After Capitol siege, majority of Americans say Trump should be removed from office before term ends: POLL

Trump has just 10 days left in office.

1/10/2021 3:05:00 PM

NEW: An overwhelming 71% of Americans say they don't trust Sen. Ted Cruz to defend democracy, according to new ABC News/Ipsos poll, including 47% who don't trust him at all.

Trump has just 10 days left in office.

suffered during the attack. This includes 52% who believe he shoulders a great deal of the responsibility. Only 15% of those polled say that he bears none of the blame.The assault on the Capitol came as a joint session of Congress was formalizing Biden's Electoral College victory, which the president has assailed and challenged with unfounded claims of fraud over the last two months. More than two-thirds of Americans are not in agreement with the president, saying they believe Biden's victory was legitimate. Still, among those still refusing to accept Trump's loss nearly 3 in 4 are Republicans (73%). Meanwhile, overwhelming majorities of Democrats (99%) and independents (75%) think Biden's victory was legitimate.

Lawmakers want to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the Capitol Police officer who lured rioters away from the Senate chambers Justice Dept. watchdog opens probe of response to riot With partial blame for the Capitol attack, majority favors barring Trump from office

The poll also asked who among a range of prominent political figures -- such as Pence and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney -- Americans trust to safeguard democracy.Pool/Saul Loeb/Pool via ReutersVice President Mike Pence hands the electoral certificate from the state of Arizona to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, as he presides over a joint session of Congress to certify the 2020 election results on Capitol Hill Jan. 6, 2021.

With Biden set to take the helm in the White House in 10 days, after four years of a presidency animated by deep divisions, he is the only one with majority support on that question (53%). Still, reflecting the political chasm he will seek to overcome, there are divisions in how much Democrats (94%) and Republicans (14%) trust the incoming president to protect democracy.

Overall, Biden fares far better than Trump and congressional Republicans, with only 30% saying they trust the president to defend democracy and 31% saying the same of Republicans in Congress.MORE: Trump allies helped plan, promote rally that led to Capitol attack

For Pence, who landed in the center of Trump's crosshairs for rejecting his efforts to subvert the electoral process, there is slightly more confidence in him than the president when it comes to safeguarding democracy. After Trump relentlessly pressured an unabiding Pence to use his ceremonial role presiding over Congress' counting of electoral votes to hand the president a victory, nearly 4 in 10 Americans (39%) say they trust the vice president with protecting democracy.

One of the least-trusted figures is Texas Sen.Ted Cruz, who helped spearhead a failed effort to contest electoral votes in a slate of battleground states, including Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. An overwhelming 71% of Americans say they don't trust him to defend democracy, including 47% who don't trust him at all.

For Romney, the Utah senator who harshly rebuffed the efforts by Cruz and a handful of other senators to try to derail Biden's win, 41% trust him to preserve democracy.Erin Schaff/Pool via Getty ImagesSpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks during a reconvening of a joint session of Congress to certify the Electoral College votes of the 2020 presidential election in the House chamber on Jan. 6, 2021.

The Topical AC Unit Propped Up By Bricks Dangling Precipitously From ISS Window Ugandan presidential candidate Bobi Wine says his home is 'under siege'

Among Republican respondents, Pence performs best, with 73% trusting him, compared to 71% for Trump, 57% for Cruz, 38% for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and only 25% for Romney. In a surprising turn, more than twice as many Democrats -- 55% -- put their faith in Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

Congressional leaders in both parties also face a trust deficit among Americans. McConnell ranks the lowest of all the individuals included in the survey question about shielding American democracy at 22%. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trusted by almost twice as many Americans as McConnell, with 40%.

MORE: Missed warning signs and failure to fortify US Capitol bewilder expertsBetween congressional Democrats and Republicans, more Democrats say they trust the members who represent them in the House and Senate than Republicans. Nearly 9 in 10 Democrats (89%) believe in congressional Democrats to protect democracy, while 71% of Republicans say the same about members of the GOP in Congress.

