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11/30/2022 6:23:00 AM

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This Virginia family transformed their home into a winter wonderland, complete with a miniature village, model railways, and an ice rink.

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Ukraine braces for new attacks on energy grid as Russia weaponizes winter 3:05 Kremlin: Peace talks with Ukraine currently 'impossible' 4:13 President Zelenskyy warns Ukrainians to brace for renewed Russian attacks 1:08 Ukraine crews scramble to restore heat, power as Russia targets key infrastructure 1:50 UK intelligence reports Russia's attempt to break through Ukraine's air defenses 7:11 Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine escalates as winter approaches 10:09 ‘Majorities on both sides of the aisle’ support continued Ukraine aid: Rep.Is TV finally catching up to the rental crisis? Beth O’Leary’s novel ‘The Flatshare’ – about two people renting a London flat for 12 hours each per day – is now a Paramount Plus romcom, but questionable living arrangements are an increasingly fraught part of modern life, writes Katie Rosseinsky.Copyright © 2022 NBCUniversal Media, LLC.Listen now and subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS Feed | Omny Studio On the latest version of Hot off the Wire: More details in our episode show notes.

McCaul 1:56 Ukrainians in a race to restore power 1:57 Russian missiles strike multiple cities 2:05.

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Ban buckets Finally, some good news. Didn’t even stick around to say thank you seems a little ungrateful 👏👏👏👏 Yeah😆 Nice job saving the turtle, but get yourself a decent pair of diagonal pliers and you could do it much faster. ... where it was immediately eaten by a shark. 👏❤️👏❤️👏❤️👏❤️ Great rescue ❤️❤️

So gentle the man who released it

News | The Independent | Today's headlines and latest breaking news | The IndependentQUESTION OF THE DAY: America's 1st auto race was organized on this day in 1895 by the 'Chicago Times-Herald.' What was the winning car's average speed? **Answer at 6:55 on Good Day Rochester. **Photo from 4 mph

He just lobs it back into the ocean wth Not “released” but more like “hurled” the turtle back into the water. Thanks y’all! Way to rough with the poor thing. At least the rope is gone and that's a good thing. I like this a lot. Only critique is I would have more gently placed the turtle back into the water.

This is sooo cute This made me emotional. 😭❤️ Suddenly everything looks fake this is beyond needle in a haystack. Like needle in a 100 acre hay field! My goodness! He was shopping

NBC New YorkGet an inside look at the NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 🚂 on the 'Listen Up Live Holiday Special' Tune in Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 6:30PM on or the NBC New York channel on Peacock🦚 just before the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting!🎄

Just an Australian thing why they didn't let him inside the gas station. He/she probably wants to buy a powerball tix I came to buy some milk darn these humans and their nosy nonsense can't a seal have some privacy here ? 💞💞💞 Bless his heart! Hope he was not sick. 🥺 reedcliffe83 I sit in my chair contemplating how hard it’s gonna be to put on my socks, then my sneakers- (heavy sigh). BUT then I spring into action and put my socks on and next my sneaks. I AM that seal. GoSeal

He heard they had a great Happy Hour & wanted to check out the joint 😂🤣😅😅😙🤣😂😂😆😆😆😆😄🤣😂

Plane caught in Maryland power lines; Sunday's sports highlights; 'Strange World' fizzles at box office | Hot off the Wire podcastTwo people are rescued from a plane, sports highlights, box office results and more top news on our daily podcast.

ABC is junk. Turn them off! Grimes told us they were coming. Just another traveler using AbwTravelAgency That's a roach bomb they're sending to Atlanta for the rioters! Sorry I was a little gassy I lit a match This happened in Kentucky a couple of months ago. Comet Oklahoma is where our government decided to train the Ukraine army on using the patriot missile system, correct?

Seems very few people captured the sound in any sort of audio recorded format. space junk maybe?

Plane caught in Maryland power lines; Sunday's sports highlights; 'Strange World' fizzles at box office | Hot off the Wire podcastGet the latest news on Hot off the Wire, our daily news podcast.

GOD here: That was a warning shot. Okadencee time to move back 🤣 Looks like a blown up satellite I saw it and heard the sonic boom. Russian missile Very extraordinary The boom woke up my baby 😡 😢😢😢 Lots of people are skipping some maintenance procedures probably because of the expense Probably looking at their damn phones.

Cyber Monday deals lure in consumers; concerns over potential rail strike; NATO reaffirms support for Ukraine | Hot off the Wire podcastShoppers find online deals as President Biden raises concerns over a potential railroad strike. Find out more about those stories, the war in Ukraine and sports highlights on our daily news podcast.

SO COOL That's lidl_ireland on aungier street! Love it Wow love this i was moving and my cat jumped out of the car in an area she didnt know. she was gone in a flash. i called for her every night. after a while i gave up, and like this kitty, mine found her way home. i dont know how cuz she hadnt even been in the apt.😊

Dude I just need some milk. cat was like: “whatd i miss, kimberly? joel?” Cats don’t go missing, they leave 🤣 Animals are so so good! For everyone. Fucking cats man. He walked in like nothing and I’m sure the lady was crying the whole time. So happy for her! They were just hanging with the neighbors the whole time.

Cyber Monday deals lure in consumers; concerns over potential rail strike; NATO reaffirms support for Ukraine | Hot off the Wire podcastGet the latest news on Hot off the Wire, our daily news podcast.

Cat doesn’t care, he was like; “Listen Karen, is getting tough out there so I’ll put up with your annoyance in exchange for easy food” Cats don't have a soul. Are yall sure it wants to be a house cat?🥴 Fun story.🥳 Heartbreaking & heartwarming all at the same time😭😭😭 Putting cameras in your house is just nuts to me

barkflight Please stop with the foolish weather scare every night. 50 million in the path. 20 million… it’s PATHETIC Beautiful IT'S THE GREEN COMET! Happy that they released him!!!!

Wow Why? Some people like to paddle Like this shark did....I also like to order in the drive-thru and eat my Carl's junior at home..... And when the shark gets hungry, he’ll capsize the kayak and he’s got Dinner!! 🤦‍♀️ Bruh…who’s getting this footage? 😳 Selmatrixie How far you gone let him pull you till you decide you're too damn far?

Bro just cut the line Jesus Christ Crazy

Just another crappy vertical video. VerticalVideosSuck Big boy!! Wow!! Beautiful ☃️❄️ I hope they pulled a permit for this! My fellow democrats I'm fighting against unlawful building. Send the party your money so I can continue this utmost important fight. It's for the children! Wow Impressive, and I have so many questions.

I can't believe I have just watched that 🤒😩 Is that Gary Dell’Abate’s house? DonnellyStephen look look 🤣 People who don’t secure their trampolines 🤷 What is the big deal?

News worthy And………. Happened next door in S Carolina, except the wind bent the metal frame “news” ❤️❤️ Poor thing. Captivity kills! I saw some sloths recently !! SanDiegoZoo If we had fair lawyers this wouldn’t happen. Crazy people nowadays More money than sense. Brat.

Why post a link if it doesn’t tell me about the story? Too much money in the empty brain!! Clearly the driver never played GTA Hunter!! Was that you? Joe come get your boy. Let him know you got it quick, someone call the Feds for a safe escort This is why they need to put coffee makers back into the room!!!

« I’ll be back » The real problem is that women are too emotional... Stop attempting to deflect fake news... -ONE.😂😂😂

? Playing through..... I standby the kangaroos golfsucks ❤️❤️💙💙 Danger Will Robeson The mama roos have a hole in one 😅 FORE!!!! This is pretty normal for a golf course in australia. Not really news Foooooorrreeee! A big G'day from Aussie..😀🖐

Clearly they have no respect for the game 😄🦘🏌️‍♀️⛳️🏌🏿‍♂️🏌🏻 Oh, those kangaroos PAID their fees, so just mind your business 🤣🤣🤣 Golf course ? It’s a local surburban park Are they like community cats? 😄🥰 How are things in the US, ABC? Noticed you’ve been very quiet about climate change over the last couple weeks back here at home.

Reminds me of 'Ski Iowa' and 'Ski Nebraska' posters I saw on a visit to MO back in the 80's. Nice story link, . Why not just go down the snow that is like...right there.

Sleepy Joe? Innocent and nice. Oh my So cute 🥰 Just as long as they don’t put him down. Seperti inilah beruang yg kala itu hadir di mimpi ku Good place for him it's time to hibernate Leave him alone Stop destroying forests and cutting trees! That is their home, humans are building disgusting Condos by destroying forests, where else will these animals go?

Bears don’t hibernate. Bears winter sleep. You can’t wake up a hibernating animal. You can wake up a bear. And generally they are not happy about it.

'You might be a redneck if the last words of anybody in your family were: HEY EVERYBODY, WATCH THIS!' -Jeff Foxworthy Um, was it not *dangerous* to record the bear from that close? Do you know this? 🤔 💥Follow us 🤑🤑🤑 👀👀👀 Not surprised... Heat wave? Where? The planet is cooler now than 2016 and trending down. And this is with more CO2!!

This planet is so f’d Winter Olympics should be really interesting in 50 years Skiers ski over grass patches in the spring all the time. Not usually in January though

What happens if you hit a ball into their pouches? This reminds me of native Americans in America. They were there before the golf course. If a ball lands in one of their pouches, how do you score it? Ugh- GET A JOB, hippies! jurylady5 their natural range has been replaced by big houses on tiny blocks of land

A few years ago, the Tasmanian government granted a golf club license to kill any animal that pooped on their greens. Public backlash was huge and the club said they wouldn't do it, even though the license was not revoked. Who knows what happens in the dead of night. He wanted dinner lol I found it interesting that kangaroos are essentially considered vermin in Australia. I’m pretty sure they are shot in mass? Is that right? Kind of like deer in the Midwest but less majestic and more intrusive.

Highlights from the hopping championship? Invasive species. Today, the bloodthirsty Islamist regime has executed 2 more innocent protesters: MohammadMehdiKarami MohammadHosseini These innocent idealistic young men put their lives in danger for democracy in Iran. We are mourning as a nation. StopExecutionInIran

A large group of kangaroos is called a mob. This is common all over the country. Kangaroos aren't scarce, there's tens of millions of them. Normal Sport KylePorterCBS Just another crappy vertical video. VerticalVideosSuck Lions don’t play with their food…

Playing wouldn’t be a word I would say!! Lolol. What happened to kitty’s tail In Africa the wild lions will try to eat the porcupines if possible. See it on YouTube. ¿Jugar? Nooooo, ese león decía, 'mira mi picadera de la tarde'. Beyond sad that this majestic lion is behind a cage. ㅋㅋㅋ 사자가 침 흘리고 있구만! 🥰 'Play'....

Yeah I do enjoy playing with my food as well Cuuuute 🥰 Play kill what’s the difference 🥹🌸 “Play with” meaning “eat.”

“Hey bro help me get tf out of here!” Play? Where is the lion's tail? this clip is kinda sad… Right just play Shouldn’t the cat have been in a container? This was unbelievable! I have a friend who is severely allergic to cats. If he were on that flight he would have swollen eyes, drippy nose, and swelling of the throat….which, without immediate attention can bring him close to the end!

Why would they even allow cats on that flight in the first place That’s great!!! Goodness kitty, where do you wanna fly to 😺 Naw they need to be fined

I have traveled with small animals in the cabin but they had to remain caged from the moment we entered the airport till we left the airport. All I can say is what an irresponsible owner letting the animal out of the traveling cage! Can you take a cat with you when taking a flight? It's illegal if you take anything not grow on your body in China.

Since when can you take an animal on an aeroplane in the passenger area and definitely not in a cage or box?!! How the f do you lose a cat on a plane? I mean I can pretend that I lost one 👀 🤲🏼 Very responsible owner 🤦🏻‍♂️ That Jeffery Dahmer? 😮 Gross that cats are even allowed on planes… Remember your Epipen…

Why is an animal on the passenger area of a plane?! GEORGE SANTOS FOR HOUSE SPEAKER!!

