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'Adults have made the world a worse place, so now I'm here for revenge.' This is how children view climate change | Opinion

'Adults have made the world a worse place, so now I'm here for revenge.' This is how children view climate change | Opinion

9/16/2019 1:10:00 PM

'Adults have made the world a worse place, so now I'm here for revenge.' This is how children view climate change | Opinion

I believe children are bearing the emotional burden of climate change more courageously than adults, but we owe it to them to share it.

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Indoctrinated children. I'm not willing to listen to children on major policy. When children pay taxes, pay bills, rent, utilities, stop making decisions based on emotion & social media likes and understand the Rule of Law vs 'feels', then I'll listen, that means when they are at least 30. These gullible brats are pawns of globalists and Marxists. They remind me of the Hitler Youth.

Poor PS indoctrinated kids. What happened to our education system? Critical thinkers are few and far between, replaced with mind controlled zombies... Absolutely... They’re absolutely correct & I have heard this concern for decades from young adults Any old person who is not beat to shit from resisting their whole lives is a traitor and a fool. So many worthless old people around today. They made this place as crappy as it is.

44cstark “Adults” are also inventing carbon recapture tech (re-terrraforming machines) and plasma fusion and synthetic bio tech that can de acidify and de-carbonize oceans, but the kidz are supes good at giving cryptic speeches and making sad face, which is the most important tech of all?

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Vapers seek relief from nicotine addiction in — wait for it — cigarettes“Bought a juul to quit smoking cigarettes,” one user said, “now I’m smoking cigarettes to quit the juul.” Wow, there sure are a lot of morons in this story. Literally none of these people knew you can step down the nicotine content in a vape to quit cigarettes like I did years ago with nicotine free peppermint? Seems unlikely. Seems ill researched or bad intent by the article author Great, the media has convinced people to go back to smoking. How about using something other than a Juul and tapering instead? Brought to you by your favorite tobacco corporation.

NHL's Mike Richter Begs Donald Trump To Take Climate Change SeriouslyThe hockey legend wants POTUS to start taking climate change seriously. Hang on to that dream Mike, DonaldTrump won't take anything seriously unless it's a news story that makes him look good. Beg trump Dude !!! Trump separated mother from their children !!! Again babies from them mums !!! And !!! 40 percent of America is ok with that 😕 Lol when did Mike Richter start falling for such a hoax?

Canadian climate concern could carry Greens to breakthrough electionWith climate change a top concern heading into next month's Canadian electi... That would suck for Canada. The green forces are really important and to be heard, but not suitable for government administration, IMHO.