The Supreme Court is most trusted with 60% saying they have a great deal or good amount of trust in the highest court in the land to protect democracy.This ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs' KnowledgePanel® Jan. 8 to 9, 2021, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 570 adults. Results have a margin of sampling error of 4.7 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 30%-27%-36%, Democrats-Republicans-independents. See the poll's topline results and details on the methodology

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Live updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations.

Nothing only racism Was this another poll 😂 Who cares ffs! It over... move on already. Dont we as a country have bigger issues to deal with. Who f*cking cares about what % of people agreeing with this or disagreeing with that... do something constructive!!! Who cares ffs! It over... move on already. Dont we as a country have bigger issues to deal with. Who f*cling cares about what % of people agreeing with this or disagreeing with that... do something constructive!!

3 in 4 republicans are still holding on to the coup! Traitors! 2/3 3 in 4? mathleteFAIL Ugh! Those who fed lies to the public for weeks about the election should be held responsible. Their continued, blatantly false spreading of election conspiracies caused this susceptible group to attack our democracy.

Anyone can create a poll that supports their narrative....what's the point? Media needs to stop trying to influence opinions and instead needs to just give unbiased facts to the people otherwise they're just doing a disservice to themselves and the people Those brainwashed from the “state” media. And that “poll” is definitely same percentage the other way. Around.

YEAH....THEY'LL REALIZE IT WHEN THEY ARE NEXT TO GET THE BOOT!!!! The very fact that 1/3 of the population believes there are any significant irregularities in the 2020 election in the face of all evidence is breathtaking. How any thinking person could subscribe to this belief staggers the imagination. These are outright lies.

Lies , he did nothing wrong. 😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣 This is FAKE NEWS! Recent polls show more than 55% of Americans believe biden will be president but that he was not legally elected! The rest believe president Trump will remain president Same pollcaster that polled Biden in WI at +20? Well, Trump has lost 64 law suits now. FBI and Bill Barr, and all secretaries of state say no fraud. Recounts say no fraud. 100% of Americans should believe Joe won a legitimate election because the plain truth.

It’s because our media is illegitimate. ABC news for example are liars! They do not report the news. They send their own personal messages!! Our media is destroying our country. Here's another one! Oh wait... Trump lost the election. Period. And the insurrectionists must be held to account for the attack on our Congress and the votes of 'We the People.' 'Having lost at the ballot, one cannot have resort to the bullet.' -- Abraham Lincoln.

Nothing wrong with being believers; doesn’t mean they’re correct, especially with the voter fraud and evidence overlooked and ignored. And who actually believes MSM anyway. You do know this includes FoxNews. 2016-2020? Russia, Russia, Russia fake news as usual And, the other 1/3 are lost souls. Where was the report that 2/3 of Americans thought Trumps 2016 election was legitimate? And 3/4 Dems refuse to accept HRC electoral defeat. Instead it was 4 years of resist, not my president, etc... by the news media.

You know the funny thing about what happened on Wednesday? Everyone of those die hard trump supporters (1000's from all over America) who stormed the capital building are going to be charged and found guilty of treason! Which means they will never be allowed to vote again! 🤣🤣🤣 I believe Biden won the election even though he showed up in public less than Punxatawney Phil. I believe TheDemocrats cheated in every way possible to make sure Trump lost. I believe the cheating was coordinated. I believe national media willingly assisted the democrats.

Load of SHIT That’s a total lie! Over 74,000,000 people voted for him! That’s almost half the country! Nice try tho .... idiotstrumpwon2020 His victory is Americas loss. EAM LOYALISTS: RED1: POTUS twitter removal RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US] RED3: CLAS movement PELOSI or PENCE RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control.

I worked for ABC TV and Sports for years as a photographer. Pull images of him. Hasn’t the past five years shown us that polls are BS? So ...Is the country controlled by politicians or by American people? In other words, is the US a democratic country or an 'elitism' (aka autocratic) country?

Privilege people believe everything should go their way or something is wrong with it. I love that fake news headline. It should say: 'the majority of Americans we handpicked to agree with us.' You realize that you guys are shown to be wrong on nearly every 'poll' you conduct repeatedly? Media like you is a tumor on society. Nothing but propaganda for potatoes.

