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ABC’s ‘The Rookie’ Bans “Live” Guns on Set

The change, effective Friday, comes in the wake of the fatal shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin's 'Rust.'

10/23/2021 1:16:00 AM

ABC cop drama TheRookie is banning “live” weapons on its set, effective immediately, following the fatal shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin’s Rust

The change, effective Friday, comes in the wake of the fatal shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin's ' Rust .'

The Rookiethat all gunfire on set will be with Air Soft guns with CG muzzle flashes added in post,” Hawley wrote in the memo (read it in full, below). “There will be no more ‘live’ weapons on the show. The safety of our cast and crew is too important. Any risk is too much risk.”

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Air Soft guns are effectively BB guns that use a form of pellet instead of bullets, meaning they produce less energy than a gun. They’re often used on film and TV sets as they look almost identical to other guns.Hawley notes thatThe Rookiehad used a mix of guns with mostly quarter loads or Air Soft guns with CGI muzzle flashes added in postproduction. As Emmy-winning VFX artist Nick Sinnott (

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devilcorona44 this is sad, though. because of one rotten apple. cg will NEVER look like the real thing + it's more expensive I didn’t even know they were using real guns For my favorite police series to date,that is a good gesture to ensure safety on film sets that involve guns for filming certain scenes

so they are going to walk around with a water pistol no that will make the tv show better Whoa hold on a sec partner, you were using live weapons the whole time? Why would studios allow live guns in the first place? Amen🙏 No show or movie set should have live guns from long before, come on. There have been prior disasters 😔

They do have the budget for CGI muzzle flashes, though. TV AlecBaldwin guns Robert Rodriguez used rubber guns during the filming of Once Upon a time in Mexico. They added the muzzle flashes in post. So it wasn't important before? I always thought they used air soft guns that they painted black.

Alec Baldwin 'didn't know gun had live rounds' when woman shot and killedThe prop gun that Alec Baldwin accidentally shot two people with was reportedly filled with live rounds instead of blanks Oh my goodness.! DailyMirror First rule of guns... ALL GUNS ARE LOADED... DailyMirror IDIOT

Why in the world would they have live guns on set We must protect Nathan Fillion at all costs. But seriously, it’s a good idea. BS I was on the set od MILK . They used CAP GUNS and something similar to a spark plug to recreate the shooting scene. I mean if you didn't like the DP you didn't have to k*ll her ... You hella could've just like not auditioned.

Typical Knee Jerk reactionary BULLSHIT. Theatrical Weapons have been used SAFELY for literally DECADES in film and TV with 'VERY FEW' _ACCIDENTS_. RIP Halyna Hutchins Every show should. You can add a muzzle flash with CGI. Do it all in post. Cleavon_MD Good. With as many rounds fired in any one of the John Wick movies with no issues it sounds like a lack of proper controls. But the idea of untrained actors and crew running around with love weapons is kinda scary. And weird.

What!! How many more sets are using live weapons? missykender how very tragic that this should happen NOW, just the film industry is only just STARTING t get back inti gear, covid and all, BEYOND the personal tragedy - O.M.G. So live guns weren't a problem for them yesterday but it is today?

Prop Gun That Killed Cinematographer on Alec Baldwin Film Contained ‘Live Single Round,’ Union ClaimsThe prop gun that killed “ Rust ” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza on during an on-set accident on Thursday contained a “live single round,” acc… Why?! shannonrwatts So why is a live round even available as an option for a prop or anything in a movie Starting to look like Brandon Lee all over again.

This stuff should be done with VFX anyway, no reason with today's technology for any kind of live round to be used on any show. Uh, why is there live weapons in the first place? Why are there live weapons on any set? Jesus! They didn’t ban it once Brandon Lee was killed? They really late to learn from what happened to Brandon Lee.

Y’all using real guns Gold_Ranga Smart move all set should have already had this in place. What were they thinking They’ve filmed the last 74 seasons with live weapons brandojay Really very sad 😞

Everything we know about Alec Baldwin shooting as police probe fatal accidentDirector of Photography Halyna Hutchins was airlifted to a hospital but was shortly after pronounced dead

Alec Baldwin movie shooting in full as police investigate fatal on-set accidentDirector of Photography Halyna Hutchins was airlifted to a hospital but was shortly after pronounced dead Not an accident. He pulled the trigger. 🤡

Alec Baldwin makes first public statement after fatal shooting on 'Rust' setAlec Baldwin has made his first public statement since a fatal shooting on the set of his new film on Thursday. Must be nice to have celebrity priviledge and entitlement. If he was not a celebrity or if he was a person of colour, he would have been arrested and executed. Not fair. Alec should be cancelled. He's dangerous on the set and stuff. Alec was always the least likely of the Baldwin brothers to kill someone. Shocked. At least you aren't accusing him of murder. Do better.

Alec Baldwin prop gun movie shooting a reminder of past fatal accidents on film setsThe death of Halyna Hutchins from a prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin while filming ' Rust ' is the latest tragic mishap on a movie set. They need to stop using blanks on sets