Adele said it would be 'bad' to write album about divorce in 2011 interview

Adele said it would be 'bad' to write album about divorce in 2011 interview

Adele, Alan Carr

10/20/2021 2:29:00 PM

Adele said it would be 'bad' to write album about divorce in 2011 interview

Adele 's new album, 30, is all about her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki - but it's a record she never thought she would make. Comments from an old interview have resurfaced in which the singer says it would be 'really bad' to lift the lid on a marriage split

Around the time her second album, 21, came out back in 2011, Adele sat down for a chat with her close pal Alan Carr on his Channel 4 show Chatty Man.When he asked why all her albums were about break-ups, the Grammy award winner admitted it had become a "running theme so far" in her music.

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She then added: “But hopefully I won’t be married and be like ‘darling, we need a divorce’ I need to write another album or nothing."That would be really bad wouldn’t it." Fast forward a few years and Adele’s latest album, 30, which is due for release on 19 November, is all about her recent divorce.

The singer, 33, split from husband Simon Konecki after just one year of marriage.Prior to that they had been in a relationship for seven years and share eight-year-old son Angelo.Adele recently told Vogue magazine: "It wasn’t right for me anymore. I didn’t want to end up like a lot of people I knew.

"I wasn’t miserable, miserable – but I would have been miserable had I not put myself first."But yeah, nothing bad happened or anything like that.” But fans were quick to jump on the 2011 comments ahead of the new album coming out.One tweeted: "It’s 2021 and Adele’s new album comes out... about her divorce."

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Another wrote: "2011: hopefully I won’t be married and be like, ‘Darling, we need a divorce’. 2021: Divorce, babes. Divorce."A third commented: "Well that didn’t age very well. What’s the new album about? As she said on Instagram live, ‘Divorce babe Divorce’."

"She foretold her future," a fourth added. Adele met charity CEO Simon, now 47, in 2011 when she was just 23.Many had believed them to be married since 2017 after she thanked her "husband" as she accepted one of her five Grammy awards that night.

But Adele recently confessed they didn’t wed until 2018 - and she publicly filed for divorce in 2019.Their split was finalised earlier this year, although details of their multi-million pound settlement were kept under wraps after a judge agreed it could remain private.

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