GOP House & Senate have no business opening their mouth about anything, partisanship & blind loyalty allowed Trump 2 stay in office after the 1st impeach, now GOP says no jail, Dems u'll create waves, fu fools u don't deserve 2 stay in office. DEMS its time 4 Jail & out w Fascism Holy shit - almost 30% of AMERICANS think Biden’s election was not legitimate!!?! That’s 100,000,000+ people!!!

The better way to word this is “1/3 of Americans are dumbfcks who believe GOP lies” BS another lie Yep. Still not buying your corrupt lies First off! No one gives a SHIT what or how Republicans feel! They’ve shown America how they feel about this country last Wednesday! Polls are straight up garbage! There’s no legitimacy in them!! They continue to prove that!!

And the China virus was fake Those terrorists that stormed the capital paint a very clear picture of the kind of garbage trump inspires It’s funny and fake Trump didn’t lose Because it was!! 2/3 Now LMAO Half, HALF The G.D. Country Disagrees With THAT Assessment. Nobody With ANY Sense Can in Fact Take this 'win' Legitimately. If YOU Can't Use the Word AUDIT Then you have ABSOLUTELY no idea what free & FAIR Means.. TRUTH WILL FIND THE LIGHT No Matter How Long it TAKES

Almost as this has happened before but in reverse. 🤣No one believes American polls! The poll takers have proven themselves either utter incompetents...or only conduct polls in demographics that will deliver desired propaganda.😉 AlwaysBroadcastingCommunism delivers news like CCP party line propaganda pitches. ☭

Why wouldn’t it be legitimate? There’s been ZERO evidence to the contrary! In other words anybody with AN IQ over a DUNG BEETLE............ don't believe BULLSHIT Nice math on your poll. Someone really pounded the pavement with that one. America's global credibility on elections and democracy just died forever. The world is laughing at the blatant fraud. Oppose the illegitimate Biden admin at every turn Resist

I wasn’t happy when Trump won in 2016! But, I accepted him as my President! Country above President!🇺🇸 Wrong 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 legitimate Hahaha Bullshit And that my fren is democracy,,,, doesn’t have to be true u just need majority to believe The most false bullshit I ever heard, the crowds were small, it was a racist attack on a civilian President. Why would we the people ever trust the government. It was all planned. The best brainwashing technique ever. To many videos indicate corruption, I will never vote again.

Republicans are toxic at this point Some of us have read the affidavits. Reviewed the statistics post election. Look at historical concerns abt the election machines.Watched documentaries. Read election law treatises & warnings abt such an event. Knew what could happen if absentee ballots chain of custody ignored.

Fake news! Now it's 2/3rds You must have took a poll after the Twitter purge 🤷‍♂️ Damage control Because republicans believe their own eyes and follow data intelligence instead of the Communist news media and Big tech censors FakePolls ABC poll Fake news False. Not a matter of belief, it is a fact. Oh y’all doing Polls again Lol

This is false news It was stolen. Sorry not sorry. You mean two to three americans? Because we know that bidencheated but communism is good let's embrace it Then 2/3 of the people haven’t considered all the legitimate questions? Imagine being a democrat and this upseting you after spending the last 4 years using Muh russia to do the exact same thing you are complaining about in this article.

This poll brought to you by dominionvoting Systems! Dominion, the most trusted name in voting, “No seriously we are legitimate”! Should be 90% of Americans accept Biden’s victory. Is it lack of education, leadership, or character? All of the above cannot believe ABC, CNN.. anymore SHARE/READ/FACTCHECK:View USNatArchives 2020ElectoralCollegeResults files of US StateGovernor/Electors/Chairperson/Secretary's SignedAndSealedProclamation of 2020CertificateOfAscertainment & 2020CertificateOfVote OfficeOfFederalRegister⬇️

So 1/3 is literally brainwashed...we’ve got a lot of work to do I can believe the sky is purple all I want but ITS NOT What a bullshit article this is. Piss off. Fake news and fake math 🙄 Cupcakes and Snowflakes .... Hillary people always accepted the loss - it was always the media And politicians who pretended the voters didn’t accept it Most people just wanna move on

The election is over. IMPEACHBIDENHARRISNOW Your poll is as accurate this time just as much as the time you said crooked killary was the next president. Go Brady Go PelosiLovesTrump These polls are always done on the east coast, polling the same people and just wondering if they get paid. It’s just a theory but I don’t think it’s too far from the truth, just saying.

