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Singleparents, $Alchemy_Keywords

ABC Renews Majority of Its Shows for 2020-2021 Season, Orders David E. Kelley Drama and Kyra Sedgwick Comedy

ABC cancels #SingleParents

5/21/2020 11:18:00 PM

ABC cancels SingleParents

ABC announced its new and returning shows for the 2020-2021 season on Thursday. First up, the network announced renewals for the following shows: “American Housewife,” “The Bachel…

.The drama series “Emergence” and comedies “Schooled,” “Bless this Mess,” and “Single Parents” have all been canceled, along with the Tiffany Hadish-hosted revival of “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” The fate of freshman drama “For Life” will be determined at a later date as will that of the summer series “The Baker and the Beauty,” according to an individual with knowledge of the situation.

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In terms of new shows, ABC had already given astraight-to-series orderto the drama “Big Sky” from David E. Kelley. The broadcaster also announced a series order for the multi-camera comedy “Call Your Mother” (formerly “My Village”) starring Kyra Sedgwick, thus far marking the only regular series pick up from the network’s crop of pilots this year. Read full descriptions of both shows below. Decisions on the network’s remaining pilots will be made in the coming weeks.

Related Stories'The Bachelorette' On Her 'I Had Sex And Jesus Still Loves Me' LineThe network will announce its fall 2020 schedule at a later date.“At a time when we are physically apart and shared experiences matter more than ever, these shows will build on the strategy that has made us No. 1 this season – bringing people together, creating cultural moments, and making content that entertains and inspires across generations and demographics,” said Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment. “Our top priority now is to work with our studio partners to ensure a safe return to production so that we can build on the strong momentum of a winning lineup with measured bets on new series that will invigorate our air and continue to deliver the quality programming that our viewers have come to expect and love.”

Like Fox, CBS, and The CW before it, ABC focused on renewing most of its shows for next season in the face of the ongoing production shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Likewise, the network made almost no pick ups from its pilot orders, as virtually no pilots were able to complete or even begin filming prior to the shutdown.

Unlike Fox and The CW, ABC did not announce any series acquisitions to fill any gaps in its schedule in the event that new and returning shows are unable to restart production in time for a fall launch. Fox announced that it would air the Spectrum original “LA’s Finest” in the fall, while The CW will air four acquired series, including “Swamp Thing” from DC Universe. In announcing its fall schedule, CBS fully expects

despite the shutdown, including two of its new series.NEW SERIESBIG SKYFrom visionary storyteller David E. Kelley (“Big Little Lies”) comes “Big Sky,” a thriller created by Kelley, who will write multiple episodes and serve as showrunner in its premiere season. Private detectives Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt join forces with his estranged wife and ex-cop, Jenny Hoyt, to search for two sisters who have been kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote highway in Montana. But when they discover that these are not the only girls who have disappeared in the area, they must race against the clock to stop the killer before another woman is taken. Based on the series of books by C.J. Box, “Big Sky” is executive produced by David E. Kelley, Ross Fineman, Matthew Gross, Paul McGuigan and C.J. Box and is produced by A+E Studios in association with 20th Century Fox Television. A+E Studios is the award-winning studio unit of the global media company A+E Networks, LLC. 20th Century Fox Television is a part of Disney Television Studios, alongside ABC Studios and Fox 21 Television Studios.

Cast: Katheryn Winnick as Jenny Hoyt, Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell, Brian Geraghty as Ronald Pergman, Dedee Pfeiffer as Denise Brisbane, Natalie Alyn Lind as Danielle Sullivan, Jesse James Keitel as Jerrie, with John Carroll Lynch as Rick Legarski and Ryan Phillippe as Cody Hoyt.

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CALL YOUR MOTHERFrom Kari Lizer (“The New Adventures of Old Christine”), this multicamera comedy follows an empty-nester mom who wonders how she ended up alone while her children live their best lives thousands of miles away. She decides her place is with her family and as she reinserts herself into their lives, her kids realize they might actually need her more than they thought. “Call Your Mother” is produced by Sony Pictures Television & ABC Studios. ABC Studios is a part of Disney Television Studios, alongside 20th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios.

