Thomas Modly: Acting Navy Secretary Apologizes For Calling Ousted Aircraft Carrier Captain 'Stupid'

Thomas Modly: Acting Navy Secretary Apologizes For Calling Ousted Aircraft Carrier Captain 'Stupid'

Acting Navy secretary apologizes for calling ousted aircraft carrier captain 'stupid' in address to ship's crew

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly apologized for telling the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt that the ship's now-ousted commander was 'stupid'

4/7/2020 4:19:00 AM

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly apologized for telling the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt that the ship's now-ousted commander was 'stupid'

Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly apologized Monday night for calling the now-ousted commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt 'stupid' in an address to the ship's crew Monday morning.

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Another Trump loyalist. Now he’s resigned. Looks like a buutthurt libtard Ironic, because what he did was, “stupid.” Idiot 😷🐷💩 Typical Trump supporter ! Modly who? Who is that? Do be serious, let's talk about an American hero, the great Captain Brett Crozier, I duff my hat to that Navy commander. He wrote his on writing on the wall, how crazy is that...i.e. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you!

Need to fire you such disrespect Modly must be another brainless trump supporter So who's stupid now? Good riddance. Hope you never hold another position of that magnitude. CAPTCROZIERlives karma Byebye BoneHead molly mcmodly AT THE MOMENT THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE WHITE HOUSE STAFF.... Apology not accepted.

Put the useless idiot on the ship with the crew and let them set sail. He won’t be back the crew will handle him He was for NOT following his chain of command I believe in a real ship commander always over an Acting Navy Secretary any day🙂 Why did the US government react so slowly to coronaviruses, not because they were unable to respond, but because they deliberately let the virus outbreak in order to eliminate some of the elderly and reduce the government ’s responsibility

Is Thomas Modley a tRump supporter I see that pic and have that urge to smack him on his forehead. So who's REALLY Fit to do their Job,And who's Not... Can’t apologize for something totally stupid, FIRE HIM!!! His title says 'Acting Navy Secretary'.... It's time to replace him & appointment a 'QUALIFIED' person...

Modly is unfit for service. Not good enough What a tool. If I knew this decisions was wrong, with zero experience doing your job, the clear implication is that not only are you not qualified to do your job, but you're also an idiot without basic common sense. Resign, Secretary Modly. He is a clumsy and inarticulate person. His comments did more damage to crew morale than removing Capt Crozier. I question his fitness as the leader of the US Naval Forces as much if not more than Crozier leading the TR

垃圾,烂新闻中心 Disgraceful comments by a lackey of Trumps. But what else would you expect. We accept your apologies,we understand pressures of coronavirus epidemic will affect peoples mental dispositions.I actually advised that both government and people should reflect on the circumstances of the situations in more tolorable manners as most people will behave abnormal

Mostly Will Get His “Karma” For His Despicable Acts, &!They Say Karma’s A M’fkr.........I Personally Hope His Karma Is Excruciatingly Physically & Emotionally PAINFUL! Fire him barntiques859 Fire his ass Now he needs to be fired for being weak Well....he was stupid... Liberals hate the military he should resign, regardless, anyone who has so little self control has NO business acting in ANY capacity in the US military - fire him - not likely since he is a trumpie pick or publicly drum him into retire

The ACTING Secretary of the Navy was cruel in his speech to the sailors on the Theodore. Shameful! Remove him today and please no more “acting” leaders. Be brave President Trump and put people in charge who are well-qualified and clean up the swamp! He's better. What kind of rubbish talk is that for someone with such a high rank? He's better mean that apology.

He should have shut his Pie Hole! As least the ships commander and had the guts to speak his mind in the interest of the well-being of his crew, not like Modly who went crawling for Trump, a so called president who’s only concern is money regardless of the cost in American lives If some sailors died, the Modly as a murder.

That's downright dishonorable. Thinking after talking is an attribute of a fool! Who is the stupid one then? 🤮 Modly obviously a natural leader........ NOT. He was right. The ONLY stupid one is Trump If Captain had gone rogue and docked the ship using all force at his disposal ... that would have been praised.

