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After a Billionaire’s Pledge, Morehouse Looks to Donors to Reduce Student Debt

Morehouse unveiled a program last week in which the school will solicit donations that would go directly to paying off its students’ loans.


Morehouse College unveiled a program last week in which the school will solicit donations that would go directly to paying off its students’ loans

Morehouse unveiled a program last week in which the school will solicit donations that would go directly to paying off its students’ loans.

But the move takes on even more significance at the historically black college, where officials view it as one more tool to help its graduates reduce the

“We very much see this as enabling our students to more effectively and more powerfully fulfill the mission of the college, which is leadership and service,” David A. Thomas, the college’s president, said in an interview.

Mr. Antoine, 21, of Inglewood, Calif., receives financial assistance, has earned scholarships and has worked as a residential adviser while studying sociology at Morehouse. But he still expects to graduate with up to $50,000 in debt. He said his mother always tells him to follow his heart, but the knowledge of his outstanding loans sits in the back of his mind, and will play a big part in whether he pursues graduate school right out of college or works for a few years to save up the cash.

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How about they just lower tuition! Access to funds is whag balloons tuition prices. Horrible decision. They don't actually want to help the students. BolsonaroPresidenteAte2026 🙌 This is awesome. What is not is asking the rest of us to pay the “you made your choice” bad decision loan bills of folks that got great educations while the rest of us worked hard, paid our way and went to schools we could almost afford.

How about the professors and staff give back the money. What an ass-backwards way of thinking. What they should do is use those donations to lower tuition, but of course they won’t because they’re greedy as fuck and need as much money as possible to line the pockets of the higher-ups. Lower the G'dang TUITION and you won't have to do ANY of that!!!!

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Most college students would choose community college with a guaranteed $100,000 job over free Harvard educationWhile students would take the high paying job over a Harvard education, the majority of students would also prefer to take on $35,000 worth of debt to have a 'fantastic experience.' Well... yeah.... Harvard accepted david hogg. except the ones from PRC 😉

Harvard Streamlines Admission Process By Directly Growing New Students From DNA Of Top DonorsCAMBRIDGE, MA—In an effort to simplify and expedite the selection of top candidates for matriculation at the historic Ivy League school, the admissions department of Harvard University announced Tuesday that they would refine their process by directly growing new students from the DNA of top donors. “These adjustments will make the process much more efficient when in search of the best, brightest, and most deserving new Harvard students,” said Dean of Admissions William R. Fitzsimmons, who briefly outlined the process through which the DNA of all the university’s 1,000 most generous donors would be spliced together in order to create students who meet the most crucial qualifications for attending Harvard. “Those who have donated an entire building or a wing of one of our libraries will have their DNA moved to the top of the list, where it will be recombined with genetic material of a similar pedigree. This saves a lot of time we would otherwise spend tediously pretending to review applications, allowing us to focus on ensuring every student we accept is a good fit for Harvard.” Fitzsimmons was forced to cut the press conference short following the news of an explosion at the laboratory triggered by the volatile genetic mixing of a hundred-million-dollar donor and a political legacy. Ve Ri Tas If You Got The Cash Now this is the non-political Onion I know and love. 😂😉

Past-due student loans, credit card debt could weigh on U.S. growthMore people in the United States appear to be struggling to keep up with their c... Debt crises anyone? A lot of credit card debt in this country is so to no responsibility of the card holder and as far as the student loans go that is congress's fault because they let the federal government raise it at will every time the college's wanted to increase their price.

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