Adele super fan who FaceTimed star felt like her 'therapist' after show axe

Adele super fan who FaceTimed star felt like her 'therapist' after show axe

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1/24/2022 10:44:00 PM

Adele super fan who FaceTimed star felt like her 'therapist' after show axe

An Adele super fan who got a chance to FaceTime the pop star after she cancelled the shows he was planning to attend in Las Vegas said he felt like her 'therapist' as he chatted to her after the shows were axed

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Adele Surprises Fans With FaceTime Calls After Canceled Shows: 'I'm Really Sorry'Forgiving fans began to chant, 'It's OK,' while the singer cried over the phone. Believes her bs. Adele stop touring.. your not good at it. Oh that's how u make ur millions.. She still managed to put on a good performance! We are still experiencing a pandemic and the residuals from it. It's not over just because folks want to start making money again. I'm sure you found that out the hard way Adele and others. Be healthy and safe out there.

Adele Surprises Fans in Las Vegas With FaceTime Call, Talks ResidencyThe '30' singer tearfully announced Thursday she had to postpone the residency due to, among other factors, the ongoing pandemic.

Adele Is On a FaceTime Apology Tour After Postponing Her Las Vegas ResidencyThe singer's been talking with fans to share her disappoint in having to postpone the tour last minute amid troubling reports of what went on behind the scenes.

Adele FaceTimed sad fans to apologize for her postponed shows. Obviously, everyone cried.'Weekends with Adele ' should have started Friday. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her Alexander__Jeni Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

Adele FaceTimed With Fans Who'd Traveled To Vegas For Her Residency After Postponing The Show The Day Before It Was Due To Begin'I have the best fans in the world! Your graciousness and love tonight is overwhelming!'

Adele FaceTimes with fans after postponing Las Vegas residency showsSinger Adele has been FaceTiming with fans who flew out to see her Las Vegas residency just before it was announced the show would be postponed. on the back on every ticket for live concert it says, the show can be cancelled. Most people do not read the tickets they buy. I do after got a ticket and they postponed the concert and refuse to give me back my money. How courteous of her to let ticket buyers know she was canceling concert 24 PRIOR. If the phony never appeared, I don’t think none would miss her