Adorable, Ominous Owl Found Tucked Into Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Adorable surprise, or evil omen?

11/20/2020 7:32:00 AM

On Tuesday morning, as New Yorkers brutally criticized the 2020 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree for being too scrappy, the tree struck back by revealing a tiny trapped owl. It shall have its revenge! And/or 'all the mice it can eat.' Gothamist

Adorable surprise, or evil omen?

For now, the owl — nicknamed Rockefeller — and its powers are being containedat the Ravensbeard Wildlife Centerin Saugerties, New York. A spokesperson for Ravensbeard told Gothamist on Wednesday "the owl was discovered by a worker who was putting the tree up in Rockefeller Center. It was inside the wrapped up tree and had been there for three whole days without food or water before it was discovered by this worker and brought to us."

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Details are scant beyond that, as expected with the supernatural, but it likely formed with the purpose of revenge.The owl is (or has replicated the look of) a Northern Saw-whet Owl, whichtells us is "the smallest owl that regularly visits the New York City area." He refused to comment on whether owls in general could be seen as bad omens, brushing that idea off as "mythology."

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Gothamist hi class : Gothamist Gothamist Now might be a good time to rethink this “tradition.” Just sayin’ 🦉 Gothamist “When the vet clears him, they say he will be immediately released.” He’s like 175 miles away from where they cut the tree, take him back there, his family must be very worried. 😭

Gothamist I could just be projecting human qualities, but that owl looks angry. Not that I blame the little fellow. Gothamist Adorable 😍 Gothamist Another made homeless by this administration. Gothamist Okay Rocky, we blinked, we blinked Gothamist Is this supposed to be cute? Because all it does is make me feel sad. Eating NYC trash mice will probably make it sick and did

Gothamist 'He went where!' Gothamist What a precious baby. Gothamist LOL To the critics...tsk tsk! We honor the Tree 🎄. We think it suits us and this year just fine 😎. And Rockefeller the wonderful little Saw-whet will probably agree, once he is back out in his wild world where trees don't take truck rides!

Gothamist Adorable surprise. Gothamist “Hooo!” Gothamist How is this adorable, Rockefeller Cntr cut down his house, permanently separated him from his family and kidnapped him to NYC! I'm surprised he didn't gouge anyone eyes out from being so pissed. Gothamist Gothamist I needed this today🤗 Gothamist Poor little guy. How he’s lost and away from his family.

Gothamist Omg that owl is the cutest, they’re taking it back to his home. Gothamist The Owl deserves it's own Twitter acct‼️ Gothamist The owl thought the tree was beautiful. Home, in fact. We don't deserve this tree. Gothamist Is there some reason why a permanent tree can't be installed? AndreaT07472059 Gothamist Adorable and ominous?

Gothamist They also killed a very old tree Gothamist A beauty Gothamist Find two rats. Dye one red, and the other blue. Put the rats in the box with the owl. Last rat standing is the victor. This is how elections will be decided from now on. Gothamist The tree didn't strike back. The tree is dead. The tree should still be where it was growing, and continue being the home for the owl and whatever other creatures that might have been living there.

Gothamist I decorated 6 trees (2008-2013) this is the owl we had one year Gothamist That owl is pissed off Gothamist It is a perfect tree for 2020. I love it. Awesome owl. Gothamist Yeah, that poor little thing is no match for NYC rats. Gothamist Bring that owl back to Colorado!! Gothamist This owl is saying, you can't wear a mask? You will never acknowledge climate issues. World screwed.

Gothamist So adorable how NY has to destroy a living tree each year and displace any animals living in that tree... Not like we have any available technology to make a large artificial tree or anything. Outdated traditions are so much fun! Christmas2020 Gothamist Gothamist My take on this story is, stop chopping down all those old trees, look who you're leaving homeless.

Gothamist Owl deserves revenge Gothamist Owls are cute, yes. But they always look like they're about to kick and claw my Heineken and gobble up my eyeballs. 🦉 Gothamist Tree wasn't scrappy, it looked crappy--that owl, on the other hand, is scrappy. Real question: can't they check these trees for residents before they cut them F**king down?

Gothamist I’m sure it’d rather be back in the woods where it was .. Gothamist Who knew Trump sells Christmas trees? Gothamist I hope they name him, Noel! Gothamist Beautiful creature. Gothamist My favorite story in forever