Aaron Rodgers says on 'Pat McAfee Show' that he plans on playing vs. Chicago Bears in Week 13

11/30/2022 9:00:00 AM

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Tuesday on 'The Pat McAfee Show' that he plans on playing Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Aaron Rodgers said Tuesday during his weekly appearance on 'The Pat McAfee Show' that he received 'good news' on his scans after leaving Sunday's game with a rib injury. 'I plan on playing,' Rodgers said.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Tuesday on 'The Pat McAfee Show' that he plans on playing Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

the eventual 40-33 loss.Aaron Rodgers doesn’t plan on being benched quite yet despite dealing with various injuries.Aaron Rodgers once asked him whether he “believes in 9/11,” referring to the Sept.shared about the 2018 discussion.

Love finished 6 of 9 for 113 yards, including a slant pass that Christian Watson took 63 yards for a touchdown.“It was really nice to watch,” Rodgers said of Love.Backup quarterback Jordan Love finished out the game for the Packers and threw a touchdown pass.“I feel like an older brother watching him do well.“‘What? Do I believe in 9/11? Yeah, why wouldn’t I?’” To which Kizer said that Rodgers simply responded with, “Should read up on that.I care about the kid a lot.Fun to see his growth.” The Ohio native credited Rodgers for inspiring him to be well read off the field in addition to his career.

Fun to just see him just kind of relaxing out there.Kizer never explicitly said he does not believe that the terrorist attacks occurred.Once you can make a few plays it kind of takes the anxiety out of the body and the tension out of the body.To see him make accurate throws and do what he’s been doing, it’s been fun to watch.” Aaron Rodgers says he doesn't need a doctor to give him 'an excuse' not to play Rodgers said regardless of the team's record — the Packers are 4-8 — he would be out there playing if he's able.“Y’all are laughing."And not just cause it’s Chicago," Rodgers said.

"That’s what you do.When you’re a player you go out there and if you can play, you play.” Kizer was last signed by the Titans but has remained unsigned since being released in November 2021.You don’t need some doctor to give you an excuse.If you can go out there and compete and you have competitive greatness in your body, in your heart, in your mind, you go out and play." Rodgers suggested he feels players today may be more unwilling to take the field if they're not 100% due to a potential drop-off in their play.

That's not the case with him, he said."I would assume that’s probably more prevalent now than maybe it used to be," Rodgers said."I think there is understandably, I guess, there’s fear around what does it mean if I’m not a hundred percent and I don’t play my absolute best going out there.Can I live with that reality? And I think many people can’t.For me, I can because I know what competitive greatness is.

“ Rodgers said winning the remaining five games is his priority."We’re not eliminated," Rodgers said, referencing the team's slim playoff chances."We got a chance to run the last five and see where we stand after that.That’s the focus for me.Go to one of my favorite places to play down in Chicago and hopefully get a big win.


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Aaron Rodgers Says He Plans to Play in Week 13 vs. BearsThe Packers quarterback said he got “good news” following his scans done on his rib injury. Rodgers to Love Aaron rodgers wouldn’t have started over me in high school. I would have kept him a benchwarmer. Surprised he got as far as he did. theMMQB You spelled Lose wrong

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