Acting Navy Secretary Blasts Ousted Aircraft Carrier Captain As 'Stupid' İn Address To Ship's Crew

Acting Navy Secretary Blasts Ousted Aircraft Carrier Captain As 'Stupid' İn Address To Ship's Crew

Acting Navy secretary blasts ousted aircraft carrier captain as 'stupid' in address to ship's crew

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4/6/2020 5:55:00 PM

The acting secretary of the Navy calls the now-ousted commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt 'stupid' over coronavirus memo

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DON LEMON IS STUPID ALSO SO FIRE HIM!!!! It's good to know the Secretary of the Navy does not care for the safety and well being of people under his care... what an ass. Yeah~ Thats stupid. Exactly. Stupid too strong a word to be used by a public officer of his status. The Muslim countries in which the Corona virus has been hit by the atrocities, but they were exposed to the Corona virus in their country. Therefore, if the persecution of Muslims is not stopped, a more difficult virus will come to earth.

Allah never allows the tears in the eyes of the Muslims. The cries of Palestinian children, the tears of Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Delhi, Kashmiri Muslims did not go unnoticed. Where did your atomic bomb go? All power is nothing to God. So it is still time to stand up to the Mus The only stupid one is you, my dear deputy secretary of navy. This is not the USA people love, admire, respect. Try harder, because you will destroy a great country.

Stupid?Of course you are. This man is another shining example of an arrogant man who appears to love insulting others to get attention. That’s ok, when we get a real prez in office they’ll sort out the right thing to do about the Roosevelt captain, we are DEFINITELY not getting his side of the story, they don’t put just ANYONE in charge of a ship that’s critical to US interests globally

Moldy is either naive or stupid or both. He flew all the way to Guam to give that speech. Pathetic display of leadership. Fire him. I think we know who the stupid one is. Acting Secretaries in the entire Trump Admin have fallen short. Why didn't Congress push for vetting. What's the time limit for appointees? This needs to be fixed. Who approved Modly's trip to Guam? Disgraceful. SpeakerPelosi HouseDemocrats USNavy HASCDemocrats

that's how USA treated his hero capitain And all the Trump sheep will applaud the choice of words and scorn the actions of this man who now carries the virus he was warning of. I again can only say I am so grateful to be Canadian!!!! Sorry for those Americans who are hurting because of the GOP greed and idiocy.

He is a special kind of despicable. Learning from his despicable boss, I guess. Moldly what a dick Thomas modly is a scumbag trump toady the sailors should have thrown him off the ship. He’s an arrogant shitbag coward that isn’t worthy of cleaning up piss of the floor of a Coney Island restroom. What a dick!

He should talk look how stupid he looks!!! When did Ralph Malph join the Navy? Well he sounds like a real professional military man🤔🙄 justsayin He's an idiot, the Capt should be proud he cared. I was in the navy we love Capts who care What's wrong with what he said? Are we listening to the same audio 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Mobley needs to resign!!! Actor bows and exits the stage to mocking silence from the audience! Those are trump's words. Thomas Modly has stabbed a hero in the back for protecting his crew and it’s all for political favor. This is absolutely disgusting and shouldn’t be tolerated by this scum. Modly needs to resign immediately!

During this administration, the spotlight has really shown who people are and what their motivations are. Good or bad. It’s been eye opening to see what people in America’s leadership roles stand for. It seems to me everyone in the Trump administration is acting. Just like fakenews STUPID! He was stupid. Unfit for command.

Calling a Whistle blower “Stupid”, speak volumes about the active Secretary of Navy. Our military will back this psychopath leader& the coup is underway. He is sending troopsto NYC AS WE SPEAK! He is giving us all amurder sentence. Total failure of our FED govt. He is collapsing our country so it is easier for a takeover. Starving, sick, broke people can't fight.

Dishonorable chatter is what I see and hear. Shameful behavior... No, his firing was STUPID. HE. DESERVES. A. MEDAL 🥇 The 'He' is the Captain, not the acting SecNav. I'm sick of this 💩🇺🇸 The acting Secretary of the Navy is correct. What the ousted commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt did was absolutely stupid. Any reasonable person knows you don't publicly announce any military weakness because that weakness could be taken advantage of by adversaries.

