ABC News suspends journalist over 'socialist' remarks in Project Veritas sting

The video appears to show David Wright and one of his producers criticizing the network’s political coverage.


ABC News confirmed that it has suspended a journalist after he identified himself as a “socialist” in a video released by the right-wing undercover operation Project Veritas

The video appears to show David Wright and one of his producers criticizing the network’s political coverage.

WhatsApp ABC News confirmed on Wednesday that it has suspended journalist David Wright after the veteran correspondent identified himself as a “socialist” in a video released by the right-wing undercover operation Project Veritas. “Any action that damages our reputation for fairness and impartiality or gives the appearance of compromising it harms ABC News and the individuals involved,” an ABC News spokesperson said in a statement. The spokesperson added that "to avoid any possible appearance of bias, [Wright] will be reassigned away from political coverage when he returns.” Advertisement video , which was purportedly filmed while Wright was in New Hampshire earlier this month covering the Democratic presidential primary, appears to show Wright and one of his producers criticizing the network’s political coverage and its cross-platform promotion. In the seven-minute video, which features choppy editing and only the occasional glimpse of the face of the man identified as Wright, the correspondent is also asked whether he would consider himself a democratic socialist, the ideology claimed by Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “Like, more than that, I consider myself a socialist,” Wright appears to respond, explaining that he favors “national health insurance,” “reining in corporations” and narrowing the wealth gap. Wright has been with ABC News since 2000, according to a biography on the network’s website, and his reporting has been featured on all of the network’s biggest platforms, including “World News Tonight” and “Good Morning America." He served as the lead political reporter for “Nightline” during the 2016 elections, and has also reported abroad on international affairs. Wright and a man identified as producer Andy Fies also discuss a bevvy of complaints about broadcast news, many of which echo widespread gripes about the horserace nature of political journalism writ large. They had especially harsh words for their employer about its coverage of President Donald Trump, who Wright at one point refers to as "this f--king president," complaining that Trump has put news outlets in "an awkward moment" where "we can’t figure out how to challenge him." “We don’t hold him to account,” Wright says in the video, the subtitles for which indicate that he is referring to the president. “We also don’t give him credit for what things he does do.” He also accuses his ABC News bosses of ignoring stories that matter to voters in favor of flashier ones, or ones that also line the pockets of parent company Disney. "It’s like there’s no upside in — or our bosses don’t see an upside — in doing the job we’re supposed to do, which is to speak truth to power and hold people to account," he claims, lamenting that he feels terrible because as a result, "the truth suffers" and "voters are poorly informed." He went on to complain that “now you can’t watch ‘Good Morning America’ without there being a Disney princess or a Marvel Avenger appearing,” decrying the network for, in his view, eschewing "stories that we need to tell that are maybe hard to tell." “It’s all self-promotional,” he says in the video. James O’Keefe, Project Veritas’ founder, first teased the new video Tuesday night, calling it another step in the group’s effort to show ABC’s purported “agenda to mislead voters and push their own narratives,” building off of a video released last year showing anchor Amy Robach complaining that the network had spiked an interview with an accuser of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The operation is known for its hidden-camera interviews in which it looks to lure members of established news outlets into making supposedly compromising ethical statements. It has been criticized for deceptively editing footage to misrepresent the subjects’ comments. In 2017, the group appeared to get caught in an attempt to feed The Washington Post a false allegation of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore, who at the time was running in a special election for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama and had faced multiple other allegations of sexual misconduct. In 2010, O’Keefe was sued for his videos involving members of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now purportedly discussing illegal activities. He later apologized for the series and paid $100,000 in a settlement. O’Keefe was commissioned in 2009 by Andrew Breitbart, founder of the popular alt-right news site that has been among the fiercest media allies of Trump. Filed Under: Read more: POLITICO

Uhh, why? 3. I'm unclear on what grounds David Wright was suspended. Words he said on hidden camera (illegal in NH) about his personal beliefs regarding a media company's practices, and the president? Let's just turn reporting over to the robots or officially adopt Putin's methods w/press 2. Last time I checked reporters didn't have to disclose their personal politics on a job application. How he feels politically as a private citizen and how he reports are two separate things. His reporting should be fact-checked by an editor. His job is not his personal platform

1. New Hampshire recording law stipulates that it is a two-party consent state. In New Hampshire, it is a criminal offense to use any device to record communications, whether they're wire, oral or electronic, without the consent of everyone taking part in the conversation... I think it more likely he was suspended for having publicly criticized his employer's editorial decisions

Why He should get a job in a real news organization IF: “Any action that damages our reputation for fairness and impartiality or gives the appearance of compromising it harms ABC avoid any possible appearance of bias, [Wright] will be reassigned away from political coverage.” THEN: what about Karl, Vargas, Vega, et al?

