Adrian Peterson Says He'll Kneel During Anthems In 2020, 'Without A Doubt'

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The future Hall of Famer says the rest of the league is 'all getting ready to take a knee together.'

says he's"without a doubt" taking a knee during NFL national anthems this season . and he claims the entire league is considering doing it with him.out at a charity event in Texas on Friday he isn't worried about a possible punishment for the protest from league owners or the NFL commish either.

says he's"without a doubt" taking a knee during NFL national anthems this season ... and he claims the entire league is considering doing it with him.out at a charity event in Texas on Friday he isn't worried about a possible punishment for the protest from league owners or the NFL commish either.


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So your saying this is your last year in the nfl, got it

Thats that illuminate 🤣

I guess I'll have to pass on this season.

Might not even play at his age

So if someone decides they want to stand, they’re fucked. If someone wants to sit to protest the Hong Kong protests they’re fucked as well. I can’t wait for the fights to break out in the locker room over this horseshit!

Leave the players in the locker room until after the anthems played

It’s also his right to never play in America again! This BS disrespect for our flag is a deal breaker for me! I’ll never watch NFL again if that’s the way it’s gonna go!!

just do away with anthems in first place that wouldve been smart solution.

Despite child abuse suspension, Adrian Peterson uses belt on son

You hit your child with sticks and belts. Sit down.

Will he be beating his child during the anthem?

Why gotta kneel during anthems tho? To Disrespect the anthem and flag? cant be


Sure he will. Fits the liberal agenda.

Before or after you beat your baby momma and kids?

And the ratings will be horrible again

Let’s hope he doesn’t tear his acl while doing it lol

He’s a dumb a—. My Dad and husband fought so he has that right. He gets no respect.

He's a 'Child Abuser' nothing he does means anything!

I get the cause but why the anthem I never understood what that actually does besides create division you had/have to know people will take it offensively

Remember when he took that picture in front of the sign that said, 'greatest day in the world' right after he beat his kids so bad they were bleeding and he went to jail.?😐

He has a black wife so I kind of believe him..

How about everyone in the stadium takes a knee in protest that these Assholes make more per game then most watching will in a lifetime of Work. Ya know Speaking of “Fair”

I won’t see it cause I won’t be watching. I could give a shit.

How about we all kneel. Maybe we all should just have a moment to reflect on whatever we believe in. Right or wrong. It really doesn’t matter anyway. Plus, this shouldn’t be televised. This way all of us can reflect privately as not to offend anyone.


The flag is the USA, our Constitution, our morals, our way of life. THAT COMES FIRST! Soldiers volunteer and swear an oath to defend it. Cops and Politicians too. Kneeling points out the hypocrites like racists and Trump that allow oath breakers. . BlackLivesMatter

And beating his kids ass.

Adrian Peterson will do anything to just be on a team next year...

Simply move out of the country! No respect for my father and many other fathers. War sucks but needs to be respected... You are free because of them.

To protest domestic violence against children?

Suck it........

Me too. Even though I’ll be at home unfortunately because I can’t afford tickets this year but I’ll be showing support from my living room. ☮️

You hit a 4 year old with a stick and still afnit to doing it:

Funny how the NFL is suddenly seeing the light with this, but allows rapists, domestic violence (EzekielElliott ) and other criminals to play. Either you clean up the league or you don’t.

Is that cocaine on his lips

Is he still playing

Washed up anyway, might as well sit on his ass instead.

Now he's a morally upstanding guy?

Child Abuser.

I’ll kneel with him as I have since Kaep kneeled!!!!

We will make sure NOT to watch football.

Maybe the owner should dismantle football all together take their money and retire. Too much drama

Ok. How old is AD? He’s still playing?

and if someone one does not take a knee, they'll be called racist by 80% of the ppl in the industry right?

he'll also beat his kid with a switch

Stay home, someone else will jump to take your place.

The CFL plays the national anthem?

He will be fired.

Let's hope his old ass can get back up afterwards

Stadiums should not play the anthem anymore if these ppl feel they have to be disrespectful and kneel.

We need to stop playing the anthem and presenting the colors at games. No point in letting it get disrespected in some people’s eyes. Not everyone may feel like kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful but some do and if it can’t be respected then we can’t subject it to that.

Remember when he beat his kid with a stick?

The guy knows how to run fast with a ball. His opinion is kinda useless.

That's crazy. But hey, it's a free country !

Will he also kneel to end child abuse?

I would be suprised if most players don't.

You know he hates the police.

Then leave. You're rich enough to live anywhere you want. GTFO.

Oh now you want to kneel? Coward.

When he brings water to the players?

Kneel, then sit most of the game on the bench

Keep intentionally dividing this country. Good for you child beater.

I wouldn't kneel, and I won't watch any sport where the overpaid players kneel.

How about we don’t bring back the NFL!

The NFL will play the anthem while players are still in the locker room -

Is he even going to make a roster?

AdrianPeterson Isn’t he the NFL Player that beat his 4 Year old child with a BELT?

I think he’s coaching now 😁

Time to boycott the NFL again. Apparently, they don't need anyone's money plus I can find other things to spend money on.

everybody better kneel in 2020.

Who is AdrianPeterson?

isn’t he like 46 already. he’s not even getting to the field

Is he going to bring the switch?

He is still playing?

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