2/3 are idiots then ! Why hasn’t abc done the story on Arturo d’elia arrest in Italy for fixing the election ? google it and see for yourself Didn’t know there was that much Kool-Aid. And 74 millions believe hat hit was most rigged election. Belarus President Lukashenko just jealous Majority rules. Republicans need to focus on the future, not the past. Otherwise they will have no future and be stained with a terrible past.

Deep deep inside they really know that biden won, they just can't wrap their 1955 American minds around that fact. How for God’s sake can you prove it? I think that was pushed in their heads by Fox! Take them off the air! Lies 24/7! Was bound to happen! False Please Read- senators and house are seizing power unconstitutionally

Most find it difficult as did the opposite party four years ago! Only they weren’t banned from apps for speaking out as Americans now are. Where is the justice in that? Why are Democrats considered better? Then three of four republicans are idiots It’s only the insane people who don’t can’t we get some of those people committed to psych ward? Get them anti depressants ? Trumputin supporters need to be baker acted ASAP

That’s still far too low fake news Praying for The USA, hard. In Jesus’ glorious and wonderful name. There's an old saying: 'A cowboy hat is not enough to be a cowboy. You still have to have something to put this hat on'. This saying can be fully applied to Donald Trump. It's a cult If he was any kind of a man he would stop this right now and admit he was lying about election fraud and he recognizes he lost fairly.

TrumpIsACriminal That 15% is more than enough to subvert our democracy through violence. This must stop. Demand that your elected representatives tell people the truth. If they don't comply, organize at the grassroots to vote them out. You mean the destruction caused by the professional protesters? The ones that dressed up to look like Trump supporters? He went on social media to denounce the 'riot' and told everyone to go home in peace. But it was taken down and no one(MSM) reported on it.

Fake news 15% of 330m - that's a hell of a lot morons He told the people to fight for their rights. He did not tell them to break into the Capital. Election was a fraud and now the dems are taking away our freedom of speech before they even get in the house. Add me to the15%. He bears no responsibility.

67%? I don’t remember taking a poll TrumpisGuilty LockHimUpNow 45TransitionToPrison AmericaFirst ByeByeTrump FUCKTRUMP DictatorTrump LoserOfTheCentury 67% Americans blame Press! IMPEACHMENT NOW! IF THEY PUSHED A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE 8 DAYS BEFORE ELECTION 10 DAYS IS ENOUGH TO KICK THAT TRAITOR OUT!!!

Bull💩 Yeah and those 15% are total idiots that have no brain What percentage goes to Rupert Murdoch media? Trump bears none of the blame. Second, I don't see what the problem was in the crowd rushing the Capitol. They were about to ratify a corrupt election. A rigged election is grounds for overthrowing the government. Shouldn't the people of Venezuela overthrow Maduro?

I agree. It’s quite obvious. Now Mike Pence needs to show his loyalty to his Country and the American People by involking the 25th. Trump already called him every babe b in the book and Trump is no Profit.. So get over it SpicyTricia See this is where polling questions become important. If they'd asked the 15% if he deserved *credit* they might have gotten different answers. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

Parler CEO Says Service Dropped By “Every Vendor” And Could End His Business No one asked my family has raise that 67% higher. Lies WE blame the hag for it ALL 75,000,000 people don’t feel that way. Quit spewing lies n hate. FakeNews And the rest are racist or not paying attention Antifa , BLM which should actually be called a bus load of (BM ) wait till the real truth hits you and your Press world is gone !

