STARTING NOW: President Trump addresses media at the White House.

8/11/2020 12:48:00 AM

STARTING NOW: President Trump addresses media at the White House.

STARTING NOW: President Trump addresses media at the White House.

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Trump's ABC town hall: President faces tough questions on coronavirus response, health care, racial injustice

President Donald Trump took questions from uncommitted voters in Philadelphia in a 90-minute town hall special hosted by ABC News.

Fkn clown 🤡 he's like... after I say 'its up' come in and get me. I’d rather drink Boonesfarm than listen to that idiot. realDonaldTrump PLinBelarus USEmbassyWarsaw I just heard about 2nd victim stabled by knife in Belarus. Here is first victim of cyvil riots after Belarus presidential election. One of protesters died when exploded in his hand bomb catched by him on the place of protests Minsk

Time to switch to HGTV. Ballot applications are not the same as ballots. Dogs can not be registered as voters, because they need a SSN or Driver's License , so that's a lie; no dogs were sent mail-in ballot applications. If dead people were sent applications, then they probably wouldn't respond. Oh a suspect was shot outside by the S. S. The guys on the way to the hospital. That's the blip that just came across the bottom of our news.

TwitterNews The $900 billion the democrats wanted was for the democrats state government and city governments to bail them out. What Trump signed goes to the individual. This is why the democrats are mad and it makes them look stupid. This tells you how corrupt the dems are. This Trump administration has gone to pot.

Is He finally Resign? Serious storms, with Tornadoes He’s getting free campaign press (at the expense of taxpayers). And what just happened? Interrupted by secret service and brief ended... where are the news people in this? Only FoxNews is reporting. The lame ass Fake news not even covering ... WorldNews What just happened? He was in mid sentence and walked out

Trump heading to the bunker again? Well timed. I'm watching ARROW 👇 Trump is going back to the bunker What just happened! TwitterNews Here comes realDonaldTrump As soon as Trump starts to speak I switch channels. I am just so tired of his lies, miss truths and innuendos. That even the sound of his voice makes me sick to my stomach. It's all crap.

buckle up post office delivers mail every day start delivering the ballots. check out Colorado's vote by mail system, they've been doing it for years. get over yourself, stop trying to get ppl to believe that Stuff! Break away ABC, while you still have a chance! Let the lying begin. Trumps losing. Stop airing his lies! Just give us the highlight reel

This is a god damn boondoggle. Its like watching the movie 'Edge of Tomorrow' nothing never happens. Such a liar.

ABC News @ABCWATCH LIVE: Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds White House press briefing. Here’s my recap: Lies... flips pages to find more lies... speed more worthless drivel.... repeat. JK, I didn’t watch it. Why would anyone watch Blowup Doll Barbie spew more lies? MSM should stop covering these so called “briefings”.

ABC News @ABCHAPPENING NOW: California Gov. Newsom gives update on COVID-19. Captain Smith..... he is being nominated for the academy award for his latest minstrel, where he wrote, directed and stared in: swing low, sweet liberal. One more thing, I'm batsman'

ABC News @ABCHAPPENING NOW: Pres. Trump returns to briefing after abruptly leaving the room. 🙄 He was stumbling and repeating his words. They pulled him to keep him from further embarrassing himself. Bunker inspection. Very routine.

‘Black-ish’ Episode ‘Please, Baby, Please’ Released on Hulu After Being Shelved by ABCTracee Ellis Ross: 'We shot the episode and then when we found it was canned, all I kept thinking to myself was why? I don’t remember shooting anything that was bad, what did we do?' AllonsyCraft

Censored ‘Black-ish’ Political Themed Episode To Now Air On Hulu, After Over 2 Years In Limbo At ABCOver two years after ABC shelved a highly political episode of Black-ish over creative differences,” series creator funnyblackdude says the originally February 22, 2018 scheduled ‘Please Baby Please’ is finally going to see the light of day – on hulu funnyblackdude hulu Ok hulu, the episode popped right up front page when I turned on the app. Didn’t even have to search!! 🙌🏿 funnyblackdude hulu hullu

WSJ News Exclusive | Twitter, TikTok Have Held Preliminary Talks About Possible CombinationTwitter Inc. has had preliminary talks about a potential combination with TikTok, the popular video-sharing app that the Trump administration has declared a national-security threat due to its Chinese ownership, according to people familiar with the matter. That be cool. Vine 2.0 Scarier & scarier