Advantage Biden, with risks; Trump disapproval grows: POLL

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42% of Americans see Pres. Trump favorably overall, compared to 46% Biden. But more see Trump unfavorably, 55%, versus 48% for Biden, new ABC News/WaPo poll finds.

Trump's rating specifically for handling the outbreak is a nearly identical 46-53%, with approval down 5 percentage points and disapproval up 8 in the past two months. The margin worsens in terms of strong sentiment: The number who strongly disapprove of his work on the crisis exceeds those who strongly approve by 15 points, 43 versus 28%.. Forty-two percent of adults see Trump favorably overall, 46% Biden. But more see Trump unfavorably, 55% versus 48% for Biden.

That matters: Trump is supported by 73% of registered voters who say the economy is in good shape. Among those who say it's in bad shape, 70% back Biden. This appears in cross-tabulated data. We split the nation's counties into four equal-sized groups, or quartiles, from those with the most COVID-19 cases to those with the fewest. Among registered voters living in counties with the most cases, Biden leads Trump by 72-24%. In the second-highest quartile, it's 62-35%. In the third quartile, results flip, 53-41%, Trump-Biden. And in the quartile with the fewest cases, it's 60-38%, Trump-Biden.

Further, again among registered voters who support Trump, 69% are very enthusiastic about doing so. Strong enthusiasm for Biden, by contrast, is just 34%, a 2-1 margin for Trump on this measure – potentially important because enthusiasm can motivate voter participation. Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about the Coronavirus and the response to it at the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, DE.Among the many wildcards in the election is how voting will happen. The public by more than 2-1, 65-30%, supports making it easier for people to cast an absentee ballot or vote by mail instead of going to a polling place to vote. Twice as many strongly support such steps, 49%, as strongly oppose them, 24%.


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Fake news

polls show if these people can get out and do violent riots then we can go out and vote at the polls, There is no public support for mail in ballots only, How much is Soros paying you to say this, Your polls lied in 2016 and 2018 no one believes them, Your liars and frauds

God Bless 🙏 our great President! 🇺🇲

They support it because the media lies and says there is no such thing at fraud. Lol Fools

How anyone approves of this idiot is way beyond my comprehension!

Yes, we have noticed Media working hard to keep it that way.

That's bullshit.

Since almost everyone can wait in line to buy groceries, almost everyone can wait in line, show their ID and vote. If you must use an absentee ballot, why not require it to be notarized. What is the problem?

If people can RIOT in the streets people can show up in person to vote ! FOH with your stay at home ballots ! VoterIDNow

not happening

People should be in person and show identification. This way the DEMS won't be able to use names off tombstones, vote multiple times in several the 2014 election when college kids bragged about voting more than a dozen times. NO WAY DEMOCRATS, NO WAY CHEATERS.

Never. Nope. Not. No.

Hey why you not screaming at the trashy looters about keeping their distance? Covid bs not getting it done for you?

another fake poll

That's what happens when you sit back, watch, don't care and do NOTHING!! 🤔

How anyone could appreciate this man is despicable! To stand with evil is against humanity! You think that you’re winning but it’s a Pyrrhic victory! In the end you will be introduced to karma.

But Republicans don’t want more Americans to vote. If we all vote they lose. Trump tweeted that last week.

Wasn't that your goal... Congratulations on the riot masters....

But what about the patent that Ivanka got on voting machines in China? How can they win the election if people mail their votes in and don’t use ivanka’s machines?

Where are people getting free tv's

Really ABC News.

Underwater is a good place for him to ne

Did you mean the abc ratings?

Captain Trump forgot to close the hatch.

I only follow ABC to see what the enemy is saying.

realDonaldTrump haha approval rating down disapproval way up hahahahahaha

How his total ineptness gets even a single approval point keeps me up at night.

I have no problem with him all i ask is get these Violent protests under control.

How's Minneapolis fake riots (hired destruction) about? What happened to narrative COVID-19? What happened to social distancing?

It is SO disturbing that this many people approve of what this idiot is doing.

good. still too high...

💙Joe Biden2020💙Make police blue again America💙let's make laws to hold police officers accountable💙bring blue back to police polices and justice and equality for all

Yeah, ok. We still remember your 'Hillary is winning by a landslide' polls in 2016. LOL

Better than lazy SOB Hussein.

Poll next week after the Dem city implosion …

Bias Reports

'The only thing we have to fear is Trump himself.'

Fake news at a terrible time


The sad part is that 45 percent of people support this azz hole. How can anyone be so stupid? Lol.


Nobody believes your BS.

Is anyone really surprised? I’m not

Keep dreaming joe

The two best candidates america has to offer. This is a joke...

