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Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Just Have Any Toe Injury. He Has Covid Toe.

The Packers star quarterback is dealing with a painful toe injury that stems from the body’s immune response to his recent case of Covid-19.

11/24/2021 3:30:00 PM

Aaron Rodgers returned to the field after his case of Covid-19, but now he is dealing with a painful toe injury he called Covid Toe. This is what science says about Covid Toe and what the Green Bay Packers star is facing.

The Packers star quarterback is dealing with a painful toe injury that stems from the body’s immune response to his recent case of Covid-19.

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Hope it hurts like hell Omg michele_seiter Can’t joe rogin fix that too? Your tweet was quoted in an article by Essentially Sports Rub some more ivermectin on it Haha. Nice redirect. What? Don't you stand by your highly vetted articles? Side note. Check out this series on HBO called theNewsroom. Inspiring content.

😂🤣😂. Covid toe!!!! 😂🤣😂 Fucking idiots.... uh. toe k. Maybe gout Yawl may need to hire

Howard Stern Hits Unvaxxed 'F**khead' Aaron Rodgers With Brutal Question About Bad ToeThe radio host ripped the Green Bay Packers quarterback for lying about his coronavirus vaccine status. Stern has made a living exploiting people with serious issues now he wants to get all sanctimonious? lol Yehp, spot on. StateFarm you’re represented by what Mr. Stern said. Why? And that was going too soft on him.

CovidToe the arch nemesis of CamelToe… Otherwise known as Karma Had he properly soaked his toe in eagle yolk it would have had immunity Don't give AF. He shouldn't be allowed to play when he put the lives of his teammates and trainers, coaches at risk. Rodgers lied, still lies, exposed others to deadly pandemic but allowed to return, while Kaepernick told the truth, and put no ONE at risk, but was suspended

😩 Yeah , apparently not. He fractured it. fake news Let’s welcome the WSJ to the stage!

Packers' Aaron Rodgers on toe injury: 'I'm going to push through this'Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers played Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings with an injured toe. And during the first half of their 34-31 loss to their divisional rivals, Rodgers had his foot stepped on, which made the injury even worse.

Wall Street Journal... Brought to you by pfizer I like it when Rodgers talks. He's absolutely killing his value, so he's a lot cheaper to potentially target. Take a pay cut or piss off into retirement “I’m vaccinated” It's a fractured fucking toe you weirdos He’s also got a bad case of Covid denial brain.

He's lucky he didn't get COVID penis and yes, there is such a thing. Wonder if we’ll get a retraction Toebe Bryant. ToeboCop. Toe J Simpson. what happens to his engagement when he gets covid limp dick? StateFarm I'm suffering from Covid-Wallet. Can I get the Rogers' discount? Shouldn't. Be. On. Payroll.

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Did his cousins friend who is also worried about his virility tell him about the covid toe? Or his barbers wife who read about in on Facebook a couple months ago? Maybe just Joe Rogan? Wonder if Aaron Rodgers has actually even seen an actual doctor🤷🏻‍♀️ What did Joe Rogan have to say about it? AaronRodgers now says it’s not covid toe & is blasting the media for repeating what he told them To avoid these problems perhaps he could do “quotation marks” when he is being mendacious Then everyone will know it’s probably true but he will soon deny it

Good. Hope it hurts like a motherfucker. Does Joe Rogan have any recommendations for Covid toe? I thought AaronRodgers12 had BuILt Up HIs imMUNity with the help of his personal physician, Joe Rogan? But hadn’t he “done his research?” I don't understand calling this an 'injury' when it's the result of having Covid. It reminds me of his claim of being immunized when asked if he was vaccinated.

Someone's throwing a tantrum about becoming irrelevant.

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Wait, so ivermectin didn’t help like dr Jo said.😂🤣 Covid does affect entire immune system.he better get brain,heart,lungs,kidney and lymphoma scan Just for laughs! This reads out of the onion Hey, guess what? Karma’s a bitch. That’s what he gets for putting his foot in his mouth They are just too stubborn to admit they were wrong, no matter what. Now, he can hobble around, look for sympathy & lose his career, but still never admit he was wrong.

Michael Irvin Slams Amari Cooper For Dodging COVID Vaccine, 'Are You Joking!?'Michael Irvin tells TMZ Sports he's FURIOUS with Amari Cooper for not getting the COVID vaccine. My son James Bonds 215403, 20 yrs in prison, and the Judge and DA said he had no involvement. Make it make sense... Help him plz. DRINK THE KOOL-AID DAMMIT!!!!

Some nasty ass shit my friends... my son, 14, has it! It comes and goes! It's horrible!!! I thought he was cured with the de-wormer stuff (sarcasm)? Didn't Joe Rogan tell you Ivermectin would fix this? Are we going to get an apology about misinformation andrewlbeaton ? Wow WSJ is as gullible as about half of the United States… Trolled WellDeserved WSJisHotGarbage

Aaron is messing with you. He blew himself to ward off COVID toe. He's fine. This is an embarrassing bit of 'journalism'. Anyone with any sort of EQ could clearly tell he was joking in response to all the speculation about his toe injury. I took from the appearance on PatMcAfeeShow that he had broken his baby toe. Then he confirmed that today.