That flight attendant has a cat. She knew how to hold it and not get scratched. Can't believe that's legal so many cat allergies. Ridiculous- what if someone on board has an allergy? Wtf. Some people have server allergies to cat dander. Some people get asthma and can’t breathe. late addition wilkinson_lucy

Business class cat 😻 ....I thought of DD Mabuza of SouthAfrica 🇿🇦! My poor eyes, nose and throat. Ugh cats I am allergic af to cats. Never knew this was allowed. 🤬

Precisely why they have to keep their pets in the carrier during a flight. Pet owners on flights are extremely annoying. Which airline is this?...Asking for my cat. 😎 Me…watching this video. taylorswift13? They let you bring a cat onboard? That flight attendant doesn't know how to hold a cat. It's always Florida. 🙄😒

I would not enter an old building in Florida, let alone ride a Ferris wheel. MohammadMehdiFard, an 18-year-old protester, has been sentenced to death twice. StopExecutionInIran SS35 That confirms it. I’m never getting on another Ferris wheel!🧟‍♀️

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 It looks like the same sunrise we had in 2022. Oh, the excitement 😬 The first sunrise is actually on the east coast of New Zealand. Where I was. 何処にも、勇敢な人がいるものですね❗️その方に幸福あれ❗️ That’s an old video…great investigative reporting! America is insans That employee looks like he knew wrestling move or not had the other in backwards head lock Kudos! And Bravery!

...and then DannyGlover, JohnLegend and RichardBranson bailed him out of jail within hours... 🙏Thid Chick-Fil-A employee is a Hero 🙏

Here’s your chick-fil-asswhoopin’ have a nice day! Wrong link? Great job guys! Definitely eat more chicken. Just another reason why I love Chick-Fil-A. Who you taking in a fight Chick-Fil-A or Waffle House employees ? It was his pleasure to serve you What a great instinct and bravery. This was forever ago. This ice is gay

Ya vieron esto? QUE ES ESTOOO? Notice the guy sitting on the losing player's bench, seated next to guy with the red warm up suit....enough said! It’s a girls game lads. With his eyes open? *Yawn* If you're not doing that by 3rd grade, hang it up. Looked like a travel to me! His name is MahdiMohammadiFard, an 18-year-old teenager who has been sentenced to death twice by the child-killing regime of the Islamic Republic, please save his life by accepting his political support. IranRevolution MahsaAmini

😆🏀🗑️🖖🦉 Got game Was he playing Snake Games on his computer? Just Asking! OMG I'd have peed my pants.

Kinda like being on mushrooms? This pails in comparison to the Scarborough walrus. Cc: ChrisKnight Why would an Australian turn his back on nature or even go outside without a pistol? I won't even ASK if anyone knows if it's venomous... Because EVERYTHING in Australia is fookin venomous...OR poisonous! I've never seen a country that has more creatures that can kill a human

Looks like snake wanted to get away from man as much as man wanted to get away from the snake. Blofeld’s plan foiled again! I live in Australia why did I just watch that. YIKES!! Is that a sidewinder?

So scary 😱😱😱 What a beautiful location Wow. What a beautiful place. Must check out Breckinridge one day. *MOOSES Is he even alive? The moose is loose! Weirzy555 hunting moose doesn’t seem that hard. 😂 Beaverloch_Farm was he sleeping or playing dead? He's playing dead. Sure looks dead.

The moose is loose... Those are babies, wonder where Mom is. That's the one to worry about. What a beautiful incredible sight. The main reason I miss California and driving the coastal highway. You can’t truly grasp the enormity of these wonderful and extremely intelligent mammals unless you see one up close. Magnificent creatures.

Amazing Deceitful caption. Isn't that something special. Big loving animals so gentle and with a calming energy Pretty amazing to think the world's largest animal is curious about us too AkilahObviously That's not adorable or cute. That's f*cked up. Parents, don't take your kids to zoos, and ffs, don't let them scream at or startle animals like that.

And would have ripped her face off if the glass hadn’t been there! 🤔

Patiently waiting for the window to actually fall down so it could eat her Patiently? That girl is pissed. That poor cheetah. Such a small space. This is so sad. Wild cats shouldn't be the playthings of humans. so fantastic The zoo is animal abuse. 'Yea, she's adorable... and probably delicious' - The Cheetah

Cause it wants to eat her Cheetah is looking at the delicious meal for him/her.

Cheetah: i’ve never seen prey like this……😅😬 That thing looks like he wants to eat that little girl AkilahObviously No! Just no. This child will have no fear of large wild cats and this cat will have no fear of little people who could be lunch. Patiently waiting for the glass to break so he could have dinner. Please don't share this kind of content. People will think big cats are pets and are ok to interact with. You will cause a death.

Poor cheetah! Berasa kucing sendiri Anyone who knows cats at all knows this cat is plotting the best way she can kill her 😑 🐆😳 The cheetah sees food, the baby sees a pet she doesn't know what he is thinking 😂😂😂 cute meal 🤣

Cats drooling Not big news in Africa kids walk alongside Cheetahs to & from rural schools. Neither bothers the other !!! Oooh what a tasty snack you would be! 😱😱😱 Perhaps this cheater aims to pigs 🐖 on her dress. ...'big cat sat patiently with her'...? It's clear from the cheetah's reaction in the first few seconds that it wants to eat the child. It spends the rest of the clip thinking about how to achieve that. 'Adorable' it aint.

There haven't been any recorded or confirmed attacks of cheetahs to humans. In my opinion, Cheetah: Look at that, humans come in small sizes too. These vids ain’t cute. They sad. Rather see cheetahs sprinting on the Serengeti with David Attenborough doing the voiceover Looks to me like he is reading her soul. His eyes looking into her face…..

Lmfao 🤣 that cheetah wants to eat that baby That cat wants to eat the kid.. but can't figure out how..m

Love this 🥰 Seriously...? It wants to eat her!!! AkilahObviously 😂😂😂 Cheetahks thinking, you get too close and I’ll mawl you! Patently sat thinking, “if not for this glass, that tiny capering creature would make a tasty snack.” More like patiently trying to figure out how to get to their dinner 🍗 Nope... instincts are I'm gonna get you

“Patiently sat with her” Vs “Stalked its prey cannily” AKA “Vaccines stop transmission” Vs “No one said that vaccines stop transmission”. ka pulang ka bako nampaknyo....carito lamo.... Reality: cheetah: if that glass wasn’t there I would feed you to my children.

He want eat that kid Well, he was patient all right It's new year family day out I hope they gave them something to eat. Those are indoor bears, you can pet them. And that’s why I won’t be living near Sherwood Forest lol …no matter how benevolent Robin Hood and his merry men might be lol Berenstein or Berenstain?

Happy new year JFC 🤦‍♀️

MoskRussia Delete this, delete it now Teambear Pretty sure I'd just leave doors open and get out. That's a mama with her tiny baby. Don't argue with her. And BTW that baby was so cute! 😍 ✨🥳 Really Nice to see they have power Moscow unlike parts of the Ukraine that are currently being bombed by Russia. 🥂


Their New Year’s resolution should be to stop these ridiculous war! 😂😂😂 Is Disney trying to make an expansion into Russia now too? Wtf is this nonsense WTAF is wrong with you? 😡 Huh? Umm, why? ABC, did you wish Beijing a Happy New Year? Pyongyang? REALLY🙄😣 I was waiting for the clock to explode.'re serious?

Oof, really? Perhaps a little thought into this one should have allowed one to deduce leaving this time zone out for this year at least? Is this a parody tweet? If not, ABC missed the mark on this one. 🤦‍♀️ happy new year indeed are you guys crazy? For years you told us Russia collusion. 🤮 Gross Your link is wrong. It leads to the article: Pope Benedict XVI has died at the age of 95

Annnd, racists and bigots in comments, lol As I thought there are too many reply that indicate fxxk or hate. Anyway I wish everyone enjoys a new year with love and peace. U.S.S.R

Unless you’re showing a missle strike, why would we care? HAPPY NEW YEAR MOSCOW, Haters Gunna Hate Delete this Uh 🙄 Burn the whole thing down Hopefully we see the demise of Putin and the Kremlin gang in 2023. Володя,їбаш!!!!! January 1 1940 - Happy New Year Germany!

Those aren't fireworks 👏👏👍👍🇵🇪🇵🇪 Happy New Year It's so sad that those peaceful people choose to martyr themselves over a change in the calendar year. How do they launch themselves so high before pushing the button? Never forget the dims/globalist released covid, locked u down, destroyed small businesses and stole the 2020 election! Then planned the jan 6 hoax! 😎 The liberal commitment to the democrat approved propaganda is exactly how hitler got in power.

A Very Happy New year to Everyone!🥰 Happy New Year 🎉🇺🇬🙏2 y'all 😊 Oh. My. God.

Vladimir would be pleased! If the task of building the NFSC falls on our second generation, we have full confidence in them 如果建设新中国联邦的重任落在我们爆二代的身上,我们对他们充满信心!🔥 Dem the car is a total write off 🤯 Wow! Wtf. That includes you. Are you gone yet? Where are the Biden Harrie signs? If you think 2022 was bad just wait.....

Will Pfizer be sponsoring the New Years show?

Not so fast,the cycle of c/c has not ended yet. The immutable laws of the universe holds power over everything,no other. Unfortunately Joey is still alive and on vacation. So this day didnt work. Republicans are the worst. Good riddance to Trump. Good riddance to the witch Liz Cheney! UKParliament SkyNews bbcmtd bbcemt NBCNews

Worse year of my life! A president with Dementia, open borders with over a million illegal migrants. I’m waiting for Biden to gift the USA to China! ABC, please consider if it would be merciful to support Whoopi Goldberg leaving The View after her comments on the Holocaust, both in the past and recently. Whoopie may be a fine person, but those comments are vile.

It's almost like they're not happy with what they voted for. This time they can't blame Trump or republicans for their problems. GMA You Know of DreamWorks Animated TV series 1998-2022 sowers007

Get real time market analysis from crypto experts like Leticia_thomas8. With her I'm guaranteed of earning weekly from my investment. I recommend her to newbies as well. GMA The worst is still in the White House! Never heard of this day GMA Did New Yorkers in Times Square say Good Riddance those in charge of Congress, the FBI, CDC, the White House?

So, ABC is banned from the square? I mean, good riddance to propaganda and lies from media.... 👍🏻👍🏾👍😂😂😂 Can’t fit in the trash bin. New York City is the perfect place for getting rid of the worst. GMA Missing TJ & Amy - foolish moves GMA qualitynewspersonnel Here’s one

Happy Good Riddance Day Everyone say good bye to all the bad that happened in 2022🥳 2023?! I have benefited so much from her excellent trading technique shirley_ralphy Beginning this journey I started up with R1000, within few days I got a return of R8500. You should hit her up too Where's the story? Clicking on the link sends you to Southwest Airlines story.

How cute. Now when are you going to fire the racist nazi named Whoopie? Magnificent creature SHOOT IT dumb dumb 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Bagels turn into a rug

Happy for the bear The FBI PAID Twitter over $3Million to Censor YOUR feeds LiberalMedia won't cover TheTwitterFiles exposing BigTech Coverups & Censoring BidenLaptop COVID Trump etc AND THEY'RE STILL Lying! ElonMusk released files & YOU can see the facts right here MTaibbi This is sad. Bears are losing their habitat.

bears don’t steal anything. they have right to take whatever they want, when they want it. don’t like it? move. Plastic on that. Poor bear. 😂 Just chilling for a pit stop. I'm so doing this next big freeze It’s funny 😁

I don’t get it….there are people who actually HAVE ago live outside…and we suppose to think this is impressive? looksfoolishtome Why? Icons 👍 Blubber retains body heat 🤷‍♂️ Hat explains a lot. Slow news day

This gave me chills I couldn’t help but think of those who succumbed to elements of the storm. 🥹 Distractions. Why don’t you corrupt mainstream media do some real news and uncover the GhislaineMaxwellClientList instead of covering it up? This is why more and more people don’t trust you corrupt media a-holes anymore. CNN ABC NBC CBS FakeNews

Hypothermia Rocks!!! 🤘 There are no words. Na Person were dy video you foolish pas Trash Next on ABC: 'Evolutions Forgotten Souls' 'We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.' ~ Benjamin Franklin “They fat keep them warm” - Consuela just to put it out there. Buffalo is not in new york it’s upstate 🙂

I always wondered what inbreeding looked like.