Even if he disagrees with how his colleague handled a critical health situation in asking for help, he should attempt to carry himself in a professional and classy manner becoming of his rank and role! Attorney General Bill Barr has indicted 8 people for funneling millions in foreign donations to Democrat campaigns including: Hillary Clinton Ted Lieu And even Adam Schiff This is true foreign interference in our elections Where is the Mainstream Media? RT!

Where do they get these swamp creators from? He's a trumpster, ignore! Captain Crozier has tested positive for COVID-19. And the acting Navy Secretary called him “stupid”? That ‘s really adding insult to injury. Shame on you acting Navy Secretary!!! You are a proven a** kisser and false idol worshipper.

Wow. This is how you try your ship captain for standing up for his men. It’s his job to protect the weak. Now I see how the USA honor their soldiers. I sure hope North Korea and Iran attack soon. One does not get to be the captain of a supercarrier without knowing how to follow the chain of command. Apparently in this instance to chain of command failed the captain and his crew.

I’m sorry but nobody assigned as Captain of an aircraft carrier is “stupid.” When the news reports someone's team lost. The sports fan never blames the news. As an “acting” secretary you shouldn’t be able to fire anyone! B leadership under Trump. Remove the experienced & trusted & replace with the ignorant inexperienced that sacrifice Americans & is loyal only to him. New Mafia style government. They should all be dismissed & prosecuted for lying & risking American lives. Loyalty is to the people

This acting Navy Secretary should extend help to the captain instead of calling him “stupid”. You can tell he wants to please Trump and keep his job. This is practicing CYA, everyone has to with the asshole in charge, um...potus. This guy badmouths that captain to his crew after he is gone that stood by in the thousands on the hanger deck chanting their captains name and applauding him in support when he left the ship and now the captain tested positive for covid-19 proving his point.

His men think he is a hero. Who is right? ( STUPID PEOPLE ARE NOT CAPTAINS OF NUCLEAR AIRCRAFT CARRIERS) Cnn fake news He did the right thing the wrong way. Happens a lot. It’s not about good or bad right or wrong etc. he has multiple responsibilities. Yes he protected his soldiers. But sending insecure message was entirely bone headed.

His actions were stupid. Come on CNN. You’re like grace school kids trying to report. The 27 year veteran with the masters degree Hmm let's think about that one from the Trump appointed yes man . That is unjust and unnecessary, he’s setting the wrong example and I notice he’s “acting “ wrong person for the position

FireModly saveoursailors Captain Crozier is a hero SECNAV is the stupid one for selling his soul to Scumbag-in-Chief Trump. How disrespectful to disparage Captain Crozier who stood up for his crew. “big controversy” That’s what you get fired for saving lives doesn’t matter. Acting. He spelled hero wrong

leronlimab CytoDyn on covid-19 nobody talks about that treatment ? It's very easy to judge this commander from behind your desk. Go shame yourself! The acting secretary forgot the only reason he even got the job was because he was a complete idiot, and kiss Trump ass...! And just a yes man. Trumps next victim

Wow, sign me up USNavy !! What an American response Embarrassing bannerite It’s a crying shame that most of Trumps* cabinet are, ”acting”. That way he can appoint them without having to vet them by Senate confirmation. It’s been 3 years and Trump* still doesn’t have a permanent cabinet. turns out the headline is fake news. That didn't take long.

Whatever happened to people in charge acting like adults and not using words like 'stupid'? Oh, I forgot, Trump became president and everything's okay to say and do on his watch. Very professional response but one I would expect from this current administration. He’s the stupid one. Taking orders from our commander in chief. Oh, look, I made a funny!!

Thomas Modly's title really should be 'Pretend' Secretary of the Navy rather than 'Acting' Secretary of the Navy since he sure doesn't act like one. Modly wanted to keep it a secret that ship had 173 of crew infected. Modly took a page out of Trumps play book of placing blame on others. What was Capt. Crozier to do? Quietly let his crew and ship die and not ask for help? Capt. Crozier took health and safety of crew first.