He us the stupid one and should never be made the permanent secretary of navy Armies make me fear and I admirate Costa Rica not having one. But, this chief alerted the press instead of maintaining ( a high ) pressure on his government or taking initiatives from his own. Never seen in the modern history... Unfortunately, world is not a Care Bears episode.

This guy is a puppet. Stupid enough to wear fence coat to colour his hair? Im sure thats light oak. he is a ginger...forgive him for existing He should be apologizing for his lousy 'acting' . Pronounced word won't go back into your mouth. Regret won’t go ahead of your deed . Very very old wisdom. He needs to resign. Trump needs to be forcefully resigned and then fired out of a canon into the sun.

He’s saying what Trump told him to say ResignModley His behavior suggests he has no business holding the office of SecNav. He needs to resign immediately!! It’s not an apology, it’s him trying to backtrack and cover his ass! He needs to go! What a disgrace! ModlyMustGo stupid for not wanting to see his friends die? ok... seems pretty fking rediculous to me.

Not a chance anyone in the Navy believed him. He was trying to do some career damage control. All he cares about is how this is affecting him. Sorry just doesn’t cover it. Rehire the captain of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt stat! American died people lied All you saying he should be fired for calling someone stupid, are the same people who wanted to elect someone president who lied to the American people about how an ambassador died on her watch!

The Captain failed in his duties however saying outwardly he was Stupid was poor choice of words. He’s sorry it got publicized. Doesn’t change his opinion. Now , once he recovers, reinstate him. Trust! What makes this pencil neck little geeky red head think he deserved the trust of the Captain. What is his background and experience? Once again Trump appointing someone who is not qualified for a position they don’t deserve! I’m sure he’s a good ass kisser and yes sir man

Forgive me but he acted like his boss He’s a wanna be self-absorbed, arrogant piece of shit! Addressing the men and women military in uniform about their previous commander whom they had the upmost respect for...! He needs to be fired! We have no confidence in Modly’s ability to head the US Navy! Anytime a person has to apologize, this person is in trouble, in hot water.

Ummmm who’s stupid? How many sailors are suffering COVID19 ? ResignModly Obviously his comments showed who the stupid one was. Fire the idiot!! (oops that came out loud, didn’t it?) He needs to be fired. Completely unacceptable. 🤯 He was stupid, why apologize SECNAV you earned moron title,congratulations!!! You are there to protect 🇺🇸Soldiers !!!

SECNAV Thomas Modly another member of this administration that is unfit for the job! Following blindly the big baby in the WH! Thomas Modly is a global embarrassment ThomasModly USSTheodoreRoosevelt With Trump as president I am not surprise that the nation key institution is starting to fall apart. Leadership is all over the place.

Did he even serve? Or another case of bone spurs? You’d have to be naive or stupid to think he means it sorry but in the apology the secretary makes clear that he accused the captain of committing an act of betrayal which is a punishable offense. The secretary should be asked to either withdraw that statement and resign or bring formal charges against the captain

'I stand by every word' well guess you don't..... just resign Too Late Moldy is stupid, Is his face sliding down away from his hairline, or is his hairline trying to get as far away as possible from his dumbass? 🤔 Mosley is unfit for service. I normally do not get fired up about these errant stories, but as a military brat, I think Modly is emblematic of the boot-kissing servility that my mom described who will hurt our soldiers. He needs to be let go while he is in the spotlight.

This guy should be removed Too fucking late. Despicable display When people are so conditioned to lying and telling half truths, they lash out when the truth is spoken. This plays out every day with trump and I'm sure he's proud of the navy's berating of a truth teller.. What kind of an apology is that! Whatever. To little too late.

What classy people Trump surrounds himself with. 😂😂😂 Ginger doing ginger things Everyone on that ship knows who is the 'stupid' one and who is the hero. Too Ahole, you said it, own it. I hope the military sees how much the Trump Admin respects them - NOT Reinstate CPT Crozier, apologize to his crew and then resign! Be honorable, Honorable.

On another note, just because President Trump has tested negative for COVID-19 twice is no reason why he shouldn't be ventilated. Is this man a civilian Why is this guy still getting a paycheck then ?🤨 Another POS trump appointee!!! SECNAV your apology is meaningless. Resign. FIRE MODLY. HE IS THE STUPID.

so who is stupid now?! I think Modly has betrayed the trust of the American public and the sailors who serve under him. He needs to be fired. End of story. Resign! ReinstateCaptainCrozier ModlyMustResign ModlyMustGo Nope. Resign now. Can his ass. At least you know how to apologize unlike your Commander-in-Chief! Wish he will slow down & think before blabbing!