I used to be like this with professional wrestling. I grew up and realized its fake. Now, I've got a better relationship with myself and my family. Are they maga people? I guess when your blood is mostly cholesterol it helps keep you warm. 😳🤯 MAGA It's hard tryin' to be country folk in Buffalo. Totally irresponsible

How does his hat stay on? How does the beer bottle not blow over? Why on earth would you cover this? A stupid stunt

It's pretty hard for a show.😅 And who paid their hospital bills for hypothermia WHY? Nah this isn’t being strong. This is being stupid. You’ll hear about them being sick in about a week. Frostbite does not care for your tiktok guys. Wouldn’t use these two in a healthy eating ad😂 Are they still alive? Why?

Keystone Lite? Interesting lol

Should get a fine for throwing that bottle cap there. Bro. You are so strong. respect. Hello pneumonia. 🤣🤣 Alcohol 🍷 will do it all the time. Y en Chile... People died in their cars, and you're opting to make light of this nonsense? This is just stupid. Shame on you . These buffoons are making a mockery out of the deaths and devastation in Buffalo. Why do you give them the space?

Gotta make the best outta it. Hopefully they’re stick with food and water though Typical for Americans.. All you can eat, not matter where & when.

In NY we built differently; just our nature.. That's not news, that's just...stupid. Wonder who these geniuses voted for Dumb LOL they made the news! 🤣😂 Looks like they got the attention they were seeking. Gratz, I guess? Ok…and this does what? It’s a religion. Why?

That's just stupid Why For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him blakescott462 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success Why would you interfere with nature, let nature take care of itself

He knew you guys were helping him ❤️ 😁 Kangaroo saving in a flood is God's work. And the animal stopped fighting for a minute! They knew you were helping. Wonderful Old video. How about you tell us some important news

Warriors VS Grizzlies 🔴𝐆𝐨 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞📺 👉 Hey…not all heroes wear capes! Good job those people! For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him blakescott462 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

petty theft. 233,000 illegals walked through our southern border in NOVEMBER 2022. Joe Biden is a national security threat. FJB “…didn’t move fast enough…” Translation: “…we’re so preoccupied with staring mindlessly at their mobile devices…” “Lizards are creatures who – in their grudge against traditional religion as the ‘opium of the masses’ – cannot hear the music of the spheres.” —Albert Einstein Perspective:

Was it a gift for him? Good thing you didn't open up. Yogi figured Chick-fil-A was better than picnic baskets. 🤣🤣 chick-fil-a has a ads bill to pay

The thing about feeding bears is that they will come back for more. And when they don't find it outside the house that's when they go inside the house. Won't be so cute then. 😃 The bear was just saving them from mediocre chicken nuggets. 🤷‍♂️ JosephScrimshaw Another fan. Probably not the best thing to do in bear country🤔🙄. Get ready for a repeat visitor.....

Yogi channeling his inner Baby Yoda. My heart would stop! Well at least he wasn't greedy and take it all he left you something he says I get enough Greens in the woods I don't want yours I want the meat very smart bear

lazy people order stuff and arent ready to get their stuff right away? lets leave it on the porch for hours! lol. at least the bear got some food. I hope for the bears sake they got waffle fries with those nuggets Mehdi Keshvari is scheduled to be executed on Monday, December 26, at 4 am local in time in Dezful Prison, southwest Iran. Spread these hashtags : MehdiKeshvari مهدی_کشوری

The death sentence of Mehdi_keshvari, a protester against the government of the Islamic Republic, has been announced for execution on the 26 of December. Happy holidays to the human rights organization. UN POTUS BarackObama EmmanuelMacron JustinTrudeau CNN مهدی_کشوری Mehdi_Keshvari is scheduled to be executed on Monday, December 26, at 4 am local in time in Dezful Prison, southwest Iran. Please BeHisVoice to prevent the execution of this young man by the mullahs' regime. MahsaAmini

Poor animals are so hungry ABC fake news Thank you ABC big props for you for not saying happy holidays. Merry Christmas ABC!

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It should read: mountain lions, visit home in their backyard

TRAITOR Treason, assisting in corruption to hijack free speech, and turnover the white house to haters of our constitution. You hijacked our country. Take them down and take our country back via National Guard, Sheriffs. ☮️ 🖕 Merry Christmas for unto us a child is born… That's a big sardine! we just,had nice sexxx,stupid mankind!

Grappler mains huh? 🗣🐣when the sand goannas TAKE IT OUT SIDE Look at his face now🤣😭 Trump 🦎 🆚️ 🐍 Biden Just another day in The Territory! Only in 🇦🇺 SaveMyVideo xiazai ufc main event Jan 1 2023 between danawhite and USMAN84kg 😂😂😂😁😁😊😊 🎶”Goannnnnnna, I lovvvvvve you! You are the one. The one for me” 🎶

Any more body slams like that and those Sand Goannas are going get signed by AEW. Uh… that’s… um… they kind of aren’t fighting.

I’ve never seen anything like that before Mating? It just had to be in Australia 🤦 joerogan You should be a commentator for this fight Staged Hungry bears need treats too😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣 Someone order a Teddy Bear? Nice

If you are lying about something as silly as this, then what else are you lying about? Misleading the masses with misinformation is a very bad thing to do...and I am the person who the COVID vaccine is made from so you can make it up to everyone with my true story... kovidchad1 Gotta be those New York bagels....

Ummm… where do these people live that have bears at neighbors? The bears that break into their homes and cars? Do they see bears and decide to move in? It’s like the new norm!🤷 Furthermore, what delivery driver is going to actually take and eat any food or snacks left by a against all delivery companies policy to so ... comeongetitrightyourthenews

I believe those snacks were left outside for that bear in particular on you have it wrong . They were not left for any delivery driver ... wholeavessnacksforsomedeliverydriveranywaysgetreal Bear snacks One for the bears. 😉 His face when there was no butter or cream cheese. Lord 🤦🏽‍♀️🫣 Dorks

Aren't they cute!!!! EVERY day for TWO YEARS we heard about RUSSIA COLLUSION OR MUELLER INVESTIGATION. Turned out FAKE. Now they IGNORE TWITTERGATE. FBI colluded with DEM MEDIA to MAKE Biden WIN. AH YES, WELCOME TO THE OTTER SIDE~~ 🤝☕️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 106th Tagging iamlaurenp for no reason. Yup no reason at all

This a representation of how those 'Feds, slid into your dms to silence reports about hunter' amcranstoun EdJoyce offgridteacher Once again, it's a dock not a jetty and a gaggle is geese, a 'romp' is otters. 바른 공생은 아름다운 자연 생태계입니다.

Get that nose right. To all the homeless Americans and especially American veterans, many of whom will likely fall victim to this weather, know that your government has given a mini tyrant over $100,000,000,000 with zero accounting provided and no questions allowed. EVERY day for TWO YEARS we heard about RUSSIA COLLUSION OR MUELLER INVESTIGATION. Turned out FAKE. Now they IGNORE TWITTERGATE. FBI colluded with DEM MEDIA to MAKE Biden WIN.

🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷⚽️ Less plastic bags is good So adorable! RobertCHoffman2 TwinzDynamic MangoMischief SilverGreg78 antdude92 nsohva kellywellread A group of otters is sometimes called a 'romp' and they are on a dock.

Lontrinhass so cute.🙂 I love animals. Their concerns are so direct. Awe! 💕🤗❤️💙 *Raft* of otters. That’s called a dock not a jetty. ABC is hiring some smart folks over there. So cute He’s no Maradona. Glad the Ewok wine it… Wow 👁️ 👄 👁️ น้อง​ๆน่ารัก​ 🥰

'Gaggle' is the collective noun for geese. I believe you were looking for 'bevy' or 'romp' and I will not stand for this otter group erasure. So beautiful creatures ❤️☺️ May God bless them. Lovely Disney's True Life Adventures . Like straight outta👆, nature series fascinating families, begun in t 50s--Walt Disney's Disneyland, later under other names--weekly on ABC Wednesdays . Otters were t stars when they aired, but land otters Sea otters, not so much cuz not as active

太可爱了!大家一起行动,拒绝“皮草”贸易。 There’s an Orca lurking about, be careful you guys PSChanel DiodeLass That's super cute and all but still joe and the ho needs to go. Nuremberg 23

👍 Such talent! Both in soccer and the artist! Bravo 👏🏻 Omg!!! Just jokin.. no one cares So much talent. I cannot draw a straight line and am so impressed with artists. Omg he plays Soccer 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 He wasn’t manac and ripped thru them. He casually grabbed them. Now he knows where to get the vafels every morning.

Hopefully he took the cream cheese too 🥯🐻😂 Porch pirate I love how he picks out one pack of snacks after sniffing the lot.... Bears can be so choosy....😅

Good. What delivery driver would want a cold hard ass bagel sitting outside Why did this look like it wasnt an accident? So that truck driver stopped on the tracks? I don't understand how that happens. It's literally your job to drive things from one place to another. Please bring T Jand Amy back this is why we don’t have a high speed rail system in the US

Just another crappy vertical video! VerticalVideosSuck Aww speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹 for them What about the engineer WWE should be as mandy4small

How You Lost Your Mind & How to Take It Back by Lundi Tsotso (Author), Kindle and Paperback available Is the Mind as Powerful as everyone says it is? check out the book link and Buy now on Amazon Where’s the reporting on US government, specifically the Democratic aspects, working with media organizations to thwart and alter their election outcomes!!!

😊😊😊👏👏👏 Even they don't want to get mixed up in that nonsense. That's a Disney Channel style movie there lol The violence has to stop! Now that's wrastlin' Let's name the Harry and William! Aren’t they mating?

Must be love❤️ SteveInmanUIC Cool Animal ufc 😁 Masoumeh is the name of a 14-year-old girl who lives in one of the poor neighborhoods of Tehran, who was repeatedly raped by agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran for removing the hijab. He died in the hospital.masoumeh iran ss35 When you forget to bring back groceries , coming back from a run at the grocery store.

Always only in Australia these happens probably told him he was vegan San Francisco should try this it may help clean up the mess!

Ban water mains Children of the world are Oswald Walt Disney Shunji Yokoyama who sends a happy message to children of the world with the best love, and sends it tonight. Today's happy message is a thing such as the load for a trial and the hardship to brighten the life. Notice that the shark immediately swims in the opposite direction as soon as it got close…

This music is horrible. Great having drones and social media to bring you news stories that are days old… You know they’re liberals because they didn’t want to offend the shark by suddenly leaving the water… Are there no shark nets there? any time you go in the ocean you could die. enjoy your vacation. Can drones help Lifeguards?

New headline Drone footage revealed beachgoers swimming dangerously close to sharks natural habitat

Ooooh, a fish. In the ocean Bloody Brexit! Stephanopoulos ABC still hasn't reported on GOVT censorship by twitter proxy. Banning network accounts and seeking location of certain accounts. Complicit. NOW GO BUY AN ELECTRIC CAR! Ever see the PhiladelphiaGov streets? Says the King! What kind of shark was that?

You'll never guess who I am, and when you find out, it will be too late, 10thAvatar_ god buddha if they didn't ban all the guns the guy filming it could just shoot it.

Ever consider doing a Ukranian on them Shark? If it swim close to Human, drop something environmentally friendly to scare them shark off. Why is FRAUD MEDIA continuing to cover up the TWITTER SCANDAL. Proves collusion between FBI AND DNC TO SILENCE OPPOSITION. Bears know what is healthy. この熊さんの家族を少しでも救う事が出来た、撮影ご家族様に幸あれ❗️

Dinner to go! Hope the bear has a good cardiologist 😂 Hunger knows no bounds! TODAY🥰🇺🇸 is holding a🇺🇲 contest in honor of the Olympic games! Come to the plaza for your chance to win $25,000.USD and Only (US)👉👉👉👉🇺🇸🇺🇲 Link. Kangaroos are quite good swimmers and often go in water. Are they sure it was drowning? Kangaroos do have a habit of sitting in water waiting to drown other animals...