Impeachment is the ONLY correct response to the instigation of the attack on US Capitol. Impeachment will bar him from standing again. Any other action is woolly headed wish washy spineless reaction. Police Officer Brian D Sicknick should not die in vain defending the Capitol. Wow! Are these 15% (that say Trump bears none of the blame) the same people that Trump believes “would not find him guilty even if he was caught in a murderous act in the middle of the street”? If so, delusion is running amok! Too bad the article did not explain the 15% rationale

Where is the statistic? Did you ask each one of the Americans? Said the 15% that attended the breach . 80% OF THE WE THE PEOPLE BELIVE YOU ARE FAKE NEWS. In a poll of 100 democrats 67 percent pres trump is to blame.... Lol get outta here! From the beginning, he was like the pied piper. Those who weren’t independent thinkers follow him blindly, sadly some even to their death.

This guy should have never been elected to the seat of president in the first place That 15% are probably the ones who were at the rally. So 15% are radicalized, 67% get it and 18% are the self serving people you don’t want to have around, the kind that kills you to survive. Ur Court or what The first president constantly being impeached from the day he was elected, just for the fact that he was elected.

Fake News Fake news 👎🏾 👎🏾 👎🏾 Seems like a rat is talking. Get ready. And let's not for get guiliani and all the trump lawyers involvement in Frivolous Lawsuits that they knew were frivolous! Where is the Bar Association? 想了解 15% 那些人的想法。 No they don’t. That’s weird considering his approval rating went from 44% to 48% in the last week.

The house and senate broke the CONSTITUTION WHEN THEY WERE Sworn in they took an oath that said they would uphold the Constitution of the United States they broke that promise they committed TREASON AGAINST OUR COUNTRY. ImpeachTrumpNow Trump is bringing pootin's plan together. pootin's minions helped him into office just for this purpose. He had an only russian party in the oval office with pootin's operatives. We haven't determine how far pootin's arm goes up his backside to make trump's lips move.

33% Say BullSh_t ✔️ Ok. We are a Democracy. That’s a clear majority... Who else are you going to blame. Duh I Blame 100 percent Fake poll. All from democratic pollsters. 😂🤣💩 He is Not to blame. Seems no one can take their own personal responsibility for being human. Not being a puppet or led around by the nose.

In the end, it is not d years in ur life DAT is d life in ur years.. Av a wonderful day Democrat is to blame for 14 black children who black lives matter murder and biden said to let them destroy and murder. Republican’s do not want to divide America. Should have thought of that five years ago when you saw fat ass sliding down the escalator.

I blame fake news, Pelosi and Schumer, John Roberts, BLM , liberal mayors and governors who used violent protests and virus shutdowns to intimidate voters to vote Trump out. And impeachment meant to obstruct justice & cover Obama -Biden crime spree. of course 80% of the 62% are from out of country. ghost_kitty So the bottom 15% of the IQ scale.

He is not to blame. Those doing the raids are to blame. Seems like all those screwballs do no have the brain capacity to think for themselves and know how to control their actions. And Trump NVER told them to go break into places or riot and tare up buildings and beat and kill. 80% of that 62% are, of course, ILLEGALS

Americans are also extremely ignorant regarding their politics FAKE NEWS!! If your numbers are anything like your election polling then we know this is fake news as you have proven to look for data that only backs up your fake news. Try being impartial for once and I bet you get a different number. Da fuck you get your stats from?

Still got a solid 33%. That's a lot higher than I thought. 😆😆😆😆😆😆 No one asked me! FAKE POLLING BY RESULTS political propaganda from MSM He's scared s***less That's heartening. Bullshit that soros poll...again.. Rigged Poll ! The answers came in by mail and Dominion Machines! Far more do believe that Trump is responcibel.

Election was rigged Is that all!🤔 What's wrong with you people!?🙄 Social media is now controlling the news content. Is this democracy? I think not! And 100% of the 15% are classified as complete idiots who if given a litmus test to determine their cognitive ability to vote would fail miserably. Until it is ok again and we can go have holidays together in love

Media you sentence someone without trail . Request Public trail if he is guilty. BREAKING : Nobody believes you! Sorry! 🤷‍♂️ If it takes weeks. Months. Years. Decades. Centuries. Millenia. We will listen until its ok You know it amazes me that Republicans claim to be the party of law and order but now all of a sudden don't want anything to do with accountability. Trump and several Republicans incited what happened and they should held accountable for their actions.

