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Adele Is Back. Everything Has Changed Since She Ruled the Music Business.

After six years out of the spotlight, the top-selling artist of the 2010s is stepping back into a music industry that streaming has transformed.

10/14/2021 2:30:00 AM

Adele was the top-selling artist of the 2010s, but streaming has reshaped the music industry in the six years since her last album. With a new single coming, can she maintain her era-defining commercial clout?

After six years out of the spotlight, the top-selling artist of the 2010s is stepping back into a music industry that streaming has transformed.

Updated Oct. 13, 2021 11:31 am ETThe last time Adele released an album, Barack Obama was president and streaming was a niche format that hadn’t yettaken over the music industry.Six years later, after a long stretch out of the spotlight, the British superstar is back with a new single, “Easy on Me,” out Thursday. Her new album, “30,” arrives Nov. 19.

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Love her music and her voice!! She knows how to put a spark in your soul that makes you feel those heart felt emotions. She will have no problem! Hey smartass, those who seek music will get her music…. Adele one of the best singer of this era ! All the best for your new album 👍 'It ain't over till the fat lady sings.' And since Adele ISN'T the fat lady anymore, her career should stay safe, SO LONG AS SHE STAYS SLIM! But if she lets herself get fat again, her career's over!

looking at her streaming numbers on Spotify, she is already one of the most streamed artists, with nearly 30 million monthly listeners and billions of streams, despite no new music in years Hello. Her voice is remarkable. It will carry the day for her. She could have had it all. She sold a ton of CDs when people weren't really buying CDs probably.

She's the best yea, probably.

Adele Reveals Release Date, Title for Highly Anticipated Fourth AlbumThe Grammy-winning chart-topper opened up on Instagram about the 'inner turmoil' and now peace she experienced making the new record. DanielRodr7 dianaromerod_ Already tired of her

this is terrible news Adele also “reshaped” herself by losing 100 pounds. Good for her. I'm so worried for Adele. She has a phenomenal voice.

Adele Is Finally Dropping the Album‘30’ comes out November 19. Can’t wait!! Now Rihanna? We’re ready for you to enter the chat again too how long does it take for y'all to get articles approved? we all knew this

Adele Finally Announces Her New Album 30, And It'll Be Here Very Soon'I'd go as far as to say I've never felt more peaceful in my life,' she writes Adele ❤️👑⭐️ MTV

Adele Announces Release Date for New Album '30,' Her 'Ride or Die' Companion During Turbulent Time Adele announces release date for new album ’30,’ her 'ride or die' companion during turbulent time FAKING LOVE PRE SAVE

Adele Officially Confirms '30' and Announces Release DateThe singer's last studio album, '25,' was released in November 2015.

Adele Announces New Album '30'11/19... 11 + 19 = 30... her mind