Great save! But why was the kangaroo out in the water in the first place? Did something chase him into the water or do they just think the can automatically swim? Great Job! LiveGently God bless you guys🙏 Boater/ Kangaroo Struggle Keep them that way,fascinating Wait, you guys have a Twitter, but haven't reported on the twitterfiles? How do resolve this and still expect people to take you seriously? You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. You have picked a side.

I've never favored those types of doors. I hope everyone was safe, pets included. Not unlike society’s criminals, bears got the memo, it’s all clear for crashing & cashing in big time in chinada.

Bear BNB. Yikes! 😳 They were looking for their Christmas present. (or a tasty dog) The littlest first in is saying ' jackpot hurry and get in here ' the second is saying ' you better be right? And last bigger one saying wait for me ! I can fit! ' then after getting the goods all saying ' hurry up and get out before they come' Come on let's go bear!

His lil' heinie though!!🤣 Another crappy vertical video. VerticalVideosSuck Hey hey, Boo-Boo Some decorating ideas As long as you live in this area, you will continue to encounter situations like this, but please be aware that you have no authority to eliminate bears. Thank you. Amen The home owner could figure out the 'doggie door' is a No! No!? I mean, after all you reside in bear country.

GottaLaff Is this Port Moody? They said... dont mind if I do. Why not report TwitterFiles ? Glorious nature.Thanks for showing I lived in UTAH / SALT LAKE CITY/ HOLLIDAY/ with my husbands family while my husband was overseas! When it's cold there its a dry cold! It's a wet cold in NC! Where I live! Its a lovely place but NC is my home!

Just another crappy vertical video. VerticalVideosSuck I learned a new word today! Murmuration! I love it! Thank you. 🦅 Amazing Fabulous. I hope that doesn't become the high point of his life though. Money!

Wow He'll probably never accomplish anything like it for the rest of his life, but he'll have this video to watch over and over when he's dying of cancer at 80. Who's gonna tell him he travelled? Good thing there is no replay. Yay! And you reported on a great achievement for this kid, caught on tape verifies you finally did some honest journalism here, keep trying harder, there's this TWITTERGATE story. My inlaws didn't believe me, they're not brainwashed any more!

It knocked him off his feet. What a moment. Watch his wrist. You were the original Steph Curry DammitLarry23 . This has to be circa 1962 ish….your 8th grade year This is your forte. Stop trying to do serious news and just do these feel good stories. For MahanSedarat Lee_in_Iowa RexChapman

Yeah 2much I strongly disagree about what is posted by Twitter and what is said between foreign comment Damn, shot so good, they should let his wife on Jeopardy Awesome SportsCenter espn top ten?🤔 はいちゃったね。😅👍 It’s absolutely amazing how when the shoe was on the other foot all these celebrities runoff and cry but it’s OK when it’s in their favor

Game☠️ It's misinformation bc it's not on your terms.🥴

Afterward he and his boyfriend engaged in gobbledom and pudge facking. Monkeypox or bust!!!! What about the Twitter files? Who cares And not one fuck was given that day Misinformation by liberals. Didn’t know he existed on Twitter. Keep walking down that yellow brick road. Good SO LONG SIR Elton John! These celebrities really think that we give a heck about what they think or do! Oh and Whoopi Goldberg no one cares about your dumb ideas or opinions. BYE, too.

Please give an example of misinformation? Unless he’s talking about not reporting about the Hunter Biden laptop

Liberals can stay but not moro child pornagraphy Just because you disagree doesn’t make is wrong or misinformation This is division. It is divine. It is canonic. Then leave all social media or it comes across as virtue signalling and these types of people can't be taken seriously. It's really because Twitter IS cracking down on child porn.

Sorry to see you g Finally one less 🌈 Another leftist gone means less misinformation on twitter. WIN! Another liberal celebrity lying to their supporters

So? Good riddance ! Well , analytics prove he is wrong, or lying, or maybe from a place of priviledge equality looks like oppression Left wing misinformation? No problem though. Translation- now that Twitter has stopped suppressing Republican tweets, ideas and thoughts, I must leave Twitter. 😂 Honestly he’s entitled to get off any social media he wants. But when he politicizes it it’s just propaganda. The plain fact is social media is biased and unhealthy. Wake up America! While you tweet or tiktok our enemies laugh.

Twitter is much better without people like Elton John. My advice to Mr. John is, don't let the door hit ya in the a$$ on the way out. where have you been?

Yea, the church lady left twitter because it's feelings were hurt.. Who's that? Elon gets rid of the child pornography, celebs depart. He was ok when the Liberals were spewing their lies and misinformation. Who's the lady on the pic? War, flu, vaccines. This is the best news ABC can drum up. Step out of the cubicle.

It was not being checked for misinformation now it is.. you are leaving for the exact reason why Musk took over. Truth hurts I guess He is STILL here! Stop pumping people who can’t handle the unveiling of the lies liberals have fed them for years. Who the hell follows him anyway? Can't imagine he's a social media content creating force that will be missed 😂

It already does!

And we are supposed to car about this? Elon destroys kid porn. Elton : I’m leaving twitter now I’m going to wake up tomorrow and the first thing I’m going to say is: OMG… Elton John is no longer on Twitter! 😂😂 Ok, free country. I’ll take misinformation over programmed information any day. Who gave you the imperial right to determine what is and what isn’t misinformation?

Love your music Sir. BYE! 🇺🇲🦅 What is the point of Twitter without Elton John? Lolol ByeFelicia good riddance 💩🚽 Like most celebrities, you believe your opinions are the touchstone of correct thought and have no tolerance of differing perspectives. The lens you see the world through is singular, myopic. Maybe you should listen to your own songs.

He is leaving based on misinformation kind of ironic. Maybe he shouldn’t listen to everything he hears. Hes outing all the frankists its great The irony in his own statement being disinformation.😂 Slow news day? Sorry to see you go Elton but have a good life all the best. Who? Msm is touched by the departing of Twitter but crickets on Twitter files, speaks volumes

Be specific...I may find that I'm misinformed or that maybe you're dispensing misinformation. Bye bye 👋 Which misinformation? The dems taking over twitter Suppressing to world's voices

You mean freedom of speech something this country was founded on. I know in the UK your a little more handled I’d say by the Monarchy. Good. Go away. He's still here But maybe now we can play A music album and not be banned for 30 days because the Album cover is a little too risky for Facebook I don’t get it all the censorship that’s going on

Absolute moron!! He follows 25 accounts, he must be drowning in hatful misinformation. Who? 🤡 The trash takes itself out. Excellent. The recent policy change is they are allowing free speech and not suppressing Republican and conservative speech and that's wrong to you Elton? I love you love your music but I disagree with you 100%. Thank you Elon Musk for making Twitter free for all

Who is Jim Baker? Elton John hasn't been an asterisk since Bernie Taupin stopped propping him up. I am assuming that you will be boycotting the MSM which pushed their agenda through the manipulation of truth? Nobody’s noticed …….. This dude 🤦‍♂️ makes videos about how the vaccine is going to end the pandemic but now he’s leaving Twitter cause of misinformation is fucking hilarious.

Thank you! One less sodomite. I aint going miss him his music sucks What are these celebs going to do when they want to put a message out

He also was supposed to be living in Canada if Trump was elected! 🙄🙄🙄 Good by and good riddance Norma Jean!!! Guess you can’t handle the real rocket man elonmusk So what he'll be back You want misinformation, read any of Biden’s tweets, all lies. So, what's your point? I see that the chief propagandist station ABC still has their account.

What’s wrong John? Did they take down the kitty porn now your out? Talk about mis-informed ? You are the mis-informed one Elton. Grewup on and will forever love your music, but now realize your glasses have blinded you from reality. Withholding tweets and/or tweeters is the gravest form of misinformation, and what prior Twitter thrived on!!!

“recent change in policy” like showing the public what went on behind the scenes at Twitter to censor people? Removing the sexual exploitation of children? Bye Elton, what about the truth? People have the right to free speech whether you like it or not. You just want to hear one side and stop others from their freedoms. It’s ok I’ve you leave. We are all better because of it.

Gotta say it really doesn't bother me at all, after all he's just a man with his opinion, doesn't like the platform, so what. Let's see if he stays off Sometimes better commentary to have is to never give up the good fight... Doesn't Elton know how many hidden things the old administration of Twitter was doing. Why is the frustration of the video?

Also in the news: Why are liberals so against free speech? Then he needs to delete his account. Otherwise it’s his fake news. Boo hoo, hoo, I can't stand the truth and do not want to hear it so I am leaving and I put my hands over my ears and say LA LA LA LA LA. Bye Read this, Sir Elton. This is not misinformation. This is American Truth. THANK YOU ELON MUSK should be your response. You brought people together with your music, and now you will divide them with your words. Sadly, you seem to be a phony

Elton John leaving Twitter because opposition opinions are no longer suppressed! I fixed the headline for you ... and it has absolutely nothing to do with the sexual harassment case.

Silly lil feller Pls no close ups of Elton So we know for a fact that up until now, Twitter was illegally working with the FBI and full of misinformation. However, now you were going to leave Twitter because you think Twitter will be full of misinformation. Yeah, that makes sense. You are a truly gifted artist! Never would have guessed your Aversion speech through the free exchange of ideas, which might challenge your personal beliefs.

Oh …. NOWWww there’s misinformation:). All of a sudden. That’s funny . Some people just fear the truth because it shines light on their darkness... well...misinformation that doesn't align with his beliefs Who gives a shit if a singer leaves a social media platform !!! DO SOME DAMN INVESTIGATING! WHERE DID 2.2 TRILLIONS DOLLARS GO

Is that a dead raccoon on Elderly Elton’s head? Go drink some prune juice Elton! See ya! If you look at what has taken place you should be appalled by what the social media has done! But I understand it doesn’t fit your parties narrative! It’s totally appalling to me that the social media and government agencies have done to control our free speech!

Bye. Hasn’t ‘left’ yet Don’t cover Elton, cover the Twitter files. Massive amount of information about suppression of conservatives and the Hunter Biden laptop content. Get on it! You are a news organization! Who cares about Elton John?! Bye bye…..I am finally joining because free speech is allowed. At some point in your simple life you have to use common sense! This is what needs to flourish in your life. 😉

And they can never point to any “disinformation”. They simply spout this crap and runaway. Childish. Just checked he's still on here lol Who gives a SHIT Use Facebook to bid your farewell Twitter is not for gay and lies Twitter is for those that tell the TRUTH .unlike the democratic party that does nothing but lie

you made music to make money. you aint all that bro Good for you love ❤️ you and your music 🎶 be blessed 😇 And yet he doesn’t mention the MSM , Politicians and health officials 🤔 Your just another lying democrat Love you Elton John I’m thinking the same. Ha ha ha ha ha ha... Bye 🤡 LOL! Bye

It's concerning how many adults are afraid of even the possibility of seeing a POV they disagree with. There's mute and block. It's so easy to create an echo chamber if you want one. I just don't get it. Elton John saying that he is leaving Twitter because of miss information is like Joe Biden holding a ralley and not telling a lie. Goodbye Elton John too bad that you couldn't stay on platform that is no longer controled by the left who was the leaders in miss information.

It always has, you're just used to one side being censored while you and your party had free reign. I know opinions that don't line up with yours really hurts your feelings but GROW up. Can I have his Twitter handle? Bye Who decides what misinformation is? Is it him? Peace out loser 😮‍💨 Bye Felicia!!!

Never followed Elton on twitter , Just listened to his music since buying my 2 favorites brand new back in the day andstill do Madman and Tumbleweed . See Ya Elton . Will still listen to them though Bye It’s only called misinformation when it’s the truth and you liberal clowns don’t get to control the narrative. Just call it, KARMA coming home to roost. 😂

Hey ABC! Did you happen to do any research at all on what's actually happening on Twitter? Negative post and attacks are down 30%. Chill out Tiny Dancer I didn't know you were the king of what's true or false.. I wish more people like him would come together & stop it! Maybe after that Twitter will become cleaner.

He tweeted that he won't tweet anymore. It's not an airport. You don't have to announce your departures. Wait, he is still alive?