But is he said he was an establishment Dem, that would be okay? Fake news. He was not suspended because he's a socialist. Indeed, many are. He was suspended because his bias and hatred of the President was revealed. His job is to be impartial and he was exposed. Veritas haven't seen that name since the last election...I wonder what nonsense they're up to now being part of the Communist Right and the axisymmetric configuration.

ABC News Suspends David Wright Over Comments In Project Veritas VideoABC News said that it has suspended correspondent David Wright after right-wing provocateur James O’Keefe’s group Project Veritas caught him on video complaining about how politics is c…

Did Politico ever fire the journalist and editor that allowed the opinion piece with a picture of Bernie Sanders and the 'money tree' behind him with all the other antisemitism in it and the article? No? Well, okay then. Sounds more like someone talking shit on their employer and getting fired. I'm on his side though.

Are they now going to fire any of their journalists who have identified themselves a 'capitalist'? won't they also have compromised their impartiality? Sorry 🤬🤬🤬 For those hate socialism, social security money is good , driving in a highway built by government is so good abc reinstate immediately or the ACLU will be putting your ass on a platter in under a week.

Saying you support universal health care does not make you a socialist. The remark sounds self consciously ironic to me. Wtf. This man does not deserve to be fired for having personal opinions stated in private to an asshole group of lying scandalmongers who secretly recorded him ah i wonder if project veritas will ever fire themselves for having a very obvious bias

Oh, the sweet sweet schadenfreude... So ABCPolitics only allows capitalist journalists? Wish I could say I'm surprised.

ABC News @ABCSTARTING NOW: Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina announces endorsement for 2020 presidential campaign ahead of primary. He endorsed the guy who doesn’t know where he is, thinks that $150M people were killed by guns since 2007 and thinks he’s running for senate? WOW. Dems are screwed haha Irony- people backing a person who bragged about doing exactly what their party just tried impeaching the current president for. He must REALLY hate Bernie. Joe gets more embarrassing by the day.

Hey ABC. Stop the ignorance!! Educate on what socialism is. Many democratic countries practice a form of socialism that really helps their citizens. It is NOT communism. Stop adding to the division! What the F. Boycott ABC This seems illegal ABC Disney please explain. ABC is owned by Disney.... a company BernieSanders held to the fire for underpaying their workers.

If abc had to suspend every socialist that worked there the place would be empty. I hope he's a member of a union and that he sues ABC's ass. BoycottABC ABC is a communist institution Crazy how McCarthyism is back with a slightly different flavor this time.

ABC News @ABCHAPPENING NOW: Pres. Trump and Indian PM Modi deliver joint statement. Getting the popcorn 😁🇨🇦 Its like a dictators reunion.

This is old-fashioned McCarthyism. Shame on ABC BoycottABC ACLU What? That’s dumb. So a reporter can’t have personal opinions. This is McCarthyism all over again. I'm officially boycotting ABC news and Disney. EmmaSegasture What are they going to do with all the self-described “capitalists”? so much for freedom of speech and journalistic integrity, shame on ABC

And they wonder why people under age 40 think corporate media is propaganda.

ABC News @ABCLIVE: We're watching the opening of the Dow Jones following yesterday's 1,000-point drop amid growing coronavirus fears. Ya’ll need to look into Trump! He made that tweet on purpose and controlled the stocks outcome, yet tweets that stocks r hear yesterday. Hmm. Now look at it today. Someone is making $$ And it's falling again... Maybe this could be the reason.... Could be dangerous in America... More than in every other country Coronavirus Corona coronavirusus

This should not be legal. ACLU Mccarthyism is back apparently. Let's start rounding up the 'evil' socialists 😂 If he had said he was a white nationalist, his job would have remained unchanged comcast owns NBCNews , Disney owns ABC , ATT owns CNN , FoxNews is still independent from Disney (which is still owned by Rupert Murdoch), CBSNews by ViacomCBS . They are all corporate owned. As long they don't lose money everything is ok to them.

So what if he is self-identified socialist? He’s not in or running for office, so: whatever. Project Veritas had no right to secretly tape anyone while at the ABC studio. He had a right to expect a measure of privacy at the office, and ABC executives should have supported him! How the fuck is it legal to fire a journalist for political positions? ABC should be boycotted for this

there is your reason not to bother with ABC. Sounds like a stalin-like thing to do. WTF happened to the 1st amendment? This is some McCarthyite sh-t.

ABC News @ABCHAPPENING NOW: Pres. Trump holds press conference as India trip concludes. I ALWAYS mute Trump. Always. BTW, what exactly were the trade terms w/China in the re-do, round 1? We were never given a clear sum of that tête-à-tête?! God bless you, and safe travels. Thank you for your continued work for the United States, true americans see what you are doing.