Prime example of the BS that comes form a left leaning, activist media. This isn’t news, it’s PROPAGANDA! Id pardon all of them. They are upset. This is democracy. All of them deserve a right to speak . To argue. Congress will stay silent and listen. We are family. Everyone has the right here to speak their mind to their brothers and sisters

I wasn't surveyed..... did y'all ask ALL voters? Grateful_Jerry These are the type of Americans that hide behind a flag and rhetoric but they are in no way Patriots To disrespect our constitution and fair election the way they have! Fake poll and news!!! JoeBiden is a crook, no amount of coercion will make me, and many others accept the results of a stolen election

“Behold the storm of the Lord! Wrath has gone forth, a whirling tempest; it will burst upon the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intentions of his mind. In the latter days you will understand this.” EVERYDAY I WAKE UP REALIZING I HAVE BEEN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED, HAD EVERYTHING I OWN STOLEN ME, LOST 3 JOBS & BEEN VICTIMIZED FOR 3 YEARS! MY LIFE HAS BEEN RUINED BY THESE CRIMINALS. I DESERVE A FBI/FBIPhoenix/TheJusticeDept INVESTIGATION! WILL YOU HELP ME GET JUSTICE?

The people who know the truth know that Trump won the election. The half of America who depend on the news media for information are misinformed and confused. The news media is manipulating the public with deception. Your fake math doesn’t add up. Wake up people! Trump couldn't be bought and he knows too much so they need him out! He was trying to save our country. Corruption is bad. Watch this video and learn the TRUTH! The election WAS rigged and Trump did NOT incite violence!

Likewise they believed Jesus christ should be crucified and killed Him that still did not mean it is right wont be the first or the last time majority make a grave mistake. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the 15%. How you ask the questions leads to desired results. Has anyone ever taken one of these polls that News places always quote? Or even seen one of the polls? Or how about even know anyone first hand that had actually completed one?

you can say whatever you want to say when you silence the other side. shame on you! this is 1984 in the US. ironic. Yeah okkkk He needs to be prosecuted and removed from office! Sounds like many million believe it was rigged and stolen. That it’s less than 98% is a testament to liars and gullibility. 'More than two-thirds' is great when picking a winner on American Idol. For confidence in the legitimacy of our democratic election, that's not a very high mark.

Ba Bye!!!!!! Demacrats were pissed in 2016 after Hillary won 3 mill more votes and had to concede. Trumpers were ok then, but now are willing to storm the capital after losing more than 7 mill votes. I see the map you keep posting with the sea of red, but people vote not land. The American Right Wing is the scourge of the 21st century. It accounts for about 1/3 of the country's population. We all need to be very afraid.

Only the communist blame president Trump for the violent breach of the U.S. Capitol. President Trump is one of the best president ever. 10 more days preferably less😁 ABC is the 'News' (corporate media) that aired faked footage of the Syrian war trying to either dupe America into action, or lie to the public about The Presidents inaction. Either way it was propaganda from a 43% partner with China in Shanghai Disney

Deal with it! They also refuse to accept science Fake news You have the numbers backwards! Thats legitimate! scary that 3/4 of Republicans can’t do basic math e.g Count . Don't know who they polled, especially since so many voted for Trump. I think they just poll people in their office.. I've never met a person that's been part of a poll

why is not counting again? then maybe 99.9% could believe So only 109 million Americans think there was something fishy with the election. Lmao you said 2/3 Americans but obviously you asked democrat communist what they think 🤡 So 1/3 don’t? Thanks trump, this furthers your legacy of lies. You did make America great again though; Congress is blue, senate flipped AND we voted you out. MAGA actually makes sense ever since your were elected... irony is so sweet.

Shouldn’t we all think it was legit Not just two thirds? Fake news BECAUSE IT WAS LEGITIMATE!!!! This whole thing about the election being rigged was a ploy because he couldn’t admit defeat! Yet Republicans still protect him. They keep saying don’t impeach him. Let him off with no consequences. Why? The deaths of those people is on Trump’s hands. He gathered the kindling, doused it with gasoline, and lit the match.