So. Again!!! SO? This is news? What about the Twitter files? When is the Communist ABC going to report on it? Oh that’s a shame…. Oh ok I will never listen to your music again. As a gay man I would think you would applaud FREE SPEECH. But, it appears you only want to hear your thoughts and your opinions on things. Others opinions... dont matter. Well, bye. Don't let the door hitcha where the good Lord spitcha

Wait, Elton John was on Twitter? So nothing will change then. This is not news worthy No wonder why, his sexual harassment case is being revealed Did Elton John ever tweet himself? Or was it just all publicity & advertising by a handler/admin/social media employee? It’s likely he was never really here anyway if someone else handled his account. Celebrities who tweet themselves & engage, are so much more interesting anyway.

Elton John has made music known to everyone for decades. I love his music and always will. With that in mind I don’t think his definition of misinformation would be in line with my interpretation. Free speech… Says the liberal progressive doofus. Any chance of Elton coming up with an alternative to Twitter so we can of leave Musk to suckup to Putin?

In bigger news ! Let’s talk about the twitter files being released, oh wait ! That’s real news you won’t mention, why is that ? Good. ByEeeeee Well.... Bye! ABC and Elton forgot it was a British King that helped us create Freedom of Speech, Religion and the Right to arms. Elton can keep his opinions on the other side of the pond and ABC can go on blocking stories from the public because FOX is kicking their asses in ratings

Truth is hard to take sometimes. Well well well!! Who? Cares !

🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Lol i’m sure you won’t be missed. Go play in your dresses and have tea time. Bye old guy. That's good.. since musk has bought it for the republican party it's become a big problem.. the republicans want to change the constitution, they took the rights of women to have abortions and now they don't want the LGBT to marry same sex couples.. Elton you won't be welcome

What he calls misinformation is actually the truth coming out about democrats working with and using social media for censoring and surveillance of Americans. The media is corrup. Hmm. Ironic isn’t it? The misinformation came while people on the right were being suppressed, shadowbanned and flagged. Almost every social and political issue we voiced our opinion on we were labeled “conspiracy theorists” even though we’ve been proven correct over time.

I know it's strange if someone is not in social media, but it's THEIR choice to be as much or as little, or not at all. Why do people care what celebrities think? They’re there to entertain us. If you’re going to go, then go. Good bye mr. yellow brick road. Good travel to Cuba.

Another Totalitarian exposed! Bye NO ONE CARES IF YOU LEAVE TWITTER ELTON JOHN! You can leave the United States too if you want. 😂 And he is still there… what a prick That sounds pretty gay Bye ✌🏻. Also I love when people (especially public figures) make accusations about an issue that they feel so passionate about and then don’t give any actual evidence or examples to back up their stance.

😎😎 You would think a musician would support free speech. Guess not. It's unfortunate that he is leaving under false pretenses. elonmusk even reached out to see if there was any specific 'misinformation' that he had concerns about.

I will need a few minutes to recover from this tragedy….. Pickle sniffer. 'And I guess that's why he calls it fake news'. 🎵🎵 I didn't know Elton John was on Twitter. ☹️ Ok so here is what he is saying! I hate conservatives therefore since Twitter is no long bashing them I will leave! Good riddance you hater self centered

The truth can let you free….🤩 Bye Elton! If you want to leave just leave. Take the yellow brick road!You don’t have to tell everyone. It’s like you are trying to sway your fans. Not a good look for you! Dear Elton, neither you nor anybody else can change the world or the people, since I know the people, I love the animals, they are more human as the people, and more friendly, maybe you agree

But it’s NOT “unchecked”. Free speech. That's how we bring ppl together we ban them for saying things we don't agree with! - Elton John Who? At this time, in earth's history, it takes a greater effort to know The Truth. 1👋 bye bye you freak no one will miss you. If Elon gives him a free ride on Starship I think rocket man will feel better

It's sad no one ever told Elton the world has always had liberals and conservatives. Elton May have different political views than I do, but I still respect him. I honestly didnt know he was still alive. Sir Elton needs to man up and tell us what misinformation he’s referring to.

'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn Move to Truth Social Yeah, he didn’t leave Twitter. Still very much here. Said he was gonna “stop using” Twitter, whatever that means. ABC news is run by clowns 🤡 Who cares But I bet he still watches the news The Lefts definition of misinformation is any information that they don’t agree with.

Most older democrats have lied to themselves for so long over the democrats political correctness that the reading the raw truth on Twitter is to emotionally shocking 4 them 2 handle

I can understand Elton John not wanting misinformation to spread. However, Elon Musk told Eton John he admired his music and hated seeing him go, then asked him specifically what misinformation he saw be proliferated? Let's have that talk its important 🤣🤣🤣 I left Facebook about a year ago. Reclaimed my time! I'm not a Twitter fan so that may be on chopping block too. I wish Elon was more grounded with humanity. Seems like Elton is grounded with humanity. Some are smart but lack 'common sense' for man and woman kind. They don't GAF!

I am leaving… oh don’t stop me please His name is Reg Dwight.. 'Elton John' is like saying my name is 'Randall Bobb' Goodbye yellow prick road, did l spell that right? I would have just left eltonofficial Stop spreading misformation.😡 Bye 👋 bye How can such a brilliant man be so gullible?

Isn’t that Nicola Sturgeons mother? Okay sad you have to go but free speech is not a reason to leave Fade away Boomers Think Elton means his social manager is leaving Twitter. Irrelevant Greetings: There Is No [Misinformation] About You Supporting CHARLES III and NANCY PELOSI Investing and Making Money From The Coivd Injection, That Is Why Your Running Hypocrite!

Twitter was a safe place where advertisers flourished, but conservatives wanted 'free speech' and a place to spread their hate and horse-worm meds, so ppl and advertisers fled Twitter. How's thats working out, Elon? Egypt Not Happy At All That Elton John Said Jesus Was Gay If he cares so much about 'misinformation', he would have taken the opportunity to spell it out to the owner of Twitter 🤦... Btw, his account is still there.

Another Epstein Islander leaving twitter 🤔🤔🤔

Just a FYI, no one cares what the Elites have to say, its all leftist repeats! They have no clue what reality really is in the 'Real World' Trump won The people guilty of “misinformation” are always the ones doing the silencing. If you have a factual argument, you welcome debate. If you know you are spreading lies and bullshit, you silence any opposing viewpoints. Just look at any dictatorship, ever.

😩😩🥴🥴 You’re so wrong! Friday Nights Alright For Whinin' 🎶 You’re confusing the truth with misinformation. Just because you don’t like what’s being said doesn’t make it misinformation, but you claiming it’s misinformation is actually misinformation. So yes please leave and take your misinformation with you. Never liked your music anyway.

It was in checked for years ! Since when is truth misinformation? The government told Twitter to silence conservative voices. Nobody cares. 👍😃

Declaramos 3 semanas de luto por favor Goodbye Elton John..... Twitter is better without you and your kind. Too bad freedom of speech bothers you, as you had a good song or two 50 years ago. MainaSage Ciao …on s’ en fout ! I think u are wrong .. eventhough i value u I wouldn't leave, don't let any of those people make you leave

Then don't use it, won't bother me none You are a comunista.go to Cuba to sing over there. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Hey, this is my PE teacher!! His sexual harassment lawsuit against his victim failed. He fingered an employee harassed him so much poor man. Elton is out of Twitter because he knows the world will find out how disgusting he is as a person

come on, nana...mis/disinformation is the mainstream media’s game But he’s still here! He likes to get his misinformation mostly from the government itself😃 Still here. No one cared when he Tweeted it. What makes you think we'd care when you did? How are you reporting on Tweets now? 🤡 ME Aswell Bye bye shut up dont care weirdo.

Way to fade away into obscurity. Oh wait.. it’s flamboyant Elton John.. you’ll be back. like joe did Yeah a lot of pedophilles are quitting twitter, something about losing their pedo protection

Why was it okay for the left misinformation to go unchecked? Oh I forgot the leftist mantra, do as I say not as I do. Elton proves again he has no clue what he is saying Why? Look at the British flag and figure it out. It is not a flag but a flagrant violation of human right, they prostitute to meet their nefarious agenda of human slavery. Devil is in you, British.

Why is he still on? Was hoping to find him gone by now. Know for his tantrums, nothing new. More lies Disinformation has always been a thing. There is two sides Rep and Democrat 2 parties that cause division marie_moxy Has anyone else noticed that all the best people are on the same side? Just like how happy he was when he though Putin was calling him.

Sounds like a bot programmed by CNN typed that

B**** please! No one cares. Is it misinformation or a different point of view? For example natural remedies versus non-natural remedies, vegetarian versus non-vegetarian, we all have different points of use. There is misinformation in the off-line world also. I’m sorry 😢! The whole world is a BIG mess right now!!!

Then he needs to delete his account. Completely remove it. Sad. Good muso, brilliant songwriter. But too deeply entrenched in LGBTQI agenda to rationally process what elonmusk is actually doing. So he “tweeted” that he was leaving the social media platform! Freaking lunacy at its best! He can always go to TruthSocial

Elon's response was perfect. Buh bye Elton John. Peace put old fairy

That's rather Queer ....... Hunter Biden’s Laptop I think you have that backwards, Madam. Sorry Elton, stick to music. You don't know your butt from a hot rock on anything else Dad thats boocrab be nice This is sad and does not make sense. Free speech requires a variety of voices, especially those calling for unity.

I bet he stays !!!!! Bye bye Reggie!! Ypu are a British citizen, NOT an American. Who gives a sh*t about what you think of US politics. Maybe retire, finally? Bye. Take your morals with you

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road! Sorry seems to be the hardest word I guess, The famous people don’t like freedom of speech/expression! They know better. They like to control our minds and life((like slaves). Bye bye Half a story from the abc again Did Elton provide one example of misinformation? Or hate speech?

Aww poor thing. This is the future. Truth. Uncut. Bye 👍 You had no problem with the misinformation and real news suppression before? WTF? Bye

This isn't a airport. No need to announce his departure, but his account is still active... I love it this leftist socialist spoiled eletist needs to go away!🤮🤥👎🇨🇳 eltonofficial still here. Not sure if he lied or not Lol 14 hrs later and he’s still on He's frickel anyways He failed miserably. That song telling Europeans they should rule the world around the time The Lion King first came out, shortly after the whole Knight of the Round Table loyalty and military position was the last time I thought of him as a friend to the market he used to climb.

Where have you been the past 6 years? He's leaving cause he can't see the child porn anymore 😭😱 And who cares Another one who endorses censorship

Goodbye gold bricked road…” So in other words censorship is ok Bye Good ! watch he will be back on next week 🤣🤣 And yet he didn’t delete his Twitter… 🤔 Bye Elton I’ve loved your music for many years., go follow your yellowbrick road ! why is this the Twitter news you are tweeting. Nothing about the TwitterFiles. Instead you post this garbage. Nice journalism.

I hope you don’t mind he wrote down in words ROCK ON ELTON 🎹🎤🎼

Examples? Slow day at abcnews 😂 Nobody cares ✌🏼 Can you imagine being a liberal and defending this on Twitter? Haha!! Dude. No words . Leave eltonofficial so Good Bye Yellow Book Road. Wow. Just cut and run. Where is your Pride? I have all of your alums. Never thought you would run from a fight. Love his music… But Good bye!

K bye Bye! I say goodbye. Bye bye

Elton who? Elton gets it. Celebs like this - never stand up for the “ real “ issues, instead we get stuff like this, Elon os the devil now, just like trump and Kanye - they dear to speak up and against the woke light. Pieces, the prefer to protest peddos By 'misinformation' do you mean the REDUCTION of hate speech, DRIVING OFF child-traffickers, and EXPOSING Federal conspirators red-handed? Sure you'll have to deal with BI-partisan speech, and people might disagree with you, but the echo-chamber wasn't healthy for society anyway.

Bye bye Don't let the door hit you on the way out. You're thoughts don't mean a hill of beans with most people your decision to leave this platform for a manipulative narrative makes me regret having been a lifelong fan. Elon asked what happened. HE NEVER responded. His handlers are controlling. Read Good Bye Yellow Brick Road lyrics. Yellow Brick Road = child sex trafficking and Pedo symbol inI Wizard of Oz and Ukraine. JMO

eltonofficial You’re full of crap. Your kind is getting put on blast. That’s the only reason you’re leaving… Wow now Elton John is a racist. Funny how that happens when we agree to disagree. The hypocrisy of celebs and the left are showing their true colors.