We need to get rid of the Republican party and the Democrat party. We need.people in office who actually care about this country and are willing to work together for the good people of this country.

Fake poll

CharlesMBlow 42%?!?! WTF?!?!

👴🏻JB: lock the SOB’s up & keep ‘em there for a long time; violent thugs & predators. BidenInsultBot

Wait until the debates, sleepy Joe will gaff the entire time and Trump will eat him alive

Man please! JoeBiden2020 RidinWithBiden

Register Trump voter WTF is that

I think you need to do the math on your poll - 87% plus 74% equals what?

That tweet makes no sense in any way - dumbed down for idiots

Trump2020 baby!

🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️死左10萬多美國人還有42% 那死20萬美國人應該有100%支持者 事實證明美國應該最少有一半人是文盲的 現在還下令軍人槍殺和平示威者 你們的國家真夠人權 真夠民主卟

Killer Trump Regime....👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿


If and WashPost are saying this, then the exact opposite is the truth. MockingbirdMedia

Americans should be leery of Liberal Fake News polls.

Dem- 31% Rep-24% Ind-37%....3,5% error margin🤔

Americans should be leery of Liberal Fake News polls.

Honestly idk who in their right mind would ever vote for him again.

Lolol but please blame it on Bernie.

Exactly what WE DON'T NEED is sleepy Joe during these difficult times.

Fake favorable polls =greater tears come November

Nobody is voting FOR Biden, its either for or against Trump

The stupidity of this poll question is tremendous. Biden has a wider base of support, which means more independents and Republicans. In addition, Democrats have always been more about falling in love, not falling in line.

Wtf is a 'registered Trump supporter' Is that a party now?

Biden is leading by a lot, despite these bullshit takes by some members of the media.

by the math, then 15% will switch over to the other side '+' 100% of the supporters of the other side will be voting for the other side. by the math, trump is calculated to lose unless the electorals are rigged again.

Trump has so much information (dirt) on Biden and Obama that he would easily win the election. PS: I am not saying that I support Trump or Biden

I feel like we are watching a civil war in this country. Sadly, this country is more divided than ever. This is an all time low in America right now.

Did they mention 'by mail'?


Then Biden fell asleep

Good shape? How? 🤣

ABC polls hahahahahahahahahahahagahagagagag

Sooooo 70% of 27% of 1,000 people polled by Russian Hoax'ers & confirmed fake news ABC/ Washington Post. The real takeaway here is the EnemyOfThePeople are failing to convince even their own base.

What a joke. Do you actually believe that or are you just wishing out loud?

When the Looting starts The shooting starts!!🇺🇸

Joes a big yawn. Trump is Mr Energy.

Meanwhile Trumps twitter and FB followers is soaring this weekend. Trump wins in a historic landslide - thanks to the lawless, failed democratic run cities across America.

There are only 6 people who think the economy is in good shape, so Trump has 4 votes. I’m ok with that.

So Trump has the 1% and the racists locked down ... good to know ...

BS, calling you out on your polls.


Trump is doomed. No person with common sense wants his/her kids to worship Trump and be afraid to say something negative about him.

The more critical question and answer will be those that believe realDonaldTrump or JoeBiden is better positioned to rebuild our economy? Not even close to the overwhelming answer and support for Trump. Like him or not, Rep or Dem. & open our country back up. Pandemic over!

Not a chance in the real world. Trump2020Landslide

Blow me abc

Fuck your enthusiasm! I’m voting for Biden..

ABC News is helping create the divide, twisting the President Words, fanning the flames, making it seem like racism is widespread in the USA when it isn't true. Your Globalist Masters are pleased with you today.

ABC is fanning the flames of racial divide this morning... again.

Go Joe! Donnie needs to resign!

Well better to choose the racist that's losing his mind I guess.


We need a real president instead of the orange man

ABC News/Washington Post poll? LOL

According to main stream media, in 2016. Hillary was hundred percent projected to defeat Donald Trump but lost by whatever means you termed it. President Donald Trump will remain in the white house till 2024. Americans are not ready to go backward.

We are getting tired of trump a racist time to go Trump

Donald Trump's ship is sinking in deep waters. No Life jacket please..!! let him swim on his own.. he can blame Democrats after,,!!

Biden President of USA yes. 👍

Just like those Hillary vs. Trump polls.

Well you obviously aren’t in reality.

Biden has challenges? I’m guessing trump has more.


Biden is a corrupt politician and anyone who backs him is a fool.

Who thinks the US economy is in good shape except the Wall Street elites?

The Democratic Party Has Completed Its work And Has Retired,,,

Could you possibly conceive of a more meaningless poll? Worse than meaningless. Deliberately MISLEADING.

