Across U.S., anxious families brace for Trump's announced mass immigration raids

Across the US, anxious families brace for President Trump's announced mass immigration raids


Across the US, anxious families brace for President Trump's announced mass immigration raids

“That is one of the scariest things not only my family has to face but others who are in this ICE raid situation,” a son of undocumented immigrants said.

“We’re currently seeing what I can actually do to help my family,” said Antonio, the oldest of three children, all U.S. citizens. The family is inquiring about making Antonio the legal guardian for his younger siblings if his parents are gone. “I’d rather be the head of household for my entire family and work hard than to have us all separated by the foster care system. These are one of the things we have to worry about.”

“Ever since June, we’ve been receiving a lot of calls from people and our partners about hosting more ‘know your rights’ workshops, teaching communities what are their rights during an interaction with ICE and encouraging people to outline a clear family plan in case this happens,” Shannon Camacho, who helps CHIRLA coordinate its Raids Rapid Response Network in Los Angeles, told NBC News. “We have been really preparing for these kinds of threats, since then.”

Both the Florida coalition and CHIRLA have been distributing information in multiple languages including English, Spanish, and Creole (spoken by Haitians), as well as holding seminars or information sessions alerting people that if an ICE officer shows up outside their house, they should not open the door and remain quiet.

While some families might feel more comfortable seeking refuge in places such as schools or churches — areas that are supposed to be off-limits for ICE agents — attorneys like Shiu-Ming Cheer of the National Immigration Law Center are suggesting people remain at home Sunday as possible raids are conducted in communities nationwide.

“Our job is to make sure that they have what they need ahead of Sunday,” she said.

As families continue to prepare for Sunday, Camacho was urging people to put clear family plans in place and assign a particular role each member should be responsible for if an immigration officer knocks on their door.

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I think news organizations should be responsible legally for cause mass hysteria around events like this. Raids sound horrifying and most people think of random searches when the deportations are for people that have already been denied and scheduled to be deported. Its about time. Trump will call off the raids and look like the hero again. Duh

'No Raids'? Just what did you think would happen to illegal, law-breaking aliens who walk into America? If you’re here legally, you have nothing to worry about. Period. Only if they are criminals These are people who have had their trial and ordered deported by a court. But they stayed. No sympathy for lawbreakers.

Will Russians be included?

Cities brace for ICE deportation raids as Trump threats spread fearMajor cities across the U.S. on Thursday were bracing for sweeping deportation raids this weekend, the second time in less than a month that Trump administration insiders have signaled roundups were imminent. The raids were intended as an unprecedented show of force against undocumented immigrants by Arrest the democrat mayor's too who obstruct justice! Good

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