What a phony Don't let the door hit ya Elton Hasta la bye bye Elton John will come back, if he ever leaves Twitter. Like everybody else. Elton is one of the greatest musicians of our times, but a poor politician. Stick to music. You aren’t with the times. And no one even knew he had an account. No one cares.

Hey Elton, l guess the truth hurts huh. So Elton John is sad that Twitter will no longer shadowban conservatives on Twitter. Good riddance. ChesalDebbie This… this is news?

I packed my bags tonight free flight:) See ya! What misinformation? Not allowing the 1A is not misinformation Elton - there was much more misinformation on Twitter under prior ownership. Bye 🤡 Never saw him on Twitter. Its not an airport. No need to announce your departure.

Yeah!! ...he is hidden left liberal Wish Elton was more specific. It’s not self evident to what information he is referring to. I absolutely loved your show in Arlington but you are wrong to let the platform. It is only now information may flow freely ❤️ They have always allowed missinformation. The problem is they were smothering real information.

Bye Blah blah blah. Wha wha wha Elton by by celebrities no influence me🤣 Well Elton, that’s the beauty or the 1st Amendment, you can say things even if they are incorrect and not go to jail or be punished. If we do get to the point where misinformation is not allowed… we will be exactly like China or Cuba. Besides, nobody cares about your opinion.

What would you know about misinformation mate.

Is this from 2020? That is when misinformation occurred. ByeFelicia The NYT, WAPO, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of MSM let misinformation flourish without lifting a finger. Sorry, Elton that you have succumbed to a bandwagon. Jesus. 'No more CP on Twitter? I'm out!' - Sir Elton John I agree with your decision.

Leave then. Why the big production about it Goodbye Mrs. John. I don't blame him! I can't stand Elon Musk. Sir Elton you did. long before Twitter and your music will be still bring people together long after Twitter. Good on you! Cheer’s Tony 🦘

Sadly it's all coming from the politicians Can’t we just enjoy the Elton as we know him for his music and not have politics spoil the sunset. We can’t stop what others think and what they think is what made tweeter famous. Children committed suicide during the lockdowns because medical experts that knew those lockdowns weren't healthy were suppressed and censored from mainstream and social media, children died because of the censorship.

He is offended as the country does not agree with his positions. We can understand, this is not Judy in the sky with diamonds. Its real life and people that don't agree with him. Gracias Sir Elton Thank God By By Sweetheart 😜😂 Urgent! Elton John leaves Twitter as elonmusk tightens controls against child pornography

Bye Yawn Elon Musk asked him what misinformation he was referring to. Elton never replied Bye Who care Who wants to bet on how long it will be before 'someone' on his behalf will start Tweeting for him. THAT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE ELTON! What a dweeb It's not just the misinformation, it's also the fear mongering, the threats against just anything! If a person doesn't like what you tweet.. here comes the snarky remarks. What happened to let's discuss the remark first and find a way to resolve differences?

ExtrEmE2dmAx 🥲 His tweet makes no sense.

Just curious why is this news and why aren’t you covering the Twitter cover up that includes the Biden Administration and the FBI. How many conservatives were silenced? Is that free speech he’s talking about Lollololool im curious what his backup account name will be Hey everybody ... I'm going but ... first I'll tweet about going ....

Yet he gives no example He should know Twitter will keep letting Elton tweet misinformation. Who cares Lol yet he silent about releasing a man that’s going to cause thousands of deaths

Okey Democrats Suck!!! No other way to say it… Just look at the Shit Eatin grin of our Vice President…. Disgusting!!!!! 🤮 Interesting timing considering the other reason he is in the news. Actually he’s being investigated for sexual assault. Who cares Don't let the door knob hit you in the ass on your way

He’s misinformed Never seemed to bother him when the real liars were in charge of Twitter. These guys will be back…remember Spotify. 😂 ABC, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP COVERING FOR THE DEMOCRATS AND REPORT ON TWITTER SILENCING CONSERVATIVES. Start doing your jobs.

I want to use censorship to keep people together, after all the bad people have been silenced. I love 'freedom of expression.' AGREED! Celeste04701367 ✌🍻💙 No body gives a shit OH GO AWAY SILLY OLD FART !!!! FFS, nobody gives a rats ass about people leaving twitter. Well then he’s not simply about music and happiness - he’s got his agenda I guess - sad but for the best

Yet he still hasn't deleted his account and he won't. It's all ridiculous virtue signaling to make himself feel better. His reason for leaving is based in misguided fantasy. The always do it in a Tweet to get maximum reach don't they. LMAO Good

I’m sure he’s old enough to vet information for himself…probably be a bit skeptical of information like most people. This is political he should probably stop watching main stream media. They are notorious for spreading misinformation. Who cares? Good riddance!! Don’t let the door hit u in the a…s on the way out!!

Just think ABC you was one of the reasons... Bye I’d call that at Twitter upgrade.. one less corporate shill Well, Bye. What are these people talking about, the division has been happening way before Elon bought tweeter ExtrEmE2dmAx Sorry to see you go, Elton Then he needs to close his facebook page too. Worse over there...

I think he's talking about checks & balances maybe

Byeeeeeee Ta ta don't look back! Selfish Elton John is using drugs again. Dang. Ironic he stayed during misinformation then leaves when FREE SPEECH IS ALLOWED...But claims free speech is misinformation.. Well hes slow to catch on. Suckin to much pole? Where tf he been since 2016? Still in a closet? Blah blah blah. Elton still on Twitter, thought you were leaving, what happened?

He'll be back, they all come back, if he didn't want the attention, he would have just left. Not sure he really used it other than promotion anyways. Elton John bugün sosyal medya platformundan ayrıldığını tweetledi. 'Hayatım boyunca insanları bir araya getirmek için müziği kullanmaya çalıştım' diye yazdı. 'Yine de yanlış bilgilerin artık dünyamızı bölmek için kullanıldığını görmek beni üzüyor.'

He needs to back up from the microphone. He could catch a virus.

840WHAS his account is still active. ExtrEmE2dmAx This is very unfortunate that Elton John has to leave Twitter because Musk is totally unethical and unscrupulous plus another closet Trump MAGA supporter. I for one will miss her. In other words he saying that conservative voices are no longer being supressed on Twitter. He is such an inclusive guy until those that are not like him show up.

Go .......... You self as you are. Good, we don't need you Understood Bye! ADIOS!! And yet he uses twitter to express it. Would it be possible that he is afraid to not be a part of the 'politically correct' that seem to be ruling the occidental world ? Or maybe I am absolutely wrong. It just seems like this decision of leaving was made out of fear, not love.

Exactly the opposite is happening. Bye Felicia! elonmusk thoughts? Hard to dispute when the owner is literally the one doing it (see the Colorado shooting) 840WHAS Goodbye! Don't let the door..... Twitter hurt my feelings. Let me find a safe space to hide in. Just like bad music, if you don't like it don't listen to it.

The. Just put the phone down and stop using Twitter. These celebrities that have to announce “they are getting off Twitter” is a cry for attention Beginning with your misinformation statement. Too bad

Another one for silencing half the country b suppressing free speech! Bye He must be 6 years behind. Sir, unfortunately the British tabloids are grestest culprits when it comes to misinformat ions and disinformations Old Twitter proven shadow banned, suspended any dissension ideas of old Twitter lib lefties. Time and again we see abuses exposed. If Elton and ilk wish to divorce from Twitter, go. You still have choice. There's Rumble, Truth Social.

Good good bye are you going to cover the drop that Twitter was facilitating child porn on the platform? I’m sure he has plenty of examples to share and that this isn’t just attention seeking behaviour like the rest of the woke elites. Lol 😂 I don’t think we care Lol funny stuff

Don’t announce your departure rocket man just blast off 👋 Misinformation, look around it’s everywhere not just twitter, what are you going to do lock yourself in a dark room. Buhbye! See ya, tiny dancer. So cute Twitter files? Are they in here? No? Okay. Didn't think you had the fortitude. Yellow paper News. You couldn't write News even if it was handed to you in a laptop.

Good initiative. The mini pig is cute. We have alienated ourselves from humanity and now we have to seek solace in pigs dogs cats and even robots Love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Listen, veterans want bacon not piglets.

The Bitcoin community contains some of the most insightful and interesting people you'll likely ever listen too. I recommend you to follow Candicestewartt for crypto news and trading tips i have earned and learnt a lot with her tips and prediction. But, on the other side of things, they are also clowns looking for a good time... Any animal can have rabies. You or I could be rabid, for crying out loud!🙄 We should vaccinate all wild racoons!😂😂I wish.🙄 They are adorable!

We don’t know what let up to this maybe she had food in her hand or backpack .. hope she’s ok but hope raccoon is ok too That raccoon deserves to be shot I would wear that skin as a hat As a constant reminder of what i did for my daughter 😁 And one day i hope she gets over her fear of raccoons because lord knows she is traumatized now

You'll beat your children to teach them a lesson But if i smack a raccoon for attacking my child thats animal abuse? Nag that's dinner y'all can keep your unconditional love for animals to yourself muito fofo but why him attack Never seen a raccoon do that! I hope it wasn't rabid. I guess there's no way of knowing?

Mom to the rescue! Those raccoons are intense fighters and will attack unprovoked. Need to have means to protect Don't mess with a child when mom is around she will toss you into next week

Hi Mr. Raccoon, meet Mr. 12 gauge. Nice knowing you…boom. 😂🤣 😯 wow Kick the post, with the raccoon between your leg and the post, of course. olitavaresss marianafolego This lady went into protective mode. Don’t mess with a mom and her child. She threw the raccoon back to where it came from! evermourre ELA JOGANDO ELE PELOS CABELO EU NÃO TANKO

So that's how u can abuse a poor little racoon without getting into trouble

ackermanntheo So scary . Brave ladies. Hope they weren’t hurt. MathsSant veja veja Did the child get bit and are they okay? e foi aí que tudo começou a girar girar girar Omg! Capitao_Kill aqui amberella06 Totally you and Ava. k41l4ponto o vei a história do cachorro de ontem If some animal came after my child, I would stomp it to death. If he’s done it, once he’ll do it again! It is nature and can be dangerous!

Hey ABC News. Just watched your useless news show. Not a single word about the Musk/Twitter file release? Nothing? Proven collusion between the Biden administration, the DNC, and Twitter preMusk to censor the Hunter laptop story. You’re disgusting. olcomz versão com áudio. Slide goes shink shink, Kaboom 💥,..

dei boas gargalhada enquanto assistia esse!! ela agarrando ele pelo pescoço e ele gritando com uma carinha de desespero e a menina tchonga pendurada¿¿ tudo P _hourow Wow. Amazing brave mom. Awesome. que merda Mob85888736 Some of these comments are asinine. This lady did a great job shes my hero. If he was on my son foregetaboutit. I would’ve stomped the shit out of it. GOOD JOB MAMA BEAR 🐻 please go get checked out for rabies.

This instead of the Hunter Biden laptop coverup ? This mom went straight to momma bear mode 💪🏽 love it! GuaxinimGamer oq é isso My God!! That poor baby's screaming is terrifying. Mom is so brave to help her baby. 😭😳 ogutotv corre aqui, precisamos de uma tradução desse vídeo asap 🙃 If it were in Brazil, the raccoon would become farofa

Hope they both got their rabies shots😬😬😬😬😬 PETA is going to be furious!! 🤣 94_til depressgayy

DaviVerstappen o guardiões da galáxia Great scream! I’m a casting director. OMG 😳 💫 ♥️ of a 🦁— 🥇. hero dmgately would do this! 😀❤️❤️❤️🤣 Bad Ass Mama bear!!!❤️ Yeet! Coitado do guaxinim miaamiaumiau pra que fazer isso Mia And the raccoon came back for more lol smh

WOW ! 🤦‍♂️ Damn crazy raccoon. Hope it didn’t have rabies neres_matheus o medo do fessor era real O Guaxinim uííííííiíiii I would have done the same thing, even though I would be super nervous and afraid.” Go Mom alvarodyogo ih, riscando da lista. Que horror kkkkk That mother is badass!!! jackiekashian It is not normal !! This raccoon is probably sick with rabies. .