7.5 million people support Trump 62%, 15% out of how many people you surveyed- should be included in your reporting. 99.7% of Americans think ABC News makes shit up as they go along, 84.2% of which believe main stream media shoulders the blame for escalating rhetoric and violence. Lies Pelosi and McConnell and AOC helped.

So you're sitting here reading fake news and commenting on it? Lol There is a difference between patriotism and treasonous actions! Patriotism upholds the law.... Treasonous actions break the law! He needs to be held accountable and responsible! Fake The 15% are the ones that were in the protest and stormed the White House.

WRONG the media and left are blaming the wrong people we all know this the media is a disgrace to America Biden is a disgrace to the human race Faked news corpse isn’t just a fad but a cultural setback, a reason not to breathe, the reason why our cruel world is filled with thieves. He’s the gift you never wanted, a hug from 69, nothing you’ve ever wanted, nothing you need.

And what percentage of not asked am I in this here bs survey? 90% think ABC is fake news Media controlling the news and numbers again It's needs to be 100% of Americans believing Trump should be impeached!!!!!! RemoveTrumpNow RemoveThemAll ArrestTrumpTerroristThugs Liars and if you’re asking what percent believes that it was Trumps action that caused the riots during the spring and summer...67% would say he’s to blame as well.

Network news IS the DNC. That 15% still have their Trump signs out. False Worst president ever ImpeachAndRemoveTrumpNow He is 100% responsible as any moron should know Polling CNN viewers again, eh? Only? Sad times in America! The system is so corrupt, minimum arrest, the president has gone mad, and his supporters screaming ANTIFA is responsible. Overall justice was not served no matter who is at fault.

Who did you poll? City of Washington D. C. should have him arrested before he leave the city limits for causing property damage etc., Fake News if biden truly wants to unite us, he should call for a special prosecutor (independently picked) to investigate all allegations of voter fraud, and order every cabinet nominee, governor and secretary of state to cooperate in every way.

Lying liars. BREAKING: releases lying new pill because they are in the pocket of the CCP. And every population has a group of Nutters. Fake news.. Quieren q trump no se lance el 2024. Sure.....not This just means 33% of American’s are idiots Ridiculous 15% are trump penis massagers I hope this means that those who have been blind now can see.

Pure indoctrination, they were breaking in before he even completed his speech! A lie is a lie is a lie! ABC News is full of shit. Those 15% are dumb Well that 15% are obviously retarded That 15% same type of people that sleep with their cousins Says the bias press let poll And the media should have to take some blame too. The msm has to take a lot of blame also.

Only 67?! How many people dead in Capitol. Tell the truth Obama was to blame for the Baltimore riots. Some twit actually told me I was lying and there were no race riots under Obama. Not everyone deserves to vote. Founding fathers required land ownership, which was a filter for an educated voter. 15%? That’s.... what. More than 1/10 people, think that Trump has no relation to it? What

AmericaIsToBlame Who participated in the coup? Who funded the coup? If you ask trump🙄🙄 Only 67%? MAGA My Arse Getting Arrested Pinocchio didn’t realize law would bite his arse Brooks Hawley Giuliani Meadows and Don Jr inciting demanding insurgent charge the Capitol building No self pardon or pardon of others its illegal if he’s indicted or impeached only to avoid prosecution

He bears 100% responsibility Whats the percentage that blames Demcorats for inciting violent riots all over the country for the last year? He is a worse person without empathy Not surprising. As it was unfortunate , however the mojority do not want him gone! Only the Democrats who are Desperate to hide their crimes!

Please remove the president from the WH before the end of his term. Do as you will - see you on the 20th Although it's obvious he's removed from office it doesn't really matter since it's only about a week and a half until that maniac is dumped from power. To be hated in America is to be Ted Cruz. ResignTedCruz

Cruz has lost his mind Don’t know where fraud news gets there polling, I bet taken, by more of one party, to get that silly. tedcruz HawleyMO LindseyGrahamSC senatemajldr how can any of these men be trusted to defend the constitution? One is as bad as the other. abc let's focus on the lot, not just the brown one (even if he is in denial of his skin color).