Cast: Kyra Sedgwick as Jean Raines, Rachel Sennott as Jackie Raines, Joey Bragg as Freddie Raines, Patrick Brammall as Danny, Emma Caymares as Celia and Austin Crute as Lane. Read more: Variety »

HATE ANGER RAGE My fave! I really hope someone picks it up. I give up on TV otherwise. What's the point when the good ones are constantly short? savesingleparents SaveSingleParentsTV That’s awful. ABC metrics’s aren’t working. I emailed them telling the network what a trash decision this was. Such an amazing show 😭

C'mon PrimeVideoIN hulu Netflix_CA Netflix do your thing! Save this show savesingleparents SingleParents netflix hulu nbc cbs savesingleparents RenewSingleParents spread the word!! They didn’t let it end how we wanted 😭it’s not fair, give me my happy ending 😭 Awww 💔 Hey ABCNetwork I just wanna talk

I’m so sad. Such a pure show with great characters and some of the best child actors. Boo ABC! Ughhhh😖 Huh. This might've been my favorite show over the past few years. savesingleparents What?!!! How awful! I LOVE this little show!! I love this show SingleParentsTV is literally the only network show to premier in the last three years that I’m still watching weekly. No wonder less and less people commit their time to network shows when they get shuffled in schedule and cancelled with no warning.

This is stupid. But this is the network that cancelled Last Man Standing out of the blue, its top comedy at the time. Clueless execs. ABCNetwork what is WRONG with you.. lastmanstanding and now SingleParents ...cmon FOXTV netflix hulu do we get a petition going? SingleParentsTV savesingleparents

ABCNetwork hulu or netflix you know what to do next ..... 😭 This sucks. Love Single Parents... Oh, go to hell, ABCNetwork :( This is NOT the news we needed. ms_omosh 😭😭😭 come cry with me. smmfh Loved this show! D: Fuck!!!! abc super lame! Love SingleParentsTV great tv!! savesingleparents Noooo! They can’t leave us hanging!!!! Don’t cancel! This is such a great show!

savesingleparents ABCNetwork Nooooooo it’s so freaking good!!!!! Ugh This show’s cast and the writing was amazing. It was constantly creative and always funny as hell. Networks need to stop using archaic ratings models as guidelines for programming. This decision is total garbage. Noooooooooooooooo No!!!! It’s mind numbingly funny and has kept me going during covid lockdown. abc SingleParentsTV please reconsider!!! TaranKillam tv is for escaping and this is a nice escape to remember normal. To feel normal. :(

savesingleparents damn didn’t see this coming 😳 And yet they keep garbage like The Bachelor/Bachelorette. SMDH.. Noooooo 😭 SingleParentsTV SaveSingleParents netflix hulu PrimeVideo hbomax SingleParentsTV SingleParentsTV SingleParentsTV SingleParentsTV SingleParentsTV This is such a bad call. The worst, I’m actually in shock ABCNetwork did this. Can someone else pick it up? Is so great, this cast the writing... me at this point so confused. singleparents

noooooooooooo ABC and canceling good sitcoms - name a more iconic duo Nooo why!! savesingleparents What the hell ABCNetwork Terrible decision! This show was amazing!!! Come on hulu savesingleparents Nooooooo! Hulu! Netflix! Someone pick up savesingleparents No no no no no ABCNetwork But I need to know how Lancebassspacecamp was this summer!!! Uhggggg damn you ABCNetwork