It that was any criteria for holding down a job, then half the cabinet wouldn't be there.. ThomasModleyPresidentPuppet As stupid as it gets Trump surrounds himself with likeminded beasts of stupidity who can't claim even a grain of empathy, intellect, patriotism that's why US is reeling against virus, Trump stupidity in proclaiming it as 'hoax'

Lolol...wonder how long before this is reported as fake. Crozier was unfit to lead. At least he can look forward to a cushy MSNBC gig. Stunned you are still posting this lie. Incredible. How well did that go? Unfortunately, he spoke to a captive audience. L. I. E. In the time of tRump how come everyone is stupid but tRump.

Did someone say stupid? Not the way to hold the respect of the Service he oversees. What a colossal compounding error. You know realDonaldTrump wrote it💁🏻‍♀️ Modly served in the navy 7 years after graduating from the Naval Academy. Aside from that his background is in business. There must be tens of thousands better qualified than he is. ModlyResign

No, he is a human being who sincerely cared for the men and women under his command! Acting secretary of the navy is engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer... an offense that is punishable... perhaps the navy secretary should go instead.... He saved hundreds of lives because the acting Secretary of the Navy is again just another Trump sycophant. Thank you sir. Get well soon ❤️

Absolutely disgusting!!! That captain, took his responsibilities, to his men/women seriously!!! A brave man! ❤️ That’s certainly the way to win back the crew’s trust. Another incompetent “acting” secretary in the administration of the Incompetent in Chief. As a former USAF officer, I wish I had a few more stupid commanders like this Capt.

Who cares? So this twit would rather scores of sailors deaths on his watch? And what about then part of someone in his department who has clearly released this to the press to divert attention from some rather shitty leadership. You’re an embarrassment Modley. I think it was pretty stupid to leave those sailors high and dry. Wonder who was in charge of the cover up. Maybe the Acting Navy Secretary?

Typical military, begging for respect that most Americans give them, but when they need to cover something up they throw the middle men under the bus? Man that really encourages the average soldier to make a career out of it? Leadership.... my ass? Losership ... more like it. i dont want to ever hear trump supports his military ....EVER .... HE DOESNT

I think Crozier is an American hero and the tribute his crew gave him is testament to that. Modly should remember that he works for the American people and we deserve to know the truth. Pathetic. ACTING SECNAV should be removed (vs being allowed to “resign”). This address should be below someone of that position. Reads like a middle schooler who got his feelings hurt. Seems to be an admin pattern of poor wording & decisions followed by angry, childish outbursts.

This Navey secretary is an embarrassment to America! Captain Crozier is a HERO! Acting secretary is a joke and would never amount to the Captain who had to reach out to the public in order to save his men and women. He is a true Hero who thought about others over himself unlike the acting secretary who is constantly brown nosing.

Please ask why it’s ok for the Navy director to admit stupid people are commanding war ships. Isn’t that admission helping the enemy? We live in a social construct where an honorable, concerned hero is fired and ridiculed while an adulterous, pathological lying, corrupt, and incompetent disgrace is cheated into executive office. What a time to be alive.

Disgusting. 😡 The appointed acting security of navy ( I'm disgusted and angry) Unqualified hack This guy crumbled under pressure. Give him a desk job somewhere. Actually Mr. Acting Secretary of the Navy, I believe y are stupid just like INMP. So disrespectful Cnn has right to get military information did they forget they are world wide news that’s great cnn give info to the enemy your anchor should be lock up for Treason your trying to tell the truth bullshit

The acting secretary needs to be fired. Is there a chain of command. Oh I get it show the public how horrible you are I get it No the government who removed him is stupid. They didn’t listen and he did what a good commander should do when he has so many lives he’s responsible for. Sounds like amazon calling one their outsed work 'inarticulate and not very bright'. There's a pattern (as always).

Modly is a hack and a disgrace and should be fired for the shame HE has brought the Navy. Capt. Crozier was only trying to protect his crew and Modly isn’t fit to shine his shoes. Do what the clown directs you to do. Try putting a spin on it to make him look good. I wish service members were able to unite and rise up against this kind of corrupt leadership.

Everyone in Trump's administration is 'acting' or 'interm' because has figured he can bypass any type of congressional approval of his idiotic appointments. Expecting More!! Modly , stop kissing Donald’s ass Bold move Cotton, let's see how this plays out (did he even watch the video of the troops chanting Captain Crozier's name as he left the ship?)