Idk who ever did? He must removed. Invading our capital cannot be tolerated. Yes he must be. Whaf he did was never something a sitting president should get away with. Wrong Oh god! He's in my town. He stoked the violence. SenTedCruz you let trump degrade you and your entire family for political gain and still no one likes you. 🤷‍♀️

I don't trust nobody in trumps cab they are traitors as far as im concerned Why did the police open the door for the protesters? Worst President in U.S. history 75 million people don’t trust your platform I think that’s more then your 71% No a majority of the country doesn’t not feel he needs to be removed from office. I find that funny as his approval rating continues to climb. So get your facts straight ABC and quit falsely reporting your own narratives and agendas.

False. Amazing I never get polled or surveyed. I trust him Only 71%? Interesting poll anyway is it possible swift transition with one of lists of your poll which I am very curious A mojority of the country or just the liberals? Fake News!🤡 Fake poll. Fake news Chilling to watch the different stages (lawsuits) of a “roadmap” that he and Rudy G. CLEARLY painstakingly planned out culminate with their pre-planned “last resort” which was to employ the gullible constiuents of his base to the Capitol on certification day.

Why you spreading hatred? Long ago,JoeBiden has started the war of words with POTUS and now it has turned into violence, and US media like you are equally responsible for spreading hatred speeches. Trump has more fans and is a great president, hope Joe will be better than him. The media again is making accusations with out providing proof. Similar to what they have done for the last 4 years

Just polling your lame ass liberal base i see Sammy_Hustle you know why this is happening? A message & warning needs to be sent to the next wannabe dictator. Like three people. Well get your tissue ready he isn't going anywhere Impeach him now Mega donors pulling support is all Republican lawmakers are actually worried about.

Only two-thirds hold him accountable? Are the other third at the store buying zip ties? Let’s do nothing like we have and let him stay in the WH for 10 more days so he can perfect his 2nd and 3rd coups. We don’t deserve a democracy bc we don’t have the will to keep it. His electorial defeat? That happened in 2016 when he stole that election. His un-impeachment then helped us determine 1. The extent of their crimes 2. Who were the co-conspirators. 3. So they could be placed in jail -impeachment is to lenient a sentence.

So around 34% of Americans believe Biden is an illegitimate president? That's a bit of a worrying number really, not sure your lead clause is the 'news' really: 1 in every 3 Americans don't believe in Biden's legitimatacy is the real news here. Scary when you think about it. Well yes as they all have been brainwashed!

Well we have proof that it wasn't. Trump did say , “ I love the poorly educated”. Naw fake news Cult_Øf💦Salty_MAGA_Tears💦 ❄️ STFU YøuLøst_NøwGetLøst ❄️ We can't move forward if Republicans continue to believe The Big Lie. Senators have to join together and assert that the election was not stolen and the conspiracy theories are based on a willful falsehood.

The other 1/3 are just clowns No it wasn't. He won by landslide for sure 👏🏻👏🏻 GOP ExpelTedCruzNow I wouldn’t trust SenTedCruz to walk my dogs. Nothing wrong in this democratic system if he got 51% votes in Texas. Yes, they really trust Biden. 😆 You can't understand why people trust Trump and voted for him? Has anyone running twitter studied biology, physiology physical and cultural anthropology? We are risen apes and not fallen angels.

No es lo q dicen los votos! Medios y encustadoras parte del complot... la Democracia y Libertad en peligro d extinción He is a snake! 29% dangerous people blinded by lies Lies. Fake push poll by fake news. Those three in four Republicans are just big cry babies because they're insurrectionist leader lost the presidential race. My message to them is suck it up buttercups. Next time select a better candidate to back LOL

Something is definitely wrong with us Americans. How can 30% still think trump can protect the same democracy he tried to destroy? I'd believe the national inquirer before your liberal bullshit. “Born without a Soul, Now without a Country” From a GOP perspective: This is president candidate material Cruz must be removed from office

MORE: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ranks the lowest of all the individuals included in the survey question about shielding American democracy, at 22%.