BREAKING: People like the president based on how they think the economy is doing and either way it's exactly the people you would expect.


Anyone who believes Trump’s economy is in good shape knows nothing about a what constitutes a good economy.

Take the rest of the day off


abc news appears to have only one story this morning 🤦‍♂️ Nothing else important today except for a fake poll🤔

Polls? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah....we know how good your polls are!

The economy is at record lows who are they asking


I am not sure I understand this headline? The article states Biden is at an advantage but the headline says 73% of registered voters back Trump You need a redo!

Biden is ass-hole and dictator. Vote for Trump

Confused headline

There are over 40 million unemployed! The economy is NOT in good shape

Joe Biden isn't stupid. He has dementia. It's the people saying they'll vote for him that are stupid.

There are people that actually think the economy is 'in good shape' when the U-6 is at like 23% lol

FakeNewsMedia DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

So 73% of registered voters are idiots?

So it's two old dudes versus one another.. yeah sounds like almost every other election we had

Who are those people that think the economy is in good shape? There are 40 million people unemployed. And it's getting worse!

The fact his re-election is even a discussion point, a possibility, sums up everything thats wrong, defective and insane about that country. Just mental!

FakeNewsMedia allowed the rape of children by not exposing Epstein. NeverForget

Trump is a disaster.

Here is Trying to support Trump by leaving out the fact that a majority of voters think the economy is in bad shape, and putting the part supporting Trump first. Your billionaire executives will see this country burn if they can keep their Republican tax cuts. Resistance

How in the fuck are these the best we got? And what the he’ll is this poll?

Anyone who still supports Trump is no patriot.

fakenews realDonaldTrump is miles ahead and will win in Nov and the media is scared shiless

What percentage of reg voters say the economy is in good shape?

Democrats are the party of failure! The riots are a prime example!

Oh please. Who was polled?


realDonaldTrump Mr. President you need to start paying attention to the people that are around you

The economy was at a record high so some people are not living in reality

Whatever Cornpop.

Biden for sure will sell USA to China all the jobs you having here and enjoying right will go back to China. Only Trump brought back the loss jobs in American soil . Whom y’all want to be richer Chinese or Americans that’s why y’all think before you put your hate and anger first.

Stop misrepresenting trump's numbers.

silence,please. Joe is sleeping.

The covid19 killed the evonomy yet with the riots it seems that was bullshit too.

🐂💩 poll..

Wow, your 'opening statement' of Trump's approval is totally not the jest of what I got from the article I read.

Who's ass did you pull that one out of? Good shape...bad shape...trump is effing history

The economy is in good shape? Seriously? Why? Because they think an overvalued stock market is a sign?

Yeah right Mfers.

BEVHOWARD40 Stop it.


87% of 40% is 34% , good luck with that

Then I’m living on another fn planet

And you add this to your poll too , and he has 10 points again ?

Yeah and Trumps promise to Make America Great Again reminds me of a 1932 campaign quote from Adolf Hitler. 'Give me ten years you want recognize your citys'.

Think IndiaToday Shd Get ExactPoll Done in USA_Presidentia_Polls_2020! POTUS JoeBiden ? rahulkanwal sardesairajdeep aroonpurie ? BarackObama nytimes cnnbrk Kodungolan737 logicalindianz rkmarar9 BDUTT nkaggere Nidhi

America burns . And you are quoting polls. Trump must go.


I can’t wrap my head around how ANYONE would vote for that racist moron. I don’t get it.

Let this be very clear!!!!’n

A person who is clearly insane and a creepy out of touch old guy, that's all we got?

The fact that ppl still find him 'favorable'. Yall better be ready to serve in his space force, if u cant yall r just fake trump followers.🤡

What is wrong with 42% of Americans?

So your poll consisted of 10 ppl, probably white, who have money. Way to go. I'd say 30 million or so would argue w this poll.

When your social media intern doesn’t understand an article headline

Biden is the devil.

Who the eff thinks the economy is in good shape? It wasn’t in good shape in February. Don’t conflate the stock market with the overall economy!!!

this doesnt take into account after America went on fire due to the racism trump has been spewing

You have my vote. Please win!

Economic Divide...easy peasy!

These protests are happening on YOUR WATCH Mr Fake President!! 'they loot we shoot' is clearly working great for you. HAHA. 'A dividing President = divided & broken nation'. IvankaTrump POTUS WhiteHouse FLOTUS GOP

Joe Biden doesn’t know what an economy is. Go ahead, ask him.


There’s something wrong with u if u think the economy is in a good place

Economy is done


And we all know how polls go.

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