Fire him immediately. Why does he still have a job? The second those words left his mouth is the second he should have been relieved of his title. Now re-instate the Captain Crozier or resign. FireModly That was not an apology I believe that Modly should be relieved of duty. To be so unprofessional like this for a Navy Secretary is unimaginable and thoughtless.

stupid is that stupid says ☝️🙄 There are too many “actors” in important positions. He’s a pig and needs to be replaced. No he’s pouting. Poor baby. If Trump fires him, it will be for the apology not the comments. That was stupid of him to say something so stupid. But then again, he’s a republican and that’s what expected of them.

ACTSECNAV An apology does not do it. Apologies in this regime are a dime a dozen. Resign. Now. Don’t walk it back asshole! Stand strong on your original statement! A little to late! Arrogant! Reading this is not an apology. It was smug When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. —Maya Angelou

Too late! SupportCrozier CCP + CNN = Propaganda He needs to be gone from any sort of public service. WeWillRemember That’s a good first step, now resign. “I became sorry the minute I got caught doing it.” SO WHAT . WHO FUCKING CARES. bring out the plank

Acting Navy Secretary Slams Fired Captain as ‘Stupid’In a speech one crew member described as “whiny' and 'condescending,' the U.S. Navy’s top civilian visited the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt and excoriated the ship's fired commander, who was removed when his plea for help to curb a coronavirus outbreak leaked Classless actions from the Trump regime. Go figure 🤷‍♂️ I know very little about how the Navy works, but it seems EXTREMELY odd that the Secretary of the Navy would address the crew like this. 🤯 Seems extremely unprofessional. This undermines the excuses in Modly's letter, where he'd said he believed Cpt. Crozier showed bad judgment, but out of a sincere desire to protect his subordinates. Beyond contradicting his letter, Modly's comments now leaking shows the same bad judgment he accused Crozier of.

Acting Navy secretary blasts ousted aircraft carrier captain as 'stupid' in address to ship's crewThe acting secretary of the Navy calls the now-ousted commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt 'stupid' over coronavirus memo the acting secretary must be too naive or too stupid to think that, in this day & age of information, his remarks wouldn’t leak out to the public irony How come idiots make it to the position of acting secretary of the Navy? What a despicable slug! He’s acting just like his boss.

Acting Navy Secretary Calls Ousted Captain 'Stupid' In Speech To Ship's CrewThomas Modly shocked the crew when he slammed Capt. Brett Crozier for sending an email about the coronavirus outbreak on board. The Navy Secretary should be fired for speaking so harshly about another Navy comrade. Chain of Command I assume he repeated what he was told to say?

Acting Navy secretary stands by tough criticism of fired captain of aircraft carrierActing Navy Sec. standing by tough words to USS Theodore Roosevelt crew, in which he blasted their ex-captain as 'too naive or too stupid to command a ship' amid fallout over leaked letter requesting stronger measures to stem the ship's spread of COVID-19. seems like a good time to kneel in front of the flag in protest of the government's disregard for lives, this time sailors' lives If SECNAV really wants to see stupidity he should look in the mirror. “Too stupid to command a ship” lol if so why the heck was he promoted as captain of a Carrier?

Acting Navy Secretary Upbraids Aircraft Carrier’s Captain Over Ship’s IntercomActing Navy Secretary Thomas Modly addressed the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt to defend his decision to fire the aircraft carrier’s commander who wrote a memo last week demanding more urgent action to address an outbreak of coronavirus. What a charming motivational man he is........not 👍👏🏻 Guess the crew showed him up and he didn’t like it. Good for the crew. I like this.

Sailors reportedly 'livid' with acting Navy secretary after he blasts captain who expressed coronavirus concernsA speech by acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly to the aircraft carrier crew whose captain he relieved April 2 has exposed him to accusations of hypocrisy and led to calls for him to be fired. It was okay for him to express his concerns but he knows he was to do it using the chain of command. He failed to do that.🇺🇸😷⛑️ Keep calling