Adrian Grenier, Shirtless

Adrian Grenier, Shirtless

Adrian Grenier Dives In His Freezing Cold Pool Wearing No Clothing

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1/16/2021 12:45:00 PM

Adrian Grenier Dives In His Freezing Cold Pool Wearing No Clothing (Video) (via JustJared)

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The 44-year-oldEntourageactor shared several videos of himself diving in the water in freezing cold weather and he posted them on his. While diving in, he did show a bit of skin and we’ve included all the screen grabs in the gallery of this post.Adrian

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also explained the benefits of why he actually decided to plunge into his pool in the freezing cold while stripped to his birthday suit.Adriansays it helps boost his immune system, releases endorphins for a natural high, burns calories, reduces his stress, and more.

Check out the photos of Adrian Grenier diving into his pool while wearing no clothes… Read more: TMZ »

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JustJared He did not dive into a freezing cold pool. Freezing cold water is ice. JustJared Wait, why is the blurr so small JustJared I swear i thought it said Ariana grande JustJared Ha so now He’s a skinny dipping polar bear I’m jealous! JustJared I think this is a trend because I keep seeing videos of people diving into iced water.

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