Isn’t that illegal? A totally normal democracy. And all the while, repugnant Fox hosts show no shame and spew garbage, lies, propaganda, and legit PSYOPS for the GOP and realDonaldTrump . Should show everyone that there is no organized liberal media..just people still looking to maintain some standards, even if WRONG AF

Project Veritas? I wouldn't trust anything that comes from them. They're a far right group. That disguise hidden cameras to uncover supposed liberal bias. The group is known for producing misinformation & deceptively edited videos about media organizations and left-leaning groups If he were a white supremacist he wouldn't have been suspended.

Freedom of speech anyone? Let’s hope he sues the ever living shit out of them Isn't removing a journalist from political reporting because he is a socialist be the definition of bias? Shouldn't all views be represented Yet MSNBC chucktodd HardballChris can liken our potential first Jewish President and his followers to Nazis and.... Nothing..

ABC News @ABCLIVE: The Dow Jones slips more than 800 points following yesterday's 1,000-point plunge. The drop wiped out the gains for the year. Who will Trump blame now? Let’s see how he will spin this news. The WH will bow down to their great leader. Politics very good mister president We all knew this would happen, now didn’t we?

damn, this dude just sounds reasonable Manufacturing Consent all day everyday, thanks ABC! We live in a fascist society were in a corporate bubble just Google how many media corporations give us our information it's 6, that's not liberty. That's not a democracy it's fascism when corporations control everything that you see and hear.

Cool McCarthyism Bro This is disgusting Why? Why the fuck is anyone taking project Veritas seriously at this point? Or maybe they are pissed he admitted that the network has an anti left bias.. Meaning that ABC is a right wing outlet and willing to push right wing ideology.. Which we all knew. So, as long as he’s a capitalist, everything is okay. Stupid. Just plain stupid.

. Maybe someone should tell abcnews that 60+ million people died in WW2, the war against fascism, whose bitterest enemies were socialists and communists. They're shitting on 400K Americans sacrificed in that war. WrightUps

ABC should be held accountable as an accessory since they had all kinds of proof and information on Jeffrey Epstein, three years worth of girls being raped occurred because ABC sat on the evidence. Probably because the executives are part of the pedophilia ring themselves. is this... still the United States? what the fuck?

Would they have done this if he'd said he was a capitalist? What in the name of McCarthy is going on at Politico? So...ABC persecutes people based on their political views? How about religion? Race? ABC News is FakeNews FakeNewsABC How to piss of maga and the bros in one easy step Would anyone care if he'd called himself a 'capitalist?'

Not only is this ridiculous red scare politics that we ended decades ago but this gives credence to a right wing lunatic’s shit box propaganda machine

Fascists This is what it's like being a socialist in America. Blackballed for existing. Are journalists at ABC not allowed to hold political views in private? Nice McCarthyism, guys. So if he had identified himself as a Democrat would he have been fired? Idiots. WTF How is this legal?! Why Are they firing self-identified capitalists?

We don’t want independent journalists. We want our preconceived biases confirmed back to us. Sad state of affairs. Good. This person wasn't a journalist anyway.

Shame FOX don't use those rules. The media has an anti-socialist bias and it only promotes neolibs, neocons, and fascists. He was 100% right. Astounding! Fire all the self identified capitalists. I want to hear from David. We all know O’Keefe doctors his vicious videos. Hm. Socialism is now the equivalent of child molestation, I guess

Hahahahaha Really? A journalist can’t be a socialist?

I can see if it was FOX, did his status affect his job performance? he shouldn't be suspended by ABC for this. Now that his personal beliefs are knows, if there is perceived to be such a bias that he can not function at his job - then get rid of him. But it can't be because of punishment for his beliefs. Failure to do job is separate.

This is shameful on the part of ABC news Seriously ABC ? Shame on you & All associated with you “selective news dept”. Pffft He wasn’t suspended because he’s a socialist.... ABC censorship for his personal views? boycottABC Jeez well I’m guessing this isn’t going to turn out well for ABC So lets talk about what it means to be human. Let put that discussion on a scientific footing and talk about what distinguishes man from other animals on the basis of evolutionary biology.

They didn’t suspend him for being a socialist. Hell, at least 70% of the ‘journos’ there lean that way. They suspended him for spilling the beans about their bias.

Holy McCarthyism That’s pretty outrageous. Perfect acceptable political opinion. This is insane. Suspending a journalist for engaging in thoughtcrime. Aaaaaaand welcome to fascism!!!!! When the Dem frontrunner self identifies as socialist, this seems hasty? samswey That's interesting. So they do discriminate.

Beacon of the free world? GTFOH! Isn't this what fascist do? Is it not possible to have a political identity and not still be a journalist? I'm pretty sure that's how it works everywhere. fRump wants to be a king and or a Dictator ? What does fakenewsPOLITICO say about that?

David Wright wasn’t fired because he openly admitted that he’s a Commie Socialist posing as a reporter. He got fired for criticizing the Disney regime! It’s how Commie’s roll. Why are we still taking Project Veritas videos seriously

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