And he is right! Should not have been in command. Thank You realDonaldTrump Is 'stupid' the only big word he knows, like Trump? How shallow Trump and his Trumpkins are, eh! 🙄 Overwhelming disgust by Americans as Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly belittles a true Naval leader. As he left the ship following his dismissal , Crozier was cheered by the exuberant crew.

Stupid is as stupid does from a “acting “ and not Acting very smart like most of Trumpets he has no honor or class. The good Captain 👩‍✈️ has both Semper Fi Wow Brett Crozier dismissed from USS Theodore Roosevelt.Defense Secretary insists navy leadership behind firing. Given the status of the current government structure, there is no longer any confidence in the 'chain of command'. Currently it takes Whistle Blowers & going public with issues to ensure that they will be appropriately looked into. Kudos to those who risk their careers to do so.

Just another actor in the tRump reality show Now his ass should be fired! Anyone who is an 'acting' ANYTHING in the Trump administration is STUPID, and should NOT be calling anyone else out for ANYTHING. What a despicable slug! He’s acting just like his boss. How come idiots make it to the position of acting secretary of the Navy?

the acting secretary must be too naive or too stupid to think that, in this day & age of information, his remarks wouldn’t leak out to the public irony

Acting Navy Secretary Slams Fired Captain as ‘Stupid’In a speech one crew member described as “whiny' and 'condescending,' the U.S. Navy’s top civilian visited the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt and excoriated the ship's fired commander, who was removed when his plea for help to curb a coronavirus outbreak leaked Classless actions from the Trump regime. Go figure 🤷‍♂️ I know very little about how the Navy works, but it seems EXTREMELY odd that the Secretary of the Navy would address the crew like this. 🤯 Seems extremely unprofessional. This undermines the excuses in Modly's letter, where he'd said he believed Cpt. Crozier showed bad judgment, but out of a sincere desire to protect his subordinates. Beyond contradicting his letter, Modly's comments now leaking shows the same bad judgment he accused Crozier of.

After Outcry Over Navy Captain Relieved Of Command, Assurances He Won't Be ExpelledA highly critical letter from Capt. Brett Crozier that was leaked to the media cost him his command of the coronavirus-infected USS Roosevelt. Now the man who fired him says he's not being discharged. A outcry from stupid people! ! Did commanders of Cruise ships cause such a stink? No is the answer. Why would you keep someone like this on duty for our military? Should hire The commander of the cruise ship to run are military ship. This man is a coward Admiral Kimmel wasn't expelled after Perl Habor. CDR Sanchez of the USS McCain wasn't expelled after he lead his ship into a Tanker killing 10 shipmates CDR Benson wasn't expelled after leading the USS Fitzgerald's collision with the Crystal killing 7 members of his crew.

Trump says Navy captain letter asking for help on coronavirus-stricken ship 'was terrible''We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset — our Sailors,' Crozier wrote in the letter. Best compliment ever. Insane. Oh, no. Agent Orange realDonaldTrump had his little fee fees hurt 😢

Coronavirus patients spend night on Navy hospital ship meant for non-infected New York patientsThe 1,000-bed hospital ship had treated a total of three patients as of Thursday, the ship's captain Patrick Amersbach said. If this is what Trump calls making America great again...I'll keep the Obama version. He really is an ass. The president said the ship is capable and could be eventually used for Corona Virus patient's. They were accepted, quarantined and tested. Patients with a positive test were sent back to Javitz. Stop fear mongering. COVID2019

Theodore Roosevelt's great-grandson calls fired Navy Capt. Crozier 'a hero' in op-edPresident Theodore Roosevelt's great-grandson called the fired Navy Captain'a hero' for standing up for the crew. He is - as opposed to the vengeful treasonous coward that had him fired. Insubordination can not be tolerated in our military... especially for those in leadership positions. This turd deserves to be dishonorably discharged immediately. you should hear what his MaMa said

‘How we hold leaders accountable’: Esper defends firing of Navy captain who raised coronavirus alarmDefense Secretary Mark Esper defended the firing of the Navy captain who sounded the alarm about a coronavirus outbreak on board a U.S. aircraft carrier Riiiiigggggghhhhhhttttt Cover up is normal with trumps! Pile it under the rugs. Just like how many bodies he had piled under the rug for his incompetence!