Adele Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ Next Week With Musical Guest H.E.R.

Adele to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Next Week With Musical Guest H.E.R.

10/18/2020 9:25:00 PM

Adele to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Next Week With Musical Guest H.E.R.

Singer-songwriter Adele will soon be saying “Hello” to “Saturday Night Live” for the first time in five years. And, this time, Adele will be assuming hosting duties during t…

” for the first time in five years.And, this time, Adele will be assuming hosting duties during the sketch comedy show’s Oct. 24 episode. H.E.R., who recently performed during the in memoriam section of the Emmy Awards, will be the night’s musical guest.

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“Saturday Night Live” announced the news on Sunday, following the third episode of the show’s 46th season. Adele, who hasn’t released new music since her 2015 album “25,” couldn’t contain her excitement on social media about hosting the show.“Bloooooody hellllll I’m so excited about this!! And also absolutely terrified! My first ever hosting gig and for SNL of all things!!!! I’ve always wanted to do it as a stand alone moment, so that I could roll up my sleeves and fully throw myself into it, but the time has never been right,” the singer wrote in the post’s caption. “But if there was ever a time for any of us to jump head first into the deep end with our eyes closed and hope for the best it’s 2020 right?”

In her post, Adele also raved about H.E.R. being the musical guest and noted that this feels like a full circle moment for her career. Read more: Variety »

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Morena_Mars Please no more Jim Carey nbcsnl Sets DVR PaulinaLaponte PaulinaLaponte Dime que tu vas hacer la próxima reseña de su álbum como cuando lanzo 25 e hiciste ese hermoso podcast 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 que al día de hoy aún lo escucho 🥺❤️❤️❤️ omg medicelasirena_ jajajja Is it me or does she look like someone else now? Finally I get to see it for myself, all the plastic surgeries she’s had

I stg if she releases the same day as Ari Odd choice. It's a pity that nbcsnl doesn't have respect for KristenBell even though she literally was on an NBC show for the past four years. She should have hosted years ago by now... as she should I’d rather watch paint dry I like her. And I like H.E.R. And by her I mean Adele. And by H.E.R I mean H.E.R. So I'd watch SNL. And by SNL I mean Saturday Night Live. grammar

EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria EndInsecurityInNigeria EndSarsNow EndBadGoveranceInNigeria EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera EndSARS EndSARS SARS MUST END UN BBC BBCWorld CNN AlJazeera jack BillGates JeffBezos Please if you see this, just RETWEET! 🙏 Why is she not the entertainment? Zakiyyah6 Awesome.

cool! How is she not host AND musical guest? Normally I wouldn't watch - 90% of the time the musicians-as-guest-hosts suck. But Adele actually is hot now (and I NEVER thought I'd say that!!!!). I'm in. ✨ Sounds fantastic... Just No Jim Carrey, please!! nbcsnl Well, since I’ve written off nbc for their little trump stunt, I won’t be watching. And I’m okay with that.

Not sure I’ll be watching nbcsnl any more. The portrayal of Biden is ridiculous and super annoying. ADELE Famous sketch comedian Adele 🙄 Love this Can’t wait for that opening hello joke I might watch if JimCarrey isn’t going to insult JoeBiden by portraying him as his own Fire Marshall character nbcsnl

This, but it’s actually Ginger Minj hosting the entire show dressed up as Adele and never acknowledging it Why is she not singing as well charges35 ADELE CiomarisM Sa manti maaalll yo So is that like H.I.M? Mimitware a lo mejor toca algo de su nuevo disco Love Adele Will she be pretending to be black again?

whoa Now yer talkin .Adele.... AND .HERMusicx !?...🤯 Guarantee there'll be a 🎶 skit and/or perhaps a collab....?👀 SNL adele is not the musical guest? fail nbcsnl vviennemhykee She has to start with 'Helloooo it's me' CANT WAIT TO WATCH HER! I sure hope it’s bwtter than last night’s! She will hate on trump for the woke America

Her? Who's her? There's several hers in the music industry which her? YUP QUEEN NO. GIVE US THE ALBUM. Finally a new song. xdrrer weee no mames😭 pensé que era disco o sencillo pero sólo va a CONDUCIR EL PUTO PROGRAMA :) Wowwwweweww Shouldn’t she be singing?🤔 Why ain’t Adele the musical guest tf Just give us an hour and a half of Adele...

Help me spread the campaign to save the lives of my wife and children please read my story Why doesn't she host AND act as the musical guest? What? Why? So confused. Secretly hoping she busts out a new song. Please Adele pretty please!! CAN'T WAIT!! LOVE HER she shouldve just stayed fat and away i dont think anyone misses her

they better do the office workers crying to Someone Like You skit. Im still not watching. Shit. I was hoping it would’ve been HIM. That is certainly gonna suck big time.....count me out. ICON SHES NOT SINGING? Pass Yawn And please don’t have Carrey play Biden. He is not doing the Democrats or Biden any favors. JimCarreyIsNoJoe

She needs to demand nbcsnl replace JimCarrey with something knows how to play JoeBiden Well, that'll help Adele's sales to plummet. Not the smartest of moves!!! I guess she must be going to come out against Trump..... Let Adele sing ffs. Adele nbcsnl icon 🇳🇬 BetterTogether EndInsecurityInNigeria Endsars ENDBADGOVERNANCE

Hate that stupid show🤮 What?! I bet she has great acting abilities and comedic skills. I can’t wait!!! And H.E.R. As the musical guest! 🥳 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 W.H.O? Too skinny now can't sing ❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌 powerhouses!!! Adele is one of my favorites nbcsnl I can't wait to tune in 🙏 Thank you for not encouraging her to be the singer or do music of any kind. I appreciate it so much.

I hope Adele never releases an album titled after the age she was 2 years ago and decides to become a lingerie designer like Rihanna did Why would you get Adele and not have her sing!? We love to see it This is an easy pass. Both terrible artists. what a legend 😳💯💥 But have you heard her accent. Girl Power

paula_fossatti Would miss this❤❤❤❤ Yay! lilbethxo nbcsnl is over. Big fucking moose If you have ever had the pleasure to see Adele live in concert, you'd know she can keep up with many of the stand-up comics in the US. Why isn’t SHE the musical guest? WOAAAAH Host or sing? Maybe both? Yaaaaaazzzzzz, ma'am! breaking: adele is coming to end careers


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Saturday Night Social: Notes on DebbieI recently rewatched Addams Family Values, a decision that I never regret. From screenwriter Paul Rudnick’s impossibly joke-packed dialogue to Raul Julia and Angelica Huston’s incomparable on-screen chemistry as Gomez and Morticia, the 1993 live-action adaptation of Charles Addams’ macabre comic satire is, in a word, perfect. In two words: It fucks—something Christina Ricci’s Wednesday tells us in the film’s opening minutes. But on top of it being the rare children’s movie that fucks, bypassing the neutered double entendres found in contemporary Pixar fare, Addams Family Values also features a biting critique of American settler colonialism and the white supremacist mythmaking that continues to excuse it. I don’t know any other movie that does what it does.\n I love this It's DEBORAH!

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'Saturday Night Live': Lampoons Trump and Biden's 'Dueling Town Halls''SNL' took on the presidential town halls in this week's politically charged 'cold open.' And it sucked hard !! I’m still waiting for the funny to start. Carey is not convincing me he's Joe Biden. Most of the time he's doing Kirk Douglass.

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