ItWasACoup They need to have that raccoon to do a rabies check

Assault raccoon See md for rabbie prevention stat. Set trap, have Rocky Rac tested. Hope they both got rabies shots. Just in case. mds tão fofinho e tão caótico Ashford, CT SUPERMOM!! ♥️ There’s bird shot for that. miguel_grossi This mom understands the assignment AdrieleGrosbel1 👀

Feferd_ agora eles foram longe demais looks like it ain't her first rodeo jennie_san 'CADÊ O GROOT?!?! DEVOLVE ELE!!' WOW...😳 DescargarBot I'm laughing so hard rn....... Querem racionalidade em uma mãe vendo filha sendo atacada. Aqui td é perigoso. Wow. Omg Se é meu filho (a) coitado do Guaxinim That was horrible, that poor child and mom!!

Ohhh Very horrific! the raccoon in the end Nesse momento, chove de zoofobos cheios de razão. WoodyProducer Nimgaws oq a menina te fez? era só uma vassourada no coco Momma Bear.

So what had happened was….. I had a few drinks and I just wanted to talk,.. I just wanted to tell her how I feel. But she said she was already seeing someone else, So I got angry and I don’t remember what happened after that. Time for a beagle. I LOVE this mother👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 this is the perfect example of heroes, who don’t wear capes

Trash panda wants hug. Badly… Yikes. Rabid? ban raccoons sassycrass raccoon got its feeling hurt and got yeeted She’s a boss. exholocener amigo não sei pq mas eu lembrei de vc. ELE NO FINAL DEPOIS DE TER SIDO ARREMESSADO PLENISSIMO KAKAKAKAKAKKAKA Confesso que fiquei com dó do Guaxinim

Don't mess with a mama's kids!! Well done! that mum should be charged for animal cruelty I have to say this was a bit hilarious, cuz that little girl obviously was never taught the suburbs trash panda defense skills. Mama Bear took control that's what you do grab the neck. I'm surprised she didn't break its neck, It was attacking her kid,a vicious little trash panda

Well done momma bear Tadinho do Ursinho 901Lulu Great job, Mom Good job Mom!!! Thank God you were home She yeeted that trash panda Next_Gen_Expert

The raccoon defends his territory Viza___ que esculacho que fizeram ctg mano Don’t ever mess with a mom and her cubs. They will go to extreme measures to protect their kids. Bad ass!! hahahahaha OH ,,,HELL YES,what will we NOT DO,for LOVE hahahahahaa,so real❤️💓💝 CoachHop1 😳 Damn that mama is my spirit animal. Holding that raccoon like a bad ass she is

Rabid Trash Panda que guaxinim vida louca tadinha mas eu to irndo mt BairristaPe cuidado com esses bichos

Great job 👍 Super mom!!!! RyannBSS man amei esse video tmnc o jeito q ele sai andando Brave mom 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 greismath That Mama ain’t playin lol, ripped that raccoon right off! Rabies shots for all! Calma gente,é só o Rocky anunciando o trailer de guardiões da galáxia vol 3 Good job, momma!

I have never liked raccoons! This is what they do!! And they carry rabies!!! I feel so bad for the little girl!!🥹 Hope momma and lil girl are doing ok!🙏 Rumores que é uma cena vazada de GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol3 BaixaEssaPorra hero 👏 Awww, very sad for the child and also the poor raccoon because animals are never at fault! We just don’t know why the raccoon attacked 😞

Fire this reporter. Anyone can get this news from social media lazyjournalism badgallavs_ Só pra lembrar aos norte americanos que a vacina contra raiva é gratuita no Brasil pelo SUS 🦝

Better get rabie shots. Regardless of rabies or just a stupid confused animal if one is attacking my kids and they haven’t stomped it yet I certainly will. Some of these responses are utterly stupid. “Just sit it on the ground” “don’t grab it by the neck” it’s a wild animal and don’t care about feelings

Why in the hell on earth they would allow that child outside alone!!! So many pedophiles n creeps out there now a raccoon? Geez New Olympic Sport. RaccoonTossing 😁😋 Poor raccoon … she didn’t have to throw it. I need this woman in my life to solve all my problems. 😁 f4b10rms acho que foi você que disse que esse bicho era um mini demônio 🤣

Brave MOM nice work. Wonder if it smelled food in the backpack BaixaEssaPorra

That’s a badass mother! 901Lulu Outstanding job, mom!! 👏👏💪💪 Eu sou muito dodói a primeira coisa que pensei foi meu deus a guaxinim deve tá protegendo uma toca de guaxininzinho e deu a loca, socorro eu amo mt guaxinim não me julguem. WOW WTH ? Good mama. holly shit omgoodness id lose it go mom JamesBunny007 mano o guaxinim sendo arremessado akskskskskk

Holy crap! It has started!!! RageVirus has been released and the zombie apocalypse has commenced!

Wow!🤼‍♀️ racoon be like after being yeeted , i will come again you cant stop me A mãe atuou rápido e ajudou a filha. Mas, deveria buscar apoio e entregar o animal às autoridades. Don't talk bad to Rocket I will grill that raccoon. It's clear she's dealt with this before. Scruffed it and held on to it. Mothers are heros!

I am so afraid of Racoons, and this video just made it worse🤯!

Badass mom! Immediate flashback to this episode of Martin 🫢 😭 Good on you mum, that’s how you defend and protect your child. Glad you are both ok From Feb 2022.. Bit late isnt it? Just a hungry racoon most likely. Or did she tease it prior ? Thats why I keep a gun by my door DOIDO, ELE VOLTA PRA PROCURAR ELAS KKKKKKKK

Um guaxinim... Quem teve mais coragem? Raccoons waiting for the bus are not to be messed with.

A_chatinha01 Dame!! That Sh$t is Crazy Definitely has rabies. The crack Raccoon? Get the rabbies shot. It’s a serious matter. minhaskh Bravo That is so scary! Good job, mom! yasmincruzm If that were me that raccoons skull would have been rocked

Poor raccoon Evidence of one of the biggest political scandals in modern American history was revealed yesterday by .elonmusk and 99% of the media is silent. The DNC got caught. twitterfiles I hope it was not rabid. That's unusual behavior for a raccoon -- unless they're cornered. MM1184634551 Why did Raccoon attack daughter so persistently?

Am I the only one crying over the poor Racoon? 😭 Rabies Why would it attack her and be so persistent bestfetchdog WWASOS What the heck is wrong with Bradley cooper anyway? Wow! We would scare them up a tree, they are losing land because of the Green Deal! Sheesh!

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk tadinha véi KKKKKK Next time wear gloves - Thick & padded gloves. Oh my goodness! That's a scary sight Yes!!! Go Mom!!! they have rabies , stay away from them , Whoa Wow, that’s crazy…. vilelaaaw

You don't have to hurt it mean lady I know he was hurting your daughter but you could just drop him when she got in and shut the door when you got back in don't be mean you want somebody to do that to you bisogna sempre avere attenzione in zone in cui esiste la possibilità di incontri con animali selvatici.

Way to go Mom 👏 BaixaEssaPorra OMG, that’s not normal behavior of a raccoon. I hope Mom and daughter are being treated for rabies. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk TEAMMOM 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Bichinho mau! As the mom of girls — DO NOT MESS WITH US!!! Omg, that poor girl’s shrieks made my heart sink, hope she & Mama are doing ok!! Moms are super heroes!!!


🤣🤣🤣 That was some funny stuff right there! Way to go with grabbing that thing and throwing it off the porch! Love it omg mom super hero i would of slammed it wow That raccoon for sure had rabies Bad ass mama bear! Hope they both got rabies shots We appalled the mother for her quick wit !!! Rabies vaccine is needed!

The raccoon probably has rabies.

That is a good and brave mother. deu pena do animal mas não tem mt o que fazer numa hora dessas, espero que criança esteja bem :/ and he went back 🤣 debssdebss como vc tá meudeus eu nao sabia q esse bicho era tao assassino assim Oh damn! I hate that raccoon 😡 OMG!!! Awesome mama!!! Amazing it was all caught on video.

essa garota ta fraca KKKK QUERO VER ESSE GUAXININ QUERER BRONCAR UM Menorzinho cria de belfordroxo pra ver kkkkkkkkkk Ela tacando o bicho kkkkkkkk

que nenem I wish I could congratulate this mother in person! Well done! clearly a supermom. amazing what one can do for your child 😱 He would have been a dead raccoon!! Poor ban was screaming to the top of her lungs. Made me a Lou teary eyed. Thank God for momma 😓 Hugs to the little girl eremitaicitel country woman, best kind in the world

Shrieking always helps, nations were built on the backs of this response. charspringbf That raccoon is coming back for revenge and I support it!!

Way to go mom O guaxinim: e tudo começou a girar, girar, girar... Mom instincts! Go mom! If momma bear were a person😯 Mother's are the bravest, strongest people on earth when it comes to protecting their children, she tore that raccoon a new asshole, I bet Cha he won't mess with that little girl again. onecupoftee_

ele girando me fez dar altas risadas pqp Mama said Reminds you of anything LudeonStudios

That's my girl. Nice toss. Let it happened to my son. My GSD would enjoy the toy. That’s a helluva woman right there! GuaxinimGamer para de atacar as crianças This is very unusual behavior for a raccoon. They rarely wait for the bus. It’s not that they like walking, but they have no place to keep the fare.

NaijaFlyingDr Wow!!! Better get rabies shots Next time use the pole that's handy ma'am! Who lives in a forest?

F*cking Boss move, Mom! This raccoon seems to hate this girl. See what you’ve started DonaldTrump ? BaixaEssaPorra Hope they got checked out for rabies.😬 Rabid? oimonicaduarte ataque o querido indo embora como se nada tivesse acontecido Wild Country 😅😅😅

Hope they’re ok! I pray mom and daughter got rabies shots and are alright. Too scary! fvguima que danado! Tell me what most mothers won’t do to protect their babies. Cinthinhis What a cute raccoon!why did she do that to her! deaderwin esse vídeo eh tão você eu tô chorando É por isso que quando se dá inteligência a eles eles não gostam de humanos

That raccoon is a str8 ⬆️ gangsta! santosisa013 gabfadamelanie nós

BaixadorDeVideo Wtf? Cancelled the mother? vinielett vei destructive critters, we trap a lot and still seems like we are covered up in them Probably has rabies Raccoons are all cute and furry until they mess with you. My husband hit one with his car and it did over $12,000 worth of damage. obese raccoon a interesting story,

Omg melzit4

n0riakki TU! Scary and hilarious at the end I watch this, all I can think is, if you sling, you let it go. No matter what. I'm not sure why she held on to it, unless she was talking to neighbor kids and thought it might run after them. fvguima That poor raccoon. Wonder Mom! wow akwtagaua brunaasettin Don’t feed the trolls

Don’t mess with mama bear laguardinhaa Mom is a super-hero! It’s weird, but I feel bad for the little guy the way he was screaming I mean I know it must be very scary for the little girl but I I still feel bad for the raccoon😅 Que menina lerda. Amor eu tô rindo muito de uns comentários aqui😂😂😂 marejuana_

BaixadorDeVideo dellaviic ele rodopiando kkkkkkkkkkk AI QUE DO MEU DEUS Raccoons are bad dudes,, not the cuddly type you think they are Rocky Raccoon.

A mom? That a freaking hero!!!! Good job momma 👏🏻 That mom did a great job, brave woman! Raccoon woke up in another world Great job Mom!!! I would’ve wrapped him around that pole The end of that video would have been cut off had it been me 🤷🏾‍♂️ This mother is a hero! YESTERDAY it was the PARENT not watching their child and the COYOTE attacked NOW it is the PARENT not watching the Child and the RACCOON ATTACKED Maybe Parents need to watch their children more when they live in the wild!

gulu97321647 felipeeissa Thank Goodness for her mom !!!

