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Afghanistan’s Taliban Prohibit Girls From Attending Secondary School, as Boys Return to Classrooms

Teenage Afghan girls weren’t allowed to return to school as classrooms reopened for the first time since the Taliban reclaimed power

9/18/2021 11:52:00 AM

Teenage Afghan girls weren’t allowed to return to school as classrooms reopened for the first time since the Taliban reclaimed power

Taliban officials said girls may return to school once security concerns allow, echoing their de facto ban on girls’ education in the 1990s.

Sept. 18, 2021 3:48 am ETKABUL—Teenage Afghan girls weren’t allowed to return to school on Saturday as classrooms across the country reopened for the first time sincethe Taliban took power last month, raising fears that their new fundamentalist government will permanently ban secondary education for girls.

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The absence of teenage girls in classrooms, while their male peers returned, followed a decree issued by the Taliban on Friday ordering male students and teachers to return to high schools and religious seminaries. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Taliban officials previously promised foreign governments that they will promote equal rights regardless of gender. However, there are extreme concerns regarding the treatment of females such as restrictive clothing and not allowing teenage girls to attend school.cherribi who cares But Donald Trump said they would keep their word when they signed the agreement. Apparently all of his agreements are perfect?

Perhaps a strongly worded letter from the UN will fix it…. Afghan women are very much advanced to match themselves as per world's requirements. They do not wants miserable life. Their education is utmost importance. minus Great job biden! It's time the Afghan people stood up for their rights rather than look to the 'world police' for help. The country is full of cowards and militants.. What a polarised society! Rise up or shut up.

For girls they are planning to arrange separate sections in the education centers . Zabihullah Oh! but that's really very disappointing! I would never have ever expected such a thing from such noble gentlemen! So! Not the United States problem.

Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Continues Education And Training In Qatar After Fleeing Taliban DangerAfghan Girls' Robotics team members have escaped Afghanistan for Qatar, and began studying under scholarships this week. It was painful leaving their families behind, but the uncertainty of Taliban and other factors prompted them to seek safety and continue their skills training uninterrupted.

Blame this guy he caused it all Fundamentalist religion is evil - whether it be in Afghanistan, Texas or South Dakota. These are all the same oppressive misguided and evil people Build…. Back….. Better … oh well, let’s just up and leave them to the Stone Age and get on with our lives. husainhaqqani Fake News

husainhaqqani So called wonderful boys of POTUS45, POTUS and StateDept. Afghan never accept terrorist, illiterate, wild taliban IeaOffice as Afghan representative because terrorists taliban are imposed on Afghanistan by StateDept and Americans have been bombing the Afghan girls Girls belong in the kitchen.

They had a glimpse of the modern world- and are now back in the middle ages. Their countrymen did not defend them and went along with the patriarchy. Heartbreaking. But women are losing ground in the US as well. It is a worldwide backward slide for women’s rights. Ah, there’s the Islam we (media and cultural elites) know and love…!

Afghan women push back against Taliban restrictions with #DoNotTouchMyClothes campaignHorrified by the Taliban's strict dress codes for female students, an Afghanistan historian rallied women to share photos of themselves wearing traditional Afghan dresses.

Who didn’t see this coming? If anyone is waiting on the Biden administration to hold them accountable they should get comfortable. They are too busy telling us the 12k migrants are no problem and we should get ready for boosters we can’t get. LIAR MEDIA PROPEGANDA ONLY,I M FROM AFGHANISTAN Slowly Afghanistn heading for gloomy days ahead. What a pity.

Crickets from the left. But let’s focus on how sexist and terrible the “patriarchy” is here. Sigh If you are tired of losing your bets due to guesswork then follow betting____uk for sure tips. Thank me later Taliban fundamentalist terrorists do not keep their word or the minimum human rights? Incredible and unexpected ...

Why didnt they leave Afganistan when they had the chance? Send in the US coalition to liberate them. Oh wait.. nevermind.. horrible as expected

Taliban Deny Rift Within Ranks of New Afghan LeadershipMullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, now deputy prime minister, made a TV appearance to squelch rumors he was incapacitated after he didn’t attend a high-level meeting.

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This Teen Is Going Viral For Proving That School Dress Codes Are Inherently SexistThis Teen Is Going Viral For Proving That School Dress Codes Are Inherently Sexist “The teacher writes the girl up for her violation, but does nothing to him. Despite his protest of the unfairness of the situation, he is told to go back to class.”

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Taliban orders boys to schools; Vice Ministry replaces Women's MinistryTaliban asks all male students in grades six to 12 and male teachers to resume classes and appears to have shut down Ministry of Women's Affairs and replaced it with a department known for enforcing harsh rules. What about girls? Education for all. According to Islam suhailshaheen1 IeaOffice Zabehulah_M33 don’t believe anything Reuters says, can AfghanTalibans verify this news?If its true AfghanTalibans are causing a great damage to themselves. WomenMinistry should be run by honest Afghan women employees as this ministry can be a key… women under vice as per doha agreement.😀