Advocates spend $5.8 million to press for Democrats' voting bill compromise

Advocates spend $5.8M to press for Democrats' voting bill compromise.

9/23/2021 11:38:00 AM

Advocates spend $5.8M to press for Democrats' voting bill compromise.

The pared-down version of a more sweeping measure would include an Election Day holiday, same-day registration and 15 days of early voting.

Jessica McGowan / Getty Images fileSept. 23, 2021, 8:30 AM UTCByJane C. TimmThe progressive group End Citizens United and Let America Vote Action Fund will spend $5.8 million to promote Democrats' voting rights compromise bill with television, mail and digital advertisements in five states.

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A group of Democratic senators, including Joe Manchin of West Virginia, introduced a bill last week called the Freedom to Vote Act, a pared-the sweeping legislationDemocrats sought to pass earlier this year.The bill's fate is uncertain in a busy Congress: Republicans have opposed Democratic-advanced voting legislation, and some Democrats have been unwilling to amend filibuster rules to pass the legislation through the Senate without Republican support.

Sept. 19, 202107:33The advertisements, which start Thursday in West Virginia, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and New Hampshire, seek to keep the pressure on Democratic senators to pass the measure, said Adam Bozzi, the group's executive vice president for communications.

"We're at a point where we've got all 50 Democrats on a bill, and we need them to do whatever it takes to get this bill passed," he said.The legislation would make Election Day a public holiday, require that same-day registration be offered at all polling locations by 2024 and mandate at least 15 days of early voting for federal elections, among other provisions.

An ad that will air in West Virginia features an Army veteran thanking Manchin."I didn't serve to see billionaires run our country. And when politicians make it harder to vote, I take that personally. Senator Manchin won't have it, either," the man says."He won't let the old ways of Washington stop him from doing what's right. He's got a plan to crack down on corruption, end dark money and secure our elections."

End Citizens United and Let America Vote Action Fund has already spent $17 million on earlier ad campaigns, the group said. Read more: MSNBC »

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$3.5 Trillion Is Not a Lot of MoneyJoe Biden’s spending bill isn’t extreme, no matter what moderate Democrats say. EricLevitz writes EricLevitz Does he consider $30 Trillion in debt a lot? If not then try paying it off instead of adding to it !!! EricLevitz it's 350 billion a year. 3 suggestions close the tax loopholes after all the republicans do it everytime they get back in to make SURE the blue collar workers pay more than their share. tax churches. cut the military budget. that's at least 600 billion but all will be rejected.

Opinion | The Enormity of Manchin’s Skinny H.R.1From WSJopinion: Democrats started with a bad voting bill that was gigantic, and they’ve whittled it into a bad voting bill that’s merely enormous. It still deserves to die. opinion We Republican and Democrat need to stop the craziness that’s happening all across our Country! This continued surge of lies and deceit from the GOP Senators must stop & only we the people can stop them. I ask all Americans get out and vote them out while we still have a Country! opinion I am so shocked the editorial board doesn’t support easier access for voting. I totally couldn’t see this coming from a mile away. opinion Wish you focused more on the problem and not the desperate attempt as the solution. But Wall Street Journal is for cutting voting access to minority voters who now have 1 place 5,000 voters can go that now close at 5 knowing people have to work and can't vote early or after work.

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House Democrats add Afghan refugee aid, hurricane relief to stopgap spending billHouse Democrats announced Tuesday an additional $28.6 billion in disaster relief and $6.3 billion in Afghan refugee aid has been added to a stopgap spending bill that needs to passed quickly in the coming weeks to avoid a government shutdown.

Democrats See Spending Bill As A Way To Boost UnionsThe bill includes proposed fines and tax provisions that could steer more business to unionized companies and make it easier for workers to organize. Lead. But there are already unions in so many fields. Law enforcement. Professional athletics. Movies and television. Next you’ll be telling me we need more unions for restaurant workers, nurses, programmers, custodial staff, public transportation workers… Yeah because he is living in the 1940s in his mind. Companies and unions today don’t need federal government rule over them.

House GOP's infrastructure vote count could scramble Dem agendaIf House Democrats keep pushing their two-track plan for a party-line social spending bill and a bipartisan infrastructure bill, they can't expect many GOP passengers on that second train SpeakerPelosi aoc SenSchumer POTUS vp SenWarren We need to do something accomplish something. It is ok to prrsssure the selfishness of Sen_JoeManchin & SenatorSinema (we don’t want Trump back very dangerous playing w fire) Although we need to show something palpable soon The republicans need to see that Americans are watching and see them for the obstacle they are & WE AREN’T HAPPY. GQP will never support any bill that's for the people