“This is what science says about Covid toe.” Lmfaooo y’all supposed to be top tier media falling for jokes? If he said he was on a Covid emotional spiral, would there be an article “this is what science says Covid can do to your emotional stability.” At least try to do ur jobs Bob Marley must have had 'Covid Toe'...

Whoa! Just read Covid toes are sometimes accompanied by Covid fingers & lasts 10-14 days, or up to 6 weeks! Isn’t he the quarterback? Idk But all players probably need working fingers… and toes. He should’ve gotten vaxed. He’s likely diminished in other ways too, from Covid.

How COVID-19 shots for kids can help prevent dangerous new variantsScientists say vaccinating kids should not only slow coronavirus spread but also help prevent dangerous variants from emerging. IDK how i feel about this Great Idea Suuuure 🤣🤣🤣

🤢🤮 I hear bleach enema’s will help with that. Is that his excuse for LOSING TO THE VIKINGS? I’m sure some horse sauce will clear that right up. Yeah, I’d love to say I feel badly for him, but I don’t!😶 If only he’d gotten vaccinated!🤷‍♀️ I wonder if his “research” mentioned the various long-term sequela that can result from getting COVID?!🤦‍♀️

Covid toe? That's for pussies. Try GOUT, Aaron. Fake news. It’s not covid toe, it’s a fractured pinky toe. I hope they are making him go to a regular doctor and not using the teams doctor to treat him. PLEASE STOP GATING COVID CONTENT

Didn't Joe Rogan tell him to take some more ivermectin for the covid toe? Sad Rodgers went onto explain since he is a 'critical thinker' he talked to his doctor-podcast-friend Joe Rogan about the issue. Joe told him to put yak piss on it, say Candyman, 5 times in a mirror, dance with chicken under a full moon, and the Packers would win NBA Championship.

🤷🏻‍♀️ This is hilarious It's a fractured toe not covid toe. Great reporting Embarrassing article maybe do some research next time Yep he was trolling…best to be first than right😂😂and ppl lapped it up😂😂😂😂 Covid Mouth COVIDIOTS Awww..that's too bad for AaronRodgersLied I guess he'll have retire now bc he's an antivaxxer & anti Science 😊 VaccinesWork GetVaccinated GetVaxedOrPayUp WearAMask COVID19

“Immunized” My heart bleeds. Me reading this Lmao haha Wall street are a bunch of stooges and sell ahts PatMcAfeeShow PatMcAfeeShow This is crazy clearly the person who wrote this did not fully listen to that conversation and cannot understand sarcasm. UP THE DOSAGE OF ivermectin!! Since we know Rodgers is a liar, he probably has worse covid symptoms than his toe.

And i bet he is going to doctors for treatment when he shouldn’t be

Karma, ain't she great😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 morgfair Given that you've published this, why did you previously give space to this misinformation regarding the after effects of covid from a trainee psychiatrist? morgfair but he' immune because he's immunized cc. jilleduffy morgfair Or the horse paste is trying to make a hoof.

we should’ve realized, by now, that these right wing, anti-vaxxers lie and troll, all the time. It’s a sickness. So what is Joe Rogan's diagnosis? Is Joe going to treat Rodgers for his painful toe? Call it “dumbass toe” instead to honor Aaron Rodgers. He is a liar so who knows if anything he says is true or not true.

Breaks my heart/not What are we triggered about today.

I guess Rogers didn’t do his “research” about potential covid effects. Covid Toe? Could only be more on brand if it was revealed he’d succumbed to micro magat peen. Wait until he finds out COVID is neurological and his ED fears might come true. dude coulda avoided covid toe if he took the vaccine lmfao

Jaaaslynn_ remember when u thought I was lying 😭😭😭😭😭 LequanSpiffy 😭🥴 U guys are actually worse than cnn Well hopefully he doesn’t end up with chronic vasculitis in his lower extremities like my friend has since she had covid. Hope Rogers, as a COVID-19 vaccine dodger, doesn’t have bigger problems from going rogue like Rogan.

This isn't what he said at all. AJ Hawk made a joke about COVID toe. Rodgers alluded to having BROKEN toes. Why are you stating blatant lies? Long covid is no joke and no fun

Maybe he should have taken the vaccine. Hmmm 🤔 Joe Rogan has a fish medicine for this. Wasn't his toe injured b4 he had Covid-19? Asking 4 a friend Covid toe huh Delete this WSJ Top He should get Toe Rogan on the case. Y’all got got 🤣🤣🤣 Covid toe ridiculous COVID gout ™

Needs more ivermectin. Call Josh. Think you meant camel toe Hahaha WSJ fell for it 😂😂 Grind up some ivermectin and rub it on the toe. Problem solved! I am sure noted physician and world-renowned researcher joerogan can help him with that issue! - dip it in horse dewormer? He was joking, you fools! Arrogance.

Lmao Aaron Rodgers, critical thinker.

What does his medical adviser say? More horse medicine? Nay! Karma for lying Didn't he say he is vaccinated? Ok, but what does Dr. Rogen recommended? Better call Joe Rogan, dummy 🤦🏾‍♀️ Know what helps prevent Covid Toe? Covid Vaccine Boo hoo