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Adele's Friend Alan Carr Confirms 'Amazing' New Music Is Coming

1/13/2021 9:58:00 PM

Adele's Friend Alan Carr Confirms 'Amazing' New Music Is Coming

In a new interview, Adele's friend, British comic Alan Carr, gave his thoughts about some of Adele's new music that he's heard as fans continue to eagerly await a new album announcement.

interview, posted on YouTube on Wednesday, Jan. 13."I've heard some tracks on it," Alan said. "Oh my gosh, it's so amazing. It's so amazing."He added, "I said to her, I said, that voice is like an old friend, it's like an old friend. Because there are some people in the charts who sound a bit like Adele and you go, 'Oh they sound 'Adele'' and then when you hear Adele's voice again you go, 'Oh no, there's only one. There's only one Adele."

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