over in the wind.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 and having Mexico pay for it 🤣🤣

Avenatti goes down, wall goes up. Trump just keeps on winning. I seem to remember that the campaign pledge was going to have Mexico pay for the wall. I guess Politico doesn't remember that part of it. Would that be new wall or repair to the wall that has fallen down from high wings? No” not making good on his campaign promise” when Mexico has not paid a penny for it! Tell it like it really is!

Only by taking money congress approved for Pentagon, and 45 has re-appropriated for his wall. Building the wall at the expense of military money. The one that fell $$$ taken from other areas/that will be ineffective & useless Build the Wall!! 1300 miles to go. Without cost overruns (there's always overruns!) Should be about $50 billion. Hmmm. And, we can't afford Medicare for All gtconway3d aarp Boomer MedicareForAll Trump2020

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂it’s February...we will see about that...lots of illegal and corrupt hoops to jump through he is taking money away from veterans to build a crappy wall that falls down when the wind blows. Waste of money! ...on money taken from the DOD. AliVelshi Susan_Hennessey davidaxelrod thedailybeast HuffPost

tRump just took 3.8 B from the military. So all you militarily personal you vote for the moron and there will be no military left. Remember Mexico was going to pay for the wall.WHAT HAPPEN tRump. Digging up Native American graves and monuments along the way. What a great American aye?! 'Making good on a campaign pledge'?!? How f-ing disingenuous. His pledge was for Mexico to pay for the wall; not American taxpayers. What a bunch of shills!

I wonder how effective the wall will be? Did they instill bars below the wall so no one can dig under the fence? And I wonder how easy/difficult it is to climb over it. Billion of dollars for his political image. In a few months it a dead topic if it isnt already, the wall was several news cycle ago. I thought his pledge said Mexico was going to pay for it. Why are we paying for it! Trumpelthinskin a liar I think maybe he is!

And it will fall down with a little wind. Waste!!! Does this take the place of the new infrastructure? How’s that vote taste, Texas ranchers? “The project will substantially be done by the end of the year or early next year,” Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, said in an interview Friday with POLITICO

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