Really ?!? Abc really sucks this year !!! So now they better bringbackmelendez and savesingleparents !!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Change your mind ABCNetwork & this time give it a REAL chance!! You can’t keep moving shows around & expect the audience to know when they’re on. Give SingleParentsTV another season and keep it one place! It’s funny and the chemistry of the cast is great!! savingsingleparents

jackjack106 😞 Awe I like this program boooooo this news Never trust ABC with a good show. They'll just go and cancel it every time. No!!! Loved this show Hope the twin girls get cast in something asap... they're so cute and hilarious. Will definitely miss them singleparents SingleParentsTV Wonderful show. What a shame 😞

horrible This is one of the BEST shows on network TV. ABCNetwork HOW COULD YOU!!? savesingleparents savesingleparents nbc hulu netflix hulu hbomax peacockTV I need SOMEBODY to renew this shit. One of the funniest shows on TV AND ABCNetwork decides to just randomly end it😭 IDIOTS! abc Finally had a decent show with a multicultural cast, cute kids and great writing. How will you replace this show? Glad I sold my Disney stock, the new leadership in TV SUCKS, got rid of the woman of color and brought in the 'status quo' FAILURE

akidfromthePNW GO TELL ABC THAT I WILL CANCEL THEM WTH So dumb, it was rough to start with but quickly built into a very funny show. This is the first cancellation I’m upset about this season. We looked forward to watching two network sitcoms (imagine!) every week, SingleParentsTV and BlessThisMessTV - this is a sad day. savesingleparents saveblessthismess

Nooooooo. I love this show 😞 could 2020 get any worse Nooooooooo Why?! It was such a good show! But wait I had never even heard of it! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😭 I wanted to like it but it was garbage. Not a fan of their Jason Mendoza ripoff. So sad about this! nbcbrooklyn99 fans- help with the save! TaranKillam thelonelyisland Lin_Manuel

Nooooooo whhhhhyyyyyyy this was a good funny show! A most desperate need in this insane time savesingleparents Stupid ABCNetwork bring back this incredible show. savesingleparents WHY THE FLY F WOULD THEY DO THIS!? Seriously wtfffffff This is a good show. Trash decision No!!!!! savesingleparents Why?! Loved SingleParentsTV so much! Hope this isn’t the end of the line for this show.

I lost, I really lost ugh :( Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Can netflix or hulu please pick this up for another season? ABCNetwork WHYYYY SingleParentsTV was so fun and witty. This is so sad. Good riddance. Trash!!!!! This is one of their best shows!!!! SchooledABC got canceled no!!!!!! As someone who grew up with just their mama, Single Parents was a wonderful, much needed show that masterfully showcased a handful of scenarios as to how these parents got to where they were and how they managed. savesingleparents

How the HELL was Single Parents canceled It’s one of the best shows ABC even has on the air. That’s ridiculous. It has an amazing cast, it was funny and it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. I really hope another network will save it. Bastards PLEASE SAVE THIS SHOW nbc hulu PopTV Showtime ABCNetwork SaveSingleParents

This bummed me out! I love this show! Damn you ABCNetwork !!!! That had that girl from that show and that annoying guy from snl I'M MAD Noooooo! savesingleparentsABC Noooooooooooooo that sucks. Awwwww No! This one bums me out. It’s actually funny. And ended on a cliffhanger! ABCNetwork Bless this Mess is a great show!!!

Whyyyyyyyyyyy😩😩😩 WHAT HOW WILL WE FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WITH WILL AND ANGIEEEEEE WHYYYYY Schooled rocked, can't believe they cancelled it Damn, sorry donald_faison FUCK not happy You do know 'The Good Doctor' is just a continuation of 'St. Elsewhere', right? well this fuckin sucks. I missed all these hits🤣

ABC didn’t promote KidsSayTheDarndestThings enough because they’re stupid The cast and writers of SchooledABC deserved so much better. It was a high quality sitcom. Any word on Baker and the Beauty?

ABC renews 19 shows, cancels five, as next season's lineup is announcedABC renews 19 shows, cancels five, as next season's lineup announced Bless This Mess is rather good so of course it's canceled. I still haven't forgiven ABC for canceling Trophy Wife, either. Bless this mess: The new most missed ABC cancelation 😭 blessthismess I hope every kid on SingleParentsTV continues to flourish bc they were perfect. Not since Modern Family have the younger cast members been able to match their older counterparts.

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