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After Crushing Covid-19 Last Year, These Countries Are Getting Left Behind in the Recovery

Asian countries led the world in crushing Covid-19 last year, but now they are lagging on vaccinations and can’t afford to reopen borders

3/3/2021 1:15:00 PM

Asian countries led the world in crushing Covid-19 last year, but now they are lagging on vaccinations and can’t afford to reopen borders

Asian countries led the world in crushing Covid last year, but now they are lagging behind on vaccinations and can’t afford to reopen borders, suggesting their economies may take longer to fully rebound.

by 2.3% last year.But that success made it less urgent for many Asian countries to move quickly in vaccinating their citizens, since few are falling sick. Most countries in Asia have only vaccinated a small percentage of their populations, and most Asian economies won’t reach herd immunity until 2022, Goldman Sachs estimates. The U.S. and U.K. will likely have

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vaccinated half their residentsby May, Goldman Sachs forecasts.That could leave some Asian countries in a holding pattern, forced to keep their borders sealed since their populations have developed little natural immunity to the disease, even as swaths of the world reopen businesses and international travel.

“The irony of Asia being successful in controlling Covid-19 is…that Asia’s going to be later in getting to herd immunity,” said Andrew Tilton, Goldman Sachs’s chief Asia Pacific economist. He said the Americas and Europe could show the biggest economic gains over the next few quarters, while Asia rebounds more slowly—albeit from a stronger base—or in some cases deteriorates.

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Well yo be precise it was asian people and not asian countries. Unlike western people Asians obey plus they are well educated and this has nothing to do with Asian governments approach especially Chinese government China also introduced Covid to the rest of world. Writing from VN, nope. Replace 'lagging on vaccinations' with 'not in a time-pressured panic about self inflicted mass deaths' and 'cant afford' with 'dont want to' and you would be closer.

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