Praying for both the girl and the mother. MoonLord1933 Rabies!!! ManojSinghKAKA Oh my God her mom is scary 😂. Aposto que essa menina foi pra escola depois de um xarope, não é mesmo ROCHELLE? O grito da menina acordou meus gatos 😂 Yup that’s me.. you’re probably wondering how I ended up here… The large open Garbage Bin in the back round does not help the issue!!! Good Job on the Moms part, Protecting her child from Harm!!! ❤️

terrymeiners Sounds like that dog wanted to have a word with Mr. Raccoon! …next time let him do the talking! A menina agarrada na perna da mãe igual o guaxinim tava na perna dela véi

Why was the raccoon waiting for the bus? Mom heroine, amazing!! Wow!! Super mom of the year. Pizzakatto katy pq atacou a menina 😭 You gotta smash that thing against the pole 10 times and kill it. Yeah that looks sane. Human moms are bad asses 😳 Moon é assim mesmo andreluizsda cookie_nery lucasfockk _pedroohg_

OMG is she ok? user93993933838 vê esse vídeo pornfavor 😳 hope she got tested---raccoons are known to be rabid Very brave to face a wild animal like that Just slam its head into the concrete. You might get a little messy though. Parents watch your kids waiting for the school bus outside the house, even in a nice neighborhood. Some of the hoodlums of prey have more than two legs!

It certainly doesn't look sick. It didn't attack her leg until she started screaming. It's hard to tell from this why it did that. I've never had one attack me or my pets. They are more defensive when scared. Let's not turn our hate towards racoons now.😏 They're too precious.😊 ele assim They say don’t mess with a mama bear

nolirachel Omg NormaJBF Scary! That raccoon definitely messed with the wrong woman’s daughter! 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼 Wow mama 🐻, no fear Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Just a heads up. If an animal like this bites you, the head has to be examined to know if it had rabies or not. It absolutely 100% needs to be killed. Props to mom for rescuing the kid, but without the head there is no way to know if it had rabies or not. Gotta kill em folks 🤷

😲 yikes. Poxa fvguima sacanagem hein....kkkkkk Fucking Moms rock... I would have been slanging his ass against the porch column. It’s spine would be broken.

vanglasse1 ele só queria uma abraço); pq maltratam tanto ele The Twitter files ahouod be causing outrage by the leftist propaganda machines like ABC are suppressing the story. biitchfabs KKKKKKKKKKKKKKO MANO Wo I had no clue raccoons were this dangerous I’m scare!! Those rabies shots are gonna HURT!! Omg!!

o de pocahontas não era assim não my advice is, one that raccoon could have rabies, two she need to attend doctor right away, thee get a pet control right away, catch the raccoon right away to make sure it doesn't have rabies. Eu tava super tensa até ver o guaxinim rodopiando no ar kkkkkkkkkkkk perdi tudo

ATENÇÃO 🔴: streamer Procyondbd é flagrado invadindo probriedade e agredindo main twins W Mom lucaslyraa cergio_ss era desse bicho que eu estava falando no café. Ele morde uma madame na Florida Sometimes you need a gun in the house Very cool that she didn't hurt the raccoon. I would have thrown it into a wall

I didn't see this scene in the new guardians of the galaxy trailer. alessdelreyy Antes de julgar, é importante ressaltar que o guaxinim é um importante transmissor de raiva nos EUA, e um dos indicativos que um animal selvagem está com raiva, é o comportamento atípico deles em relação as pessoas(ataques, aproximação, perder o medo..)

RhayGS sua tropa tá demaaais How does she knows it rabbid? I’d be pissed too is someone grabbed me by the neck

mexerecas amor olha o guaxinim Moma Bear! Good for her. yaymyboy a mulher jogando o bicho longe yusfabjaudi The new guardians of the galaxy movie looks crazy porra guaxinim GuaxinimGamer Mother of the year!! jessy_karam 🤔 mothers Probably rabid

It is some awfull for litlle girl And some people think it’s a good idea to play with or have raccoons as pets. They’re wild animals. Keep your distance. nandalavra achava um bichinho tão fofo zhl1337 Once there were 2 raccoons the bottom of my steps. At first all I could see were 4 eyes staring up at me. Another time a raccoon ran into the middle of the street. I winded up hitting it, it damaged my car a little, winded up calling animal control. Love how she fought it off.

that raccoon should have been checked for rabies Moms are what make the world go ‘round Rabies Raccoon wey una suppose find stick plank am for head Wow!!! I hope they are okay!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

He ain’t happy, he’s coming back for a vengeance They generally don't attack unless they have rabies. Wow that was horrible!! That’s how it is on Treasure Island !! Mama bear: 1. Raccoon: 0. SCozida the animal may have rabies the child needs to be vaccinated. Hunter Biden story? You go mom!! She was way nicer to that thing than I wouldve been. That raccoon would be dead if it came near my child.

Mds coitado do gatinho gordo Muito fofo o guaxinim

bichos do capeta mas eu to do lado do guaxinim filipint0 😂 CARALHO. hahahaha ✌🏿😁 no doubts that mommy loves cats 🐈 🤟🏿👹🤘🏿 silvajunior566 That’s great! What a wonderful mom Make a winter hat out of him ErikaOiSumida She deserves Mother of the YearAward! 🏆 Anthonyy_Scelto O GUAXINIM

OMG MAMA BEAR!!!!!!!!! natalia__no meu deus amora que situ o que essa menina fez pra você Poor little girl🙏❤️ rigby was out of his meds Rocky raccoon That mom is awesome! Mama bear won that one. See ya! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Don’t mess with a mother.

The moment the raccoon 🦝 became victims he’s gonna sue her 😂😂😂😂😂 Good lord.. tadinho do bichinho Trash Pandas can be a menace!!! The raccoon 🦝 became the victim 😂 Greetings of respect and reverence for every caring mother who sacrifices her children herself with determination and strength It looked harmless 😂 it walked on by it’s way back to the lonely woods

Omg Until she saw her own camera 😂 Omg!! Poor baby

NaijaFlyingDr I wish someone showedd me thiss earlierr That damn kid made her get bit too, I would have flung the kid inside. Flung the raccoon, go back and make sure the kid is ok, if not go back outside and make the raccoon a permanent member of the family… as a hat. Wow ..scary o bicho voltando tranquilamente depois

MashaAllah American 🇺🇸 mother Should I held that raccoon put it in a Box or but Monday morning quarterback The woman was scared I would be too So it doesn't show the full video what did the kid do to the racoon Rabid 'raccoon?' My God!!Thank God her mom was there to help her.. Rocket siempre ha sido asi

DAMNNNNNNN! I hope the girl wasn't bitten. I didn't know racoons can be that aggressive Don't mess with momma's cub... MartinEazy_0154 the way she fucking yeets it into the yard 😂😂 My only experience with raccoons is that they are harmless. This is scary. Good job, mom! Why did she have keep swinging it. Put it down it will run away.

I hope this is a metaphor for unlawful censorship in society… omg 13Chris12 🤣

Rabies suspect. Get to the doctor Definition of yeeted 😎 momma and her babies and all that lovey stuff. Wow 😳😲 See, I told you all racoon's are no fucking good! He just wanna play. If there wasn’t an adult around what would this girl have done? Screaming and doing nothing isn’t going to solve the raccoon problem.

That raccoon is an a.s.s.h.I.e. Had to type it like this because twitter tried to censor. 😅 Raccoons are loving and have good memories..maybe it remembered something. Scary, I'm glad that mother handled pretty well. Súper mom

That woman is incredible! scary WOW, never, ever, ever underestimate the power of LOVE between a Mother and her Children, it can overcome anything.. 😳😮 What would make a raccoon come on the porch and attack someone. Do they aggressively come after people even when they aren’t cornered? My God what a brave woman and she didnt hurt the raccoon, but if it was me, I would've f***ed that raccoon the hell up.😳

I had one attack me at my front door like this Brave lady. Damn. Get it Mom! 🎶 Have mercy, been waitin' for the bus all day Have mercy, been waitin' for the bus all day Right on, that raccoon done attacked 🎶

They both suck at fighting raccoons. You have to choke them to get them off Lol, 🤣 🤣, sorry for that, but it's funny to me, Yikes! Mom’s wil do anything for their babies What about rabies? No that's a Mother not to be reckoned with. Hope neither of them got bit. Hopefully the raccoon doesn't have rabies.

In today’s episode of “Racoon Gone Bad” Brave mom! I probably would have done the same thing 🦝🤺 this is why you should always have at least one firearm. That raccoon should have been put down right away to prevent any transferring of disease. Don't mess with my baby.

If that were my kid, that raccoon would be nothing but mush and pulp now. I love animals but if they attack my kid, no holds barred. Hopefully they both got rabies shots! Sheesh! Hopefully it's not rabid. Good sign it looks like he has a clear mind when Mama's lining up to punt the little guy to the next zip code and he realized he found the intersection of f*cking around and finding out. 😂

If it's in Nigeria,am sorry for that raccoon,its game for him bush meat Fake and staged like ABC News. Hope they got the rabies shot series after that. Wowzer...go mama! Don't mess with Mothers

Don’t mess with mama bear 🐻 Raccoons are notorious rabies carriers and usually don’t attack. Do not approach or come in contact with one and if you do for any reason go to the ER and if possible cage the animal or keep the body if it was killed so animal control can have it tested. Racoons account for 40% of rabies cases in the US.

Not good. Rabies vaccine immediately. Solid yeet Hardcore mum! Damn Animal abuse, terrible! Je partage la peine vécue par cette famille, la peur de cette petite et la souffrance de cette mère... Ça me brise le coeur. Admettant que si c'était un peu animal plus dangereux.. Où était le mari? Pire si cette dernière ne vit qu'une avec sa fille. Mère célibataire..

Beat it’s $$….

Mama bear on beast mode I hope & pray they'll be ok. Don't mess with mother's. Now that’s a badass mom carolhaany Why the raccoon wouldn't just peacefully wait for the bus we will never know. Yo I have a bad feeling it was infected to be attacking like that. It would have been wise to put it down. jackiekashian Very strange for a raccoon. I hope it wasn’t rabid. So traumatizing for the little girl.

Why was she torturing it before throwing it? She could have just let it go earlier. Hopefully the raccoon bit both of them :) :) wink wink Great job mom, hope you little girl didn't get harm.

Report on this please ! Meanwhile government officials conspired with Twitter and the Biden Campaign to suppress and censor the Hunter Biden laptop story in violation of the 1st Amendment. But ABC reports on a wreck instead of felony 2020 election tampering by government officials, Biden and Twitter. This is the exact reason I despise bridges. Watery death potential.

You should pay attention to speeding, overloading, icy roads and drowsy driving. God bless you. Amen Thank goodness driver was not hurt. Is this a scene from Spider-Man Got rid of old truck SEMI is here The 2nd truck was like ' Hey ! Don't start without me '

Predictably ABC News is completely censoring the story about Elon Musk revealing how Twitter and the Biden Campaign along with the MSM censored the NY Post story on the Hunter Biden laptop. What a joke. ABC News = a biased Democrat accomplice. Gosh, I hope everyone is ok. ABC still waiting on the Biden administration to tell them what to do about the Twitter scandal? Maybe today we will find out how involved ABC was.

GMA Some of these comments here isn’t right. It’s pretty sick someone has to bring up politics or trash talking someone. when the only thoughts should be for the people here and their love ones Americas one big simulation man THAT is some excellent driving I wonder if the driver got his text sent Just another crappy vertical video. VerticalVideosSuck

biden's america 🙏

Drivers in California 😏 Whoa! Shoulda had a V8. Que bonito! 😍😍 👏👏👏 ArmitaAbbasi, only 20yo, was kidnapped by IRGC thugs, and raped so many times that she had to be taken to a hospital, only to be kidnapped again after a few hours! 48 days have passed and there is still no news about her. Be her voice!!

GMA Hope their ceiling is higher than 19ft 🙄 GMA Any chance we don’t have to be subject to Amy and TJ sitting there giving us advice?! Thx. Two bullshitters caught red handed committing adultry.we’re not idiots. At least separate them. I’m switching to the new nbc show! Imagine you think we’re worth that little!No thx. No trust

GMA How is GMA going to handle 2 of their workers on air, are having an affair with each other...while both were married with children and entertained with each others families...but now with each other...Amy is disgusting now, so is her cheating boyfriend TJ I hope they step on its needles for YEARS.

GMA What an absolute terrible thing to do to nature… this should not be celebrated Some people have too much $ it's crooked Why?